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Allegiances + Bramblestar's Thoughts




Nightstar – small black tom with green eyes and a torn ear


Rivertail – slender light-grey tom with dark grey paws and blue eyes


Splashwhisker – thick-furred, dark grey tom with orange eyes


Reedheart – red-black spotted tom with green eyes

Bonetail – dark-grey she-cat with blue eyes and white tail

Boulderpelt – light-grey she-cat

Brighteye – white she-cat with light-yellow eyes – Mentor of Fangpaw

Leopardclaw – dark and light-brown spotted she-cat with yellow eyes

Spiritheart – black tom with one white spot on the shoulder

Iceclaw – small black tom with ice-blue eyes and one white paw

Mountainfang – long furred spotted tom with dark-green eyes and huge fangs

Lynxfur – dark-yellow and brown spotted she-cat with only half of her tail

Tearfur – washy light-grey she-cat with dark-blue eyes – Mentor of Applepaw

Eagleflight – brown tabby tom with white ears and fur around the nose

Snowfall – white tom with dark blue, almost black eyes

Sapphirefur- dark-grey she-cat with icy-blue eyes

Dawnfire – dark-grey tom with orange eyes – Mentor of Songpaw

Weaselflight – white tom with brown stripes

Hawkpath – white tom with greyish-silver stripes and blue eyes

Hopewing – golden she-cat with icy-blue eyes

Morningcloud – golden she-cat with pale-blue eyes

Wolfheart – light grey she-cat with white, belly, throat and leg


Fangpaw – brown tom with long fangs and green eyes

Applepaw – reddish-brown tom with green eyes

Songpaw – ginger she-cat with blue eyes


Lionclaw – golden she-cat with yellow eyes (mother of Firekit, Greykit and Ravenkit, mate of Nightstar)

Rockheart – dark grey she-cat with dark-blue eyes (mother of Bluekit, Spottedkit and Silverkit, mate of Mountainfang)

Darkpetal – black she-cat with yellowish-green eyes (mother of Whitekit and Hollykit, mate of Hawkpath)

Mudheart – dark-brown she-cat with light-brown ears (mother of Sandkit and Dustkit, mate of Spiritheart)

Raincloud – white she-cat with grey spots (mother of Nettlekit, Frostkit and Hailkit, mate of Eagleflight)

Fierceclaw – tortoiseshell spotted she-cat (expecting Dawnfire's kits)


Firekit – ginger tom with green eyes

Greykit – long furred grey tom wit darker stripe over his back and yellow eyes

Ravenkit – black tom with white spot on his chest and tail, amber eyes

Sandkit – small pale ginger she-cat with green eyes

Dustkit – dark-brown tabby-tom with amber eyes

Bluekit – blue-grey she cat with silver fur around her nose and icy-blue eyes

Spottedkit – tortoiseshell and white she-cat with a dappled coat, small white paws, chest and muzzle

Silverkit - pale silver-grey tabby she-cat with a finely shaped head and bright blue eyes

Whitekit - thick-furred, broad-shouldered, long-bodied, white tom with yellow eyes

Hollykit – black she-cat with green eyes

Nettlekit – silver-white tabby tom with blue eyes

Frostkit – white she-cat with blue eyes

Hailkit – grey tabby tom with white fur around his muzzle


Whisperear – oldest she-cat in ThunderClan, white fur with grey ears

Greeneye – oldest tom in ThunderClan, light-brown tabby-tom with green eyes

Stormwing – dark-brown tabby-tom

Kestrelstrike – dark-golden she-cat with scars over her flank

Scarpath – dark-grey tom with white stripe over his shoulder



Ivystar – silver tabby she-cat, Mentor of Featherpaw


Foxclaw – ginger tom with orange eyes


Rootwhisker – old white and brown tabby-tom with pale yellow eyes and many scars, Mentor of Rosepaw


Spottedflame – dark ginger and tortoiseshell spotted tom

Largefoot – brown tom with large dark-brown paws

Nightspirit – beautiful small black she-cat, Mentor of Stormpaw

Sunstrike – bright golden tom

Moonlight – silverish-white tom

Silverstrike – Silver she-cat with green eyes – Mentor of Windpaw

Echoclaw – black tom with green eyes

Speltleaf – light-ginger tabby she-cat – Mentor of Seapaw

Sandwing – yellow tom with white belly

Fawnheart – white and reddish spotted tom

Mistyfire – light-grey tom with amber eyes


Featherpaw – pale-ginger tabby-tom

Rosepaw – tortoiseshell spotted she-cat

Windpaw – light-grey she-cat

Seapaw – dark-grey tabby she-cat


Honeypetal – golden and light-brown tabby she-cat (mother of Tigerkit, Hawkkit and Brokenkit, mate of Spottedflame)

Hawserwing – white she-cat with blue eyes (mother of Thistelkit, Darkkit and Mapleshade, mate of Fawnheart)

Pumaheart – long-furred black she-cat with amber eyes (mother of Clawkit, mate of Echoclaw)

Cloudsea – white she-cat with grey paws (mother of Lilykit and Petalkit)


Tigerkit - broad shouldered, dark brown tabby tom with unusually long front claws and amber eyes

Hawkkit - dark brown tabby tom with a white underbelly and icy-blue eyes

Brokenkit - dark brown tabby tom with bright amber eyes

Thistelkit - grey tom with a white face, white shoulders and amber eyes

Darkkit - grey tabby tom with black stripes and yellow eyes

Clawkit - heavily-built brown tom

Lilykit – white-grey tabby she-cat

Petalkit – white-grey spotted she-cat


Mouseheart – small grey-brown tom

Flameclaw – ginger tom with scarred face

Streamfur – light-grey tabby she-cat



Silverstar – silver she-cat with blue eyes


Nightfur – black she-cat with golden eyes


Glintstream – silver and dark-grey spotted she-cat, Mentor of Skypaw (white she-cat)



Crowstar – black tom with yellow eyes


Brackenheart – white-ginger tabby-tom


Hazeclaw – grey-brown tom with amber eyes

Bramblestar worriedly followed the discussion of the ten former StarClan warriors. No one knew what exactly happened. They had disappeared for many seasons and then suddenly reappeared as kits in ThunderClan. Not just born in the same moon, but also on the same day. Bramblestar smiled when he looked at Firestar, who was discussing with Bluestar and thought; Don't worry Firestar. Like you were always there for me, I'll be there for you know and if I have to come down from StarClan to do so.

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