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A New Prophecy

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The red tom slowly opened his eyes when a warm wind blew around him. Surprised he sat up. He was on the island of the gathering.

"You always knew how to get yourself into danger. I guess I got that habit from you", purred a voice behind him. The tom spun around and smiled when he came face to face with a dark-brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

"Bramblestar", greeted the ginger tom.

"Firestar", greeted the tom back and padded up to him.

Firestar realised that he was in his real body since he didn't have to look up at Bramblestar, at least not more than he was used to. From close Firestar saw worry in the other toms eyes and stated: "You have no idea what happened either, not?" Bramblestar shook his head with a sigh and sat down.

"No. You all just…just disappeared. Like you've never existed. We were all terribly shocked. We thought we would never see any of you again. But then, a bit more than one moon ago you all suddenly reappeared in the world of the living. I think you can guess in what an uproar every cat in StarClan was."

Firestar laughed at this and nodded. Then his eyes narrowed and he asked: "And now?" Bramblestar shrugged and answered: "I truly have no idea, but Firestar…" The tabby tom locked eyes with him. "Whatever happens, I'll be watching over you like you always did with me." Firestar smiled and said: "Then I should be careful when StarClan has his eyes on me, not?" "Try to not get into too much trouble", agreed Bramblestar and stood up. "I have to go now."

In understanding Firestar asked: "Not every StarClan warrior is happy with what you are doing, not?"

The other leader nodded and called back: "May StarClan light your path."

Then everything became white.

Firekit blinked when he woke up in the elders den. He looked around and smiled. While he'd been leader of ThunderClan t had been quite a long time where they hadn't managed to have more than three elders. Now the Clan had five.

"Ah Firekit you're awake."

Looking around he met the warm dark-blue eyes of Scarpath. He smiled at the elder who stated: "Well, you're quite an adventurous kit Firekit. I heard you fought off a ShadowClan warrior on your own." "What, no!", exclaimed the tom. "I just attacked him first to get him to let go of Lionclaw. Then he hurt my shoulder and Sandkit, Dustkit, Bluekit and Silverkit stopped him from attacking me while Spottedkit cleaned my wound. Then the queens scared him off." Scarpath laughed and said: "Well, angry Queens surely are scary."

Firekit laughed as well and the two toms woke a white she-cat with grey ears.

"Kits nowadays", groaned the she-cat.

"Oh come on Whisperear", argued a dark-brown tabby tom. Firekit eyed him and thought; He looks exactly like Bramblestar. Maybe they're related?

"It isn't like any of us were any different."

Whisperear growled at the tom and said: "I remember I allowed the elders to sleep Stormwing, against to you." Stormwing laughed and answered: "Only because you were always such a sleepy-head." This got him an even louder growl from the she-cat and the noise startled the three still sleeping cats. Firekit purred amused when a dark-golden she-cat and a light-brown tabby tom glared at Whisperear. Then he felt movement next to him and yawning Sapphirefur looked around and asked: "Great StarClan what are you all arguing about now?"

Everyone looked at her and Scarpath purred: "Nothing you have to worry about Sapphirefur. Believe me it's not worth to know." "Obviously it is since you Whisperear's growling woke us up", argued the dark-golden she-cat. "Honestly Kestrelstrike", began Stormwing. "It was nothing. You and Greeneye can go back to sleep."

The two elders glanced at everyone, then they curled up again and closed their eyes. Whisperear followed their example and then Sapphirefur asked: "Scarpath, Stormwing, I don't want to sound disrespectful, but might you watch Firekit for a while, I need to go hunting."

"When you hunt for us as well, yes we watch him", answered Stormwing. Sapphirefur nodded and padded out of the den. Firekit looked at the two elders, who exchanged glances. Everything was silent, then Scarpath suddenly laughed. Firekit shot up at the sudden noise and hissed when he landed on his injured leg. Fast he lay down again and asked: "What's going on?"

Scarpath still laughed so Stormwing answered: "We've expected you to have asked after a story by now." Firekit stared at them confused, then he realised what the elder tried to say and stated: "Well…I didn't want to bother you."

"Oh it's quite alright", answered Scarpath, then smiled and asked: "So, do you want to hear a story?"

Firekit nodded and Stormwing asked: "About what?"

Firekit thought for a while. Then something came to mind. How much knew these cats of the old territory?

"Have we ever lived around the lake?"

Both elders were silent for a while, then Scarpath answered: "No, we lived far away from here. I can't recall why the clans had to leave…Stormwing?" "I…believe it was something with twolegs", answered the other elder. Firekit nodded. He didn't expect them to know much more, but he was still disappointed. "So, the clans had to travel here?", pushed the ginger tom farther. Scarpath nodded and answered: "Yes. They travelled long. It's said that they even travelled over mountains. No one knows if it's just a legend or true, but it's said that another group of cats lives in the mountains. The tribe of… I really can't remember, sorry."

Firekit just nodded but thought sadly; The tribe of rushing water. They don't even know about the tribe. Did RiverClan forget about Stormfur too?

Firekit shook his head to focus again and asked a new question. The time he was unable to leave the den he could also learn about what had happened after their disappearance from StarClan.

-five days later-

"Can I finally go outside playing again", complained Firekit when Splashwhisker removed the cobwebs from his shoulder.

"You are highly impatient."

"I was in that nest the past five days", argued Firekit. Splashwhisker purred amused and stated: "You have too much energy. But then, that's naturally for kits. Wait until you're an apprentice, then you'll see what exhaustion is."

I already know that; thought Firekit. I fought against Tigerstar for many times, I beat Scourge, I survived a fox-trap, I led with the other leaders, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Squirrelflight, Crowfeather and Stormfur the clans too their new home, I was a mentor…I'm very sure I know what exhaustion is.

"So, now you can go."

Firekit jumped onto his legs but before he was able to run off, Splashwhisker placed his tail on his shoulder and advised: "Start slowly. I don't want your shoulder to get worse than it was." Firekit nodded and Scarpath said: "Well, I guess that means goodbye" "It's going to be quite silent here without you", went Stormwing on. Firekit purred and promised: "I'm going to visit you as often as I can and then I want to hear more stories."

Both elders laughter sounded in his ears while the ginger tom raced to the nursery. It was sun-high and most of the Queens lay in front of the den to enjoy the unusual warm leaf-bare day. Lionclaw looked up when Firekit raced towards her and purred. She stood up and licked over his head lovingly.

"How is your shoulder?"

"Alright, I don't feel anything from the wound."

"Good…your brothers are behind the nursery."

Firekit smiled at her thankfully and ran into the den to come out on the other side. He smiled at the sight. Greykit, Ravenkit and Dustkit were in a playful fight while Bluekit, Sandkit and Silverkit enjoyed the sun like the Queens. Hollykit and Spottedkit talked to each other while Whitekit eyed everyone. Purring the tom stepped farther out of the den and Whitekit smiled when he spotted him.

"Firekit", called the white tom and jumped towards him. "It's good that you're alright." He smiled at the white tom and answered: "Good to see you well again too." Both smiled at each other, then Firekit was tackled down by a small pale-ginger she-cat.

"Sandkit", laughed the tom while she licked his face.

"I'm so glad you're fine", purred the she-cat. After a while she allowed him to stand up and the other cats greeted him back. Firekit smiled, then he remembered what he wanted to tell them and he hissed: "We need a meeting."

Everyone stared at him, but nodded and the ten cats gathered in a circle. "In the elders den I listened to quite a number of stories and it's just horrible what the clans have forgotten."

"Forgotten?", asked Spottedkit nervously.

Firekit nodded and said: "They, for example, have trouble to remember the reason why the clans moved to the lake and think the tribe of rushing water is a legend."

"What", hissed Greykit angrily.

"Calm Greykit, we all know your son lived there", tried Whitekit to calm the grey tom down.

"Well sorry that I'm angry that they have forgotten my sons home!"

"Greykit", hissed Hollykit. "We know! But be more silent. Nettlekit and his siblings are out here as well."

Grumbling the grey tom laid down and looked away. Bluekit eyed him shortly, then turned back to the ginger tom and asked: "What else?"

"The Dark-Forest didn't make any problems at all, what caused everyone to mostly believe this place is just a tale to scare naughty kits."

"But when they don't believe in the Dark-Forest then…", began Dustkit. Firekit nodded and went on: "Only a few cats believe that our", he gestured to Sandkit, Dustkit, Ravenkit, Greykit and himself… "That our deaths really happened. All the others think it's just and old tale, a legend." The other nine cats hissed at this and Silverkit growled: "How can they be so stupid. After all that happened." "I agree", said Bluekit angrily. "The Dark-Forest is a threat and…"

"Do you kits really believe into such a stupid legend?"

They all spun around. Nettlekit sneered at them, his blue eyes narrowed to mock them. Firekit felt a growl upcoming in his throat and saw how Whitekit crouched down. Hollykit blocked his way, though she glared at Nettlekit as well. The situation was so strange that Firekit almost had to laugh because of it. Ten angry former StarClan cats in the bodies of one moon old kits growled at a young kit of five moons and almost lunged at it. Nettlekit just laughed and turned around. Then he called back: "You'd do better with believing in what's happening and not old kit-tales." At that Ravenkit lunged forward, but Greykit and Sandkit jumped at him and held him back.

"Let go", hissed the black tom.

"Ravenkit calm down", growled Sandkit.

"He just doesn't' know it better", agreed Hollykit.

After a lot of struggling the black tom finally gave up struggling and Sandkit asked: "When Greykit and I let go, are you going to race after him?" "No", sighed Ravenkit. Slowly Greykit and Sandkit let go and allowed the black kit to stand up. He shook his fur, sighed once more and sat down. "Ravenkit it's hard for all of us", soothed Spottedleaf. "But we can't allow to reveal ourselves and you know you would've won that battle."

"I know", answered Ravenkit and gave a slight smile. "I'm sorry. It…was just hard to hear that everything we've ever fought four was…to be forgotten by those cats." Comforting purrs came from the other cats and Firekit soothed: "Hey, we have each other after all. We just can't give up." Everyone nodded and Bluestar said: "I suggest we return into the nursery."

"How come?", asked Greystripe.

"Who are you, One-eye? Look into the sky", joked Dustkit. Everyone looked up and the next moment they all ran back into the den. Dark grey clouds made their way over the sky. Soon there would be a great storm. The moment the kits were in the nursery, it already started to rain. It rained and rained.

"Great StarClan", sighed Rockheart while she gazed out of the nursery. "It's pouring like all of StarClan is crying."

"I hope it's no sign", murmured Fierceclaw. She eyed her thick stomach. Firekit looked out from underneath Lionclaws tail, then he whispered to his brothers: "I fear it is a sign." "I know", whispered Greykit back. "Remember the storm where the Clan was warned about the return of the badgers?"

"Strawberrylight almost drowned because it rained strong enough to fill the hollow", whispered Ravenkit. "You don't need to remember me", hissed Firekit. "I was scared to no end when I had to watch this." "Well, Bramblestar saved her", interjected Greykit. Firekit smiled. He indeed did, thought the red tom. I couldn't have been prouder of him that day. He…

A lighting and a thunder interrupted his thoughts and Fierceclaw, Darkpetal and Hailkit screeched. Nettlekit rolled his eyes and curled up once more. Firekit was about to do the same when another lighting happened and hit the bush directly in front of the nursery. Though it was raining strongly the bush burst out in flames and the cats in the nursery screeched. Firekit raced up to Spottedkit, who stared at the bush wide-eyed.

"Spottedkit", hissed the ginger tom. The she-cat didn't move. She didn't breathe or blink while everyone around her was in panic. Firekit gazed around and caught the glares Bluekit and Whitekit threw at the she-cat. Finally she gasped for air and sunk her head.

"Spottedkit", hissed Firekit again. Her head shot upwards and he asked: "What did StarClan say?"

She shivered a bit, then answered: "When the Dark rises once more, pain is all they leave behind. The hunt goes on, deep in the night, until the last breath of the warriors from the Sky. If they fail, eternal night will end the time of the Clans."

Firekit gulped heavily. This prophecy didn't sound good at all. "Firekit", called a soft voice. He looked up. Lionclaw pulled him back to her nest with her tail. "You all should try to sleep. I know this was frightening, but the fire is already out." Firekit nodded shakily, though it was because of the prophecy and not the fire. Greykit looked at him nervously and he whispered: "I'll tell you tomorrow." The grey tom nodded with a worried gleam in his eyes. Firekit sighed, then closed his eyes, thought sleep wouldn't come for a long time, so he debated about the prophecy.

When the Dark rises once more…can it be? Can it be the Dark-Forest? The hunt goes on…do we really have to fight again? Is Tigerstar going on with hunting the Clans down. Or is it another cat? Oh great StarClan this is all so confusing. And who are the warriors from the Sky? SkyClan? I can't really believe that…

Firekit went on with debating until he finally fell asleep.

His sleep was short and uneasy.

He growled when a nose pocked into his flank.

"Ahw, common Firekit stand up", called Ravenkit. Grumbling Firekit forced his eyes to open and he glared at his brothers. Both looked back surprised and Ravenkit asked: "Great StarClan Firekit when did you go to sleep?"

"No idea", yawned the ginger tom and curled up again. "Though I spent quite much of the night to debate about the prophecy Spottedle-Spottedkit got."

"Tell us please, Spottedkit is refusing to talk to anyone or to leave her nest", asked Greykit.

"Understandable", yawned the ginger tom and closed his eyes.

"Stand up", growled Greykit and began to drag him out of the nest. "Everyone except for you and Spottedkit is already waiting behind the nursery." Firekit groaned tiredly, but followed the other two out of the den. He narrowed his eyes at the bright light and almost ran into someone. "Hey be careful kit", spat Nettlekit's voice. "So…" Firekit trailed off and yawned once more, not in the mood to get angry at the other kit. "Sorry Nettlekit." He trotted towards his friends and sat down next to Sandkit.

"Firekit did you even sleep last night?", asked Silverkit.

"Uh…a bit at least, though quite uneasy", responded the tom and yawned once more.


He tiredly looked at Dustkit and answered: "I…I couldn't sleep after Spottedkit told me the message so I tried to figure part of it out until I would fall asleep and…" He yawned yet again, then continued: "…and that seemingly took quite long."

"What was the prophecy", asked Whitekit nervously. Firekit closed his eyes and repeated Spottedkit's words.

"When the Dark rises once more, pain is all they leave behind. The hunt goes on, deep in the night, until the last breath of the warriors from the Sky. If they fail, eternal night will end the time of the Clans."

Everyone was silent, then Silverstream said what everyone thought.

"Do…do you think this means the Dark-Forest?"

"I'm afraid it does", answered Bluekit. Firekit almost collapsed onto his stomach and thought; Great StarClan. Have I been up until short before sunrise? He shook his head and asked: "Since you now know the words, would anyone mind if I go back and try to sleep some more?" Everyone shook their heads and Bluekit said: "Go Firekit. You look like you need it." He nodded and shakily got onto his paws again. The next moment warm fur pressed against his flank and Sandkit said: "I'll help you. You look like you'll fall over if I let you go alone." He purred thankfully and slowly the two cats made their way back into the nursery. Sandkit helped him towards Lionclaw and he sunk against her soft fur. "Firekit what's wrong?" The tom was too tired to answer and Sandkit said: "He maybe was too troubled by the fire last night. He barely slept. Ravenkit and Greykit are such meanies sometimes. Dragging him out of the nest when he's obviously falling asleep on his paws."

Firekit purred at this and then the comfortable numbness of sleep surrounded him.

Sandkit's POV

I smiled when I watched how Firekit fell asleep. To say that the prophecy didn't trouble me would've been a lie. I understood completely why he was so tired and why Spottedkit had refused to stand up. The two of them surely had had a rough night. Suddenly Lionclaw purred in laughter and asked: "Is it possible that you really like my son?" My head snapped up in shock. Were we that obvious?

"I…no, I mean I like him but…not in that way…I mean…"

Lionclaw just laughed silently and whispered: "Don't worry Sandkit, your little secret is safe with me. To be honest, I think you and Firekit look very cute together." I looked down in embarrassment after her words. "Though I might tell Mudheart."

"Please don't", exclaimed I before I realised what I'd said. Then my eyes widened and I begged: "I mean…it's not like there is something to tell. We're just friends." Lionclaw shot me a glance that told me she knew I was lying at her. I became nervous. No one needed to know that Firekit and I loved each other yet. Great StarClan we looked like kits. How were we supposed to act?

"As I said", whispered the golden Queen, to not wake Firekit. "I won't tell anyone, I promise. But one thing Sandkit…" Curiously I looked at her and she threatened: "Never make my son sad."

I gulped and nodded. I remembered well how Mudheart almost attacked him after I misunderstood his conversation with Nightstar. Lionclaw smiled and advised: "Go outside and play Sandkit. My son is safe with me." I immediately raced off. The situation had been awkward enough for me. Mentally scolding myself I reached the others again and Dustkit asked: "Did everything go well?" Again I answered without thinking. "More the less."

"More the less?", questioned Hollykit. "Well…" I stepped from one paw onto the other, then blurted out: "Lionclawknows FirekitandI are inlove!" "What?", asked the other seven cats unison. I sighed and repeated mumbling: "Lionclaw knows Firekit and I are in love. She found it out by just watching us. Are we that obvious?" Bluekit smiled and answered: "No you're not Sandkit. But Lionclaw is his mother after all. Mothers notice something like that faster than others." "I agree", said Dustpelt. "You should've seen how Spiderleg acted when Ferncloud and I told him we knew about him and Daisy." The tabby tom laughed and everyone else joined in. I smiled and sighed in relief. So Lionclaw probably was the only one who noticed. Mudheart maybe too, but I didn't worry about that now. To say the truth, I liked being a kit again. We didn't had much to do but could have fun. The only downside was…

"Hey kitties. Where is your weak leader?"

I growled at Nettlekit and spat: "Don't call Firekit weak!"

"Why not? He was stupid enough to attack a ShadowClan warrior and got injured for him being so stupid."

"He saved Lionclaw's live", spat Hollykit angrily. Nettlekit snorted and stated: "I could've done that too."

"Then why didn't you do it?", asked another voice calmly. We all stared to the entrance. Firekit looked back at all of us calmly.

"You know Nettlekit", stated the ginger tom, with an angry glare at us for allowing our emotions to get the better of us. "I'm slowly but steady fed up with your ego. You live in ThunderClan. Where you should respect your Clan-mates, no matter how old, young, big or small they are. I fought because I wanted to save the cats I care for, not because I wanted attention. Cats like you just…just make me sick."

Nettlekit growled angrily and lunged for the red tom. I screeched at this and the next moment the Queens rushed out to see Nettlekit attacking Firekit. He didn't bother to dodge and Nettlekit's claws hit his right ear. He winced in pain and rolled to the side to not get hit any harder. I rushed forward and looked at Firekit worriedly. He smiled up at me, then we both looked at Nettlekit who was yelled at by Lionclaw, Rockheart and Raincloud, his own mother.

"But he provoked me", complained Nettlekit.

"Firekit is that true?", asked Rockheart.

"Well, I kinda told him that I'm fed up with his ego and that cats like him just make me sick. I did that because he insulted me before and because he angered my friends with doing it again", answered the ginger tom while I licked over his still bleeding ear.

"We need Splashwhisker", called Spottedkit, who examined the injury worriedly. Mudheart nodded and ran off. Lionclaw growled at Nettlekit while she walked up to her son and licked his face worriedly.

"Why do you always have to get into trouble?"

"I didn't want him to do something to Sandkit or the others."

Lionclaw purred at this and shot me glance. I looked to the ground nervously, then leaves rustled and Splashwhisker, Nightstar, Eagleflight, Nettlekit's father and Spiritheart, my father, rushed into the small area. "What happened here", demanded Nightstar to know. "I was about to leave with Eagleflight and Spiritheart for sun-high-patrol and then Mudheart runs up to me and tells me we have to come here."

"Nettlekit attacked Firekit", called Hollykit.

"What?", shouted the four grown up toms. "Nettlekit, is that true?", asked Eagleflight. "Y-Yes…b-but he…"

"He tried to protect his friends", interrupted Raincloud angrily. "Nettlekit I watched your behaviour often enough and I know you good enough to believe my friends kits. But I don't understand why."

"Nettlekit…did you really attack because of that? And if, why?", hissed Eagleflight shocked. "I…I yes but…I don't know", whispered the tom in the end. With an angry huff Eagleflight picked his son up and carried him back into the nursery, Raincloud followed him closely. I sighed in relief when the three were gone and watched how Splashwhisker carefully patched up Firekit's ear. When he was done he nodded and left as well. Nightstar padded forward and stated purring: "Really Firekit, you seem to live to get into trouble."

"I try to protect my friend", retorted Firekit. Nightstar purred once again, then Spiritheart asked: "Nightstar what are you doing to punish Nettlekit?"

The leader looked at all of us and answered: "Nothing. I think that almost the whole nursery is angry at him is enough."

I had growled at the word nothing, but then I realised, he was right. Even his mother was angry. Suddenly fur brushed against mine while Firekit followed Lionclaw into the nursery. He flashed me a short smile and then disappeared in the den, followed by Nightstar and Spiritheart. The only cats out where me and the other seven kits.

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