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Apprentices Pt 2

Chapter Five of my Warriors Fic, not even 24 hours after the other part...being sick has advantages. xD

Alright, Warriors doesn't belong to me.


Sandkit's POV

I rolled around in my nest, bored to no end. It had been a quarter moon since Firepaw and the other three had become apprentices, shouldn't we become apprentices sometime soon too? Groaning I turned to glare at Cloudkit, one of Fierceclaw's kits for kicking me in the back. The three moons old kit grinned apologetically and I rolled my eyes. Suddenly the leaves of the entrance to the nursery rustled and Nightstar stepped in.

"Lionclaw, Rockheart, Darkpetal, Mudheart I need to talk to you", said the leader before he disappeared once more. The four queens shared a glance and followed him. The other five and I shared nervous glances, but then the queens came back in and Lionclaw purred: "The other four are doing really good in their apprenticeship so Nightstar decided that it won't hurt ThunderClan when you six become apprentices together. The ceremony is going to be at sunset."

My eyes widened at this. After a quarter moon we would finally get out of the nursery. I purred loudly at the thought to see Firepaw again. He, Bluepaw and Whitepaw had come over sometimes when they had time, but they always had seemed so nervous and tensed. After Hollykit had asked one time, Whitepaw had answered: "You'll soon know…but not now."

I had, quite honestly, been very angry at Firepaw and had confronted him that evening. Though he was already bigger than me, he'd shrunken back under my rage, something he hadn't done since we'd returned from SkyClan. He'd winced back, but not crouched down like this. And he didn't interrupt me in my rage. I bet he was just glad no one was around to see us. Finally, after I had screamed at him for what seemed like ages he softly meowed: "I just don't want to trouble you with it yet Sandkit. Because it will trouble you and the others and the Queens will realise that. They…could find out about us ten."

That was all he'd said. Then he'd straightened up and stalked back into the camp. I had been frozen in place after this words. What was just so terrible that the queens could find out who we really were?

I snapped out of my memories when a tongue softly started to groom my fur.


Looking up I saw Mudheart, an already cleaned Dustkit next to her. I rolled my eyes and thought back to my first apprentice ceremony. Through constant complaining of her, Brindleface had cleaned her and then Redtail had taken her to the ceremony. She smiled at the memory, then the familiar call reached them.

"Let all those cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Highledge for a clan-meeting!"

I was on my paws immediately and the Queens led the six of us out. Nightstar smiled down at us, but I scanned the crowd for Firepaw's familiar ginger pelt. Since the incident out of camp he hadn't talked to him. I knew I'd hurt him deeply and I just wanted to apologize, but he avoided me. Sighing deeply I brought my attention to Nightstar. Startled I jumped up and walked forward when he asked me to come closer.

"Sandkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Sandpaw. Your mentor will be Reedheart. I hope he will pass down all he knows to you." My head snapped to the chosen warrior. I'd heard of Reedheart, but never really met him. It was said he was really strict. The red-black spotted tom smiled while Nightstar went on: "Reedheart, you are ready to take on a new apprentice. You are one of my senior warriors, and you have shown yourself to be a strong fighter and fast hunter. You will be the mentor of Sandpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to her."

He padded up to me and we touched noses. Nervously I looked into the direction I'd seen Firepaw before and he gave me a reassuring smile. I smiled back, then followed Reedheart to Splashwhisker and Spottedpaw. "Congratulation", whispered the spotted she-cat.

"How come?"

"Reedheart might be strict, but he is one of the best warriors here", answered the she-cat, before Splashwhisker glared at her to be silent. Embarrassed I turned my attention back to the ceremony and saw how Silverkit just walked forward.

"Silverkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Silverpaw. Your mentor will be Hopewing. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you." I looked at the beautiful golden she-cat while Nightstar said: "Hopewing, you are ready to take on another apprentice. You had received excellent training from Reedheart, and you have shown yourself to be a loyal warrior and caring clan-mate. You will be the mentor of Silverpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to her."

I smiled while Hopewing walked up to Silverpaw. They touched noses and walked up to us. When they reached us Reedheart teased: "It seems you're finally catching up with your brother." "Brother?", asked I. "Hawkpath is my older brother and was mentor of Morningcloud and now he is Mentor of Frostpaw", answered Hopewing. "And now, though he is older than me, I also have my second apprentice." Nodding I brought my attention once again back to the happenings.

"Hollykit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Hollypaw. Your mentor will be Spiritheart. I hope he will pass down all he knows to you." This time I almost broke my neck while I scanned the crowd for my father. He smiled proudly while Nightstar continued. "Spiritheart, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You are also one of my oldest warriors, and you have shown yourself to be a smart hunter and clever fighter. You will be the mentor of Hollypaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to her."

Hollypaw and my father touched noses, then went to join us. He smiled proudly at me and I smiled back.

"Ravenkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Ravenpaw. Your mentor will be Eagleflight. I hope he will pass down all she knows to you." Nightstar's gaze went to the tom he'd chosen for Ravenpaw and called: "Eagleflight, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You are an excellent warrior, and you have shown yourself to be good hunter and brave fighter. You will be the mentor of Ravenpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to him."

The tabby touched noses with Ravenpaw and when they walked towards us, I saw a slight shade of fear in Ravenpaw's eyes. No surprise for me, Eagleflight looked quite like Tigerstar, but he seemed much calmer and friendlier than the traitorous tabby. Well, except when he scolded his kits. Then another brown tabby walked up to Nightstar and I smiled when Dustkit stood in front of the leader.

"Dustkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Dustpaw. Your mentor will be Weaselflight. I hope he will pass down all he knows to you." The name Weaselflight was completely new to my ears, what was strange since I'd been here for six moons already. Weaselflight was a white tom with brown stripes and amber eyes. "Weaselflight, you are ready to take on your first apprentice. You are an excellent warrior, and you have shown yourself to be gifted warrior by finding home again after being abducted by twolegs for four moons. You will be the mentor of Dustpaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to him."

Well, that explained much, also why the tom still looked a bit worn out. "Did you know that", whispered I to the other four. Silverkit, Hollykit and Ravenkit shook their heads while Spottedkit answered: "I got to know it when Splashwhisker tended his traveling wounds." I nodded, then both reached us and Dustkit asked: "Did you know that?" I shook my head, smiling and Spottedkit explained once more, just to be silenced by Splashwhisker's paw when Nightstar started to talk again.

"Greykit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Greypaw. Your mentor will be Leopardclaw. I hope she will pass down all she knows to you." Nightstar's gaze went to the she-cat he'd chosen for his third son and called: "Leopardclaw, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You had your training from Stormwing and have been an excellent mentor to Hawkpath, and you have shown yourself to be gifted in tracking and fast in fighting. You will be the mentor of Greypaw, and I expect you to pass on all you know to him."

Again they touched noses and then the whole Clan erupted in cheers.

"Sandpaw! Silverpaw! Hollypaw! Ravenpaw! Dustpaw! Greypaw!"

I smiled, then Reedheart bent down to me and said: "It's getting late. Get yourself some fresh-kill and then go to sleep. We have a long day tomorrow." Nodding I padded up the fresh-kill pile and picked up a mouse. Trotting to the apprentice den, I sat down ad was about to eat it, when a paw snatched it away.


I jumped up and growled at Nettlekit. "It's tradition", growled other apprentice and picked the mouse up. I was about to lung at him, when Firepaw blocked my path. Nettlekit growled happily and I hissed: "Step side, that piece of fox-dung…"

"He isn't worth it", argued Firepaw. He stared me into the eyes, then I broke the contact and he picked something up.


I looked up with wide eyes.

"But…that's your mouse. "

I tried to argue with him, what turned out to be useless since he answered: "I already ate when I was on Sunhigh-Patrol with Frostpaw, Hawkpath and Sapphirefur."

"Then at least eat it together with me", offered I. Firepaw stared at me like I was crazy and asked coldly: "Honestly? You want this disloyal tom who's surely betraying you with Spottedpaw to eat with you?"

I winced back at his sharp tone. I hadn't imagined I had hurt him that bad. Bad enough to get him to become so cold-hearted.

"Fi-Firepaw I'm sorry about what I said. I just thought…"

"Just thought what?", hissed the ginger tom. "I had really thought we'd gotten over your constant fear that I love Spottedleaf more than you. And here are you again with this!"

He breathed heavily, then the anger left his eyes and his tail dropped. Now he looked as broken as he had looked when first Squirrelflight and then Leafpool had gone missing in the old forest. Slowly he turned away, until I blocked his path this time.

"We need to talk!"

I didn't mean to hiss, however I couldn't hold myself at the moment. He shot me a glare, anger back in his eyes, but led me behind the apprentice den and said: "Now, talk!" He glared at me and I shrunk back. Then I saw something else in his eyes. Behind the anger was pain. A deep pain that lingered in his heart because of my actions.

"Firestar please forgive me", begged I, using his real name in a try to finally reach him. Like I hoped he locked eyes with me in surprise and I whispered: "I'm…I'm sorry that I've said all that…but you know I can't stand it when you keep secrets from me." I saw how his anger slowly faded away, then he even laughed and asked: "Do you even realise the irony of our situation?" I looked at him confused. He smirked at me and said softly: "Normally you are that angry and I'm the one who has talk to you like that."

I froze at this, then realised he was right and purred amused. Then I became serious again and asked whispering: "So, do you forgive me?" He smiled at me and licked over my ears. "I could never be angry at you for long", whispered Firepaw back. I purred again, then he whispered: "Wait here please."


"I get the others, now that you are all apprentices we finally can tell you why the four of us have been on edge."

I nodded and said down. Soon Firepaw came back, the rest after him. He sat down next to me and waited until everyone sat. Surprised I saw that Spottedpaw was here as well. "Well, what have you four been keeping from us", asked Dustpaw sharply. A soft growl rose from Bluepaw's throat before Whitepaw calmed her down, then he answered: "We found out something terrible, but….we better start from the begin."

"Do you all remember the prophecy Spottedpaw got during that storm?"

I nodded, I would never forget it. "Not entirely", admitted Silverpaw. Firepaw nodded and said: "Alright, it was: When the Dark rises once more, pain is all they leave behind. The hunt goes on, deep in the night, until the last breath of the warriors from the Sky. If they fail, eternal night will end the time of the Clans. On our first day as apprentices…" Firepaw gestured to Bluepaw, Whitepaw, Spottedpaw and himself. "…did Spottedpaw get another prophecy, it was: Many seasons went by, but now Fire and Tiger will meet once again to fight over the peace of the clans."

We all were silent after that. Finally Ravenpaw managed to gasp out: "Does that mean Ti-" He didn't even manage to end the sentence. Though a great fighter and brave tom, Tigerstar would always be his worst nightmare. Completely understandable after what he had to go through. "We assumed this as well", continued Whitepaw. "But hadn't expected our assumptions being proved correct the next day already."


"On our first border Patrol", went Firepaw now on. "Sapphirefur, Lynxfur, Whitepaw and I started with ShadowClan border while Bluepaw and Wolfheart started at the WindClan border. We met a ShadowClan patrol and who we saw was shocking enough." He trailed off and shook his head as if to clear it. I scooted closer to him, trying to give him comfort. Whitepaw went on once more and said: "The patrol were to ShadowClan warriors and their apprentices, though the apprentices were a shocking sight." "Why?", asked Greypaw. "It…it was Darkstripe and Thistelclaw", answered Firepaw. We all froze.

"But…how can that be", gasped Hollypaw out.

"Oh it's by far not the worst of the day", answered Whitepaw.

My eyes widened and I whispered: "What could be worse?"


The she-cat nodded at Firepaw calling her and explained: "Like Firepaw already said, Wolfheart and I started the other way around and we reached the ShadowClan border after Sunhigh. I bounded after prey, the moment I'd seen him but…well, he has a mentor who…"

"Who is him?", asked Greypaw.

"You'll get to know soon enough", answered Spottedpaw softly, her body shaking slightly.

"Well, as I said, she isn't like most ShadowClan cats. She actually is friends with Wolfheart. Speltleaf, a light-ginger tabby she-cat. Well, they both called for their apprentices so I had no other chance than to come. Oh StarClan, I almost had a heart-attack when he grinned. He recognized me without Wolfheart saying my name. He grinned like ever and when we left he hissed: Watch your back Bluestar!"

"So, who is he", asked Dustpaw, getting impatient.

"T-Tigerstar", answered Firepaw silently. At this we all fell silent while the new information sunk in. After a while I asked: "So, Dark-Forest cats got reborn in ShadowClan?" "It appears so", answered Whitepaw and Spottedpaw asked: "Do you now understand why we couldn't tell you sooner?" "Yes", answered I immediately. "And now we are also warned and prepared for tomorrow", went Dustpaw on. I nodded at that. He was completely right. A while everyone was silent, then Firepaw rose to his paws and said: "We should go to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day." Everyone nodded and we retreated into the apprentice den while Spottedpaw bounded to Splashwhisker's den.

I curled up close to Firestar and his sweet scent helped me to fall asleep.



Nightstar – small black tom with green eyes and a torn ear


Rivertail – slender light-grey tom with dark grey paws and blue eyes – Mentor of Nettlepaw


Splashwhisker – thick-furred, dark grey tom with orange eyes – Mentor of Spottedpaw


Reedheart – red-black spotted tom with green eyes – Mentor of Sandpaw

Bonetail – dark-grey she-cat with blue eyes and white tail

Boulderpelt – light-grey she-cat

Brighteye – white she-cat with light-yellow eyes

Leopardclaw – dark and light-brown spotted she-cat with yellow eyes – Mentor of Greypaw

Spiritheart – black tom with one white spot on the shoulder – Mentor of Hollypaw

Iceclaw – small black tom with ice-blue eyes and one white paw

Mountainfang – long furred spotted tom with dark-green eyes and huge fangs – Mentor of Hailpaw

Lynxfur – dark-yellow and brown spotted she-cat with only half of her tail – Mentor of Whitepaw

Tearfur – washy light-grey she-cat with dark-blue eyes

Eagleflight – brown tabby tom with white ears and fur around the nose – Mentor of Ravenpaw

Snowfall – white tom with dark blue, almost black eyes

Sapphirefur – dark-grey she-cat with icy-blue eyes – Mentor of Firepaw

Dawnfire – dark-grey tom with orange eyes – Mentor of Songpaw

Weaselflight – white tom with brown stripes – Mentor of Dustpaw

Hawkpath – white tom with greyish-silver stripes and blue eyes – Mentor of Frostpaw

Hopewing – golden she-cat with icy-blue eyes – Mentor of Silverpaw

Wolfheart – light grey she-cat with white, belly, throat and leg – Mentor of Bluepaw

Fangtail – brown tom with long fangs, scarred tail and green eyes

Applepelt – reddish-brown tom with green eyes

Lionclaw – golden she-cat with yellow eyes

Rockheart – dark grey she-cat with dark-blue eyes

Raincloud – white she-cat with grey spots

Darkpetal – black she-cat with yellowish-green eyes


Spottedpaw – tortoiseshell and white she-cat with a dappled coat, small white paws, chest and muzzle

Songpaw – ginger she-cat with blue eyes and an injured paw

Nettlepaw – silver-white tabby tom with blue eyes

Frostpaw – white she-cat with blue eyes

Hailpaw – grey tabby tom with white fur around his muzzle

Firepaw – ginger tom with green eyes

Greypaw – long furred grey tom wit darker stripe over his back and yellow eyes

Ravenpaw – black tom with white spot on his chest and tail, amber eyes

Sandpaw – small pale ginger she-cat with green eyes

Dustpaw – dark-brown tabby-tom with amber eyes

Bluepaw – blue-grey she cat with silver fur around her nose and icy-blue eyes

Silverpaw - pale silver-grey tabby she-cat with a finely shaped head and bright blue eyes

Whitepaw - thick-furred, broad-shouldered, long-bodied, white tom with yellow eyes

Hollypaw – black she-cat with green eyes


Mudheart – dark-brown she-cat with light-brown ears (no kits)

Fierceclaw – tortoiseshell spotted she-cat (mother of Leafkit, Stripekit and Cloudkit, mate of Dawnfire)

Morningcloud – golden she-cat with pale-blue eyes (mother of Petalkit, Rosekit and Lilykit, mate of Reedheart)


Leafkit – tortoiseshell she-cat

Stripekit – grey and tortoiseshell tabby tom

Cloudkit – grey spotted tom with orange eyes

Petalkit – golden she-cat with pale-blue eyes

Rosekit – black, red and golden spotted she-cat

Lilykit – red-golden tabby she-cat


Whisperear – oldest she-cat in ThunderClan, white fur with grey ears

Greeneye – oldest tom in ThunderClan, light-brown tabby-tom with green eyes

Stormwing – dark-brown tabby-tom

Kestrelstrike – dark-golden she-cat with scars over her flank

Scarpath – dark-grey tom with white stripe over his shoulder

I didn't acutally mean to write the whole chapter from Sandpaw's point of view but...well it happened.

I'm planing to have a few loners or Rogues in the story, probably even some of them joining one of the clans. If you have ideas for names and looks, please write in your review. It would mean a lot to me and I, of course, would give you the credit for the cat.

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