The Many Adventures of Natius and Friends Season I: Final Mix

By Sdaa_1993

Fantasy / Adventure

Prologue: Legend of the Shrine of the Firebird

Prologue: The Legend of the Shrine of the Firebird

Everything always started with a beginning.

There are some that have wondered on how they built these structures, such as the Pyramids of Egypt, an example of wondrous structure. This story begins in 1955, when Disneyland opened for the first time. A person was discovered within the Redwood Forest, a place that was said to have a creature of fire within it.

1955, Redwood Forest

Avery Huston, an old man was hiking in the forest with his Rottweiler, was enjoying the beauty of nature. He was looking at the trees that were high above him into the the sun’s warm light. The Rottweiler, however, caught a strange scent. He dashed through the woods dragging Avery with him until he stopped at the source.

Avery looked on in astonishment. He saw what appeared to be a structure that looked as if it was a temple of some sort. Avery, out of curiosity, decided to look and see what was beyond the wooden doors. He opened one of the doors and was amazed. The Shrine looked as if it was a church and he saw a statue of an eagle made of fire. Sunlight shown on the stained glass windows, lighting up the room with an array of a rainbow.

To his surprise, he saw on the floor a circle with two more round circles as if it was ears of a mouse. It looked like that character from of Walt Disney’s shows that he watched as a younger man… Mickey Mouse if he was correct.

Just as he was about to proceed, he stepped on a switch, and heard a clicking noise. He turned and saw a pendulum shooting out from the wall, ready to cut him down. The man quickly avoided it by stepping back into the entrance way.

As soon as he left the shrine with his dog he reported it to the police. When he lead them to the place he had found, it was gone without a trace.

One of the officers started to laugh at him thinking it was a joke, “You discovered a shrine?”

The other officer stated, “You need to get your head out of the clouds.”

Avery looked to where the missing shrine was and felt disappointment. No one would believe his story except for himself! Everyone would think that he was looking for attention, or worse, they’d think he was insane!

Even though it was considered a joke amongst realists, there are some things that can occur in unforeseen ways. Fifty years later, they found a boy unconscious in the forest. No one knew how he came to the forest. Overtime, the shrine became an urban legend. Some parents passed it off as a story to scare their children before going to bed. Yet, there are certain people that believe in this gateway to another world…

2005, Disney Forest

It was a miserable night in the forest. It was a quiet as a graveyard, yet it had a foreboding aura as a man garbed in a light blue cloak kept his hood up and strolled casually through the forest, a young boy in his arms. He placed the boy on the grass in a gentle manner. The boy looked to be nine. With spiky, jet black hair. His eyes were the color of ember. He was fading away, as death drew nearer. He wore a crimson long sleeved shirt, black pants and boots.

The boy was looking at the moonlit sky as if he was asking someone from above to save him from the predicament that would end his life soon, the only thing he was able to remember was a smack to his skull with a blunt object.

The hooded man was desperate. He searched for a knife within his cloak, finding one in its scabbard.

He said in a reluctant tone, “It’s for your own good. We do not want you to interfere with our plans, our master or have you go through with this.”

He lifted the knife, now released of its scabbard but ran into the shadows of the trees once he heard the bushes rattle with movement. The boy was trying to keep himself awake long enough until someone would come, but he sank into the darkness just as a voice spoke.

The voice said, “Hello.”

The boy responded, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

The voice replied, “My identity is of no importance, young child. I saw a small spark of fire, and it led me to you.”

“That was my fire,” said the young boy. He placed his hand on his chest, “Now that fire is fading with my life.”

The voice offered, “Young man, I can offer you a new chance to live, if you become my avatar. But be warned, my fire can cause both destruction and salvation and you won’t be able to remember who you were before this night. Do you accept this chance?”

The boy was reluctant on whether he could accept the voice’s offer.

He asked, “What if I refuse?”

The voice answered, “Just like an old memory lost in time, this world will forget you. Fading away from existence and falling into obscurity. Take a look at your hand.”

The boy looked at his hand and saw that it was see through.

He answered in reluctance, “I accept your offer.”

The boy extended his left hand. Without warning a double edged long sword appeared. The blade was a dark red and the hilt was black with the head of an eagle with flame orange eyes. A fire started to emanate from the sword and it shot in the sky. An opening, like a portal, looked into a new world.

The man, seeing this, ran away from the sight in fear.

Redwood Forest, 2005

A boy of ten years was walking his Siberian husky in the Redwood Forest. He saw a boy who looked no older than nine years old with jet black hair and was lying face down.

The boy shouted as he was running to his father, “Dad!”

“What did I tell you about running off without me?”

The boy cried, “But dad, there’s a kid in the forest.”

The boy’s father was lead to the scene and he stared in horror as he saw the child.

He started to call the paramedics, and then checked for a pulse. He was relieved to find that he had one. No CPR was needed.

Half an hour later, the paramedics arrived at the scene.

One of the medics stayed behind to question the father and child. Two more were strapping the unconscious boy to the stretcher.

“This is the place where you found the child?”

The man nodded. His son said with worry, “I don’t even know his name.”

“Ignatius.” said the boy on the stretcher, “My name is Ignatius.”

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