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Wohooo, chapter two is there.

I right now apologize if i have any wrong names when i use the ones of the actual warrior-series. I don't have the english books and in german there isn't even the second season out. The last book still needs to be translated.

Well, that was it i guess, Warriors doesn't belong to me but to Erin Hunter.


"And?", questioned Lionclaw. "Are you three nervous to meet your father?" Firekit nodded and tried to look excited. "You are exited", meant Greykit from his side. "What's wrong with that?", asked Ravenkit. "We are in a ThunderClan we know nothing about and our father is the leader. Why wouldn't he be excited?" Ravenkit's eyes shone and the other two toms laughed loudly. "Well, you're excited as well, uh?", teased Greykit. Firekit couldn't help but grin when Greykit's tail hit his back. The grey tom was as excited as Ravenkit and he were.

Well, you're not meeting the leader of the Clan, who appears to be the father of three former StarClan warriors every day, thought the ginger tom. Again and again hit Greykit's tail Firekit's back and finally he growled: "Greykit calm down or my whole back will be bruised tomorrow." The grey tom froze and Ravenkit burst out in laughing. Firekit soon joined him and finally Greykit laughed as well. "Don't roll over the ground to much", warned Lionclaw her litter. "Or I'll have to wash you again."

Firekit froze and padded to her side. He'd never liked it when someone washed him. Sandstorm, Sandkit, because she was his mate and he loved her. And when he gave tongues, but he had hated it with his mother had done it already. Lionclaw laughed and meant: "Well, you don't like having me washing you." "Not just you", argued Firekit back. "I like the whole thought of someone else washing me not." Lionclaw purred and licked his head. "Mother", complained Firekit. "I'm clean enough." "I think I decide that." "Then what about them?" He gestured to Greykit and Ravenkit with a flick of the tail and Lionclaw laughed and purred when she saw them. Both were rolling through the nest in a playful fight. "Don't get yourself dirty", whispered Lionclaw and stood up. "And get myself cleaned again? No way", argued Firekit and watched how his mother walked up to her other kits.

"You know, she reminds me of Goldenflower." Firekit turned his head to find Bluekit behind him. He smiled at her and meant: "They are pretty much alike, not?" Bluekit smirked at him and meant: "I remember how often you've complained when Yellowfang and Spottedleaf cleaned your fur when you were injured." Firekit grinned and meant: "Well, I never liked it." The bluish-grey she-cat smiled and her eyes shone with laughter while they watched how Lionclaw pinned Greykit and Ravenkit down to clean their furs. Suddenly leaves rustled and a small black tom with green eyes and a torn ear walked in. Firekit thought about what Lionclaw had told them and slowly padded up to the tom. He spotted him and waited.

"Are you Nightstar?"

Firekit wanted to frown at his voice. He wasn't used on it being so high. "I am, and I guess you are Firekit then", answered the leader warmly. Firekit nodded and purred when Nightstar licked over his head shortly. "Where are Lionclaw and your brothers?" Firekit purred amused and looked to his nest. Lionclaw was still busy with cleaning Greykit, who had given up on struggling. Nightstar purred as well and meant: "What has just happened here?"

"Mother cleaned us for you", answered Firekit. "Greykit and Ravenkit got into a play-fight and got dirty again." "Why haven't you played with them?" "I don't like it when someone, except for me cleans my fur. I don't like the whole thought", explained Firekit. Purring harder Nightstar meant: "I guess you got that habit from me." "Uh?" Firekit looked up curiously. He wasn't even truly related to this tom, or maybe he was? "I never liked it either. I still don't like it, except when Lionclaw is grooming my fur." Firekit wanted to agree, but knew a kit wouldn't know why and asked: "How come?" "Well, she's my mate. You'll understand, once you found one as well." "Me and a she-cat that close, never", meant Firekit, trying to stay in his role as a kit. But he saw the hurt look in Sandkit's eyes, she'd heard him. He tried to apologize, but she'd already turned away and Firekit's tail dropped.

Nightstar nudged him gently. Firekit looked up and Nightstar meant: "Common, let's stop your mother before she's licking the fur off of your brothers." Firekit laughed at the picture of Ravenkit and Greykit without fur and followed his father. "Lionclaw?", called Nightstar. She stopped her doings and meant shyly. "Uh, Nightstar, how long have you been here?" "Long enough to have a little chat with our firstborn", laughed the leader. Lionclaw let go of the two kits under her, who jumped up and shook their furs. "I thought you wanted to lick us bald", complained Greykit and Ravenkit nodded.

Firekit couldn't help but laugh. Both glared angrily and he meant: "Hey, I wasn't the one who started rolling around in the moss." "Because you don't like someone washing you", countered Greykit. "There is nothing wrong just because he doesn't like it", interrupted Nightstar and Greykit stared up at him in amazement. "You're Nightstar?", asked Ravenkit. Nightstar nodded and licked both kits heads. Both complained about it and Firekit meant: "How come I purred when you did that?" "Because you weren't cleaned to death by you mother", meant Nightstar with a smirk.

"Nightstar", gasped Lionclaw shocked. Nightstar laughed and pressed his nose against her neck. "I'm just teasing you a bit. You gave birth to three wonderful kits Lionclaw. I couldn't be happier or more proud." Lionclaw purred at his words. While Nightstar talked to his mate, Greykit and Ravenkit Firekit snuck away and wandered through the den. He had to apologize to Sandkit. He crossed Dustkit's way, who growled at him and hissed: "Happy now?" Firekit winced at the harshness in his voice. Fast he went on and found the sand-coloured she-cat next to Mudheart, her mother. The queen glared at him angrily and Firekit crawled forward with his stomach on the floor.

"Sand-Sandkit", asked the ginger tom silently. "What do you want?", hissed Mudheart at him. "Haven't you hurt my daughter enough." "I…I-I want-wanted to say so-sorry", stammered Firekit. Angry queens had always scared him, even when he was already leader. Mudheart growled at him, but Sandkit looked up and asked: "Do…do you mean…that?" Firekit nodded his head strongly and called: "Of course. I was just acting. Please, you gotta believe me Sandkit." The pale ginger she-cat hesitated, then she whispered: "We need to talk." Firekit nodded and ran forward to the playing ground. When Sandkit sat down next to him he whispered: "Great StarClan, did you really believe what I said? I had to say that. Was I supposed to say to Nightstar: I know, it's the same with me and my mate?"

Sandkit gazed down and whispered: "Sorry, I guess I've been a bit stupid." "A bit", asked Firekit and smirked when she glared at him. Then he pushed his nose into her fur and meant: "Sandkit, I'll always love you, but we can't be together like before, not yet and you know that." Sandkit sighed, but nodded and then Mudheart called: "Sandkit, come back inside." "I gotta go." Firekit nodded and gazed at the just beginning sunset. He smiled. Finally he got used to being a kit and it didn't feel that bad. He didn't have to carry the whole clans worry, but was alive and sooner or later he'd be able to be together with Sandkit once more.

"Firekit", growled Greykit. He spun around and his two friends, brothers, glared at him. "You left us alone with Nightstar, having him ramble about the battle we've died in", growled Greykit. Firekit grinned sheepish and meant: "Sorry about that, I had to apologize to Sandkit for something." Ravenkit grinned at that and meant: "How can you two be mates when you get along like cats and dogs?" Firekit grinned back and meant: "She just overreacted."

Greykit seemed still quite angry and pounced at him. Firekit laughed and dodged him. The grey tom pounced at him again and got his tail. They rolled over the grass together, then Firekit pinned him down and he purred: "And that's why I was leader." Greykit glared at him playfully and threw him off. "Don't get to self-absorbed!" "Same back!" Again the two attacked and Ravenkit joined them. Purring Firekit shortly backed off and gazed to the sky.

Thunder, thought the ginger tom. I still don't understand why exactly we are here, but thank you.

He yowled and lunged forward once more, pinning Greykit down again. "Won again!" "Firekit, Greykit, Ravenkit, come inside", called Lionclaw. Firekit heard an annoyed meow from Greykit and meant: "What, the great warrior Greystripe is sad because we have to stop a kit-game?" Greykit glared at him and with a laugh Firekit raced off and hid behind Lionclaw when Greykit caught up. "Where is he", yowled the grey tom. "Greykit be more silent", hissed Lionclaw sharply and licked his shoulder. "And how you look like, I've got to clean you again tomorrow."

Greykit let out a groan, then curled up next to her stomach, followed by the other two. Firekit blinked tiredly and just before he fell asleep he caught a glance from Sandkit. I love you, said her eyes. Firekit purred and showed her the same before he drifted off into sleep.

-one moon later-

Firekit groaned and rolled into his back in front of the nursery. He was bored to death. Sandkit and Dustkit had white-cough, Rockheart refused to allow Bluekit, Silverkit and Spottedkit to leave the nursery, Whitekit and Hollykit were in Splashwhisker's den because they got ill with green-cough and Greykit and Ravenkit were in the medicine-cats den as well to get checked up since both had started coughing this morning.

The young ginger tom groaned once more and watched Nettlekit and his siblings grumbling. Sure, Frostkit and Hailkit would've allowed him to play with them, but Nettlekit ordered his siblings quite around and he didn't want a 'Helpless little kitty' to play with them. Firekit growled and thought; I can fight better than him and I can hunt, can he, no. I'm all, but not helpless. But he couldn't tell them of course. He looked back at the nursery where he heard the silent meows of the queens and kits. Fierceclaw would soon have her litter, but then they would be too small to play with him.

Firekit rolled onto his back once more and gazed to the sky. Leaf-Bare had just begun, though it was colder than he'd expected. He let out his breath and saw how small white clouds came out. It wasn't cold enough to see his breath clearly, though cold enough to see it. But Firekit didn't feel cold at all.

"Firekit", called a young male voice. The kit looked up to see a thick-furred, dark grey tom with orange eyes. He had to smile. The first time he'd seen the healer, he'd thought he would stand in front of Yellowfang. Now his smile disappeared. He missed the old grey cat dearly.

"What is it Splashwhisker?" The healer looked at him with pity and answered: "Your brothers have white cough. There are too many ill kits in the nursery and my den, but you can't stay there. I don't want you to get ill as well." "And where am I supposed to stay?", asked Firekit. Greykit and Ravenkit being ill was the least he needed now. "I truly don't know", sighed Splashwhisker. "Nettlekit and his siblings can stay in the nursery, they're already five moons old, but you with your one moon are a too easy target for white cough." Firekit grumbled, but knew the healer was right. "I'll find a way", promised Splashwhisker.

"A way for what?"

Both toms looked up to come face to face with a dark-grey she-cat with icy-blue eyes. It was Sapphirefur, Rockheart's sister. "All kits except for Firekit and Raincloud's kits are ill. Those three are strong enough, but I can't have him staying in the nursery." "What about Nightstar's den?", suggested Sapphirefur. Firekit stared at her. "It is a possibility. Nightstar won't want him to become ill as well."

"Who won't I want to become ill as well?"

The three cats looked to the camp-entrance. Nightstar padded up to them and Splashwhisker explained: "Firekit and Raincloud's kits are the only kits which aren't ill yet. I can't allow Firekit to stay in the nursery and my den isn't right either." Nightstar looked at his son shocked and asked: "Greykit and Ravenkit were alright when I left this morning. How can they be ill now?" "They started coughing right after you left", answered Firekit sadly. "I've been alone the whole time. Mother was busy with my brothers and Nettlekit won't allow me to play with him and his brother and sister", sighed the kit and his tail dropped. Nightstar looked at him with pity and meant: "He can stay in my den Splashwhisker."

"Really?", perked Firekit up. Nightstar smiled and nodded. "Great!"

The older cats purred amused and Nightstar meant: "Well, follow me." Firekit bounded after his father, who jumped over the clearing quickly. They were about to climb up to the leaders den when Sapphirefur called: "Nightstar!" Both stopped and saw the warrior, running after them. "Yes?", asked Nightstar when she reached him. "I…have a request", meant the warrior nervously. Nightstar gestured her to go on and she mumbled something into his ear. Firekit heard out the words 'first apprentice'. He wondered what request the warrior was making. When she stepped back Nightstar's eyes shone happily and he meant: "I gladly do that Sapphirefur, you deserve it." Sapphirefur smiled happily, then bent her head and sped off. Firekit looked at Nightstar confused, whose eyes still shone happily. "What did Sapphirefur ask you?" "Oh", Nightstar looked at him and purred: "She wanted to know something about her first apprentice." Firekit's heart ached at that. He liked the she-cat. But he was still very young, so they surely had talked about Nettlekit, Frostkit or Hailkit. Slowly he followed Nightstar up the cliff and didn't even realise he had slipped until wind blew past him and he fell.

"Wahh!" Nightstar reacted like lighting and caught him. Firekit panted and felt how Nightstar pulled him upwards slowly. The black tom licked his head roughly and asked: "Are you alright?" Firekit nodded, still panting. Mentally he was scolding himself for being so distracted. Nightstar licked over his head once more and then they went on. When they reached the den, Nightstar picked him up and carried him to the den. Firekit didn't complain. He'd enough to think about. Who would be Sapphirefur's first apprentice? Were his brothers going to be alright? Was Sandkit going to live? He sighed and snuggled against Nightstar's warm flank. Right now he really felt like a kit.

"Are you worried about your brothers?" Firekit meowed sadly as answer and Nightstar meant softly: "They'll survive." "How do you know?" "Because StarClan won't still such a bright-hearted kit, like you, his brothers." Firekit kept another sigh. He knew StarClan had not the strength to safe a live in that way. Great StarClan, he'd often enough watched how StarClan welcomed his warriors. He'd gathered enough warriors by himself. He was about to fall asleep when a battle-cry sounded over the clearing.

"ShadowClan is attacking", shouted a ThunderClan warrior and let out a battle-cry. "Stay here", hissed Nightstar and raced out of the den. Of course Firekit followed him and gasped in shock at the number of ShadowClan warriors. He watched the fight and hissed in panic when he saw a ShadowClan warrior, sneaking into the nursery. Immediately Firekit raced off. No matter what body he was in, he needed to protect his clan. He raced down the cliff and straight through the battling warriors. He heard Sapphirefur calling his name, but didn't react. His thoughts were directed on the kits and queens in the nursery. Mostly on one kit.

Sandkit, thought Firekit determinate. I won't let anyone hurt you.

With that he burst into the nursery and barely held a scream. The black-grey tabby-tom pressed Lionclaw down. No one dared to get near him. Firekit backed off into the shadows and snuck up onto the warrior.

Three, thought the kit.

The warrior grinned.


The warrior rose his paw, his claws shone in the shady-light.


The claws came down.


Firekit raced forward and jumped onto the warrior's back with all his might. The warrior tumbled a bit and looked around confused. Firekit bit his ear and his small claws scratched over his shoulder. The warrior yowled in pain and confusion and let go of Lionclaw. The queen struggled away, until she saw who freed her. "Firekit", gasped the queen. Then the warrior threw him off and hissed surprised: "A kit!"

"A kit that protects his mother", shot Firekit back and lunged at the warrior once again. The warrior tried to hit him, but missed because of Firekit's small size. The kit grinned, got under the warrior and scratched his stomach, before racing out once more and jumping onto the warrior once more. The warrior yowled in pain when Firekit was on his head and scratched his eyes. The small red tom growled the whole time. Illness killing the ones he cared for was worse enough, he wouldn't allow a ShadowClan warrior to do so.

Suddenly sharp pain spread through his shoulder and he screamed in pain, then got thrown off. With a thud he landed on the ground and weakly raised his head. The warrior lunged at him, but was stopped by two small blurs. One was pale-ginger, the other brown.

"Dust-Dustkit, Sandkit", gasped Firekit weakly. Soon Bluekit and Silverkit joined the two while Spottedkit ran up to him. Firekit winced when she laid her paw on his shoulder. "That's a bad injury. I hope Splashwhisker gets to know about that soon." Then she licked his shoulder to clean the wound and stop the bleeding. She couldn't use herbs or Cobwebs, that would give away who they really were.

Suddenly the tom threw the other kits off as well and lunged for him and Spottedkit, but now the queens reacted and angrily blocked his way. The warrior paled and dashed off. He fled. Five angry queens were nothing he could deal with. Firekit purred when Sandkit licked his face worriedly. "You mouse brain", hissed the she-cat sadly. "Do you always have to get yourself killed?"

"I…couldn't allow him to-to kill you", whispered Firekit back and then Lionclaws sweet scent surrounded him. Blurry he saw the golden she-cat, who licked his head carefully. Suddenly leaves rustled and Rockheart's and Splashwhisker's scents reached him. He smiled. The queen had gotten the healer. He heard a gasp and then Splashwhisker crouched down next to him and sniffed at the wound.

"It's cleaned", exclaimed the healer.

"Sp-Spottedkit did it", gasped Firekit out. "Spottedkit?" Everyone stared at the she-cat, who sheepish meant: "I…I just did what I thought was right. I heard from the elders that you've to clean a wound so I thought I'll do at least that until Splashwhisker comes." "You did good work with this", agreed Splashwhisker while he spit horsetail-juice onto the wound. Firekit winced when it burned in his wound, but soon the pain eased down and his shoulder was covered in cobwebs. Suddenly leaves rustled once more and Nightstar limped in.

"Firekit", gasped the leader and ran up to his son. "I thought I told you to stay in my den." "I…I saw that Sh-ShadowClan warrior sneaking in-into the nurs-nursery and wanted to help", meant the kit weakly. He was tired now. Nightstar was about to object when Splashwhisker hissed: "Not now Nightstar. I you need to get him into the elders den, since the cats with green cough are still in my den. Please help me and get a warrior to be there with him. I'll get some poppy-seed for him."

Nightstar nodded and Firekit felt how the black tom picked him up carefully. Slowly he was carried into the elders den, there he was set down in a nest and Nightstar purred: "And this time stay here until I've gotten a warrior." Firekit nodded and ignored the burning gazes of the elders on his pelt. Finally the warrior Nightstar had chosen came in and Firekit purred when Sapphirefur lay down next to him.

"You're a brave young tom", meant Sapphirefur. Firekit purred again, then his eyelids dropped and the comfortable numbness of sleep surrounded him.

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