Mega Man Star Force Zero


The Four Guardians chained Luna to a wall in the deepest part of the fortress. They were watching her on a screen as she struggled to get free. She eventually gave up and cried to herself.

"The great and all powerful Zero, reduced to a helpless little girl," she broke out laughing, "This is priceless!"

Harpuia looked down at this. He was dedicated to his mission, but he took no pride in his actions against Luna.

Bud and everyone else had just run into Dr. Goodall's office. She was looking at the fortress.

"Doctor, Luna was just-" Ace started.

"I know Arthur," she sighed to herself, "We have another problem, that fortress is leaving," everyone was shocked when they heard that.

"What does that mean?" Zack asked afraid of the answer.

"It means that it's too far out of range for us to send anyone up there to save her," Dr. Goodall explained.

"So, there's nothing we can do to save her?" Sonia asked frantically.

"Not to worry, I saw a red light enter the fortress right after the Four Guardians did. That AMian she was with, Xerox right? Wasn't he red?"

"You don't think..." Bud started.

"All we can do is trust in Xerox, that he'll bring Luna home safely," Dr. Goodall said hopefully. Pat walked up to the screen looking at it.


A number of viruses were moving around the fortress, thinking it would be an ordinary day. They were all surprised when the wall next to them broke open, revealing Xerox floating there, and he didn't look happy.

He then charged at the viruses slashing at them with his claw like hands, and flying past them at times to hit them with his wings. Any virus that went up to him was immediately destroyed. He didn't stop moving for a second, he just kept going killing any virus in his path.

Xerox eventually came across three Golem viruses. Two clones of himself appeared next to him and they each fought a Golem. These things were tougher, but he eventually took them out and kept going.

"Hang on kid! I'll find you!" he said as he flew through a hall. He eventually came into a room filled with high level viruses. He looked nervous, but that didn't stop him from fighting. He knew that he had to win, even if he ended up dying here today.

Luna felt absolutely helpless right now. She felt the fortress leaving the planet, and she was right now chained to a wall unable to do anything. What was going to happen to her when they made it to wherever they were going? Where were they going? She just looked down in sadness and despair, feeling like it was the end.

"I couldn't do it Geo! I couldn't be a hero like you! I should have listened to Bud when he told me how dangerous it was!" she closed her eyes and cried a bit again, "I'm so pathetic!"

"You aren't really about to give up, are you?" Luna heard in her head, followed by a warm comfortable feeling around her. She looked up and saw that she was back in that place in her dream, still in chains, but it was clearly the same place. She also saw the man in her dreams walking up to her. When he was right in front of her she clearly saw who it was, "That's not quite like you... Prez."

"Geo... is it really you?" Luna asked afraid it was a dream.

"Yes, this time it's really me," the now fifteen year old Geo Stelar said. He then got on one knee and rubbed his hand on her cheek. Luna felt so warm and safe right now, despite her situation. She could tell, it was really him this time.

"Did you come to save me Geo?" she asked. Geo looked down in sadness.

"I'm sorry, but I can't in this form," he said catching Luna's attention.

"What form?"

"You see Prez, I'm like a spirit right now. I'm not dead, but I'm not alive either, I'm something in between."

"So that person at the beach wasn't you."

"No, but he is using my body and my power. The only one who can stop him now is you Prez." Luna looked up at Geo afraid.

"How?! How can I fight?!"

"Well, you can't do it alone. You'll need Xerox's help." that shocked Luna hearing Geo say that about basically his murderer.

"Xerox?! But he's the person who did this to you!"

"Is he responsible? You only know what Harpuia told you, but Xerox doesn't have any memory of the event, so you can't say that you know the whole story. I can't tell you exactly what happened yet, but I can at least tell you to trust Xerox. Despite what he did in his past, it's what he's trying to do with his life now that matters. He really cares for you, and wants to help you."

"Xerox..." now Luna really felt bad for yesterday. She had a true friend with her the whole time, and she let one thing ruin what could have been a lifelong friendship.

"Stay strong Prez, and remember, I'm always watching over you."

"Geo...!" it was then that Geo got closer, and they kissed. When they stopped Luna looked into his eyes, "You'll always be my shooting star Geo. I love you."

"I love you too Prez," he then got up and slowly walked away still looking at her, "Good bye Luna Platz." he then disappeared into the mist behind him.

"Good bye...Geo Stelar..." a single tear ran down her cheek. As the environment disappeared she then saw a Mattaur fly into the room like it was thrown in, and disappear deleted.

Luna was shocked of course, but was even more shocked by who she saw floating into the room, "Xerox!" he looked exhausted, and was holding his arm like he was in pain. He floated up to her, but fell down as soon as he got right in front of her, "Xerox, are you okay?!"

Xerox held up his hand and shot out a small blast at the chains breaking them. Luna, now free, put her arms around Xerox, "Saved by a devil, huh? Isn't that ironic?" Xerox joked a bit.

"Xerox, I'm so sorry about yesterday. I was afraid that..."

"That everything I said or did was a lie?" Xerox continued, shocking Luna, "My feelings toward you are legitimate. I want you to smile like you used to four years ago. Sad thing is, all I seem to bring you is more pain and suffering."

"No Xerox, you've brought me plenty of happiness. It's thanks to you that I was eventually able to move on with my life, and not waste it looking at the stars. Xerox, I'm so happy that we met," Xerox looked up at Luna and smiled peacefully. For a few seconds they just sat there enjoying the closeness. The moment was lost when an army of viruses ran into the room surrounding them. Luna and Xerox got up and stood next to each other.

"There's too many, I can't fight in this condition!" Xerox said, he was still injured.

"Then leave it to me!" that startled Xerox, who looked at Luna.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure! That is, if we're still partners," Luna looked at Xerox, who gave her a thumbs up. He then flew behind her as Luna held up her hand and shouted "Transcode 666! Zero!"

Xerox embraced Luna from behind and they were both engulfed by a crimson red light. In their place stood Zero. The viruses tried to run at Zero, but she made quick work of them, even quicker than Xerox. She then ran out to find an exit.

Elsewhere, Harpuia just got the message from one of the viruses on patrol, "Did you say Zero?" the Mattaur he was talking to nodded. Harpuia smirked a bit, "Tell the other Guardians to prepare for attack," the Mattaur saluted with his pickax and ran off, "Don't disappoint me Zero," he said floating off to prepare.

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