Fighting Fate - A Minecraft Fanfiction

Chapter I ~ First Words

Lapis Town, Midday

Slash, block, stab, dodge, repeat. The same thing kept processing through his mind, never once faltering. Wielding a budder sword in his hands, he fought his way through mobs and mobs of the Squid Army, determined to set his homeland free. Every once in a while, there was an occasional BOOM! that cause a tremor on the ground, like a mini earthquake.

How the squids managed to recruit the daylight mobs to their side, Sky would never know.

At any rate, with the amount of mobs attacking, his own army would be the more injured side than the pathetic squids before he finally reclaim the land. He needed to end this quickly before there were more casualties than necessary. Slicing down the next enemy, his eyes scanned the battlefield, taking in the situation.

Around him, he saw fearful residents of the town- his hometown- hiding within the walls of the buildings. His recruits- his army- as well as his friends were being overpowered by the Squid Army. Gritting his teeth, Sky fought harder, refusing to let this be a defeat. Despite his battle-honed instincts, he didn't realized a creeper was sneaking up behind him, waiting to blow at the opportune moment. A voice called out, distracting him from his current battle.

"Sky! Behind you!"

He reacted just in time, jumping away as the creeper exploded, the force of the impact knocked him a few blocks away. He breathed in a sigh of relief. That was way too close. A figure jumped down from a roof of a building, landing in front of Sky, stray black hair sticking to her face as she clutched a bow in her hand. Sea-green eyes showed concern as she offered a hand, and he took it, standing up.

"You OK?" The girl asked.

"Yep." Sky offered her a smirk. "Thanks for the heads up though, Lyra."

Lyra grinned, reaching into her pouch. "No problem. You'll probably need this."

She tossed him a health potion, red liquid gleaming. He nodded his thanks and drank it. Immediately, he felt better, his wounds healing. Lyra slung her bow and took out her diamond dagger, attacking the mobs, though she never really left his side.

"So," Lyra started, huffing as her voice took a mocking tone. "Where is our dearest squid king?"

Readying his sword, Sky replied. "You mean you didn't see it while you were on the roof?"

"Yep." She kicked a squid backwards with her combat boots, her long braided hair swaying back and forth from impact. "Exactly what I mean, Sky."

As if their questions answered, or just plain coincidence, a voice boomed. "Foolish humans! You think you can stop me?"

"Oh." Lyra managed to look surprised, despite her stabbing a squid. "What a coincidence."

"Cover me." Chocolate brown eyes with flecks of gold hidden behind the sunglasses narrowed. "It's time we settle this. Once and for all."

Lyra grinned. "Yes, Sir!"

Together, they fought their way through the crowd of mobs, occasionally saving some of the recruits that needed help. Eventually, they reached to the shore of a beach, where a gigantic squid lies. It's blue skin glimmered in the rays of sunlight, menacing red eyes glared down at them. It was scary facing the giant squid and all but...

"Wow, aren't you ugly." Sky smirked.

"I know, right?" Lyra sighed, almost sympathetically. "How can someone like you be a king?"

"You dare mock me?" The squid king roared. "Me, King Derpsolu, Lord of the sea?!"

That seemed to be a trigger of laughter for the two. Lyra seemed to be holding in her giggles while Sky just flat out laughed.

"By the gods," She placed a hand on her mouth, attempting to suppress her giggles. "How can you live with a name like that?"

"You, insolent mage." Enraged, King Derpsolu lashed out a tentacle at her, though she evaded it with ease. "You will regret those words."

"Right... And I will drag you down to the Nether for what you did." Lyra dragged the word as she changed her weapon into a bow once again, before nudging Sky. "Let's do this."

"Before we begin, though," Their attention snapped back at the giant squid as it's voice took a smug tone. "Do you want to know a secret?"

"What secret?" Sky asked, narrowing his eyes. "Why should I trust what you say?"

"A secret between us leaders. You don't have to believe me." King Derpsolu's eyes look evil in the midday sunlight. "Just listen to what I have to say. Of course, the mage is not allowed in this conversation."

Out of the corner of his eye, Sky noticed how tense Lyra looked. He turned his attention back to the king. "And why is that? Why should we listen to you?"

"Simply because she will pry into this conversation. This wretch-" King Derpsolu pointed a tentacle at the mage. "Is apart of something you'll never know, unless if I tell you myself."

"What?" Lyra placed an arrow on her bow, pointing at the king. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right here, right now."

"Need I say?" King Derpsolu glared down at the two, before Sky spoke. "Go."

"What?" She looked at him, disbelief in her eyes. "No. I'm not leaving you."

"Help the others." Sky glanced back at her. "They need you more than me."

"But-" She cut herself off once she saw the look in his eyes. "Alright. But I'm coming back with reinforcements. Don't trust a word he says."

"Speak for yourself, mage."

With a glare at the giant squid, she left, leaving Sky alone with King Derpsolu. Sky glared at the leader of the Squid Army, unwilling to lower his guard.

"What do you want to talk about?"

Lapis Town, Late Afternoon

"Damn, damn." Lyra shot down another enemy, gritting her teeth. Despite her need to get back to him, she somehow got lost in the crowds. She would never forgive herself if she ever found him. What was he thinking? Or rather, what was she thinking? For all she knew, it could very well be a trap.

Stabbing a near exploding creeper with an arrow, she took a glance around, then up at the buildings. She needed to atop of one, that would help her gain her bearings. With that thought in mind, she quickly scaled a small house, landing nimbly on the roof. Smoothing her stained blue hoodie and short brown skirt, she looked left and right.

There's the neighborhood, She noted to the right. So the beach should be at..

A bit lost in thought, she didn't notice that there was someone else on the roof, until he spoke.

"Fancy meeting you here."

"!" Immediately, an arrow was pointed at the figure. "Oh. It's just you, Bajan."

Bajan, her acquaintance and comrade, chuckled as she used the arrow and instead shoot a squid below. Lyra glanced at him at the corner of her eyes. "Where's Fluffy?"

"Oh, he's somewhere waving Betty, I'm sure of it." As if on cue, a familiar war cry reached their ears to their left.

"Hmm.." She looked out further to the right, narrowing her eyes. "I need to get to Sky."

"Why?" He asked, concern feigning in his eyes, "What's wrong?"

"He's at the beach," She hesitated a little before continuing. "With the squid king."

"What? We got to get there."

"I know. just let me think-"

They never got the chance though. Before they could do anything, King Derpsolu's voice boomed. "Enough! Squid Army, retreat!"

"What?" Lyra watched as the mobs heed the order, squids and creepers alike. The creepers vanishing through the forest whist the squids entered the ocean.

"That was easy." Bajan muttered. "Too easy."

She nodded in agreement, infinite possibilities running through her mind. Did Sky managed to defeat the leader of the Squid Army? Did he offered himself in place for peace?

The rest of the Sky Army recruits stood in silence, stunned. Slowly, the resident began creeping out of their houses, eyes wide with shock. It wasn't long until the leader himself showed up from the beach, grinning.

Sky walked calmly to the center of the town where a fountain lies, his recruits, friends as well as the residents making way. He stood on the fountain, brandishing his budder sword upwards.

"I hereby declare," Sky's grin widened as he called out dramatically. "Lapis Town is free!"

With the last words spoken, the crowds burst into cheers, some of his recruits raising their swords as well.

Lapis Town, Nighttime

That very night, the town had celebrated their freedom with a party, the Sky Army being the guests of honors. Laughter were shared, wild stories were exchanged. For once in a long time, everyone was happy.

Yet, a lone leader leaned against the wall of one of the building, lost in thought. He was happy as well, his hometown was finally free. For some reason, Sky couldn't shake off the feeling that something was amiss. He felt as if someone should be here, joining him in this celebration.

But who? Why was he feeling this way?

Sky came to a conclusion that it was his mother that he was missing. Glancing down at the paper cup in his hands, he pondered about what the squid king had said.

They're lying... He thought, frowning slightly. Just what did he mean?

He didn't have to thought for long, before he was joined by two of his friends, Jason and Lyra. Lyra leaned next to him, smiling. "Turn that frown upside down, would you?"

"What are you guys doing here?" Sky said, smiling. Lyra's braided black hair was let go, flowing down her backside. Her clothes were clean from all the blood, combats boots even shining. Jason's space outfit was clean as well. If there was still laundry cleaning here, He decided, I am definitely going there. "Shouldn't you guys be at the party?"

Jason glanced up at the dark sky, watching the twinkling stars, then shrugged. "We got bored."

"Yeah." Lyra nodded, her bangs bobbed up and down at her motion. "I mean, the same thing happened in Iron City. Plus, you were looking pretty lonely."

"I reject that fact." Sky protested. "I have you guys and the whole army with me."

The other two shared a look but kept silent. Lyra shrugged and look around at the rowdy party. "I miss being here. It's been such a long time."

Sky smiled nostalgically, remembering his childhood memories with them. "Yeah.."

Jason leaned over to Lyra, whispering. "I think we should leave him alone."

She nodded and grinned. "Let's disturb Bajan and Fluffy."

He chuckled. "What is with you and that nickname?"

"Hey, it's not my fault that I like it better that that other name." She retorted, standing up straight. "Seriously, 'Jerome'.. What kind of name is that for a bacca?"

Their voices faded as they joined the crowd. Sky didn't even noticed them leave. He gazed at the shining stars, one of which was probably her mother. Taking out his amethyst amulet, he looked at his mother's memento, a somewhat longing expression on his face. A sudden loud noise snapped a startled Sky out of his thoughts, causing him to drop the amulet.

Unaware that a certain someone did the same.

Quickly, he picked it up, checking if there were any damage done on it. Much to his relief, there was none. He sighed in relief and held it close to his heart, glad that his precious gift was safe, not noticing how the gem glowed before fading. It was then he heard a strange but delicate voice, whispering softly as it afraid.

"Somebody.. Save me..."

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