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A tom with the fur-colour of autumn leaves, a broad head, broad shoulders, amber eyes, and big white paws skilfully slid through a small passage to reach a clearing. On the clearing was fresh green grass, colourful flowers and a stream. Fast he padded up to the two cats which were waiting in the centre. The first one had a small, wiry brown she-cat with yellow eyes and a thick-furred, muscular, large black she-cat with green eyes. The smaller she-cat spotted him first and smiled.

"Thunder", greeted she.

"Wind", greeted Thunder back, then turned his attention to the other she-cat. "Shadow."

"Thunder. Do you happen to know where River is? He normally is the first to appear in our meetings."

Thunder shrugged his shoulders and sat down. Nervously he watched Shadow, trying to read her face. If she was shocked that cats of the Dark-Forest had been reborn in her Clan, like StarClan cats were in his, she hid it well. Suddenly the bushes shook and a silver-grey tom with long fur and bright, wide green eyes stepped out.

"River", called Wind. "Time for you to come. What took you so long?"

River looked annoyed and answered: "Against to you I haven't forgotten about the fifth clan."

"You got Sky here?", asked Thunder surprised.

Since the death of Firestar the she-cat had refused to talk to any ancestor except for SkyClans.

"How did you manage that?", asked Shadow in disbelieve on.

"Well he had good arguments", answered a female voice and then Sky stepped out.

Thunder shortly had to narrow his eyes. Sky's bright white fur shone in the sunshine and almost blinded him, her pale-grey ears and paws being the only parts of her body which didn't shine. Even her sky-blue eyes shone.

"Sky", greeted Thunder and bent his head to the she-cat, trying to not getting her angrier than she already looked.

He still had scars to prove what happened when she lost it. The time when SkyClan had to leave the old territory, she had gone wild on anything that dared to block her path and Thunder was the only one who'd dared to try to stop her. He'd managed it, but only barely.

"Thunder", greeted Sky back and padded up to them, followed by River. The she-cat sat down and directed her bright-blue gaze on Thunder. "Why did you call for this meeting Thunder?" Shaking his head he thought; Just as direct and snappy as always.

"Well, since you don't know what happened six moons ago I'll have to start from the very beginning."

"That would be wonderful."

Thunder almost laughed when Shadow rolled her eyes at Sky's behaviour, but swallowed it and began: "Many seasons ago ten StarClan cats simply disappeared from our realm. We thought we would never see them again, but then, six moons ago, they all reappeared. In the ThunderClan of today." Sky stared at him wide-eyed, silently asking him to go on. "The ten cats were the RiverClan warrior Silverstream and the ThunderClan cats Whitestorm, Spottedleaf, Hollyleaf, Ravenflight, Dustpelt, Sandstorm, Greystripe, Bluestar and…Firestar."

"What?", yowled Sky in shock and jumped up.

"Sky, calm, Thunder will explain", soothed Wind.

Sky glanced at the she-cat warily, then sat down again and Thunder continued: "We have no idea how this happened, but it did. Unfortunately those ten weren't the only ones to be reborn. Cats from the Dark-Forest got reborn as well. And…a few others."

"Thunder", asked River. "You haven't told us this yet."

"That was the reason I called for this meeting River. I just got to know it. But…I don't know who, how or when. Nor if it will bring good to our clans or not. But those ten and the Dark-Forest warriors weren't the only ones to be reborn."

"And what now?", asked Wind.

"We talk some sense in Thunders descendants", answered River.

"I beg your pardon?", exclaimed Thunder. "Why so?"

"Because a lot of your cats have recently done much against the rules. Yellowfang, Cinderpelt, Jayfeather and Leafpool sending constant messages to Spottedpaw is just one fact", answered River angrily.

"I will not punish them for this. Bramblestar's visit for Nightstar did also good. It would've left ThunderClan weaker to make all ten of them apprentices at once", argued Thunder, then went on: "And for the medicine cats, I believe they have the most right to decide for themselves."

River growled angrily and Shadow hissed: "Thunder he's right. Those cats did wrong."

Growling now Thunder jumped onto his paws and stepped away from them. "None of you will dare to lay paw on any of them!" The three first leaders growled at each other, when Wind cut in: "My friends calm down. To fight now won't help us either. We…"

A terrified yowl interrupted the she-cat and the five first leaders froze. Then they jumped up and raced towards the noise, as fast as they could. When they reached it, a crowd of StarClan cats had already gathered around the lake.

"Step side!", demanded Thunder. Immediately the crowd parted and the five cats walked forward. In the front was Bramblestar, who stared into the lake wide-eyed. "That just can't be", whispered the tabby and shook his head. "Bramblestar", called Wind softly. The former leader's head shot up and wide amber eyes met theirs. Slowly he stepped back and gestured to the lake with his tail. Thunder shared a confused glance with Sky, then the five stepped forward and looked into the lake. It showed RiverClans camp and Shadow asked out loud: "What is so terrifying there?"

"Look at the apprentices", answered Mistystar. River glanced at the former leader of his clan suspiciously, when Wind suddenly backed away.

"That can't be", exclaimed the she-cat shocked, repeating Bramblestar. "He isn't a clan cat, how can that be?"

Confused Thunder focused on the apprentices as well and finally he understood what shocked the other StarClan cats like this. A hiss escaped him while he eyed the small tom he saw. Shining black fur, a white forepaw and a mischievous glint in his ice blue eyes. "Thunder what is so special about this tom", asked Sky. He saw how Shadow stared in disbelieve, but knew Sky couldn't know about this tom. SkyClans ancestors and the rest of StarClan had been separated until Firestar had reunited the lost Clan.

"That's and old enemy of the clans. But, he is no real Clan-cat. Scourge, leader of BloodClan got reborn in RiverClan!"

The last sentence was an announcement to all cats of StarClan and the next moment movement was in the crowd. Thunder narrowed his eyes and saw Cinderpelt, darting into the direction of the moon-pool. Shadow growled when she saw this and River darted after the former Medicine-cat.

"River no", yowled Thunder and followed the leader. Bramblestar, Leafpool and Yellowfang darted after him, then he heard a scream and a female voice yelled: "Get off of me River!" Thunder broke through the bushes and with a growl he leaped on River and pushed him off of the grey she-cat. "I warned you!", hissed Thunder, baring his fangs at River. "No one dares to lay paw on any of my cats!"

River growled back and Shadow jumped to his side, while Sky and Wind sided with Thunder. Yellowfang also growled at the first RiverClan leader for attacking her former apprentice and Bramblestar and Leafpool shielded Cinderpelt, who was shaking in fear. Other StarClan cats joined and watched with wide eyes how Thunder and River prepared to fight. They were about to lung at each other when…


Everyone froze and Thunders head snapped to the side. A very young white she-cat with green-blue-amber eyes looked at them angrily.

"What do you think are you doing", spat the she-cat angrily, her tail hitting the ground. "The true problems are down there, not up here!..."

Thunder gulped and though he was almost three times as big as her, he crouched down in front of the she-cat, River, Wind, Shadow and Sky doing the same. Most of the other StarClan cats looked confused, wondering what got the five first leaders to act like this. If they would just know, thought Thunder while the she-cat screamed at them for acting like foolish kits. Rainbow isn't just any cat. She was the first to die in the last fight before the clans were created. She was the first cat in StarClan. Barely older than an apprentice the she-cat had went into the fight at Thunders side. Her mother had pleaded that she would be allowed to go as well, though Thunder never wanted to bring such a young she-cat into that fight. Rainbow had died fast and Thunder had long been furious at himself for not talking sense into her mother.

"…enough! You can't act like this! The Clans need us and we have to be there for them!"

Rainbow breathed heavily and Thunder glanced around. Every cat had backed off or crouched down in shock and fear of her rage. Then she took a deep breath and said calmer: "River, Thunder's cats are doing right in sending Spottedleaf this messages. No matter if alive and members of the momentary ThunderClan, they are our clan-mates as well. They need to know what's going on." Her tri-coloured eyes stayed on the five leaders and she went on: "Hereby I declare that whatever Cinderpelt, Yellowfang, Leafpool, Jayfeather, Bramblestar or any other cat who was close to those ten want to tell them, is allowed to be told, however as a prophecy, just like the ones passed down to them already. Spottedleaf is a wise she-cat and the others are smart as well. They've been able to live down there without revealing themselves for more than six moons and with Tigerstar, Scourge and possibly even others, they need as much help as we can give."

With that she turned around to leave, but stopped, glanced back and hissed: "You five, don't let me catch you by trying to fight once again!"

Turning away once more she disappeared in the bushes and Thunder sat up, breathing a sigh of relief.

"I've forgotten how easy Rainbow can get angered", whispered Sky nervously.

Shadow just nodded in agreement and Thunder looked at the other cats. They all were shaking in fear and surprise and suddenly he had to laugh.

Everyone stared at him, then Sky started to laugh as well and soon the other three ancient leaders joined in.

"Unbelievable", laughed Sky. "Still after such a long time she manages to frighten us like she is an angry queen and we are some kits."

Thunder took a deep breath to calm down, then looked at River and said: "I apologize for threatening you. Do you accept?"

River smiled back and answered: "Only if you accept my apology for attacking Cinderpelt."

"I gladly do so", purred Thunder and both touched noses.

"So, it's alright if we tell the ten of them what's going on?", cut Cinderpelt in. Thunder and River both nodded and the next moment Cinderpelt dashed off. Soon the clearing was empty, except for the five first leaders. Then Sky spoke up.

"I will inform SkyClans other ancestors about the happenings here. Maybe we can help."

With that Sky ran off and Wind asked: "So what now?"

Thunder shrugged and Shadow said: "We would need another cat from here to watch over the ten of them, the question is who."

"The question is, how are we supposed to get the cat down there? We can't bring someone back to life", argued River.

"We probably can", said Wind. "But it's highly dangerous and the cat's soul could also be lost forever."

"Well, we can't just walk around and ask cats to take part in such an dangerous experiment", cut Thunder in.

"You don't have to", said a new voice.

The four leaders spun around and a cat stepped out of a bush.

"I'll go."

Ideas and Credits:

Scourge - idea Willowlight - credit Erin Hunter

Thunder, Wind, River, Shadow, Sky - idea h1999l - credit Erin Hunter - credit Sky's look me

mysterious cat in the end - you get to know soon

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