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Apprentices Pt 1

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Bramblestar stared into the Moonpool. It had been six moons now since the ten StarClan warriors had returned to ThunderClan. The tabby tom had always had an eye on his former mentor, though Squirrelflight had often enough snapped at him to let go, that her parents would get along on their own. Oh how he wished to share her opinion, but like most of the cats which had been in StarClan and close to those ten when they disappeared, he didn't manage to do so.

Sighing deeply Bramblestar glanced around himself to make sure he was alone. What he was planning should never be done, however he needed to get Nightstar to not allow all ten of them to become apprentices at the same time, like he'd planned. That would cost ThunderClan ten warriors for at least a quarter moon, no matter how much knowledge those cats had. He got ready to jump, when a voice called: "Breaking the rules?"

Bramblestar spun around and came face to face with Cinderpelt. She smiled at him and said: "Don't worry, I won't stop you. I am as troubled as you are Bramblestar." The tom breathed out a sigh of relief, but was still tensed.

"Cinderpelt, what do you think?"


"About Nightstar's decision to make all of them apprentices the same time."

"That's the most stupid thing this tom has ever done", growled the she-cat. "Especially because he seems to be oblivious of Spottedkit. She was once a medicine cat and the fact that she truly got the message the ancestors sent in this storm is prove enough that she is supposed to be one again."

Bramblestar took a step back and stared at the former medicine-cat wide-eyed. She definitely had gotten a lot of Yellowfang's temper while being her apprentice. Then he shook his head and turned towards the pool once more. Taking a last deep breath he jumped in and in a flash of pain he was in the middle of ThunderClan camp. He was tempted to go into the nursery and check onto his former mentor, but he reminded himself of the true reason why he was here.

Fast he climbed up to the leaders den and walked into it. His shining amber eyes eyed the black tom in front of him, then Bramblestar placed his nose onto Nightstar's head and pushed. The next moment he already was in Nightstar's dreams.

Carefully he walked through the forest and snorted when he watched how the black tom pounced onto a mouse. Why, every time a StarClan cat brought a dream, why did the cat who got it almost always dreamt of hunting? Shaking his head Bramblestar straightened up and stepped out of the bushes. Immediately Nightstar spun around and his eyes widened.


"No", answered Bramblestar. "Though he is related to me, I am not one of your warriors. My name is Bramblestar and I'm one of ThunderClans former leaders." Nightstar stared wide-eyed, then he suddenly crouched down. Bramblestar rolled his eyes at this. "Please stand up, this behaviour of all of you is just getting us to feel embarrassed."

"So, cats didn't do that in the past? Giving you respect?"

"Respect yes", answered Bramblestar and sat down. "But they bent their head and didn't crouch down like they fear we'll eat them if they don't." Nightstar stared was still wide-eyed, then he shook his head and asked: "So, why are you here?"

Bramblestar curled his tail around his paws and said: "I'm here against the will of most StarClan cats. Nightstar, those ten kits that will be apprentices soon, they weren't born on the same day for nothing. But you have to look clearly. Will it really do any good to the clan to give it ten new apprentices on one day?" Nightstar was silent, then he shook his head and answered: "No…I…I just didn't want to leave any kit out."

Bramblestar purred at this and answered: "You don't have to, but watch the kits carefully the next few days, then you'll see which are the most ready and which might still need time. I have the good feeling they'll understand." The former leader stood up and turned to go. Then he stopped when he remembered Cinderpelts words. "And Nightstar", called the tabby over his shoulder.


"While you watch them, you might see that one of them is destined to walk a different path."

With that Bramblestar left the leaders dream and reappeared in his den. He slowly padded out of the den and into the middle of the clearing. He looked up to the sky and closed his eyes. The next moment he found himself in StarClans Moonpool, Cinderpelt still being there.

"Did you tell him everything?"

"Everything I could tell", agreed the tabby tom while he padded out of the water. "Now we can just wait."

Firekit watched how Nightstar left for Dawn-Patrol with Lynxfur, Wolfheart, Sapphirefur, his deputy Rivertail and the deputy's apprentice Nettlepaw. The other kits had long wondered why a tom like him had gotten the deputy as mentor, but then Ravenkit had pointed out it had probably been because he hoped Rivertail would teach Nettlepaw manners.

Shaking his head Firekit turned around and swallowed a groan.

He was really glad that the ten of them finally got out of the nursery. With Fierceclaw and Morningcloud both had their litters of three kits each, the nursery was almost too small. The queens often discussed about some new plan of Nightstar. Firekit wondered what this plan would be. Sighing he padded back into the nursery and sat down next to Sandkit. She licked his shoulder gently and he smiled.

"When do you think will we get out of here?", asked the she-cat. Firekit shrugged and said: "I don't know, but Nightstar probably won't make all of us apprentices at once." "Why not?", asked a new voice. Greykit padded up to them, together with Silverkit. The she-cat playfully hit his ear with her tail and said: "It would leave ThunderClan quite weak. Ten more warriors who have to concentrate on teaching apprentices. No, Firekit is right, it would be more clever to not make us apprentices all at once." "But who will then", asked Hollykit. "I guess he's choosing the most mature of us first", cut Ravenkit in. "And those would be?", asked Greykit. Dustkit grinned and gestured to four of them with his tail.

"Firekit, Bluekit, Whitekit and Spottedkit. I bet the four of them are going to be first."

"Why us?", asked the four unison.

"Because, Whitekit is far too calm for a normal kit, Bluekit just too mature, Firekit is the one who always does brave things no kit would do and I heard Splashwhisker talking to Nightstar about his apprentice. And since Spottedkit is the only medicine cat…well?"

"That could be true", said Sandkit after a while.

"Well, even if it is true", said Firekit. "How about we enjoy the day? Leaf-green is almost here and it's nice and warm outside." The other nine smiled and they dashed out of the nursery.

Firekit smirked while he watched how Hollykit and Silverkit crouched down. Their fighting might look like games, but it really was their very own training. Of course they still just trained when no one watched, what was more and more often lately. Hollykit jumped at the silver she-cat, who ducked, spun around and jumped onto the black ones back. Immediately Hollykit shook her off and rammed her in the flank. Both rolled over the ground. For a while they fought, then Firekit shared a glance with Bluekit and they called for a stop. With both of them being the only former leaders in their group, the others listened to them.

"Who wants next?", asked Bluekit.

"Me", called Ravenkit. Dustkit stepped forward as well and they started to circle each other, then Dustkit suddenly lunged forward and tried to pin the other down. Swift as he was, Ravenkit dodged the attack and got Dustkit's tail between his paws. The other one growled ad spun around. The same moment Ravenkit jumped at him and both rolled over the ground. Again and again rolled the toms over the ground.

Finally Bluekit called for a stop. This fights went on until only four cats remained.

"No thank you", said Spottedkit and backed away a bit.

"I'll stand back this time as well", agreed Whitekit.

Firekit smirked at Bluekit and said: "Well, I guess then it is just us."

Bluekit smirked back and both got in position. He remembered his battle-trainings with Bluestar when he was her apprentice. The she-cat had taught him well. The next moment Bluekit shot forward and rammed into him. Firekit fell back, the air was pressed out of him. Bolting up he threw Bluekit off and attacked by himself. He jumped onto the she-cats back, but Bluekit shook him off and pinned him down. She smirked at him, but Firekit used his hind-legs and rammed them into her stomach. The she-cat gasped and her grip became a little les strong. Rolling to the side he got away and rammed Bluekit's flank, head-first. Bluekit was thrown away, but she got onto her paws and dashed forward again. She jumped and Firekit smirked once more. The second before she hit him, he fell back and tricked her with the move she'd taught him so many seasons ago. Surprised Bluekit struggled away fast and laughed.

"I have to say, I'd never expected you would use my own trick against me."

Firekit purred and answered: "You taught it to me."

Again he dashed forward and crashed against the she-cat. Both rolled over the ground. After a while, they broke apart and looked at each other, panting but smiling. "I think…it's e-enough", gasped the tom out. Bluekit nodded and both sat down. The others laughed and Firekit purred when Sandkit started to groom his fur.

Suddenly Lionclaw appeared out of the den and said: "Firekit, Bluekit, Whitekit, Spottedkit come in." "Told you", murmured Dustkit while the four of them walked in. The moment they were in the den, their mothers picked them up and carried them to their nests. There they started to groom their kits and Firekit complained: "I can do that by myself mother." He heard similar complaining from Bluekit and both shared a glance. It was fun to act like a kit sometimes.

Lionclaw purred and said: "Oh no, you're going to be an apprentice today and then I want you to look pretty."

"Pretty", asked Firekit. "Mother I am no she-cat. Can't you just say clean?"

Lionclaw purred once more, then there was a familiar call.

"Let all those cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Highledge for a clan-meeting."

"It's starting", whispered Lionclaw and Firekit followed her out of the den. Nightstar stood atop of the Highledge, looking rather proud.

"Cats of ThunderClan, today I've called you to give the clan new apprentices." He made a short pause, then went on. "Ten kits would be old enough for this, but a lack of warriors to fulfil their full duties is something I can't approve. Because of that four of those ten cats will become apprentices today. The others a few days later." Surprised meows came from the crowd, but no one said anything against this plan. "With that I ask Whitekit, Bluekit, Firekit and Spottedkit to come forward." The four kits slowly moved forward and the moment they stood in front of Nightstar, the leader already began.

"Whitekit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Whitepaw. Your mentor will be Lynxfur. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you." Nightstar's gaze went to the she-cat he'd chosen for Whitepaw and called: "Lynxfur, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You are an excellent warrior, and you have shown yourself to be good hunter and brave fighter. You will be the mentor of Whitepaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to him." Slowly the dark-yellow and brown spotted she-cat padded up to Whitepaw and they touched noses, then they both retreated to Rivertail and Nettlepaw.

Nightstar now looked at Bluekit and began again.

"Bluekit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Bluepaw. Your mentor will be Wolfheart. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you." Again Nightstar looked to the chosen warrior and went on: "Wolfheart, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had received excellent training from Hopewing, and you have shown yourself to be a fierce fighter and smart warrior. You will be the mentor of Bluepaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to her." The grey and white she-cat padded forward now, her eyes glowing with proud and Firekit saw a smile on Bluepaw's face while they touched noses. Then both joined Lynxfur and Whitepaw and Firekit felt how Nightstar looked at him now. The ginger tom looked back and Nightstar began once more.

"Firekit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Firepaw. Your mentor will be Sapphirefur. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you." Firepaw's gaze shot to the she-cat Nighstar had just mentioned and the scene all those moons ago played in his head.

"What did Sapphirefur ask you?" "Oh", Nightstar looked at him and purred: "She wanted to know something about her first apprentice."

The tom felt warm on the inside. He'd always like that she-cat and even when he'd just reached the age of one moon she'd already asked if she could be his mentor. Sapphirefur smiled at him when she saw his surprise. "Sapphirefur", went Nightstar on. "You are ready to take on an apprentice. You had received excellent training from Scarpath, and you have shown yourself to be swift hunter and careful warrior. You will be the mentor of Firepaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to him."

Sapphirefur padded up to the ginger tom and Firepaw couldn't help but smile at her. They touched noses and then walked to Bluepaw, Whitepaw and their mentors. "Be careful", threatened Bluepaw. "You have the sister of my mother as mentor." Firepaw smiled at her and answered: "I know, don't worry." Then the attention went back to Nightstar who had given a sign with his tail. Splashwhisker stepped forward and Firepaw saw how a smile flashed over Spottedkit's features.

"Cats of ThunderClan", began Splashwhisker, earning a few confused meows from the younger warriors. "As you know, I will not be around forever. So it's time I took an apprentice. I have chosen a cat who has shown that she's very gifted with herbs and the ways to heal cats. Your next medicine cat will be Spottedpaw." Now Nightstar spoke up. "Spottedpaw, do you accept the post of apprentice to Splashwhisker?" Spottedpaw looked at the black tom and called: "I do." Now Splashwhisker stepped forward once more. "Then at the half-moon, you must travel to the Moonpool to be accepted by StarClan before the other medicine cats." Nightstar smiled down at the young she-cat and said: "The good wishes of all ThunderClan will go with you."

Splashwhisker touched noses with Spottedpaw and then the clan cheered: "Whitepaw! Bluepaw! Firepaw! Spottedpaw!"

Firepaw flattened his ears under the noise, as did the other new apprentices. Firepaw purred and then Sapphirefur said: "How about it Firepaw. Today we won't check the borders anymore, that would take too long. We start with fight-training right away." "That would be great", cheered the ginger tom. He probably would learn moves he didn't know yet. Sapphirefur led him out of the camp and they ran to the mossy hollow where the apprentices trained. Slowing down Sapphirefur said: "So, attack me in the same way you attacked this ShadowClan warrior."

Firepaw looked at her for a while, then darted into the bushes. He'd attacked the tom secretly. Sapphirefur looked around, trying to find him.

Alright, thought the tom. One…two…THREE!

Firepaw dashed out of his hiding place and jumped onto Sapphirefur's back. She tumbled to the side, more than he expected. Then again, he was heavier than with one moon. He bit her ear and scratched her shoulder. Like the ShadowClan warrior she threw him off and Firekit raced forward and scratched over her stomach.

"Enough", called Sapphirefur. Firepaw sheathed his claws and she smiled: "Really impressive Firepaw." The apprentice smiled back and then Sapphirefur said: "Dodge this!" She threw a stone at him and confused the ginger tom dodged, to be pinned down by his mentor. Surprised he stared up at the she-cat, who smiled down. "Be always ready Firepaw." I really didn't expect that, thought the tom while he stood up.

Both of them trained until the sun started to set, then a few bushes rustled and Bluepaw, Whitepaw, Wolfheart and Lynxfur stepped out, fresh-kill in their jaws.

"Great StarClan, Sapphirefur did you have a fight with a ShadowClan warrior." Firepaw laughed. Sapphirefur's pelt stood away in every direction and she gasped a bit. Firepaw felt sore all over and gasped harder, but he felt really good. "No, I just trained fighting with Firepaw. He has a talent for this." Purring sheepish he caught the amused glances of Bluepaw and Whitepaw. "Well those two also have a hang for hunting", stated Wolfheart and gestured to the other two. The three warriors talked the whole way back to camp about their new apprentices while Firepaw and the other two followed slower. Soon they reached the camp and Firepaw was run over by Greykit and Ravenkit.

"Gah", gasped the ginger tom when he fell. "Guys…get off."

His brothers got off of him and he shook his fur.

"What did you do today?", asked Greykit.

"Mh? Oh, Sapphirefur took me to the mossy hollow for battle training. She has a few tricks that I would've never thought of." The other two smiled at him, then allowed him to get some fresh-kill. Firepaw sighed and sat down. The moment he tried to dig his fangs into the mouse he got, a familiar voice sneered: "Well if it isn't Firepaw." Firepaw sighed and looked up at Nettlepaw. He stifled a yawn and said: "Nettlepaw please. I'm really not I the mood to get into any fight with you."

He turned his attention back to the mouse, when it was snatched away by the older apprentice. Now the ginger tom got impatient and growled: "Give it back!"

"Try and make me!"

He almost lunged at Nettlepaw when he caught a warning glare from Sapphirefur. The she-cat shook her head and with a sigh Firepaw said: "Keep is if you want it." He turned around and walked up to his mentor. She smiled and picked up one of the two mice she had. The she stood up by herself and met her apprentice and placed the mouse down in front of him.

"Though we have to respect our prey", said the grey she-cat. "We don't have to fight over it with our clan-mates."

"I'm sorry Sapphirefur. I'm just tired", apologized the tom. She purred and said: "I know. It's been a long day for you. Here, take this mouse and then go to bed. Tomorrow we'll look at the borders." Firepaw smiled thankfully and picked up the mouse. He walked towards Bluepaw and Whitepaw, who both shot glares at Nettlepaw. "This tom…", growled the she-cat when Firepaw sat down. "Ignore him", said Firepaw. "He isn't worth it." Whitepaw nodded in agreement and turned his attention back to his squirrel. Bluepaw sighed, but continued eating her robin. Firepaw bit into the mouse and purred. It felt good to be out again and eat prey with others.

After the three were done, they stood up and retreated into the apprentice den. Firepaw was the last one, when suddenly Spottedpaw bounded towards him.

"We have a problem", whispered the she-cat.

"What is it?"

Spottedpaw looked around nervously, then she whispered: "Cinderpelt gave me a message. Many seasons went by, but now Fire and Tiger will meet once again to fight over the peace of the clans."

Firepaw gulped at this, then he whispered: "Thanks you Spottedpaw."

The she-cat nodded and ran back to Splashwhisker's den. Firepaw walked into his den, where he got curious glances from Bluepaw and Whitepaw. Whispering he told them what Spottedpaw had told him and both went wide-eyed, then Bluepaw growled: "So the rising Darkness from the older prophecy surely meant the Dark-Forest. Tigerstar will come back." Firepaw nodded nervously, then they all curled up and tried to sleep.

Thinking about this prophecy now would do no good to them.

Yawning Firepaw opened his eyes. He stood up and shook his fur and silently snuck out of the den, not to wake anyone, especially not Nettlepaw. When he was out, he found that the sun had just started to rise so he sat down and started grooming his fur. After a while he heard movement and Whitepaw appeared next to him.

"A beautiful new day at the beginning of green-leaf."

Firepaw nodded, then he saw Spottedpaw racing out of the elders den and into the healers den. He shared a glance with Whitepaw when the she-cat raced back, a few herbs in her jaws. He slowly padded up to the den and found Scarpath, lying in front of it, shooting worried glances to the den. "Scarpath?", asked Firepaw. The elder looked up. "What's going on?"

With a deep sigh the grey furred elder answered: "Whisperear has high fever. And I mean really high." Firepaw and Whitepaw exchanged glances, then Spottedkit came out of the den and walked up to Scarpath. "Did Whisperear eat, drink or do something unusual?", asked the she-cat. Scarpath was silent for a while, then he answered: "Well, two days ago she complained of having stepped into something."

"Where?", asked Spottedpaw.

"Uh…somewhere near the mossy hollow."

"We'll go check it out", called Firepaw immediately. Spottedpaw looked like she would immediately agree, then she thought of better and ran back into the elders den. Fast she came back out and said: "Splashwhisker is alright with it, but he wants you to be careful." Firepaw nodded and together the toms dashed off.

"What do you think is it what she stepped into", asked Firepaw while he looked through a few brakes. Whitepaw umped down from a rock and answered: "Probably just water, but we need to check it out anyway." Firepaw nodded, they both walked on slowly, eying everything. Suddenly Whitepaw yelled: "There!" Following the white tom, both reached a small puddle of water. "I don't think this could've caused Whisperear's fever", said the white tom.

"Wait", called Firepaw and gazed deeper into the puddle. What he saw made him gasped. "Oh no!"


"Look", Firepaw pointed into the puddle and said: "Someone stepped onto the death-berries in here." Whitepaw's yellow eyes widened and he gasped: "When she stepped into those and then licked her paws…"

"Then she got infected in the same way RiverClan got through this twoleg-thing."

Both looked at each other, then dashed back to the camp. Firepaw just hoped they would reach the camp in time. Finally he saw the entrance and dashed through immediately. Every cat looked up when the two apprentices dashed up to the elders-den, where Scarpath and Spottedpaw waited. "We…we found it", panted Firepaw. "She…nearby the mossy hollow is…a puddle of water and…in the puddle are…squished de-death berries."

Spottedpaw's eyes widened and she raced into the elders den, to inform Splashwhisker. The next moment the healer bounded out and raced to his den. Firepaw and Whitepaw watched all of it nervously until Sapphirefur walked up to them and said: "Common you two. Time for the tour along the borders. I'm sure with the help of Splashwhisker and Spottedpaw Whisperear will be alright."

Firepaw and Whitepaw shared a glance. Firepaw new Whitepaw thought of the same thing he did. Sorreltail as little kit when she ate death-berries because of Dark-Stripe. She almost didn't survive. Sighing both followed the dark-grey she-cat to Lynxfur.

"Where are Bluepaw and Wolfheart?", asked Whitepaw.

"They left already and went into the direction of WindClan territory. We start towards ShadowClan."

"Shou-shouldn't we inform the Clan about the puddle with the death berries?"

"What?", asked bot She-cats. Whitepaw answered: "That may be the reason for Whisperear being ill, we found it." Sapphirefur hesitated, then Lynxfur said: "Splashwhisker will inform the clan." Firepaw sighed, knowing that arguing wouldn't change the warrior's decision. So they left the camp and the she-cats led their apprentices towards ShadowClan border. Soon the she-cats went on slower, then Sapphirefur froze and hissed: "ShadowClan! We stay a few tail-lengths from the border."

They walked on, then they already heard the rustling of leaves and then they came. Four cats, two warriors and two apprentices. Instinctively Firepaw ducked behind Sapphirefur while Whitepaw did the same with Lynxfur. That can't be, thought the ginger tom shocked. The warriors talked over the border, while the ShadowClan apprentices seemed to fall asleep out of boredom. But that wasn't what shocked Firepaw and Whitepaw so, but how the apprentices looked like. The bigger one was a grey tom with a white face, white shoulders and amber eyes and the other one was a grey tabby tom with black stripes and yellow eyes.

"Th-That can't be", whispered Whitepaw shocked. Firepaw just managed to nod. "Don't dare to cross the border", hissed one of the warriors suddenly. It was a black tom with green eyes. "Don't worry Echoclaw", answered Lynxfur calmly. "We won't." Echoclaw nodded and called: "Spottedflame, Darkpaw, Thistlepaw common." Almost yowling in shock, Firepaw dug his claws into the ground to stay silent. The moment the ShadowClan cats were gone, he breathed out in relief and shared a nervous glance with Whitepaw. The white tom seemed as shocked as him, but both snapped out of it when their mentors walked on.

They luckily reached the lake without meeting any other ShadowClan cats. Then they walked along the lake. Firepaw breathed out in relief when they finally left the border to ShadowClan behind them. Then he saw the Halfbridge and to stay in his role as a new apprentice he asked: "What is that Sapphirefur?" The she-cat followed his gaze and answered: "This is the Halfbridge. Twolegs use them to get their 'boats' as they are called into the water." Firepaw nodded, then Whitepaw asked: "'Boats'?" Lynxfur nodded and explained: "They are out of wood and can swim, even with twolegs sitting in them." "I really wonder what the twolegs are thinking with that. They can swim", said Sapphirefur. "When do twolegs ever think?", asked Lynxfur back. Both she-cats laughed, then they raced on.

Suddenly Firepaw saw to familiar figures.

"There are Bluepaw and Wolfheart", called the ginger tom. Everyone sped up and they soon met. The warriors started a short chat and Firepaw and Whitepaw dragged Bluepaw away from them.

"What?", asked the she-cat confused.

"We have big problems", answered Firepaw. Bluepaw twitched her whiskers in confusion and Whitepaw answered: "We patrolled the border to ShadowClan and met two warriors with their apprentices."

"And?" Bluepaw was clearly getting impatient.

"They looked exactly like Thistelclaw and Darkstripe, they ever were called Thistlepaw and Darkpaw."

Now the bluish-grey she-cats eyes widened and she whispered: "You don't think…"

"I'm afraid so", said Whitepaw.

"Just be careful", asked Firepaw. "Who knows who else there is."

Bluepaw nodded, then their mentors called and they separated once more. The whole rest of the patrol, Firepaw was tensed to no end.

When they arrived back at camp, Bluepaw ran up to them immediately, her eyes wide with fear. Immediately both toms ran to meet her and she whispered: "It's terrible, just terrible!" They exchanged glances and followed the completely distressed she-cat into the den.

"What's wrong Bluepaw?", asked Whitepaw softly.

"A the border", whispered the she-cat. "We met him…Ti-Tigerstar. He…he was there."

Both toms fur stood on end, then Firepaw asked: "Are you sure?"

She nodded.

"I bounded after prey, the moment I'd seen him but…well, he has a mentor who isn't like most ShadowClan cats. She actually is friends with Wolfheart. Speltleaf, a light-ginger tabby she-cat. Well, they both called for their apprentices so I had no other chance than to come. Oh StarClan, I almost had an heart-attack when he grinned. He recognized me without Wolfheart saying my name. He grinned like ever and when we left he hissed: Watch your back Bluestar!"

Both toms were at loss for words while Bluepaw was still shaking. Finally Firepaw snapped out of his shock and pressed himself against her flank.

"What about the others", asked Whitepaw.

"We should tell them", answered Firepaw. "But probably only after they got apprenticed."

The others nodded and Firepaw thought; StarClan, how many Dark-Forest cats were reborn?

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