Mega Man Star Force Zero

Wave Battle: Harpuia

As Zero charged at Harpuia, she pulled out two Battle Cards, "Long Sword! Gatling Gun!" she shouted slamming them into her left arm. Her left arm turned into a Long Sword and her right arm turned into a Gatling Gun. When she met Harpuia's swords they began slashing at high speed. Zero flipped over Harpuia firing her Gatling Gun at Harpuia, who just used his other sword to block.

Harpuia then slashed horizontally with his sword sending Zero back. Harpuia just stared at Zero as she struggled to get up.

"Luna, we've got to Trans Out!" Xerox tried to reason, "If we don't, then-"

"Shut up!" Zero shouted as she got up. She then pulled out two Wide Sword Battle Cards, activated them, and charged toward Harpuia. For a while they just clashed swords, Zero in a blind rage, Harpuia with a calm and focused expression. That went on until Harpuia kicked Zero back, and then slashed with both of his swords knocking Zero to the ground again.

"Are you done?" Harpuia asked staring down at Zero, who just looked up at him enraged.

"Tell me what you did to Mega Man!" she demanded.

"I told you, the Four Guardians weren't involved in what happened to Mega Man," Harpuia said closing his eyes sternly.

"No! You're lying! It wasn't Xerox! It wasn't!" she shouted running back to Harpuia slashing at him again. This time Harpuia wasted no time pushing her back down on the ground with his sword. He then pointed his sword at Zero and a green tornado of electricity engulfed her.

"LUNA!" Xerox shouted as Zero screamed in pain. She fell to the ground unconscious, worrying Xerox even more, "Luna! Luna! Come on kid, get up! Luna!" she slowly got up and activated her Z-Saber again, "Luna, I really think we need to Trans Out now!"

"I'm...not...done...!" Zero said staggering toward Harpuia. She then tried to slash at Harpuia, who just lightly pushed her sword arm away and kicked her back on the ground. She tried to get back up but fell to her knees in exhaustion and despair, "It's not true... It's not true!" she said covering her face with her hands crying.

"The sooner you accept the truth, the better," Harpuia looked at Zero, "You're far to emotionally attached to this situation. The sooner you can control those emotions the better, only then will you be able to defeat me," with that Harpuia jumped up fazing away, leaving Zero and Xerox.

"Luna..." Xerox said just looking at Zero as she cried.

"He's lying, right? Please tell me he's lying!" Zero cried. All Xerox could do was look down in sadness.

"I'm...sorry..." he said realizing that he couldn't.

Back in the Four Guardian's fortress, Harpuia and Fenrir were watching Zero on a screen. Fenrir was completely shocked at this sight, and almost disappointed.

"Faze one, complete," Harpuia said still looking serious.

"Sheesh Harpuia, don't you think that was a little extreme," Fenrir asked Harpuia, who just looked down and closed his eyes.

"I took no pleasure in that. That girl struck me as a really sweet person. I may have taken the first step in killing that sweetness."

"But seriously, she's a wreck right now. What did you tell her?"

"I just simply told her what she wanted to know," Harpuia said as he floated away, "The truth."

Fenrir looked at the screen again in frustration, and then punched the wall next to the screen, "Damn you Harpuia! I wanted to bring Zero in my way!" Fenrir said enraged.

That evening, Luna and Xerox were walking home together. They hadn't said a word to each other since the fight, and Xerox was getting worried. He knew what was going on in Luna's mind. He wanted to try to make her feel better, but right now, he knew that there was nothing he could say to help her. Even still, he had to try.

"Luna, about what Harpuia told you," he started not knowing where to go after that. Luna stopped and finally spoke.

"It's true, isn't it? You're a virus that was sent to destroy earth four years ago. Mega Man fought you, and lost. You somehow lost your memory in the fight, but Mega Man was infected by you, right?" Luna asked not turning to Xerox.

"It's highly likely. Harpuia doesn't lie, and it's not like I remember anything that will disprove his claim," Xerox said looking down in sadness. He turned around unable to look at Luna, and now they were back to back, "So, what happens to us from here?"

"I don't know..." Luna said in sadness. She really liked Xerox, but knowing that he was the virus that infected Mega Man made it hard to trust him now.

"Kid, we've had a good run, but I know you can't trust me after knowing what I did to Mega Man. Hell, I don't even trust myself. I don't want to hurt you anymore, so unless you tell me otherwise, I'll leave right now," he waited for a few seconds, only to get silence from Luna. Xerox sighed to himself, "Fine, I see how it is then," Xerox turned to Luna slightly, "Thank you for calling a devil like me your friend, even if only for a short while. Good bye, Luna Platz, I hope you can eventually find the happiness...that I wasn't able to give you," Xerox was then engulfed in a crimson red light and disappeared into the Wave World.

For a second, all Luna could do was stand there in a daze. She looked down at her Hunter VG, which was empty once again. After a while, she started walking back to her house silently. Her parents had come home today and were surprised to see Luna come in.

"Luna, you're home early today," her father said. They were accustomed to Luna staying out later these days, so to see her come home this early was a shock. What was even more shocking was that Luna didn't say anything to them, she just kept walking to her room.

"Luna? What's wrong sweetheart?" her mother asked. Luna just stopped at the door going to the hall.

"I'm going to bed early..." she said slowly not looking at her parents. She then walked to her room and closed the door. Her parents were worried so they followed her, only to hear her crying in her room. They tried to open the door to see what was wrong, but she had locked it, something she only did when she absolutely didn't want to be bothered.

"Call Joe," Mrs. Platz said, "Tell him that we'll have to cancel our meeting Thursday," Mr. Platz nodded and walked off. Mrs. Platz just looked at Luna's door, feeling powerless.

This time Luna didn't even make it to her bed. With everything that happened, she just fell to the floor and cried harder than she had cried in a while.

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