Mega Man Star Force Zero

Wave Battle: Leviathan

Zero and Leviathan rushed at each other and began fighting each other ferociously, Leviathan slashing with her staff, Zero slashing with her Z-Saber. Unlike her fights with Phantom and Fenrir, she was actually on the same level as Leviathan.

While slashing, Zero pulled out a Gatling Gun Battle Card and activated it. She then flipped over Leviathan and fired at her point blank doing damage. While Leviathan was disoriented, Zero activated a Heavy Ax Battle Card and began slashing at Leviathan, who tried to block the assault with her staff.

Leviathan jumped away from Zero and ran back over to the beach, Zero hot on her trail. While running, Zero activated a Plasma Gun Battle Card and fired at her, hitting Leviathan from behind.

"Ah!" Leviathan screamed as the attack hit, paralyzing her. Since she was a water elemental and Zero's attack was an electrical attack, it did double damage. Zero took that as her chance to activate two Long Swords, which she used to slash at Leviathan continually. When Leviathan broke out of the paralysis, she jumped away and slashed at the air with her staff, "Tidal Wave!" she said as a large tidal wave appeared on the Wave Road and rushed toward Zero. Zero got in a defensive stance and blocked the attack, but was surprised to see Leviathan rushing at her. She activated her sword and the two of them began clashing weapons ferociously again.

Gemini Spark was fighting a group of viruses on the surface while Zero was fighting Leviathan on the Wave Road. Gemini White looked up at the Wave Road and saw the fight, Zero really holding her own now.

"Good job Luna. Keep it up," he said to himself with a smile. This showed that the training they did together really paid off. He then went back to his fight.

Back on the Wave Road, Zero and Leviathan jumped away from each other breathing heavily. The funny thing was that they were both smiling. Even though they were enemies, it was clear that they were both enjoying the Wave Battle.

"What's the matter Zero? Running out of steam?" Leviathan asked in a taunting manner.

"Please, I'm just getting started," Zero said with a smirk. She then activated her Z-Mirage attack creating two clones next to her, surprising Leviathan. The two clones then rushed at Leviathan and attacked with their Z-Sabers. Leviathan was clearly overwhelmed, but she kept fighting trying to destroy the clones, clearly forgetting the real Zero. She didn't forget Leviathan however, because she smirked and pulled out a Battle Card.

Leviathan was clearly getting impatient, "Why are these copies so annoying?!" she asked herself. While she fought, she finally realized something, "Hey wait. Where's the rea-" she realized too late. Zero had already slashed at her and the clones with a large slash from the Heavy Ax she pulled out. Zero then activated her Z-Saber and slashed downward at Leviathan.

"How... could I... lose?!" Leviathan asked as she began sparking. Her Battle Form then exploded right in front of Zero, leaving a normal Leviathan lying on the Wave Road in front of Zero.

On the beach, Taurus Fire, Gemini Spark, Harp Note, and Rogue noticed the field around the beach disappearing around them, and the viruses left all fazed back into the Wave World.

"Hey, I think she did it!" Harp Note said turning to everyone.

"Alright Luna!" Taurus Fire said throwing his fist in the air happily. Gemini Spark gave each other a high five since it was their training that made her so good. Rogue just crossed his arms and sulked to himself. He was pissed of by A) the fact that he didn't get to fight Leviathan, and B) the fact that she was defeated by Luna of all people. Geo he could partially understand, but this was just getting weird.

After the explosion, Zero looked at Leviathan on the Wave Road in disbelief, "I beat... Leviathan... I defeated one of the Four Guardians..." she said to herself.

"Alright kid!" Xerox said to Luna on the green screen on her left wrist, "She was the second strongest after Harpuia!"

Zero was ecstatic. This meant that she was actually at Mega Man's level, maybe even stronger. Leviathan was slowly getting up, "What's up Leviathan? Didn't get enough?" Zero taunted. Both she and Xerox were taken aback when Leviathan began laughing.

"What's so funny?" Xerox asked.

"You two have no idea, do you?" Leviathan said looking up at them. It was clear that she was tired, but she also had this confidence in her eyes, "I didn't have to win," she said with an evil smile.

"What do you mean?" Zero asked pointing her sword at Leviathan, making her laugh even harder.

"If I were you, I'd turn around," Leviathan said looking past Zero. Before she could even think of turning around, a familiar barrage of cannon fire came down on top of Zero, who jumped away from Leviathan. She turned around and saw Fenrir (Battle Form) jump down in front of Leviathan. Phantom, also in his Battle Form was helping Leviathan up.

"Are you okay?" Phantom asked Leviathan, who nodded, "You did good. The master is proud of you," he continued.

"What? Didn't Harpuia get an invitation?" Xerox asked.

"Oh, I'm here," they heard from behind Fenrir and Phantom. They moved out of the way to make room for Harpuia, who was floating there with his hands behind his back still in his EM form, "Xerox, it's so good to see you again. And I'm assuming this lovely lady is Zero, correct?" Harpuia asked calmly.

Xerox just growled at Harpuia. Zero on the other hand was frozen in fear looking at Harpuia. Even in his EM form, there was something really intimidating about him. He was just floating there, glaring at her. He didn't even have a weapon out, nor was he in a fighting position, almost like he knew that she wasn't a threat to him.

"What do you want?" Zero finally asked, once she worked up the courage to do so.

"Why, we want you of course," Harpuia stated, shocking Zero.


"Well, we more so want Zero, the fusion of you and that devil, Xerox," When Harpuia said that, Zero stepped back a bit, "Now we can do this the easy way, or the slightly more troublesome way. Will you come willingly, or will I actually have to get my hands dirty?"

Zero didn't know what to do. She knew that she could take them on one at a time, but three against one? Fenrir and Phantom sensed her hesitation and stepped forward.

"No answer, eh?" Fenrir said pointing his cannons at Zero.

"That's fine, I've been waiting for a rematch," Phantom said pulling out a large shuriken.

"Kid, we gotta get out of here!" Xerox said to Zero.

"But if I Trans Out now, they'll see my human form!" she said, making Xerox slap himself on the forehead. They couldn't afford to reveal themselves like that.

Just then a blue star shined in the sky above them, followed by a blue light that came down in between Zero and the Four Guardians. When the light disappeared, someone was standing there, someone that made Zero's heart stop...

"Geo...?" Zero said slowly to herself. The person turned around to face her. He was taller now, his hair was longer, and his skin was a little pale, but it was definitely Mega Man.

Xerox was confused, "Wait, you mean that's...?" he stopped looking at Mega Man. According to Zero, it was Mega Man, but how?

"Geo!" Zero then called out happily running over to Mega Man hugging him, Mega Man just standing there, "I never gave up hope! I knew you'd come back! I just knew it!" as she hugged Mega Man, Taurus Fire, Gemini Spark, Harp Note, and Rogue ran in. They were all shocked to see who Luna was hugging.

"Wait! Isn't that..." Taurus Fire was in shock looking at this.

"I don't believe it... Geo..." Harp Note said slowly walking over to him and Zero.

"Sonia, stop!" Lyra said startling Harp Note, who then looked at Lyra on her guitar, "There's something wrong here!"

"What...?" Harp Note said confused.

"She's right," Rogue suddenly said catching everyone's attention, "There's something wrong with his wave frequency, like something is missing."

"Something...missing?" Harp Note said looking even more confused. Everyone just looked at Zero and Mega Man, Zero as happy as ever, but Mega Man just standing there with a blank smile.

"Um...Luna...?" Gemini White asked slowly. Zero then let go of Mega Man turned to all of them happily.

"Isn't this great guys? Geo's finally home! I told you he would come back! Oh-" suddenly there was a loud gun shot from behind Zero, who stood there horrified, "Geo... why...?" she asked slowly as she fell down.

"LUNA!" everyone shouted running to her side. They looked up and saw Mega Man standing there, his Mega Buster out, and smoke coming out of it.

Mega Man shot Zero...

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