Mega Man Star Force Zero

Luna's Plight

One week later...

Luna was surrounded by a blue mist. She was still in her white night gown and her hair was still out. She didn't know where she was, and she was afraid.

"Hello?" she called out, "Xerox? Anyone?" at first no one answered, but she eventually heard someone in the distance.

"Luna..." the voice called out.

"Huh?" she turned around in the direction she heard the voice, it sounded like, "Geo?"

"Luna..." the voice called out again. Luna began running in the direction of the voice. She had to have run for at least a few minutes when she saw someone ahead of her in the mist. They had on a blue and silver robe, dark blue boots, and brown hair. The person had their back turned to Luna, and the mist still covered them a good deal, but she could at least tell the person was male. Luna stopped and stared at the man, her heart racing.

"Geo!" she called out hopeful. The person slowly turned to Luna, and she could see a familiar golden amulet around his neck, but his face was still covered by the mist "It is you..." she said slowly walking over to him.

"Luna..." the man said again, but before he could say anything else, everything turned white as she woke up.

"Luna! Luna, wake up!" Xerox said shaking her up.

She woke up and saw Xerox over her, he looked worried, "Xerox?" she asked.

"You were tossing and turning in your sleep. Are you okay?" he asked.

Luna nodded, "I'm fine Xerox, don't worry about me so much," she said getting out of bed and walking out to the bathroom.

Xerox just looked down in sadness, "How can I not worry about you?" he looked up in aggravation, "Damn it..." he flew off to the kitchen to fix breakfast.

While Luna was in the shower, she was thinking about her dream. Was it real? Did she really see Geo in her dream? Or was it just wishful thinking, hoping that what had happened last week at the beach didn't happen? She wanted to know what happened. Why did Geo attack them last week? Why was he leading an invasion on Earth? None of this made any sense.

She got dressed and walked down to the kitchen. Since Xerox helped her with her hair every night, she just went down stairs with her hair out. Xerox was floating around making breakfast, it looked like he was scrambling eggs.

"Hey Luna, I know that you usually make breakfast for yourself, but I wanted to do something nice for you," Luna just sat there looking down, silent. Xerox put the eggs on the plate with two pieces of toast and sat it in front of Luna, who slowly began eating, "Bud and Zack came while you were in the shower. They said that they wanted to hang out," Luna remained silent. Xerox just sighed to himself, "You know, you haven't left the house all week. It's a good thing Pat was nice enough to E-Mail you the assignments you missed, otherwise you'd be behind in school. I was thinking, maybe we should go out, just you and me," he asked, just to receive more silence. He sighed to himself again, and then floated over to clean the dishes.

"Xerox," Luna said getting his attention, "Do you think that was really Geo last week?" she asked not looking up.

"I don't know. I never met the guy personally, and if I did it was before I lost my memory," Xerox said floating over to the table where Luna was sitting.

"There was no way that was Geo. The Geo I know would never hurt his friends," she started trembling, making Xerox worried.

"Luna..." he floated over to her and put his arms around her.

"I bet it was Harpuia. He did this to him. Next time I see him!" she slammed her fist on the table startling Xerox, but he was more worried by what she was saying. She was talking about trying to fight the leader of the Four Guardians.

"Luna, you aren't serious, are you?!"

"Dead serious! I'll beat it out of him if I have to!" Xerox floated in front of her and put his hands on her shoulders.

"Think about what you're saying kid! Phantom, Fenrir, even Leviathan, they were all one thing. Harpuia is on a whole other level! Not to mention right now, you're too emotional!"

"How can I not be emotional Xerox?!" she looked up at Xerox really upset, "Look at what's going on here! You expect me to be calm after seeing my Geo working for them, attacking his friends?!"

"Of course not! I know you're worried about Geo, but I'm worried about you!" that shocked Luna, "You're angry, I get it, but you aren't going to be any good if you don't calm down. First of all, suppose you do end up fighting Harpuia, do you know how you'd beat him?" Luna looked down in frustration, "Exactly, you don't know the first thing about him. If you go up against him you wouldn't know what to do, and let me tell you, fighting in a blind rage isn't going to cut it."

"You're right Xerox. I do need to calm down a bit," she said getting up, "Maybe we should go out for a while, just the two of us," she said walking back to her room.

Xerox breathed out in relief, but right when he was getting comfortable, "I am going to need your help with my hair!" Luna called out. Xerox scrambled up and floated up to her room.

Outside on the Wave Road, Harpuia was looking at Luna's house.

"So that emotional little girl is Zero? If she wishes to fight, then I see no harm in giving her what she wants," he said flying off.

Since it was too late to go to school, and Luna had no intention to walk in there and suffer a barrage of questions from her friends, she decided top go to Cyber City. For a while she just walked around thinking to herself, but Xerox was determined to take her mind off her problems.

He remembered that women liked doing what they called "the shopping" or something to that effect. If they weren't going to buy anything, then they instead tried on clothes and other accessories. Knowing that Luna couldn't resist "the shopping" he decided to try to get her to engage in the event.

They went to Spica Mall to check out the shops there. At first Xerox was leading Luna, but eventually she took over and began leading Xerox through stores. After going into every single clothing store and trying on every single outfit they could find (Even Xerox tried on a few things.) they went to a restaurant to relax. Luna ordered a burger and fries, and Xerox ordered two large fries, which he had built up quiet a fondness for.

"Hey Xerox, thanks. Who knows what I would have done if you hadn't calmed me down," Luna said looking at Xerox, who was beak first in one of his cartons of fries.

He finally took a break and looked at Luna, "Don't mention it kid, I just did what any friend would do."

Luna smiled when he said that. Being with Xerox like this, she forgot that he was an alien for a second. This was the most fun she ever had with Xerox, and for some reason she didn't want it to end.

They walked out of Spica Mall when they were done, trying to figure out what to do next. Suddenly Luna got an E-Mail on her Hunter VG.

"That's weird," she said after seeing the E-Mail.

"What's weird?"

"It's anonymous. And there isn't a return address either."

"What does it say?" Xerox asked, getting worried.

"It says... 'do you want to know the truth?'" she looked at Xerox confused. He shrugged his shoulders feeling just as confused. They decided to look around, Luna putting on the Visualizer so she could see both worlds. She stopped when she saw Harpuia, staring down at her. "Hey! Harpuia!" she called out, getting Xerox's attention.

"What?! Harpuia?!" he said looking at her first, then looking at where she was looking. That's when he saw Harpuia too. When they both turned to him, he flew off.

"Xerox, let's go!" Luna said startling Xerox.

"You mean go after him?! Don't you remember our conversation from earlier?!"

"I remember, but he was the one who gave me that E-Mail! He knows what happened to Geo, and I want answers!"

Xerox shook his head, realizing that he lost this fight, "Alright, alright, let's Wave Change into Zero and go after him, but be careful." Luna nodded and she and Xerox ran off into another location to Wave Change in secret.

"Transcode 666! Zero!" Luna shouted holding her hand over her head. Xerox embraced her from behind and they both disappeared in a crimson red light. On the Wave Road above where they changed, Zero appeared in a red light. She looked around until her Hunter VG went off showing another E-Mail:

Let's play a little game. If you can catch me, then I'll answer any questions you have. You have my word.


"What is his game?" Xerox asked more so to himself. He had known Harpuia for a while, so he was used to this mind games, but that didn't make this any stranger.

"I don't know, and I don't care!" Zero said looking forward, "I'll catch him, and he'll tell me just what happened to Geo!" she then ran off to search for Harpuia.

Harpuia was watching her from above, "You're blinded by anger Zero, that's why right now, you're falling into my trap so easily," he then flew off to his hiding spot to wait for Zero.

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