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Our lovely sis'


Left in an orphanage at 8 years old by her own mother, the angel looking-like child Seraphine finds herself thrown in the perilous of life and has no choice but to get tenacious. Her new chance at life is given when Mason and Lydia Blasius visit the " Little Angels" orphanage in search of a child they could name as their own. But the motives behind their adoption lies only in Lydia's effort to not let Mason divorce her as she could lose getting out of the marriage with no monetary compensation. Only half a year after being adopted, the family shatters when Mason still forwards the divorce but Lydia gets several properties, 5 billion dollars and a dozen of cars. Years pass by but sweet Sephy hasn't lost her innocence and kindheartedness even after the hard times she went through. Now faced with a new situation she accepts the challenge and is set to attain her dream. Seraphine is on her way with Lydia to meet her new step-dad and her future brothers, little did she know that her devil-like brothers are waiting excitedly for her and her bitch of a mother. The brothers are ruthless, filthy rich and handsome and they know it, it's only a matter of time before they'll kick the old whore and her slut of a daughter out. They are definitely not prepared to find a lovely creature radiating with innocence and love, they however stand still on their mindset.

Drama / Romance
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Leaving home

The very same suffocating dark room that is dreamt every few nights a week is appearing again in Seraphine's vision along with cold shivers and sleep paralysis, she can't scream nor can she run away she can only suffer in her own torment 'till dawn, and hope for her to hear the alarm clock to wake her up.

The unnvented room with discarded clothes and other unidentified objects placed on floor, is taking on a sudden beam of light when door bangs to the wall and a pair of outraged eyes are searching crazily all over the room until they fall upon a small black shadow in the further corner of the room. Serephine is slowly lifting her head bent down on her knees and is straining her shining blue eyes at the door, trying to fit the image in her head, the sudden appearance of light making her blind.

"Come and wash yourself and let's make you look presentable. Today you can't mess it up, you listen?! We have to make them accept us in the family by any means!".

Crouching down to the eight year old girl's level she is sinking her fake nails in the girl's shoulder, gripping hard and shaking her she starts screaming "Do you like it here?! Look at me!" The girl shakes furiously her head negatively with tears in her eyes

"If I signal you to cry, you will cry. If we don't do the trick today I'm gonna kick you out in the streets, I've spent ten years with that cunning
coward and have a bastard like you only to live like poor single mother! This is not my destiny! I've had enough! So do a good show today, okay darling?"

The little girl is nodding weakly while her mother loosens her grasp from her feeble daughter's shoulders leaving blueish-red marks on her pale white skin.

Violet hasn't fed her daughter at all the past week only for this day to come, so when they will turn up at the mansion gate at least out of pity for the child the family will take them in and include Violet as a Richardson member. Yes! Everything will work out the was supposed to, she doesn't need to worry.

She has paid off the gate servants a lot of money to let them in, the old hag Mrs. Richardson is also out the house today so it's only that useless coward and Mr. Richardson, everything is set.

Stepping out of the bathroom the little girl is surprised to see her mother sitting in the living room merrily with a small girl dress. Approaching her mother she sits beside her mother's left while she in on the couch."You do remember what do, yes Seraphine?" Violet asks her daughter bitterly, and the girl nods. "Talk dammit!!"spat Violet in her daughter's ear making her jump. "Yes, mother! I remember everything!" answered the little girl with a big smile. If she can succeed this her mother will be proud of her, she will be happy.

Driving their way to the mansion in silence both females are dead set to succeed today, one is trying to get her mother's love and care while the other is only thinking about money.

Half an hour later the car approaches a massive black gate encircled with giant three meters height walls, Violet lets down the window and signals the gatekeeper to let her in, the massive gate opens showing the beauty that was hidden behind the imposing black metal gates.

While Seraphine is in a serene state enjoying the view never seen before, in Violet it arouses anger and erratic feelings, she is in a ready to kill mode. Driving down the alley they can see the mansion gloriously standing, kind of winking filthy rich at Violet which makes her laugh like a maniac.

Violet rings the bell an waits pulling Seraphine closer to her leg. The door opens revealing the old butler flabbergasted with his eyes leaking panic when le lowers his gaze to the small weak girl beside Victoria.

"Old man, long time no see. Where is Josh? We have personal things to talk as you can see."
"Please head this way, miss Baxter." spat disgusted the butler leading the way to waiting room.

"I'll inform Master right away, if you may please wait here." and he leaves hurriedly ditching Violet and Seraphine only half-way to the waiting room.

Moments later furious loud steps can be heard on the marble floor with occasional loud cursing. Two bulky men enter the chamber with the old butler and stop when they see Violet then they look at the small child sitting on the armchair, the younger man approaches Violet.

"Are you insane? How could a harlot like you trespass in my property? How dare you look down on the Richardson's and come here?" And he slaps her hard across her face making an ugly sound echo around the room, Violet grins madly "Well hello to you too, darling meet your daughter!" And waves her hand towards Seraphine.

"Did you think I would ever let you in this life forget about us? You own me! I struggled with your child for 8 years alone, but I have no power anymore. I reached my limit. It's time to step up and take responsibility!" She screams in tears hysterical making everyone in the room look at her in horror.

Joshua takes a step back looking at Violet in disbelief and disgust "She is not my child, Violet. You cheated on me several times, remember. And as a matter of fact I have already ran DNA tests on this kid, I have no relationship with her. You see it for yourself." and throws 2 papers in her face.

"That's not true! You are lying! How could you run tests on her when you never even saw her?!" Violet is raging, she has a feeling her plan will not work out if this keeps up.

"You think I would turn my back on my own child? I am not that ruthless. I took a sample of her blood from kindergarden and sent it to be analyzed. She is not my child, see it for yourself, you fucking whore!" Anger rising in Joshua'a voice and his face reddening as he speaks, not minding the disapproving glances from his father nor the small child beside him.

"Get out of my property in three minutes, if not I'll feed you to the dogs" Joshua warns as he walks away leaving Violet drop to the floor dramatically, crying hysterically and cursing her lungs out. Behind her four personal bodyguards appeared and started lifting her under her arms while she was thrashing her legs like a mad man and cursing the same time. They threw her out of the mansion on the stairs and closed the doors forever for them. After a while of crying and anger outbursts on her own daughter Violet picks herself up and climbs in the car, Seraphine follows shortly after her, and drive out of the Richardson property with a bitter heart. She couldn't get it, in the end. She lost.

Driving in silence until the car abruptly stops not in the car park but beside the pedestrian road and turning off the engine, Violet turns to Seraphine with a dejected look. "It's your own fault for being born so you shouldn't blame me. Get out of the car".

Panic installs in Seraphine upon hearing her mother so calm uttering those hurtful words, she knows it can't be good what comes next, and so she has even forgot how to breath, in fear of anticipation what will she do.

"Get out!" Her mother screams loud enough to hear even for the people passing by and unbuckles Seraphine's belt, opens her door and throws her out of the car with a single powerful push, making the small child lend on the cold hard pavement, then she closes the door and speeds off.

Seraphine still on pavement remains in shock until she sees the car getting further away then she at once sits up and she jumps in front of the cars running after her mother untill she can't breath and her chest is painful, little Seraphine feels that she doesn't have any more power to run, her vision is getting blurry as her legs are still walking in a robotical manner but not for long and falls defeated into a pit of darkness.

"It will be fine. It's okay." Seraphine's last thoughts before passing out resonates like a drum in her head even in her dream.

These words are her safety words.. for whenever she needs encouragement.

"They proved efficient!" she happily thinks.

Morning arises, letting shy sunbeams spark through the thin curtain and fall upon Seraphine's beautiful blue eyes narrow as she tries to wake up from her nightmare.

Smiling blindly to the windows where the sunshine ray is, she cheerfully sits up and uncovers the window letting the sun invade her room and she enjoys the sunbath in front of the window in her pj's, she likes to absorb all the light and warmness the sun gives her because it balms her heart, it heals her beautifully.

Walking up to the bathroom and shower, Seraphine is watching herself in the mirror disapprovingly, not liking that she didn't grow in height at all these past months, she is yet to have seventeen years old in four months and a half and desperately wishes to grow a little bit more since she is only 5ft.

Looking like a small kid, she doesn't want that, so she stubbornly exercises every morning and every night before going to bed for five months by now but with no success so far.

She let's her luscious wavy auburn hair down, walks down the shower and pampers herself with lots of lotion. She feels a good day is about to start.

Seraphine is done with the toilette and walks out of the bathroom in only her white satin robe where is surprised to see aunt Maria sitting on the edge of her bed.

"Good morning, my sweet Sephy!" Says the middle-aged woman while lovingly smiling at the strikingly beautiful girl in front of her. She could never get used to Sephy's natural beauty.

" Good morning, aunty!" , Seraphina grins mischievously at Maria.

"The madam is asking for you at the table in half an hour, darling. Be sure to stay out of her way, she is stressed with some matters."

"Sure, I'll be careful! Thank you, aunt!" , says Seraphine merrily.

"Let this old woman give you a kiss to protect you and give you all the luck in world!", Says Maria while sitting up and reaching Seraphine she cups her face and kisses her lovingly until the girl blushes shyly and her all face turns pink.

"I am so blessed to have you in my life, aunt!"

Maria looks up to her sadly and starts crying, hugging Seraphine until she has no breath. How could she let go of this beautiful innocent child? She should have been strong, she can't weaken Sephy. They will still meet at times... everything will be fine, as the little angel in her arms is always saying.

Seraphine is inquiring Maria's state but the old woman doesn't budge, leaving Sephy only with presumptions and worry for the only woman who ever showed her motherly care.

Descending the stairs to the kitchen she finds Lydia sitting in the lounge room making phone calls angrily. The maids are making breakfast hurriedly so Seraphine is mingling between them to help prepare it faster for madam.

Lydia is taking her place the dinner table and Seraphine joins her.

"Good morning, mother." Says Seraphine with a greeting smile.

"Tomorrow morning we'll move out to Tom's home, they expect us by three in the afternoon. We'll have to set up some rules, like usual we'll act like we have a mother-child relationship. You'll still have no allowance but I'll continue paying for your school tuition. Also you will have four others brothers, try to get along with them and put me in good graces in front of Tom whenever there's a chance. Most of the things will be sent today, so pack fast what you need. I've already had Maria speak with your school principal to transfer to another highschool near our new house so don't do anything and just pack. Questions?"

Serephine is left flabbergasted. She didn't know anything about moving out. Probably that's why aunt Maria burst out crying.. she knew they will not see each other anymore!

"No. It just took me by surprise, it's all happening so fast. I'll pack fast after I'll finish the chores." Says Seraphine defeated.

"You have no say in this. Stop complaining like a brat. And try cover up more. Don't walk around in leggings, skirts, dresses, fit shirts. Just wear something baggy all the time, clear?!"

"Yes, mother."

When Seraphine was 12 years old Lydia took notice that the child she adopted together with her ex-husband Mason was quite pleasant to the eye, so after the divorce with Mason she decided to take advantage of Serephine's cuteness and attract filthy rich men with the facade of a heartbroken woman left with a child. And it worked, whenever she brought men home they would eat together at the table and act like a loving family in front of the naive man. Tom, the latest lover she has now, has been dining together with Lydia and Seraphine about 8 times in 3 years. Tom has mentioned lovingly his sons a few times over the course of years but has never showed them, or set up a dinner to meet them. Serephine actually likes Tom and would like to have him as a father figure, though she doesn't put her hopes up in this relationship, considering the cunning and fake nature of Lydia and how mature and intelligent Tom actually is.

After breakfast Serephine is looking for aunt Maria to speak more privately in her room, reminiscing old memories of her early years and promise each other to keep in touch and call frequently, all while packing everything she owns and crying the same time for leaving behind aunt Maria. In a few hours she carries the boxes downstairs.

The whole day was a big tumult with lots of crying for leaving Maria and happy laughs when remembering their joyous time together.

Now sitting on her bed waiting for sleep to catch her her mind only plays this phrase in un unbelieving tone , like a broken radio : "Tomorrow I'm leaving."
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