A Princess pregnancy


Olexa Stuart is a princess from Poland. While rebelling against parents, she meets a very handsome young commoner who she falls for. But what happens when her actions give her the biggest consequence of carrying his child? Copyright ©Jamie Mdayi 2020

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Warning: Contains scenes of 16+ language
(Olexa's p.o.v)
I quickly rushed to the breakfast table, I know my parents hate tardiness. So I'm Olexa Stuart, I live in Poland and I'm currently the princess of Poland, along with my sister Nicola. I'm half Polish and half American. My dad is from USA and my mom is from here. Nicola has been the favorite since birth. We're twins and she was held first. We're no where near identical the only thing we have in common is brown hair. She's the one who my parents hope will save them. They don't hate me, they shower me with love, but they give her love AND gifts. Sometimes I prefer it because they're constantly following her with their hopes high in the air. That she's the perfect daughter who won't let them down. But that doesn't mean I'm off the hook. My parents like to constantly remind me to always be on my BEST behavior because one day I'll be a monarch along with my life partner. But I always doubt it, nowadays it's hard to find a suitable man to be with. But I'm no psychic so I'll have to see.
I got to the breakfast table just in time but my mom added: "Olexa, did it ever occur to you that waking up early is the best idea?" I wanted to roll my eyes but I knew there was a lecture waiting so I just nodded my saying: "Mh-mh." She just sighed and continued talking to my sister. Then the royal servants came with the usual Wednesday breakfast. And while eating my mom asked:
"Sweetie, did you prepare for ball Friday?"
"Yes Mother! Just like I prepared for everything else that happened this month."
"Good, because we have a very big surprise for you." I often wonder what they ever mean when they say surprise, it's always a different thing.
"Nicola! Wait!" I tried to chase her up the stairs to talk. She couldn't hear me because she was talking to the butler. I eventually caught up with her and talked to her.
"What is it, Olexa?! You know we have preparing to do!"
"I know, I know! But we also need a break! Please hang out with me sister!" I begged teasing. She just said with an annoyed sigh:
"Fine! Get ready in 10 minutes." I just smiled and went upstairs I just wanted an excuse to leave the castle it's been a while since I got out for my reasons alone. It's always been balls and dinners, so much that I didn't once make a new friend other than my best friend Julia, she's a Kowalski and they're the second richest family in Poland. I know she's not using me for money or popularity because she's reallpy shy and she's rejected gifts from me even the ones I've seen her drool over at shop windows.
I put on a cold shoulder v-neck jumpsuit with black stiletto sandals and wore gold bangles. I hope keep a low profile when I'm in the town. I know my sister will be the center of attention but people won't recognize me from the news, they never do. But Nicol goes all out.
My sister gave me a glare and walked to the the car. "Why are you dressed like that?" "Because I wanna keep a low profile not be seen by everyone and take pictures with them." She chuckled:"You still have to learn about being royal. I knew I was right, I don't even know what Mom was thinking!"
"I don't care if I'm not classy enough, I'm also human I can't satisfy everybody, and that's something YOU'LL have to learn sis." "You don't..."
"You're right! I don't and I'll never! So just let me be."
I knew she was going to say understand but I either never listen or understand.
When we got to the city I realized how I missed its beauty! Me and my sister spilt up since she got chased by paparazzi. I walked around the whole city I was greeted by some people who I used to see almost every day last year. I saw an amazing bakery, I wanted paczki so I walked over there. I was in a rush but was stopped by a very handsome blonde guy with grey eyes he was an inch and half taller than me. I thought he was really cute until he said:
"Hey move your ass, little bitch! Can't you see I'm busy?!" He just continued making out with a red haired woman she had a huge ass it, looked like plastic surgery. Who does he think he is!? I hope I never see him again.

I hope you'll keep reading!📖 So much more is supposed to happen. U won't be srry😉
-Jamie Mdayi.
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