Mega Man Star Force Zero

Harpuia's Game

Harpuia was flying on the Wave Road in Cyber City. He stopped when he heard Fenrir's voice above.

"What the hell are you doing?!" he asked Harpuia, "The master asked us to capture Zero, and you're playing games with her!"

"It's all apart of my plan Fenrir," he explained, "We've tried to capture her one way to no avail, so now we're going to try a different approach."

"And what if this doesn't work? What if she defeats you just like she did us?"

"She won't Fenrir. Trust me, all she can do is fall into my trap," and with that Harpuia flew off to hide.

Zero was running on the Wave Road trying to find Harpuia, but sadly she hadn't found any clues and was getting frustrated.

"Damn it!" she said to herself, she then turned up to the sky, "Harpuia! Where are you?!" she screamed.

"Luna, calm down," Xerox said, "We're not going to find him like this. Now think, when he ran off, what direction did he go in?"

"He went toward the museum I think."

"Then that's where we're going," Zero nodded at that, and they ran to the museum. Inside they saw a number of thunder viruses around on the Wave Road infecting the machines, "This is..." Zero said looking at the viruses.

"This is definitely Harpuia's doing," Xerox stated. Zero's Hunter VG went off suddenly, "Luna, you've got an E-Mail."

"Pull it up," Zero requested. She then read the E-Mail:

Defeat the viruses in this room.


"Great, this game..." Xerox groaned to himself.

"You know this game?" Zero asked.

"Unfortunately..." Xerox sighed, "Three challenges, we have to complete them by the end of the day or we lose."

"Well I don't plan on losing!" Zero said looking at the viruses in front of her. She activated her Z-Saber and ran toward the viruses.

The assault was large and chaotic, but Zero was unstoppable. Every virus she slashed at went down in one hit, and the whole fight ended way too quickly.

"Done!" she said after deleting the last virus. Xerox just stared at her in shock, he had never seen her so fired up in his life. It had him worried.

Just then a small green pendant floated down to Zero. She looked at it and saw an image of a large screen in the center of the pendant. Zero had to think for a second, not sure what it meant.

"It's a clue," Xerox said catching Zero's attention, "The picture in the center tells you where the next objective is."

"A clue? So what place has a large screen...?" she then looked up in realization, "Got it!" she then ran out of the museum to the one place in Cyber City she knew that had a large screen.

The movie theater...

Inside the theater, there weren't any viruses, which made Zero nervous, "Nothing..." she said looking around.

"Don't count this place out yet, give it a second," just then Zero got an E-Mail, "Told you."

Zero pulled up the E-Mail:

Save the Mr. Hertz.


"I don't know why he's signing them anonymous," Xerox said rolling his eyes, "We know it's him."

"Maybe it's just the fact that he's not using a Hunter VG," Zero said, "But putting that aside, we have to find a Mr. Hertz in trouble. Let's go Xerox!" she said running deeper into the movie theater.

As they ran they heard crying from somewhere nearby, "Think that's him?" Xerox asked.

"Mr. Hertzs aren't exactly known for their courage, so I would imagine so," Zero said shrugging her shoulders. She then ran into one of the theaters to find a Mr. Hertz surrounded by three large Mattaur Lvl 3 viruses.

"You have got to be kidding me..." Xerox said shaking his head. Sure they were large, and they were high level, but they were still only Mattaurs.

"Sad, right?" Zero asked before activating a Mega Cannon and firing at the one in the center deleting it. The other two slammed their pickaxes on the ground shooting shock waves at Zero. She dodged and fired a Wide Wave at the remaining Mattaurs deleting them. Zero ran up to the Mr. Hertz, "Are you alright?" she asked.

"Thank you Zero! I was so scared!" the Mr. Hertz said happily. Xerox still didn't understand how anyone could be afraid of a Mattaur.

"Who did this?" Zero asked, making the Mr. Hertz remember something.

"Right. It was this green EM wave, looked really strong. He told me to give this to you," he said handing Zero the second of those pendants. This time it showed a picture of a tree.

"Well that narrows it down," Xerox stated sarcastically, "There's only around a hundred trees scattered around the city."

"You're right..." Zero said thinking, "which means that the area has to be a place known for it's trees! Thanks!" she said to the Mr. Hertz.

"It's the lease I can do for saving me," the Mr. Hertz said, making Xerox roll his eyes. He wasn't going to let it go. A Mattaur of all things. He thought about it all while Zero ran to her next location.

They stopped when they arrived in the park at the center of the city. It was the largest park in Cyber City, known for having the most nature in all of Cyber City and Echo Ridge.

"Here?" Xerox asked confused.

"This is the most natural park in the area. These days most of the trees you see are either enhanced by mechanics, or are simply made of Real Waves. This park is one of the last ones here with all natural trees untouched by technology," Zero explained. After she finished, her Hunter VG went off.

"Right on cue," Xerox said as Zero pulled up the E-Mail:

Protect the tree.


Not knowing what the E-Mail meant, Zero just decided to explore the park for a while. She eventually came across a large Grandfather Tree in the deepest part of the park.

"It's enormous..." Zero said looking at it. Even while standing on the elevated Wave Road around it it was still gigantic. Zero looked down and saw a large Golem virus standing in front of it, "Virus!" she said running up to it. She activated an Elec Sword and charged at the Golem. The Golem tried to slam its hammers down at Zero, but she rolled out of the way and jumped up slashing upward at the Golem. The Golem fell down on it's back, and before in could get up Zero slashed downward with her Z-Saber cutting it in half. A few seconds after she was done, the last of those green pendants floated down in front of Zero. She looked at it and saw what looked like a mountain, and an arrow pointing at the top.

"Oookay," Zero said raising an eyebrow, "What the heck does this mean?"

"A mountain, and the top..." then Xerox had an idea, "Maybe the only important piece is the arrow."

"And it's pointing at the top, which means..." she then looked up at the highest point on the Wave Road, which looked like a battlefield. It took a while, but she made it to the area, which was guarded by a large door with three round sections. The pendants she and Xerox collected floated up to the door and landed on the round sections. The door opened and Zero slowly walked through.

On the other side she saw Harpuia floating with his back turned to her. He was obviously looking out at the city, which he had a really good view of.

"I've been waiting for you Zero," Harpuia said not looking at her. The moment Zero saw Harpuia her anger returned.

"Harpuia of the Storm, I want answers!" Harpuia turned around slowly.

"Then ask your question," he said calmly.

"Four years ago Mega Man came to your planet to stop a weapon you sent down to earth! What did you do to him?!" Zero asked.

"Mega Man... Mega Man..." Harpuia said to himself as if trying to remember, "Oh right, four years ago he did face us."

"What did the Four Guardians do to Mega Man?!"

"I'm afraid you're mistaken. What happened to Mega Man wasn't our doing," Harpuia calmly stated, making Zero even angrier.

"Liar! I know it was you Harpuia!" she shouted at Harpuia.

"I have no reason to lie. But if you're that determined to take down the culprit, then turn to your left arm and look right in his face," when Harpuia said that, Zero was horrified.

"Wait, you don't mean..." she said looking down at the screen on her left arm...

At Xerox...

"Four years ago Planet FM sent a super weapon down to Earth," Harpuia explained, "Mega Man fought that weapon and fell to it. That weapon was a highly advanced EM virus, codenamed... Xerox." as Harpuia explained, Xerox was getting more and more horrified, "The one who took your Mega Man away was none other than your partner, that devil, Xerox himself."

"Wait...I'm..." he said to himself not wanting to believe it, but it was true that he didn't know his past. It was also a known fact that Harpuia never lied, not even to his enemies.

Whether it was denial, or she truly didn't believe it, either way Zero activated her Z-Saber and pointed it at Harpuia enraged, "Shut up! I won't believe you!"

"Is it you don't believe me, or that you don't want to believe me?"

"If you don't tell me what you did to Geo, then I'll beat it out of you!" Xerox was shocked when she said that.

"Kid, NO!" he shouted.

"If you won't listen, then I'll just have to calm you down," he said as he held his hand up in the air. Suddenly he was surrounded by a large green tornado of electricity, "EM Wave Change! Harpuia, on air!" a large bolt of electricity came down on top of Harpuia and the tornado disappeared.

The Harpuia that Zero was looking at before was replaced by a young man with long neon green hair that flowed down his back, calm yet piercing red eyes, and was wearing emerald green body armor like the other Four Guardians, a matching helmet shaped like the head of an eagle, and was holding two long laser swords, "Come at me, if you dare Zero," he said calmly.

"Watch me!" Zero got in a fighting stance, "Wave Battle!"

"Luna! Don't!" Xerox shouted as she charged at Harpuia.


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