Mega Man Star Force Zero

Fall of Zero

At the Satella Police HQ, Dr. Goodall, Ace, and Acid were looking at a large screen, which showed the Four Guardians' fortress. It was sitting right on the atmosphere, not orbiting the planet, but following the planet's rotation, like it was trying to stay on top of one area.


"We've just spotted it," Acid explained, "It appeared right before Mega Man's attack a few weeks ago. We've been observing it for a while but all it does it float there."

"I see," Dr. Goodall said nodding, "Do we know anything about it?"

"It seems to be made out of condensed EM waves. Because of that it's still invisible to the naked eye, and I feel only a Wizard or a person in EM Wave Change would be able to set foot on it," Acid further explained. Ace was eating a Mega Snack at the moment but took a break to look at the screen.

"You think it's related to the Four Guardians?" he asked.

"Most likely. It's probably their home base," Acid stated crossing their arms, "But why is it just sitting there? If it's their home base then it must have powerful weapons, why don't they attack?"

"Isn't it obvious Acidna?" Dr. Goodall said using her nickname for Acid, which he hated, "They're after something or someone on this planet. What we need to do is try to find out what it is."

"But we can't ignore that fortress," Acid stated, "I don't know about you two, but I don't feel comfortable with their base so close to Earth."

"Acid's right Doc," Ace said taking another bite out if his Mega Snack, "There's no telling what they do if we just leave it alone," he continued through a full mouth, making Acid shake his head.

"Well Arthur, who would you send up there to investigate? We've lost Mega Man as an operative, and I don't want to risk sending you, Taurus Fire, or Harp Note, and I personally wouldn't trust Rogue to handle the issue," Dr. Goodall stated. Ace had to think on that one for a while, but he then had what seemed like an epiphany.

"Got it!" he said suddenly slamming his fist in his palm, "Come on Acid!" he then ran out of Goodall's lab, shocking Acid.

"Ace! Wait up!" Acid called out flying after his partner. Dr. Goodall just shook her head smiling. She created Acid, and was with Ace ever since he left Dealer, so she felt like those two were like her children.

Back in Echo Ridge, Luna's friends had had enough. Pat was getting worried since Luna still hadn't been answering his calls. He decided it was time to go and see what was wrong. As he walked he ran into Bud and Zack. Bud was off duty today and was wearing blue jeans, a red vest, black shirt, red head band, and white sneakers. Zack was wearing a white shirt, black pants that were slightly high water and had suspenders, white socks, and black sneakers.

"Bud, Zack, what are you two doing here?" Pat asked.

"We're were on our way to Prez's place," Bud explained.

"She hasn't been answering our calls," Zack further explained.

"Same here, even Rey's worried," Pat stated crossing his arms.

"Am not!" Rey said in Pat's head. Pat ignored his other personality and began walking the rest of the way with Bud and Zack. They were about half way there when they saw Sonia and Solo turning the corner. Sonia was wearing a black skirt, blue corset like top, black and white socks, black boots, a yellow flower in her long blue hair, and her trade mark guitar on her back. Solo was wearing baggy black pants, a black and purple shirt with the Mu symbol on the front and large baggy sleeves, and black shoes. Of course Bud, Zack, and Pat were surprised to see them, but held in their inner fan boy since this was serious.

"Sonia, Solo," Bud said in surprise as they walked over to them.

"Hey guys," Sonia said, not as cheerful as usual, "What are you three doing here?"

"Probably the same as you," Zack said.

"Oh, so were you guys going to see Luna?" Sonia asked, Pat nodded.

"We were on our way to Luna's house right now," he said.

"We just came from her place, she wasn't there," Solo said looking to the side, "Her mom said that she went to Vista Point."

"Did she seem alright?" Bud asked. Everyone's heart sank when Sonia shook her head.

"Her mom said that she was really depressed when she came home last night, and she was still really upset about something this morning," Sonia said.

"We need to get to Vista Point, I'm starting to get worried," Bud said getting nods from everyone, even Solo. All five of them ran to Vista Point.

Luna was lying down on the grass in Vista Point just looking at the sky with the Visualizer, thinking about everything that happened. She woke up in the morning hoping that it was all a dream, until she looked at her Hunter and saw that Xerox wasn't there anymore. She was so upset that she couldn't even do her hair like normal. She brushed and combed it like usual, but had to stop when she remembered how Xerox would help her with it every morning. Because of that she had her hair out today since she couldn't bring herself to finish it without Xerox's help. She looked at her Hunter VG again, just to see a blank section where Xerox would have been.

"Xerox..." she said to herself thinking about him. She didn't know how to feel about the issue. On one hand she felt angry and sad that Xerox was the one who hurt Geo, but she couldn't ignore almost two months of friendship. She was a combination of angry, sad, and guilty.

She took off the Visualizer and just ltried to relax. Her quiet time was interrupted when she heard her friends calling her. She didn't feel like getting up right now, so she just ignored their calls as best as she could.

Bud, Zack, Pat, Sonia, and Solo just ran to Vista Point and were looking around. They eventually found Luna and ran over to her.

"Luna!" Pat was the first one to call out. He was shocked to see Luna in this state.

"What's up Luna? We've been calling you for weeks now but you never pick up," Sonia said. She sounded more angry than worried, even though it was the other way around. Luna sat up holding her knees to her chest, still silent, making everyone worried.

"Prez, are you still really upset about Geo leading the Four Guardians?" Zack asked.

"I think this is something else," Bud stated.

"What happened to you?" Pat asked. Luna just looked down unable to speak. She knew that if she said anything then she would start crying again, and she was getting sick of crying all the time.

"There you are," they all heard behind them. They turned to see Ace and Acid standing there.

"Ace, what are you doing here?" Bud asked, realizing that it was his day off too.

"Well, we have a bit of a situation," Ace said catching everyone's attention, except Luna who was still really silent.

After Ace and Acid explained the situation, everyone was worried, "This is pretty big," Sonia said looking serious.

"Do we have a plan of attack?" Solo asked.

"That's why I'm here. Power wise, Zero is the strongest one here, so I was wondering if she would be willing to help us," Ace said smiling, he thought that his plan was full proof. That changed when Luna finally said something.

"Zero can't help you..." she said sadly, catching everyone off guard, especially Ace.

"What do you mean she can't help us?" Ace said loosing his smile.

"She can't help because she doesn't exist anymore..." Luna stated in a low tone that sounded like she had been crying for a while.

"Why not?" Zack asked, a question on everyone's mind.

"Prez, where's Xerox?" Bud asked realizing that they should have heard him by now. Luna didn't want to answer that question, and just held her legs even tighter trying not to cry, even though she ultimately couldn't hold in the tears.

Above Echo Ridge on the Wave Road, all four Guardians were standing next to each other in their Battle Forms looking at the gang at Echo Ridge.

"Look at that little bitch down there!" Leviathan said happily, "She's lost all will to fight!"

"Even with everyone there, this is going to be easy," Phantom said gripping a rope.

"A little too easy if you ask me..." Fenrir said to himself biting his thumb. He wanted to fight Zero again. Capturing her like this wasn't satisfying to him.

"Alright Four Guardians, are we ready?" Harpuia asked holding his hand up in the air. All of them followed his lead, and they shot out the Wave Field, one big enough to cover all of Echo Ridge.

Everyone looked up at that in shock, "They're attacking?!" Bud asked, shocked by the size of the field.

"Acid, how large is this one?!" Ace asked Acid who was scanning the area.

"The field extends all the way to the edge of Echo Ridge!" Acid replied, clearly shocked himself.

"Humans!" they all heard above them. They looked up and saw the Four Guardians standing on the Wave Road looking down at them, "We've come for Zero!" Harpuia proclaimed. Everyone stood in a circle defending Luna.

"You aren't taking Prez!" Bud stated looking serious.

"And what are you going to do to stop us?" Leviathan said crossing her arms arrogantly.

"This!" Bud then held up his hand, "Transcode 005! Taurus Fire!" he shouted, but nothing happened, "Taurus, what's wrong?" he said looking at his Hunter VG.

"I'm sorry Bud, but nothing is working right now! We're lucky this thing is still on!" Taurus explained.

"Remember what Xerox said? Electronic devices don't work in here," Sonia said getting everyone's attention.

"Damn it, you're right!" Bud kicked himself mentally for forgetting that.

"This field draws the environment inside into the Wave World, but disables all electronic devices," Harpuia explained, "You're all trapped here until we get Zero. Now, we can do this the easy way, or the slightly annoying way, which is it?" Harpuia asked.

"Personally, I like the third option," Bud said, peaking Harpuia's interest.

"Third option?"

"The one where we do this!" and with that all seven of them ran away from Vista Point. Harpuia just sighed to himself.

"So I guess it's the annoying way then," all four of them ran after Luna and her companions.

Fenrir shot at them with his cannons knocking everyone to the ground, hurting them more since they were still humans. Luna looked at everyone on the ground as they struggled to get up. Were the Four Guardians really that strong? She turned around and saw Leviathan behind her.

"You're coming with us!" she said harshly, all Luna could do was step back slowly in fear.

Pat knew he had to do something, but he knew that he wasn't strong as himself. He closed his eyes and let Rey take over. Rey sprang to his feet and jumped on top of Leviathan knocking her to the ground.

"Why are you just standing there?! Run damn it!" Rey shouted catching Luna's attention. She then ran off trying to find a place to hide. Unfortunately Phantom jumped out of the shadows and grabbed Luna.

"Luna!" everyone shouted in unison as Phantom tied her up with the rope he was holding.

"This really was too easy," Phantom said as Luna struggled to get away to no avail. He then disappeared with Luna.

Rey looked horrified at what just happened. Leviathan took that as her chance to kick him off of her, "Don't you ever do that again!" she said right before disappearing.

"Pat... I'm sorry..." Rey said to Pat lying on the ground.

Fenrir just looked away and disappeared. Harpuia walked over to the rest of the group, "Your town shall be released as promised."

"Why are you doing this? What are you really after?" Ace asked. It seemed to him that they went through a lot of trouble to take Luna, not to mention last time he checked they wanted Xerox.

"We have our reasons, that's all you need to know," he turned and walked off a bit, "Tell that devil that if he wants her, then he knows where to find us," Harpuia continued as he disappeared. The field vanished around Echo Ridge as soon as they were all gone.

Everyone was slowly getting up, "Those bastards, they took Prez!" Bud said enraged.

"Come on guys, we have to come up with a plan to save her!" Sonia said helping Solo up.

"Then let's head to the Satella Police HQ. The doc can help us get to that fortress," Ace suggested, everyone nodded at that and ran off. Pat looked up at the sky right before running with everyone else.

In outer space, Xerox was just leaving the planet. He had finally worked up the courage to leave, even though he didn't know where he was going to go. He stopped and thought to himself about what happened.

"So in the end it was all my fault. I call myself trying to help her smile again, and here I was the cause of her sadness," Xerox covered his face with his hands in frustration, "Damn it! I hate this so much!" he then looked down in sadness, "I really am a devil..." for a second he just thought to himself, until his thought were interrupted.


"Huh?" he heard a scream in his head. He looked back at the planet and saw a series of lights leaving the planet going to the fortress. He flew to get a closer look and saw who Phantom was carrying.

"Luna!" he called out. He then looked down thinking of what to do, "This is bad! They're probably using her to get to me!" His thoughts went back to the first day they met, after he crashed onto Earth and Luna helped him, "When I was in trouble, you didn't abandon me. You hid me, and even lied to the police for me. After that I messed up and got you involved in my mess of a life, and you still helped me by being my human partner," he looked at the fortress, which was slowly leaving the planet, "I don't care if I'm a devil! I'm not leaving her!" Xerox then flew towards the fortress, knowing it was a trap, but he didn't care...

He had someone important to him to save...

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