Mega Man Star Force Zero

Return of Mega Man?

Harp Note and Gemini White helped Zero up while Taurus Fire, Rogue, and Gemini Black stood in front of Zero defensively.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Taurus Fire asked incredulous. Harpuia floated over to Mega Man's side and smiled.

"It's good to see you master," he said to Mega Man, shocking everyone.

"Master?!" everyone besides Zero asked. Zero slowly raised her head and looked up at Mega Man in horror and confusion.

"Geo... what is this?" she asked more so to herself.

Harpuia and Mega Man looked at Zero closely, "So master? Is she the one?" Harpuia asked Mega Man, who just smirked.

"I recognize the wave frequency, it's her," Mega Man said in a voice that sounded like two in one, one being his own, the other being a deep, demonic voice. He then smiled at Zero and held his hand out, "Let's not make this difficult. Please, come with us," Mega Man said almost lovingly.

Zero was so confused right now. It was clearly Mega Man, but why was he leading the Four Guardians?

Taurus Fire stepped forward, "I don't know what's going on Geo, but if you want Luna then you'll have to go through us!" he said as Gemini Black and Rogue stepped forward.

"How foolish of you," Mega Man said looking down. Harpuia floated up but Mega Man held his hand in front of him, "Get Leviathan back to the fortress. I'll handle this."

"Are you sure master?"

"I wish to gauge their strength. I won't kill them, and I doubt I will be able to capture Zero, but I still wish to see what they are capable of."

"As you wish," Harpuia looked at Zero, "Don't die on me," he said before turning to the rest of the Guardians. They all disappeared, leaving Mega Man standing there alone.

"Now, who wishes to go first?" Mega Man asked with that same smile that was so normal it was creepy.

"Out of my way," Rogue said stepping forward.

"Solo, no!" Harp Note said.

"I've waited too long for this day. I will defeat Mega Man this time!" Rogue then held his hand out, "Laplace! Come forth!" Laplace fazed in and turned into a sword for Rogue. Mega Man held up his left hand which turned into a Long Sword. The two of them rushed at each other and began clashing weapons. Taurus Fire turned back to Zero and Harp Note.

"Let's get to higher ground!" he said jumping to a higher Wave Road, followed by Gemini Black.

"Come on Luna!" Harp Note said jumping up with Zero and Gemini White. They all watched the fight between Rogue and Mega Man, not knowing who to root for.

Rogue and Mega Man continued to clash weapons, Rogue using all of his strength, but Mega Man striking almost effortlessly. Rogue noticed that and actually was shocked.

"Is he even trying?" he asked himself. He then got his answer when Mega Man slashed a little harder sending him back, "Where did he get all of this power?" Mega Man then pulled out another Battle Card.

"Mega Cannon," he said calmly as he flicked the Battle Card into his arm. He fired at Rogue with the Mega Cannon, but the blast seemed stronger than usual, sending Rogue back.

"Solo!" Harp Note said jumping down to help him.

"Sonia, it's too dangerous!" Taurus Fire said holding his hand out.

Harp Note knelt down next to Rogue, "Solo, please be alright!" she said putting her hand on Rogue's chest. She heard chuckling to her side. She got up and got her guitar ready as Mega Man walked over to her, "Geo, don't make me do this!" she got ready to play a note, "I will attack if I have to!" Mega Man held up his Mega Buster and was charging it, "Shock Note!" Harp Note said as two pink speakers appeared next to her. She then played a loud note on her guitar that was designed to paralyze her opponent, but it had no effect on Mega Man.

"What the!" she was shocked at that. Mega Man fired at Harp Note, knocking her back.

Taurus Fire didn't waste any time. He had already jumped down and was charging at Mega Man getting ready to tackle him with his horns. Mega Man anticipated that attack and turned to Taurus Fire, just in time to meet his attack head first by grabbing him by the horns. Everyone was shocked by what happened next. Mega Man pick Taurus Fire up by the horns and threw him on his back. Right when Taurus Fire was about to get up, Mega Man kicked Taurus Fire actually knocking him a few feet away. Before Taurus Fire could react at all, he was hit by a Wide Wave Battle Card doing extra damage.

"Bud!" Zero was horrified watching all of this. Why was Geo attacking his friends? Why was he so strong?

"Rey, we're up," Gemini White said looking at his twin. Gemini Black nodded and they we're about to jump down, but Zero grabbed Gemini White's hand looking up at him pleadingly, "Luna, I'm sorry," Gemini White and Gemini Black faded away, leaving Zero standing there. She fell to her knees in shock. Xerox looked at Zero in sadness.

Mega Man looked and saw a large lightning blast. He jumped away from the attack. He looked and saw Gemini Spark standing there, holding their hands in position to fire Gemini Thunder, "Two against one? That's not very fair, is it?"

Gemini Spark didn't reply, they just looked at each other, nodded, and charged up again, "Gemini Thunder!" they called out firing at Mega Man with all of their strength. Mega Man was running toward them moving side to side dodging their attacks. He jumped up and activated two Wide Swords, which he came down and attack Gemini Spark with.

The twins met his swords with their own, and the three of them began fighting close quarter. Mega Man then surprised them by kicking Gemini White away and attacking him knocking him out.

"Pat!" Gemini Black said looking at his partner on the Wave Road unconscious. Mega Man then continued to attack Gemini Black with both swords, actually pushing him back. Gemini Black was getting overwhelmed, "Why hasn't his Battle Card run out yet?! It should have deactivated by now!" he said actually getting worried. Mega Man then broke through his defense and attacked him with both swords, knocking him down as well.

"Pat! Rey!" Zero shouted in horror. She had just watched all of her friends get taken out one by one, by Geo. What was worse was that he did it like they were nothing to worry about. She noticed that Mega Man disappeared, but was shocked when he reappeared next to her.

"Zero," he said catching her attention. Still sitting on the Wave Road, she backed away from Mega Man in fear. Mega Man pointed his Mega Buster at Zero and was charging it up getting ready to fire, "If you will not come willingly, then I'll just have to use force," he said with that same smile.

"Kid! Get up! We gotta fight!" Xerox shouted to Zero, who was just shaking her head in fear. Right now, she was too afraid to get up. Too afraid to fight. Xerox knew she was traumatized, but he also knew that if they didn't fight, Mega Man was going to take them out, "Luna!"

Right when Mega Man was about to fire, a barrage of laser fire shot at Mega Man defending Zero. They both turned and saw Satella Police officers firing at Mega Man, the assault lead by Acid Ace. Acid Ace jumped up and pulled out his laser sword slashing Mega Man away.

"The hero of justice, Acid Ace has arrived!" he said holding his hand out for Zero to take. She slowly took it and got up, "Acid, tell all officers to retreat!"

"Understood Ace," Acid said in Acid Ace's ear. The other officers were securing Taurus Fire and the others when they got Acid's message, "All units, return to base immediately! Ace's orders!" the officers nodded and all Transed Out at once going back to the Satella Police main HQ. Acid Ace and Zero Transed Out together, leaving Mega Man standing there alone.

"Luna..." he said to himself. He smiled to himself standing there, thinking of the next faze of his plan.

At the Satella Police base, everyone had finally recovered from the attack, and was filling Ace and Acid in on the situation. Ace and Bud were talking right now, neither one of them looked happy.

"So, Mega Man is now our enemy?" Ace said looking down.

"It looks like it," Bud replied, he then looked up confused, "I don't understand. Why is Geo doing this?" he asked, Ace just shrugged his shoulders.

"Who knows. This is a real puzzle," he sighed to himself, and pulled out a Mega Snack. Even though it was clear that he was upset, he still took a big bite out of it.

Bud looked at him and shook his head, wondering how he could be thinking about food at a time like this. He was shocked when Ace pulled out another Mega Snack and offered him one.

"Trust me, it'll make you feel better," Ace said to Bud.

"Thanks Ace," Bud said taking the Mega Snack and biting into it.

"So, where's Luna?" Ace said looking at Bud.

"She and Xerox went home. I think she's taking this whole thing the hardest," Ace nodded at that.

"I bet. Even Acid chilled a bit on the interrogations. Think she'll be okay?" Ace asked Bud, who looked up.

"I don't know Ace. I just don't know."

Luna just walked into the front door of her house. Pat, Sonia, even Solo tried to call her, but she ignored all of their calls. Xerox materialized next to Luna as she walked to her room.

"Hey Luna, I'm really sorry about what happened today," he said to Luna who just kept walking, "If there's anything I can do," he said looking at her really worried.

"Right now, all I need is a little sleep," she said slowly walking into her room.

"Alright, then I'll see you-" the door shut right in his face, "in the morning..." he just put his hand on the door and looked down in frustration, "Damn it! Why can't I do more to help her! Am I really that useless?"

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