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Second Chance (Book 1 of The Badnik's Adventures)


After being defeated by the Sonic Heroes, Metal Sonic wakes up in G.U.N headquarters and meets Shadow the Hedgehog himself. But things won't go as smoothly as Metal hopes. Overtime Metal and Shadow grow apart despite their past of working together at a time and fate doesn't seem kind to the once Badnik. When Shadow decides he'd rather be Metal's enemy, it tears him apart and Sonic becomes the one who will truly give Metal another chance, but one question still remains. Can Metal even forgive himself for what he's done?

Drama / Action
Jordan the Jackal
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Metal found himself waking up to a bright light that almost blinded him, having the Badnik squint his eyes to further adjust to it. Pain gnawed at his body and once Metal's eyes adjusted to the blinding lights, he looked around seeing a well lit room that looked entirely made out of steel and metal, only one door being set directly in front of where his feet were facing as the Badnik glanced over at them. Instead of his feet being metallic, they were normal looking as he could see that his legs were a bright blue coloring, the sight of his own features sending Metal's mind whirling with questions. 'What in the name of chaos happened to me?' Metal wondered, only surprising himself that he could hear his own voice in his head, but it sounded more like a sinister version of Sonic's instead of robotic and deep like the last time he spoke. Metal began to fidget and tried to move, but he came to a realization that he couldn't and the Badnik looked at his wrists, seeing them also different as his arms were a slightly darker shade of peach than Sonic's and he was wearing white gloves with yellow squares on the back of his hands while around his wrists were some strong looking straps including some on his ankles. Metal's ear twitched to the sound of creaking before he looked over, seeing the door creaking open as a black and red hedgehog stepped inside, his ruby red eyes set on Metal while he wore rocket shoes and golden inhibitor rings on his wrists and ankles.

"Seems like you had a pleasant nap." The hedgehog spoke up, his voice soft yet a bit intimidating.

Metal screwed his face in confusion, trying to recall if he's seen this hedgehog before until he felt it strike him.

"Shadow?" Metal questioned, his voice raspy a bit and his throat felt a little sore from speaking.

"Who else did you think it was." Shadow replied, taking a few steps towards the Badnik.

"Where am I?" Metal asked, glancing around the room.

"You're in G.U.N headquarters, after Sonic defeated you you somehow turned organic and some of the soldiers found you in the middle of the woods, the doctors did a few tests and confirmed that you're not robotic at all anymore." Shadow answered.

"Like I'm going to believe I just magically turned mortal." Metal scoffed.

"That's how the soldiers found you, I was there as well." Shadow replied to Metal. "Though I doubt you would fully remember everything that happened before you were defeated." He said to him.

"I do so, especially when you helped Sonic that time!" Metal hissed.

"I would suggest that you watch what you say around here, the commander won't like anyone giving an attitude." Shadow warned, unfazed by what Metal said.

Metal only had his ears pin on his head in response while glaring daggers at Shadow, both the two hedgehogs having different fur colors but both ruby red eyes, the ebony hedgehog wrinkling his nose a bit almost as if expecting the now organic Badnik to calm down.

"The rules here are simple, you obey them and G.U.N won't have any problems against you, though it's I who will be keeping an eye on you from now on." Shadow told him calmly.

"As long as it results with less times of me being held down against my will." Metal grumbled, flexing his fingers that had claws come out of their sheathes before going back in.

"Only if you behave yourself, Eggman isn't the only one who is strict about his rules." Shadow replied before undoing the straps. "And try not to get angsty, humans here have a habit of being curious to newcomers, and do not engage unless it's an emergency." He said strictly.

Metal stayed silent while sitting up from where he lay, his back and every muscle feeling sore from being forced in one position for who knows how long before the Badnik stretched, letting out a groan of relief before jumping down on the floor. He had wobbled a little bit too considering he's in a new body, but Metal managed after a few seconds while Shadow watched with his usual straight yet serious look on his face, the ebony hedgehog watching Metal's every move.

"How long was it before I woke up here?" Metal asked Shadow curiously.

"Only a few days, just remember that you no longer need power from a simple power cord as your source of energy, having food and water is your number one priority right now." Shadow replied. "Unless if an urgent mission comes of course." He mentioned.

"Any limits to how much food I can have?" Metal asked.

"Three meals each day, one at the morning before the afternoon, then at night before going to sleep." Shadow explained.

"Isn't there a fourth?" Metal questioned in confusion.

"We don't get dessert much here, it's considered as a childish meal for the commander's generals." Shadow told him.

'Is it me or is he seriously more of a heart case than the last time we met?' Metal thought to himself curiously, grateful that Shadow can't hear his thoughts.

"Come on, the commander told me to bring you to him as soon as you wake up, best that we don't keep him waiting." Shadow said.

"I just have one last question." Metal began. "Why do I look different?" He asked Shadow curiously.

"Because you're organic, instead of having navy blue metal parts you're sky blue with white sclera and the same skin on your muzzle and chest like Sonic's." Shadow answered him.

"But how?" Metal asked.

"Enough questions, let's go now." Shadow ordered before he opened the door and glanced at Metal with a stern look.

Metal felt a bit annoyed by Shadow but obeyed him anyways and walked out of the room, seeing that even the hallway was made of metal while on the ceiling were long rectangular-shaped lights that illuminated white glares of light, each one being six feet apart from each other. To Metal, it almost reminded him of Eggman's hallways in his lair, except that they weren't extremely big like every one of the world's largest houses. 'Never imagined I'd ever be setting foot here.' Metal thought to himself, glancing around at his surroundings.

"Quit daydreaming and let's go, the sooner we get there the sooner we'll be getting to lunch." Shadow scoffed while pushing Metal forward.

"Lunch?" Metal questioned as he turned his head to Shadow while walking with him. "You never had a mind for food before." He inquired.

"I can survive days with no food but it still hurts and gets annoying." Shadow replied.

"How have things been since we helped stop Eggman Nega?" Metal asked.

"None of your business." Shadow grumbled.


"Just drop it you dumb robot!" Shadow yelled, cutting Metal off and pinning him on the wall.

Most of the time if Metal was attacked, he would fight back without a second thought, but with what he and Shadow went through together, the Badnik remained where he was, panic rushing through him as his ears went back in fear that Shadow would shoot him with a Chaos Spear. 'I almost forgot about his temper.' Metal thought. After a few moments, Shadow let go of Metal and gestured him to continue walking before he walked off. Metal reluctantly followed, inwardly telling himself to be more careful to what he says to Shadow from now on.

Within minutes, Metal and Shadow approached a door that read "Commander Abraham" on it and Shadow opened up the door, both the Ultimate Lifeform and Badnik stepping inside to see Commander Abraham himself sitting in a chair set by a large crescent-shaped table with other chairs set by each side of him that were for the top generals that Abraham had hired. Though today it was only Commander Abraham who was there and just seeing the sight of his serious look on his face made Metal feel uneasy.

"I see you took your time Agent Shadow, then again when don't you keep me waiting." Commander Abraham said.

"The Badnik took longer to wake up than we thought and has a curious brain." Shadow replied to him.

"I have a name you heart case!" Metal exclaimed in annoyance.

"Shut it." Shadow hissed to Metal at the corner of his mouth.

"And what is your name Badnik?" Abraham asked Metal.

"My name is Metallix, but I'm better known as Metal Sonic." Metal answered while turning to Abraham.

"Metal Sonic you say, I've heard a lot about you, most efficiently of you trying to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog from what Shadow has witnessed." Abraham said.

"It was my mission, orders from Eggman to do so." Metal told him.

"For chaos' sake." Shadow scoffed quietly, but Metal's ears twitched to his direction, picking up his words loud and clear.

"Well you don't work for Eggman anymore, your own body proves it as well as you rebelling on him." Commander Abraham said while pointing at Metal. "So from now on you'll do what Shadow says, any resistance you show can and will be reported straight to me, he even has my permission to intervene if you're both away from G.U.N headquarters." He told Metal.

"Understood Commander." Metal replied.

"Shadow, I expect you to teach Metal Sonic here how things work around here and no unnecessary damage on him, understand?" Abraham said while glancing over at the ebony hedgehog.

"Understood sir." Shadow replied.

"You're both dismissed now." Commander Abraham said before he stood up from his chair and walked out of the room.

Both Metal and Shadow remained in the room, the Badnik feeling relieved that Commander Abraham accepted him before he glanced at Shadow, seeing him eyeing the Badnik weirdly before walking out. 'What's his deal with me?' Metal wondered. Metal pushed away his confusion and followed Shadow out of the room, both the two hedgehogs walking through the long hallway, everything silent except for their soft thumps of their footsteps on the metallic floor.

"Is everything alright Shadow?" Metal asked in concern.

"Why would I be alright, I'm working with a traitor." Shadow replied.

"What do you mean by that?" Metal questioned him in confusion.

"You may have helped fight Eggman Nega and shut down his portal, but the biggest mistake you made was betraying my trust when you tried to rule the world for yourself, that alone was enough to tell me that you're not trustworthy." Shadow told him.

"I never meant to cause bad feelings, revenge blinded me at that time and-"

"Just stop making up excuses already, I'm in no mood to hear it." Shadow said, cutting Metal off again.

'So you're just going to start hating me because I'm trying to apologize now.' Metal thought bitterly, frustration spreading through him like a forest fire. Though one thing he did wonder was why Shadow didn't tell Commander Abraham about his attempt to rule the world in his Neo Metal Sonic form, maybe Commander Abraham already knew and just decided not to say anything, that or Shadow did tell him while Metal was still unconscious. Yet still, Metal wished that he could find a way to earn Shadow's trust so that he'll see he's trying to change, it wasn't going to be easy, but Metal was willing to try to be different. He already is literally different on the outside with no longer being robotic.

"You hesitate a lot nowadays though, got a lot of things on your mind?" Shadow questioned Metal.

"I'm fine." Metal replied.

"Just remember not to do that often during meetings, missions and training, we won't put up with it." Shadow told him.

"By "we" you actually mean you won't put up with it." Metal joked.

"You're worse than faker I'll give you that." Shadow grumbled.

Metal expressed a soft chuckle, feeling amused at Shadow's little nickname for Sonic and he always liked how Sonic reacted every time Shadow would call him that. 'Guess Shadow's not so bad once I figure out how to get along with him.' Metal thought.

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