A Story for Myself

Chapter 2

I look up to see the witch girl walk back into the camp. She had remained in the clearing through out the night and was now just returning to our small camp as the sun's rays were showing themselves over the lands. "Hungry?" she asked cheerfully holding two rabbits up. I raise my eyebrow in annoyance.

"I do not eat ningen food." I said evenly. She shrugged and walked to the dieing fire and snapped her fingers. I watch in wonder as her fingers spark slightly and the fire starts up again. I blink in surprise. "I thought you said that your powers consisted of air and weather." I said in slight surprise.

"It does. But basic element bending is the first thing that my mother taught me." she said as she extracted her claws and sat before the fire.

"Your mother?" I ask in question. What is she and her mother? How much power do these women have?

"My mother is the head of the Inter Species council back home." she said as she began to skin the rabbits.

"Inter Species Council?" I ask in question. What is this? I had never head of such a thing.

"Yea. You know. Youkai, Oni, Ningen's, Vampires, Werewolves, Elves, Witches, Durids, and all that fun stuff." she said as she began to cook the meat. Before I could speak Rin begins to wake.


I look over at Rin as she begins to shift and wake. "Good morning Rin-chan." I said as cheerfully as I could. She yawns and stretches. Apparently she's still not fully awake because as she stands she stumbles and almost falls into the fire. Before I could move Sessho-maru had caught her around the middle with his arm. It was then that I saw that his other sleeve was empty. I know that I gasp because he shoots a glare at me as he sits back against his tree with Rin in his lap. "What happened?" I asked coming over to his side. Of course I already know from reading the manga, but I didn't want to be rude.

"It was cut off." he said flatly. I give a 'Well naw duh!' look.

"Well I guessed that much. I mean I didn't think that it just fell off." I said rudely. With just my luck, his little toad Jaken woke up in time to hear me and I guess he decided that I needed to be disciplined because he jumped up and shot a pillar of fire at me from his staff. I react without thinking and throw my hands up. Instantly the flames became a ball. I grinned and smirked evilly at the now pale toad. "Jaken, why did you just throw fire at me?" I asked as I played with the ball of fire. Jaken looked fearfully up at me but decided to answer.

"Y-y-y-you were being disrespectful." he stammered while backing up.

"Not a good enough reason." I said in false cheerfulness. Suddenly the ball of fire became a small phoenix that then began to chase Jaken. Rin must have just woken up because she began to giggle like there was no tomorrow.

"Jaken-sama is getting chased by a fire bird." she laughed. She must not have noticed that Sessho-maru had her in his lap because she fell back against his chest and tail laughing her little head off. Sessho-maru didn't seem to mind as he watches the toad with a smirk.

"Now I see that you have other uses." he shot at me as I sat down.

*NHYYY* I stuck my tongue out at him.


I blinked in surprise. Did she just stick her tongue out at 'ME'? Hai. The little muscle was still out. No one ever did that to me, not even when I was a child. "You, dog boy, need to get off your high horse." she shot at me as she stood glaring. Rin must have just notice that she was in my lap because her laughter stops abruptly and she stills. I must admit that I was disappointed that she was no longer laughing. She was so young that my inu must see her as a daughter, not that I don't. But with my status I would never show nor tell it. "Are you awake now Rin?" the girl said. No wait, her name is Arashi. I guess that I would have to get use to calling her by name now that she was officially Rin's teacher. I sigh and gently set Rin on the forest floor.

"I am going to go and hunt." I said as I start toward the forest.

"HEY! What about the stuff I just made?" she calls. I turn halfway to see that Rin already has a hunk of the rabbit meat while she glares at me. I couldn't help but smirk at her ignorance.

"I do not eat 'cooked' meat." I said.

"Well you could have told me and I would have just left the stupid thing raw for you." she snaps. I could tell that she was re-framing from using InuYasha's favorite type of language. I narrow my eyes in displeasure. She is going to be a real pain.

"I do not eat little tid bits of food. It is none of your business what and where I have my meals. Now carry on. I will be back soon." I said adding the last bit for Rin's sake as she looks nervously over at Jaken as he comes back into camp looking a little burnt.

"Hai!" Rin says happily. Arashi stands and marches over to me. I am curious as to what she either needs or wants so I just stand there.

"Listen here, I am not stupid. I know that a youkai only eats raw meat and that the size of a full grown bull is one meal for them. I was just trying to be polite since we're going to be seeing quite a bit of each other. Now shockingly I can be a good person to be around. Or I can be a little ass and make your life a living hell. It's your choice." she whispers when she is close enough for Jaken and Rin not to over hear. I couldn't help but make a comeback.

"What could you possibly do to this Sessho-maru little witch girl." I said bending slightly so that we were eye to eye. She smirked and suddenly I felt the wind pick up.

"I am very creative Sessho-maru-sama. I'm sure that I could find something. Oh and reframe from referring to yourself in third person. It's sets a bad example for Rin." she said as she turned on her heel and walk away. I glare at her back before walking into the forest to gather my own food.


I glared at his retreating back. 'OH that guy could be such a stubborn ass!' I thought as I turn back to Rin and the burnt Jaken. I see that Rin is eying Jaken nervously. 'Why's that?' I thought as I sat back down. "Well Rin-chan, looks like I'm stuck with you. What do you think about me being your teacher?" I asked as I take a piece of meat. Rin's face lit up and then she surprised me by throwing herself onto me causing me to fall back.

"Well this should be interesting. Sessho-maru-sama has a ningen who can stand up for herself." someone chuckled. I sat straight up with Rin in my arms.

"Greetings Kigeki-sama. What brings you here?" Jaken said jumping up and bowing. I look up at him and instantly see that he was a Ryuyoukai. (Dragon demon) The man had long black hair with a slightly greenish tint to it. It was in a low pony tail at the base of his skull. His dark green eyes sparkled playfully as he looked down at me and Rin. His forest green robes match him perfectly. His tanned skin making him look younger then he mostly was. On each cheek was one dark green stripe. Then I noticed that behind him stood a young boy who looked about my age but was most likely much older. He had neck length black hair with a dark green tint to it. His eyes were a dark brown with a bored look to them. Besides that he looked like the man before me in every way.

"Who the hell are you?" I snap as I put Rin behind me. The Ryuyoukai chuckled again.

"I, am Kigeki-sama. I am one of Sessho-maru-sama's underlings. A duke to be precise. And this is my son, Natsu." he said cheerfully. "Hello." the boy said dully. Rin smiled and ran past me.

"Hello Kigeki-sama, Natsu-sama!" she said happily as she ran up to them, wrapping her arms around Kigeki's leg.

"Hello to you too Rin. Have you tormented Jaken for me?" he asked patting her head. I myself couldn't help but smirk. So this was the one egging Rin on with Jaken torture. Not that I was complaining.

"Be careful chi-chi-ue. Sessho-maru-sama wouldn't be happy to know that you are the one giving Rin ideas about tormenting the toad." Natsu said calmly. I grinned while Kigeki put on a funny little pouting face.

"Awww. You and Sessho-maru-sama are no fun." he said. I grinned, I was liking these two more and more.

"What is that, that you are wearing?" Kigeki asked finally as he came over to me and plucked on my shirt.

"It's clothes." I said nervously.

"Alright." he said smiling.

"What can we do for you, Kigeki-sama?" Jaken said stiffly.

"I'm here to speak to Sessho-maru-sama toad man." Kigeki said rudely. I could see Jaken clench his jaw angrily.

I was quite surprised when Kigeki flopped down next to me. "So, what are you all eating?" he asked taking a piece of meat.

"Uhh...rabbit." I said as I kept one eye on Rin who was now latched onto Natsu's leg giggling happily as he playfully ruffled her hair.

"So who are you?" he asked as he bit into the hunk of meat.

"I'm Arashi. Well let's just say that I'm not from around here." I said chuckling.

"You think. What are you?" he asked cheerfully.

"I'm a witch. Dealing with wind and air. I also do element bending, healing, and other things." I said grinning. He smirked.

"Ten yen says that she can beat you Natsu." he called to his son who looked up from listening to Rin tell him a story of Sessho-maru's most resent adventure and raised an eyebrow.

"Why do you think that?" he asked as Rin fell silent smiling.

"I just got that feeling." his father said grinning and then winking at me. I glare at him.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I ask groaning slightly.

"Because it's fun. And my son hasn't been beat in many, many years. It would be nice and funny to see his get his butt handed to him." he said smiling.

"Shall we test this fact Arashi-sama?" Natsu asked as he sat Rin on the grass and stood. I glared at his father who looked innocently back at me and sighed.

"Fine." I said standing.

"What you giggling about?" I grumble to Rin as I walk past her. "No reason." she said happily.


Sessho-maru walked back through the woods back to his small camp. As he drew closer the sound of a fight came to his ears. 'Damn, what's going on?' he thought as he sped up. When he reached the clearing what he saw shocked him. Natsu and Arashi were fighting. They weren't trying to hurt just sparring. Rin was laughing, clapping and cheering them on. "What is going on?" he said loudly. The two stopped and looked over at him.

"It's his fault." they chorused pointing at something behind the tree next to Rin. Then he saw Kigeki lean forward and wave cheerfully at him.

"Hello Sessho-maru-sama!" he said cheerfully. Sessho-maru sighed.

"What did you do Kegeki?" he asked as he came forward.

"Not much. Just wanted to know how powerful she was." he said shrugging.

"You crazy old man! You said you wanted to see your son get his ass handed to him." Arashi shouted pointing at him angrily.

"She is right Sessho-maru-sama. My father seems to like to cause trouble no matter where he is." Natsu said annoyed. Sessho-maru sighed.

"I know." he said as he came up to them. Rin instantly ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his leg.

"Did Sessho-maru-sama have a good breakfast?" she asked looking up at him.

"Hai, now. What are you doing here Kigeki?" he asked as he pried Rin off his leg and sat down leaning against the tree where Rin had been.

"I needed you to sign some documents." he said as he pulled a couple of scrolls out of his sleeve. Sessho-maru sighed as he took the scrolls.

"Hey Rin why don't you come with me and I'll start some of your lessons." Arashi said cheerfully. Rin ran up to her and bowed.

"Alright Arashi-chan." she said happily as she took the older girl's hand.

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