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Fighting Fate - A Minecraft Fanfiction


She sung to protect the world, he fought to restore peace to the world. Neither were aware of the others' existence, yet their hearts yearned to be together once again.

Adventure / Fantasy
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Prologue ~ The Chosen Diva

In an unknown realm, seen only by few..

A figure knelt by the portal, as if wounded. The figure wore a hood, covering most of it's body, only able to discern it's feminine figure. She gasped softly, leaning against the support of her staff as waves of pain passed through her, disappearing as soon as it appeared.

She shifted slightly, revealing the black and purple dress underneath the hood before covering once again. She stood up slowly once the pain had passed for good.

The Guardian, doomed to guard the realm ruled by the dragon.

The figure stood up straight and glanced back at the portal shining behind her. The swirling portal that looked like stars in a dark night stood a few kilometers from her current position, the shrine of the portal. There, she waved her staff, slender fingers curling around the golden staff, and the portal closed instantly. From then on, she stood by the entrance of the shrine, awaiting for any intruders that were to come.

To calm the soul of the powerful and ferocious beast..

Deep within the End, in a giant cave, the dragon growled at the tiny figure in its claws pinned to the ground as she struggled about, the once soft pink fabric of her clothing now darkened with her own blood. The dragon growled again, releasing the girl before using its sharp tail and slammed the girl to the nearest cave wall, where she landed with a soft thud.

All Divas never stopped singing..

The Diva lied there, unmoving until the dragon snarled in her mind. 'S i n g n o w!'

She whimpered before standing up slowly, swaying as she clutched her injured side from where the dragon had struck her. Still, despite the fact that this might be her last song, she still sang and felt no regrets, for this was the duty she was tasked with and she will fulfill it till her last breath.

Until.. The bitter end.

The dragon lowered its head and fell asleep to the soft lullaby sang by the Diva. The Diva herself collapsed to the floor moments after the song ended, bleeding profusely. Injured and without help, the lone Diva was left to die.

The Guardian took a sharp breath and glanced behind her, towards the closed portal. Earlier, the dragon's anger coursed through her and the only way to control herself was to gripped her staff harder and send her own feelings to calm the beast. But now, moments later, she had sensed the Diva's final breath. Sighing softly, she walked to the nearby pond on the left side of the shrine, the chain attached to the neck collar clinking as it moved. With a wave of her staff, an image appeared on the surface of the pond.

Throughout the centuries, many Divas have lost their lives and history repeats itself.

But Fate, sometimes, can be cruel..

"Mommy, what's that?" A curious pair of eyes peeked in, staring at the little... something wrapped in a long red scarf in his mother's arms. The woman sitting at the edge of the bed turned her attention away from the bundle and towards the little five year-old. Her icy blue eyes were filled with warmth looked at the boy's chocolate brown eyes with little flecks of gold towards the center as she patted the side of the bed, inviting him to come closer.

The boy did so, albeit cautiously, and climbed onto the bed. Balancing himself as he stood, he tried to get a better look at the bundle by tip-toeing, one hand held on his mother's hand for support. This made the woman chuckled as she lowered the red bundle low enough for him to see.

The boy gasped, for underneath the scarf was a baby no older than a few days old. He gasped again as the baby made cooing sounds an reaching out.

"This, my dear Sky," She spoke, eyes filled with mirth and for reasons unknown, sadness. "Is Snow. Your sister."

"Sister?" He whispered, as if testing the word.

His mother smiled genuine at that. "Yes, sister. Go on, say hi."

"Eh?" The small boy immediately shy away from his mother, face slightly red from embarrassment. He certainly wasn't expecting that. As he glanced up at his mother's face, she had a hopeful look on her face as she nodded encouraging, tempting him to speak. Puffing his cheeks out a little, Sky leaned closer to the baby and mumbled, stuttering a little. "H-Hello, Snow"

Snow made a happy sound as she reached her arms out. Gingerly, he touched the little girl's fingers and watched in wonder as she grasped it.

Their mother gently put the bundle on the bed. "Sky, I'm going to make tea. Take care of your sister, alright?"

Receiving only a nod as a response, she stood and exited the bedroom. Sky gazed at Snow, who was still trying to reach for him. Smiling to himself, he knelt next to the little girl, taking in her appearances. He noticed she looked like a mixture of their parents. Little Snow had the same chocolate eyes as he did from their father and a small ruff of natural silver hair proved it was from their mother.

He chuckled. "You're cute, you know?"

Another happy sound was made as she now used bother her hands to hold his hand instead of one.

"You like me, is it?" He smiled nervously. "I don't know how to be a big brother, but I'll try my best. I promise I'll protect you."

For it had separated the pair of siblings..

Faint knocks were suddenly heard from the main door. Startled, Sky jumped a little as he glanced at the door of the bedroom, which was slightly ajar. The thought that no one should be visiting this late at night came to his mind. Feeling afraid, he inched closer to Snow who was oblivious as she was making cooing sounds again.

Who were meant to be together.

"What?! No! You have no rights to do this!!"

Shouts were heard from the hallway as two armored burst into the bedroom, followed by their mother. One looked around the room while tried to talk to the distressed mother. " I apologize, madam, but by the orders of the king, you-"

"To Nether with the king! You can't take my daughter!"

The other man looked around as Sky tried to hide Snow behind him. However, the red bundle was plainly obvious in sight and Sky's tiny body had little success in hiding it. The man walked towards him as the young boy stood protectively in front of his sister. The armored man reached for the baby but was pushed back when Sky yelled. "Leave her alone!!"

The man simply pushed him aside for the boy was far too weak compared to the man. But, the man had pushed a tad too far as Sky flew from the bed and slammed his head on the wall, rendering him unconscious. The mother, who was held back by the other man, screamed as she rushed to her son's side, sobbing.

The man who now held Snow gave no indication of any emotion as he nodded to his partner. "We got her. Let's go."

The pair that were meant to overcome obstacles whilst protecting each other.


The men started to leave but paused when the woman spoke, voice cracking from emotion. She stood up and turned towards them. "Can I give her something, please?'

The man who held the baby looked stoic but the other, being the sensible of the pair, looked uncertain. The former was about to reject the request but upon seeing her broke down when he had pushed her son too hard, only sighed. The latter took the opportunity and spoke. "Yes, you may give her a parting gift."

The mother nodded and made her way to the drawer as she took out an amulet from the top drawer. The amulet was made of silver with a sapphire gem engraved in the middle. Murmuring under her breath, she walked back and tucked in the amulet into the red folds of the scarf. She leaned down and gave her daughter a final kiss, taking note of the slight glow of the amulet and the silent hum of magic before it faded.

"Goodbye, my sweet daughter. May Notch give you freedom."

She glared at the men as best as she could through her tear-stainted eyes. "Her name is Snow. Don't you dare change that."

"Rest assured, her name will be kept." The sensible man said while the other nudged him, signalling their leave. At that moment, Sky blinked his eyes open and stood up groggily, swaying left and right.

Upon seeing the men leaving, Sky asked, whimpering. "Where are you taking her?"

However, his question went ignored as the men left the house. He stumbled, trying to run after them when his mother hugged him, sobbing. As he struggled from her hug, he heard her whisper in a tone he had never heard before. Defeat and broken.

"It's useless. Please, I can't lose you too."

"Mommy.." Was all he managed to speak before breaking down too.

Separated, with nothing but their amulets to connect each other.

Time passed on..

A figure stood in a dark cave, shivering. The tall ceiling of the cave was enchanted with magic, as they always show stars at night, casting a dim glow of the moon onto the girl. Dark obsidian wall surrounded her, save for the opening that was the entrance and the cold, yellow floor of the endstone rested beneath her bare feet. Outside, the endermen took no notice of the cave, for they were too fearful of the beast lay within.

And a new Diva was chosen.

The girl wore a knee length dress with a long, thin, yellow ribbon tied around her diaphragm. the dress was simple, two row of ruffles lined her chest area, then the ribbon tied around her diaphragm with spaces around her chest, giving her a baggy appearance. The lower part of the dress, due to the ribbon, looked like it was puffed out. At the back, from the area of the ribbon to the bottom, was a neat tear, revealing an inner layer of cloth.

There were small bell anklets were worn on her left leg as well as a worn, old, red scarf wrapped loosely around her arms. Her skin, from lack of sunlight, was pale and her elbow-length silver hair, held loosely by a red headband, flowed freely, swaying back and forth. Lastly, dangling on her waist, tied together by a string, was a sapphire amulet.

In front of the girl, growling softly, was the dragon. Luckily, at the time, it was asleep thanks to the song sang by the Diva.

Then, the door to a new adventure..

The now sixteen year-old Snow took off her amulet, tracing the gem with her finger. The amulet, as well as the scarf, was the only recollection of a life she wished to have, only for it to make her convinced that she was imagining it. She held the amulet, a sad and longing expression on her face

Suddenly, a deep growl echoed throughout the cave, startling the Diva as she dropped the amulet in surprise. The amulet landed with a 'Ting!' and a soft, almost unnoticeable glow lighted the gem, before fading. She picked it up gently, rubbing the surface then sighed in relief as no damage was done. Gripping the silver memento, she held it close to her heart, whispering as a lone tear slid down her cheek.

"Somebody.. Save me...."

Standing up as she wore her amulet, she bravely faced the beast that was commonly known as the Ender Dragon.

'Sing, Diva.' It commanded.

"Yes." She took a deep breath and, with a magic circle appearing beneath her bare feet, began to sing.


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