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Battle with BloodClan Pt 2

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Bluepaw gasped while she ducked away from a swipe and answered with her own. Her opponent was probably a moon older than her, but fought with a viciousness that could match Thistleclaw's. Speaking of him, Bluepaw glanced over at the grey-furred ShadowClan apprentice, who slashed away at a she-cat that had dared to attack him.

He, like any other rebirth, no matter if StarClan or Dark Forest, had let the apprentice act fall. This was a battle for life or death.

With a new swipe Bluepaw managed to send the tom she fought running and leaped at the next opponent. It was a tiring and straining battle, but necessary. And they'd underestimated the number of opponents. How with StarClan BloodClan had managed to gather so many followers Bluepaw would probably never know, but she also find she didn't care that much.

That was when Bluepaw saw it. A horrifying scene.

Splashwhisker struggled under a massive yellow tom whose collar blinked with fangs and claws. With a cry she rushed forward and leaped onto the tom's back. He couldn't kill their medicine cat.

Of course Spottedpaw was more than ready to take over, but the clan couldn't know that. The tom gave a surprised hiss at the weight on his back and let go of Splashwhisker, who struggled up and fled immediately. He staggered into the elders den, where Scarpath emerged from and blocked the entrance. The old grey tom caught an attack from a tom twice his size and attacked back furiously.

Bluepaw itched to run to his aid, but then Nightstar was there already, backing his father up. With a grunt Bluepaw spun around and leaped at the next opponent she found. It was a she-cat.

The two circled and rolled and clawed at each other like no tomorrow and Bluepaw started feeling dizzy. She had no idea how much blood she's lost by now, but it was a significant amount. Her vision disappeared for a heartbeat and that was all it took. The BloodClan she-cat raised pinned her down and her head shot forward, intending to end Bluepaw's life.

"Oh no you don't!", cried a familiar voice and then she-cat was gone.

Bluepaw's eyes shot open and she jerked up, stumbling, before her eyes focused on the she-cat, or more who fought her now. It was a ginger furred tom. "Firepaw", whispered Bluepaw in relief, then, to her surprise, she had to realise that his fur was soaked with water. That wasn't right. Of course he surely had gotten wet at RiverClan's camp, but that should've dried already. Suddenly the she-cat yowled and fled.

Firepaw turned to Bluepaw immediately and pushed against her shoulder.

"What…are you…", tried the bluish-grey she-cat to ask, but Firepaw silenced her and hissed: "You look ready to collapse. I'm getting you out of the battle." Surprisingly, he did manage that.

They weren't attacked once while Firepaw helped Bluepaw along to the elders den. Scarpath, who saw them coming, fought with renewed strength and pushed his opponent away from the den entrance. The two apprentices slipped inside and the second she reached moss, Bluepaw couldn't help herself and collapsed in the next. "Bluepaw!", gasped Spottedpaw's voice and then she she-cat felt a tongue gently cleaning her wounds.

She gave a tired groan and closed her eyes, her consciousness finally leaving her.

Firepaw rushed back into the battle the second Spottedpaw had approached Bluepaw. The she-cat would be alright with the medicine cat. Once outside, Firepaw looked around. This was terrible. More and more bodies lithered the ground and, to his grief, he recognized the dark-grey and black tabby-fur Streakpelt possessed nearby. The warrior wasn't moving anymore. A little farther away, he saw something even more horrifying. Lionclaw, her golden fur stained with red, crouched over the limp form of a certain black tom. Nightstar wasn't moving either.

Oh StarClan, please let him only lose a life, prayed the ginger tom while he leaped at a white and ginger tabby.

The tom threw him off, but Firepaw spun back to his paws and ducked. The tabby sailed over his head and collided with one of his companions, knocking him away from Hawkpaw. That wasn't what Firepaw had intended, but it worked.

Hawkpaw stared at him surprised thought and, while rushing past him, Firepaw hissed: "This changes nothing Hawkfrost. We're still sworn enemies, the same goes for the other Dark-Forest cats." He rushed at a scar-covered she-cat when he heard Hawkpaw snarl: "Good!"

Time lost its meaning then. It was a seemingly endless fight. By now all of BloodClan had arrived and many had fled, but the intruders had obviously realised that they needed to rely on their skill to defeat the clans. More than once Firepaw found himself in a back-to-back stance with Tigerpaw, which didn't suit either tom. Still, once Tigerpaw had saved his life, leaving Firepaw gaping.

The tabby had snarled at him and hissed: "Don't think anything of it kittypet. The only reason I saved you is, that I'm the only one who will kill you." And he was off.

Firepaw shook himself and also rushed back into the battle. The sun started to make its way over the sky while the fight continued on. StarClan, groaned the ginger tom mentally while he dodged swipes.

When will this stop…of course! His new revelation sent energy through his protesting muscles and he fought his attacker off, before he disappeared in the shadows. Of course, how couldn't I remember sooner, berated the ginger tom himself while he scanned the fight. Who he searched had to be somewhere. It's just the same as it was in past. Kill the leader and the others run off. But where is BloodClan's new leader?

"What are you looking for?"

Firepaw almost jerked up at the icy hiss, but glanced back, to find Duskpaw crouching next to him.


"Call me weak for still grieving over the cats we lost. Call me weak for crying for something that happened so long ago. But do never! Believe! You! Are! The! Only! One! Who! Lost! Cats! You! Cared! About!" With each word Firepaw had taken a step, had gotten closer to Duskpaw and now they were almost nose to nose. "Call me weak for pitying you that you lost the right path and caused so much pain because of the pain two toms put you through."

Duskpaw's blue eyes widened and glazed a little. Firepaw knew, he knew, the black tom remembered his being attacked by Tigerpaw.

"Yes", sighed Firepaw and turned to look over the lake. Duskpaw looked back at him. "I know what happened to you, what Tigerstar and Thistleclaw put you through…but I also know another thing." He locked his green eyes with Duskpaw's ice-blue ones. "I know that Bluestar, who saved your life back when Tigerstar attacked you, is now risking her life in the battle that rages right now. In the battle you caused to happen, because those cats are most certainly BloodClan cats." Firepaw rose to his full height, his hackles rising while he fixed his blazing green eyes on Duskpaw.

"Now I ask you Scourge…on whose side are you?"

The black tom stared up at him, his eyes still a little glazed. He was contemplating, wondering if he should re-join BloodClan or remain loyal to the Clan he more or less grew up in. Slowly he turned his head and stared out over the lake.

"You don't really know me." Firepaw's ears twitched and he looked closely at Duskpaw. The other continued to look over the lake, but whispered: "You don't really know me Firestar. What I have gone through."

"I know what I went through when I joined ThunderClan after being a kittypet", answered Firepaw. "Life is never easy, especially not for cats like the two of us. But it's our decisions that make us who we are. And now you have to decide. RiverClan or BloodClan."

Duskpaw frowned, then said: "I was born to my mother together with my brother and sister." Firepaw raised an eyebrow. This was most certainly not the time or place for this conversation. Yet he remained silent, let Duskpaw talk. It might be his only chance to get the black tom to be their companion.

"I was…the smallest and weakest of her litter…yet also the most natural. I was never too interested in what my siblings were interested in. What they played with…I saw something to hunt. Ruby and Socks disliked me for many reason, the main reason being my size though. They…to prove to them that I'm strong, not weak, I slipped through a hole in the fence went into the forest. In the forest I managed to have really fun. I came back. I may have…exaggerated what I told them I did, but they didn't believe me I left at all. A while later Twolegs came to adopt us, but I was left behind. Ruby…Ruby managed to have me believe that unwanted kits are thrown into the river." His blue eyes narrowed and a growl had snuck into his voice, but he took a deep breath and continued. "I got scared and fled for the forest. But in there, I encountered a patrol."

"Tigerstar, Thistleclaw and Bluestar", said Firestar.

Duskpaw nodded and explained: "The she-cat…just tried to get me to leave. He told them I could do no harm to them And she was right, back there I couldn't…but this grey tom. Thistleclaw, he sent Tigerstar at me. I don't remember too much of it, only that…I never felt so much pain and hatred in my whole life."

Firepaw contemplated for a second, then nodded to himself and said: "Bluestar tried to stop Tigerstar from the very beginning. She only managed to get past Thistleclaw and to push Tigerstar away when you were almost killed."

"How do you…", asked Duskpaw

. Firepaw raised his head to the stars and answered: "StarClan. They wanted me to understand why you did what you did. And…your story added to what I know…I do understand." Duskpaw stared at him, then raised his head as well and whispered: "Ever since I woke up here I wondered if there really was something to this StarClan of yours. Actually, ever since you pinned me down back in our battle. I saw the last Stars on the sky then…they seemed to shine so much brighter than in the night. It was…as if they were apologizing for what my life became."

Firepaw smiled to himself and slowly walked up to Duskpaw. "Duskpaw?" He looked at him. "I might not fully understand why you did all the things you did, but answer me this. What was your life here like, till now." To Firepaw's astonishment, a small smile slipped past Duskpaw's uncaring mask.

"In comparison to my old life…it was heaven on earth", whispered the black tom. Now his eyes shone with warmth and gratitude. "Like in my old life, I happen to have a brother and a sister but…they never shunned me because of my size…or the fact that I don't look alike with them or our mother. I…I started seeing what your warrior code really is for."

"So you live a good life?", pushed Firepaw.

Duskpaw was still for a while, then he nodded. "That I do."

"Then let me ask one more thing." The black tom nodded a sign for Firepaw to go ahead. "Are you ready to leave this happiness behind, just to return to a life of blood, killing and vengeance?"

Duskpaw looked at him wide-eyed, as if this thought had never occurred to him. Apparently he had only remembered the more or less good parts of his old life and had never compared them to each other. Finally Duskpaw closed his eyes and a smile appeared one his features. When he opened them, they were calm and sparked with something Firepaw recognized immediately.

Undying loyalty.

Duskpaw stood straight and turned to face in ThunderClan's direction. "Lead the way. We both have a family to protect."

End of Flashback

"Well?" Duskpaw's voice snapped him out of his thoughts and Firepaw answered: "It's like the last time. Once their leader falls, the warriors will follow soon." The black tom nodded in understanding, though he grimaced shortly. "What?", asked Firepaw while he scanned the battling cats again.

"It's just…this is one more thing the warrior code is good for. Just because the leader, or even leader and deputy, falls, the Clan will not give up. We're to close, to tightly bound to each other by loyalty and the Warrior Code. That was what was the ultimate downfall for BloodClan in the past. And now it will be that again." Firepaw nodded in understanding. Scourge had led BloodClan through fear and might, not loyalty and love. "There!"

The ginger tom looked at the black one, then followed his icy gaze, to gasp. In the middle of the fight, right now battling Silverstar, was tortoiseshell coloured tom. He had red, brown, black, cream and pale-ginger spots on his fur, a strange pattern that was only broken by the white stomach-fur and the many scars on his body. Around his neck blinked a worn out violet collar that held so many fangs and claws, it seemed actually unbelievable.

"Impossible", breathed Duskpaw.


"That's my collar."


"Look", he jerked his head forward. "Directly in the centre, on his chest. There is one fang longer than the others. That's the dog-fang I put there first." Firepaw gulped at that. So this tom wore Scourge's old collar. That was no comforting thought. There were more than twice as many fangs on the collar than before and this tom looked younger than Scourge had been when he and Firestar had fought.

Suddenly it happened.

The tom lunged forward, having Firepaw wince already. His claws were reinforced with dogs' teeth. And those teeth slashed directly through Silverstar's throat. The RiverClan leader gave a chocked gasp, then collapsed. Next to Firepaw, Duskpaw had frozen completely, his eyes wide with shock, before pain, followed by rage seemed to consume them.

The next second Duskpaw was already out of the shadows and rushed at BloodClan's leader. Quickly Firepaw ran after the black tom. Duskpaw gave a loud roar and leaped onto the tom's back. He got thrown off pretty quickly though and the tom leaped at him. But now Firepaw was there and leaped at the tom too. His fangs dug into the tom's shoulder while the claws on his hind-legs scratched over his white-furred stomach.

Firepaw gave a pained cry when fangs dug into his scruff, but he didn't let go, no matter how much BloodClan's leader tugged and pulled on him. Suddenly the Fangs disappeard and Firepaw heard the tom cursing Duskpaw for all it was worth it. Apparently the black furred tom had managed to scratch his face open. Finally Firepaw let go of the tom, just to have claws hitting his flank and flinging him away, against the cliff wall. There he slumped down, then heard a cry and Duskpaw landed somewhere near him.


Fangs gripped his scruff gently and he was hoisted back onto his legs. He shook his head dazedly, to look at Whitepaw and Sandpaw. "Are you alright?", asked the pale-ginger she-cat, he green eyes shining worriedly. Firepaw gave a tired nod, then his eyes widened and his head jerked around.

"Where is Duskpaw?!"

"Who?", asked Sandpaw.

Then there was rustling and Duskpaw tumbled out of a thorn-bush. "Ouch", groaned the black tom and shook himself. "I think I have at least ten thorns somewhere on my body."

"Scourge?", exclaimed Whitepaw.

At this Duskpaw looked around, before he spotted Sandpaw and Whitepaw standing with Firepaw. "Duskpaw now", answered the black tom and shook himself again, only to be suddenly gone. "NO!", exclaimed Firepaw. The tortoiseshell coloured tom had Duskpaw pinned and looked ready to kill. Immediately Firepaw rushed forward and leaped onto the tom's back, his claws scratching over his forehead and ears. The tom snarled loudly and tumbled away from Duskpaw. The black tom got up immediately and leaped for the tom's throat, but was hit away and directly in front of Sandpaw and Whitepaw, who watched with dropped jaws.

Firepaw crashed down next to him not a second later and glared at his mate and former deputy.

"Will you help us or continue stare like idiots?!"

That snapped both of them back into focus and the nodded. Sandpaw rushed forward immediately and under the tom, to attack his other flank. He rounded on her, only to have his free flank attacked by Whitepaw and Firepaw. Duskpaw leaped forward too and aimed for the tom's throat once more. He managed to scratch him enough to open a bleeding wound, but it was weak and wouldn't finish him off. Then he was already thrown back again.

Firepaw and Sandpaw followed suit and Whitepaw clung to the tom's back for all it was worth. Their fight four against one had moved back into the centre of the clearing and Firepaw couldn't help but grin when he saw how worried some BloodClan cats looked when they saw their leader assaulted by four apprentices. Again he rushed forward, followed by the other two, only to collide with Whitepaw, who had gotten thrown off.

The two toms tumbled over the ground, before they found their footing again. Duskpaw slithered to a stop in front of them, but leaped up immediately again as well. That was when a cry echoed through the air.

Firepaw's heart skipped a beat and his head jerked up. The tom had Sandpaw pinned. Unbelievable rage rushed through Firepaw and before he knew what he did he rushed forward again. Now ever intend on finishing this fool's live. No one endangered his mate, his love, like this and would get away with it.

He leaped and dug his claws into the tom's shoulder. Then he pulled himself up and his jaws closed around the tom's throat. He gave a surprised cry while Firepaw's fangs dug deep into the flesh. Blood started to gush out and the tom staggered back, managing to fling Firepaw away. The ginger tom crashed to the ground hard enough to have his breath knocked out of him. He struggled up though, to find Sandpaw standing in front of him protectively.

Immediately he was at her side, to watch something horrific. The tom was dying. And dying slowly and painfully. Firepaw hadn't managed to get deep enough, so the wound wasn't as severe as it could be. Oh he wouldn't survive it, but he would die in agony. Somehow the scene reminded him in a painful way of Tigerstar's death. He had killed in battle before, but it still tore at his being to take another's life. That, coupled with his exhaustion and pain, left him mentally numb while around him arose wails and screams.

The BloodClan cats had seen their leader dying and now they made a run for it. After a while silence had returned to ThunderClan's camp while the sun shone down on the cats, steadily moving to its sunhigh position. Firepaw felt how he was pushed onto his legs and led to the medicine cats den. He followed whoever led him, but really didn't care. In the den, he dropped down onto the moss and almost immediately everything went black.

When awareness returned to him, Firepaw found himself back in the apprentice den. He got up slowly and hissed at the stinging he felt all over his body. Cobwebs covered his worst injuries and he still felt the strain of the running and battling his muscles. Yet he fought his pain and exhaustion back and strolled out of the den. He glanced back once, to find Cloudpaw, Stripepaw, Dustpaw and Ravenpaw still asleep, cobwebs on each of them.

With a deep breath, Firepaw stepped out of the den, to find the sun was rising again. He'd been out longer than he'd expected to be. All over the clearing cats from all four clans had gathered. Obviously no one had had the strength to return to their own territory.

"Glad to see you up." Firepaw looked to his left. Duskpaw padded up to him, wincing whenever he put weight on his white-furred paw. His right shoulder and neck, as well as his tail-base were still covered in cobwebs too.

"How long have you been up?"

"Not very long", admitted Duskpaw while he surveyed the camp. For a while the two sat next to each other silently, then: "Did Fourtrees look like this after the battle?"

Firepaw looked at Duskpaw, then back over the clearing. "There were…less bodies", began the ginger tom. "And the clans parted quickly after the battle." He frowned. "This battle here was worse than ours though."

Duskpaw gave a nod of understanding and opened his mouth to respond when… "There you are!"

Both toms looked over the clearing, to have two brown and cream-coloured tabbies running up to them. Duskpaw's lips curled into a small smile and, once the two had stopped, he introduced: "Firepaw, these are Bugpaw", he gestured to the tom, " and Clovepaw", he gestured to the she-cat, "my siblings." Firepaw nodded in greeting. "Bugpaw, Clovepaw, this is Firepaw."

"You're the tom that went to get our help!", exclaimed Clovepaw. Firepaw gave another nod, this time as agreement and answered: "I did." "Who went to get the other clans?", asked Bugpaw. Firepaw thought for a second. Some parts of the last day were still quite woozy. He wasn't fully awake yet either. "

Ravenpaw and Sandpaw went to get ShadowClan. Ravenpaw's still sleeping right now, so you won't meet him, but Sandpaw…" He scanned the camp for the pale-ginger she-cat and soon found her chatting with Bluepaw as well as Lilypaw and Runningpaw. "Sandpaw!", called Firepaw. The she-cat looked up and he waved her and the other three over. The four of them came and Firepaw introduced: "Duskpaw, Bugpaw, Cloverpaw, those are Sandpaw, she and Ravenpaw went to get ShadowClan, Bluepaw, she went to get WindClan, and those two are Runningpaw and Lilypaw", he gestured first to the dark-grey tom, then the white she-cat, "they're WindClan apprentices. Everyone, these are Clovepaw and her brothers Bugpaw and Duskpaw."

He watched how realisation washed over Bluepaw's features when she recognized Duskpaw as Scourge and gave Firepaw a look that made sure he'd explain this later. He nodded at his former mentor, then asked: "Does…does anyone know about…the losses?"

"I only know a few", sighed Bluepaw. "And only from Wind and ThunderClan."

"Do tell", asked Lilypaw.

"Very well, for all I know WindClan lost Twigfur, Seafire, Frecklenose and Stormheart." Lilypaw winced at the last name and Runningpaw pulled her closer. Firepaw looked at them confused, but then Runningpaw mouth: "Her father." Firepaw nodded in understanding, then turned back to Bluepaw. She gulped, then whispered: "From our clan…I know of Tearfur, Spiritheart, Applepelt and Raincloud." Sandpaw let out a low whimper at Spiritheart's name and Firepaw nuzzled her comfortingly.

"But it could be so many more in reality", whispered Clovepaw. Duskpaw placed his tail on her shoulder, but nodded. So, for a long while, the group of apprentices sat together silently. But then, finally, a familiar voice echoed around the camp, although the words were different. "Cats of all four clans, gather around the Highledge, please!"

Firepaw looked up, to find Nightstar towering on the Highledge, the other three leaders behind him. With a gulp Firepaw got up and the apprentices made their way to join the meeting. It took a long while for everyone to arrive, but once they did Nightstar started to speak. He sounded tired and worn out, but he still stood strong. "Cats of all clans…a great battle just passed, a terrible fight in which we had to accept many losses. Us leaders agreed, you should know who you lost before you have to carry them back home."

Nightstar shuddered, then stepped back and Silverstar took his place. "I…shall begin", announced the silver she-cat. "Our losses…include Copperpelt, Shadowspark, Petalfrost, Dawnpetal, Brambletail, Oakleaf…Kinkpaw and…Trushpaw." She lowered her head and stepped back immediately. Duskpaw next to Firepaw had gone completely rigid, his eyes wide.

"What is it?", whispered Firepaw. Sadness glowed in Duskpaw's eyes and he whispered: "D-Dawnpetal is…was my…mother." Firepaw's eyes widened and he scooted closer to the black tom. Only a day had passed since Duskpaw had chosen the clans over his past and he was already someone close to Firepaw.

He raised his head, to see Ivystar stepping forward. Her normally regal posture had disappeared. She looked like the other leaders. "ShadowClan had to take many losses as well. We lost Largefoot, Hawserwing, Moonlight, Foxclaw, Seafur and Fawnheart." Wails came from some cats and Ivystar had to wait for a while until she could continue. "Since Fawnheart was Hawkpaw's mentor, he will need a new one. Mistyfire!" A light-grey tom with amber eyes shot up from his position. "You've been a loyal warrior for a long time. I trust you to continue teaching Hawkpaw in the way Fawnheart started it." Mistyfire lowered his head and padded up to Hawkpaw, touching noses with him.

"Farther…since Foxclaw was my…deputy", pain had now started to lace her voice and she took a few deep breaths. "Since he died too…I need to announce a new deputy." She raised her head and called: ""I say these words before the body of Foxclaw, that the spirits of our warrior ancestors and Foxclaw himself may hear and approve of my choice. The new deputy of ShadowClan will be Nightspirit!"

Firepaw watched how a beautiful small black she-cat rose to her legs slowly. Her eyes were dark with loss, but her voice clear when she vowed: "Cats of all Clans, ShadowClan, I vow to you all that I will do the best I can to fill the paw steps Foxclaw left behind."

"Nightspirit! Nightspirit!", cheered all four clans. Nightspirit sat down again and Ivystar stepped back, to have Crowstar step forward.

"WindClan has also lost loyal cats. Under our losses are Twigfur, Waterjay, Birdwing, Seafire, Frecklenose, Stormheart, Mousepaw and Hazeclaw." Runningpaw gave a short cry when Crowstar mentioned his sister and Firepaw scanned the crowds for a certain she-cat. There she was. Sunnydawn stared up at Crowstar with dark eyes. With Hazeclaw gone, she was WindClan's new medicine cat.

Crowstar stepped back quickly and neared the edge of the Highledge. Down there Beesting encircled the tip of his tail with hers, spending him silent comfort.

Firepaw gulped while he watched his father approaching the peak of the Highledge once more. "ThunderClan lost loyal cats as well. Our losses are Tearfur, Spiritheart, Applepelt, Raincloud, Hailshard, Snowfall, Leafpaw, Boulderpelt, Bonetail and Brighteye." Firepaw blinked in shock. So many cats had been lost? "Since Spiritheart mentored Hollypaw, she will also need a new mentor."

Wait, what about Snowfall?, wondered Firepaw. He mentored…Leafpaw. Oh yes, she died too.

"Rivertail!", called Nightstar his deputy. The tom rose to his paws and Nightstar continued: "It hasn't been long since your last apprentice received his warrior name, yet I wish for you to complete Hollypaw's training in succession of Spiritheart." Rivertail gave a slow nod and touched noses with Hollypaw, who blinked up at him sadly. "Cats of all clans. Much terrible has happened just a day ago. But I know we will return from it stronger. Now I ask you, go home, so we all can grieve for our lost ones in peace", called Nightstar and leaped from the Highledge.

Firepaw blinked the tears in his eyes away. So many lives lost. But why?



Nightstar – small black tom with green eyes and a torn ear


Rivertail – slender light-grey tom with dark grey paws and blue eyes – Mentor of Hollypaw


Splashwhisker – thick-furred, dark grey tom with orange eyes – Mentor of Spottedpaw


Reedheart – red-black spotted tom with green eyes – Mentor of Sandpaw

Leopardclaw – dark and light-brown spotted she-cat with yellow eyes – Mentor of Greypaw

Iceclaw – small black tom with ice-blue eyes and one white paw

Mountainfang – long furred spotted tom with dark-green eyes and huge fangs

Lynxfur – dark-yellow and brown spotted she-cat with only half of her tail – Mentor of Whitepaw

Eagleflight – brown tabby tom with white ears and fur around the nose – Mentor of Ravenpaw

Dawnfire – dark-grey tom with orange eyes

Weaselflight – white tom with brown stripes – Mentor of Dustpaw

Hawkpath – white tom with greyish-silver stripes and blue eyes

Hopewing – golden she-cat with icy-blue eyes – Mentor of Silverpaw

Wolfheart – light grey she-cat with white, belly, throat and leg – Mentor of Bluepaw

Fangtail – brown tom with long fangs, scarred tail and green eyes

Lionclaw – golden she-cat with yellow eyes – Mentor of Cloudpaw

Rockheart – dark grey she-cat with dark-blue eyes– Mentor of Firepaw

Darkpetal – black she-cat with yellowish-green eyes – Mentor of Stripepaw

Songheart - ginger she-cat with blue eyes and an injured paw

Nettlebite – silver-white tabby tom with blue eyes

Frostfur – white she-cat with blue eyes


Spottedpaw – tortoiseshell and white she-cat with a dappled coat, small white paws, chest and muzzle

Firepaw – ginger tom with green eyes

Greypaw – long furred grey tom wit darker stripe over his back and yellow eyes

Ravenpaw – black tom with white spot on his chest and tail, amber eyes

Sandpaw – small pale ginger she-cat with green eyes

Dustpaw – dark-brown tabby-tom with amber eyes

Bluepaw – blue-grey she cat with silver fur around her nose and icy-blue eyes

Silverpaw - pale silver-grey tabby she-cat with a finely shaped head and bright blue eyes

Whitepaw - thick-furred, broad-shouldered, long-bodied, white tom with yellow eyes

Hollypaw – black she-cat with green eyes

Stripepaw – grey and tortoiseshell tabby tom

Cloudpaw – grey spotted tom with orange eyes


Mudheart – dark-brown she-cat with light-brown ears (no kits)

Fierceclaw – tortoiseshell spotted she-cat (mother of Leafkit, Stripekit and Cloudkit, mate of Dawnfire)

Morningcloud – golden she-cat with pale-blue eyes (mother of Petalkit, Rosekit and Lilykit, mate of Reedheart)


Petalkit – golden she-cat with pale-blue eyes

Rosekit – black, red and golden spotted she-cat

Lilykit – red-golden tabby she-cat


Greeneye – oldest tom in ThunderClan, light-brown tabby-tom with green eyes

Kestrelstrike – dark-golden she-cat with scars over her flank

Scarpath – dark-grey tom with white stripe over his shoulder



Silverstarsilver she-cat with blue eyes


Nightfurblack she-cat with golden eyes


Glintstreamsilver and dark-grey spotted she-cat, Mentor of Skypaw (white she-cat)


Flameheart – orange she-cat with white paws


Skypaw – white she-cat, Medicine Cat apprentice

Duskpaw – small black tom with ice-blue eyes and a white paw (Scourge)

Bugpaw – brown and cream tabby-tom

Clovepaw – brown and cream tabby-she-cat



Crowstar – black tom with yellow eyes


Brackenheart – white-ginger tabby-tom


Sunnydawn – golden she-cat with yellow eyes


Ebonyfur – black-furred she-cat with blue eyes, Mentor of Mousepaw

Streakpelt – dark-grey and black tabby tom, Mentor of Runningpaw

Beesting - silver-grey she-cat with dark stripes and piercing dark-amber eyes

Thorncloud - white and brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes

Beetlestep –broad-shouldered black tom – Mentor of Mosspaw


Runningpaw – dark-grey tom with green eyes

Lilypaw – small white she-cat with yellow eyes

Mosspaw – black-brown-grey spotted tom


Birdwing – small cream-coloured she-cat with a brown ear


Palekit – small cream-coloured she-cat


Roundbelly – old tom with long and glossy fur



Ivystar – silver tabby she-cat


Nightspirit – beautiful small black she-cat– Mentor of Clawpaw


Rootwhisker – old white and brown tabby-tom with pale yellow eyes and many scars – Mentor of Roseflight


Spottedflame – dark ginger and tortoiseshell spotted tom – Mentor of Thistelpaw

Sunstrike – bright golden tom– Mentor of Brokenpaw

Silverstrike – Silver she-cat with green eyes

Echoclaw – black tom with green eyes – Mentor of Darkpaw

Speltleaf – light-ginger tabby she-cat – Mentor of Tigerpaw

Sandwing – yellow tom with white belly

Mistyfire – light-grey tom with amber eyes – Mentor of Hawkpaw

Honeypetal – golden and light-brown tabby she-cat

Pumaheart – long-furred black she-cat with amber eyes

Featherclaw– pale-ginger tabby-tom

Windheart – light-grey she-cat

Stormtail – black tabby tom


Roseflight– tortoiseshell spotted she-cat

Tigerpaw - broad shouldered, dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws and amber eyes

Hawkpaw - dark brown tabby tom with a white underbelly and icy-blue eyes

Brokenpaw - dark brown tabby tom with bright amber eyes

Thistelpaw - grey tom with a white face, white shoulders and amber eyes

Darkpaw - grey tabby tom with black stripes and yellow eyes

Clawpaw - heavily-built brown tom


Cloudsea – white she-cat with grey paws (mother of Lilykit and Petalkit)


Lilykit – white-grey tabby she-cat

Petalkit – white-grey spotted she-cat


Mouseheart – small grey-brown tom

Flameclaw – ginger tom with scarred face

Streamfur – light-grey tabby she-cat

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