Mega Man Star Force Zero

Wave Battle: Phantom V2

Zero ran out of the dungeon, destroying any viruses that got in her way. She eventually got outside and saw the rest of the fortress. It had a large courtyard in the center and was surrounded by five large towers. The towers were large and all had a different colored gemstone on the top, one green, one blue, one purple, one orange, and one golden. The golden tower was larger than the other four and had a large golden door on the front.

"Wow..." she said mesmerized. Even if it was enemy territory, it was still quite a sight.

"Those four towers all correspond with one of the Four Guardians," Xerox explained, "There's one stationed in each tower."

"Why is that?" Zero asked.

"Just in case a prisoner is strong enough to break out of the dungeon and brave enough to challenge the FM king."

"Someone like us?" Zero asked raising an eyebrow, surprising Xerox.

"Wait, what?! Don't tell me you decided now to be brave! Come on kid! The exit's right there and this place is on it's way back to Planet FM!"

"I need to know what's going on if I'm going to stop them."

"Are you sure you want to do that? Think about it, if you do this then you'll have to fight Geo. Are you sure you want to do that?"

"That's not Geo!" Zero said shocking Xerox who heard how sure she was, "I know my shooting star when I see him, and that isn't him, I'm sure of it," she looked up at the main tower, "That's not all. The real Geo is counting on me to put an end to this. I don't know why he chose me for this but he believes in me. Xerox, I'm going up there into that tower with or without you."

On one hand Xerox thought she had absolutely lost it, but on the other hand he couldn't help but be slightly moved by her taking a stand like this. Realizing that he couldn't just go without her (She was the whole reason he was even here!) he did what any good friend would do.

"That central tower can only be entered after defeating the Four Guardians in a Wave Battle. We have to enter each tower one by one and defeat each of them if we're going to get inside."

"Even Harpuia..." Zero said to herself.

"Are you sure you're up for this Luna? We can still get back to Earth."

"I'm sure. Let's go Xerox!" and with that she ran off to the first tower, the one with a purple gemstone.

Inside it looked like a Japanese temple. There were high level non-elemental viruses that looked like chibi ninjas everywhere. They spotted Zero as soon as she entered the tower and began throwing kunais at her.

She flipped to the side and pulled out a Battle Card, "Mega Cannon!" she shouted as she activated the card. Her left hand turned into a Mega Cannon and she began firing at the ninjas, deleting them all in one shot each. Once that was done she continued to the top of the tower. Once she got there she saw a room that looked like a training area. She proceeded inside but was almost hit by a shuriken aimed right for her head. She looked at where it came from and saw Phantom in his EM Form floating up to her clapping.

"I'm impressed Zero, you actually came back," he said in a dark tone.

Zero put a hand on her hip, "Gee Phantom, you actually look happy to see me," she said tauntingly, Phantom chuckled to himself, "What's so funny?"

"When I tied you up earlier you were like a helpless little princess, and now that you've got your powers back you're almost arrogant."

"Well, I had a lot on my mind at the moment, but all of my inner problems have been resolved."

"Inner problems?"

"Well, I am a teenage girl you know. I have issues like any other girl my age," she activated her Z-Saber and pointed it at Phantom, "But enough small talk. I'm after your leader, and I heard I need to take you down in order to get to him."

"You see, that I can't do," he said floating up to her, "I'm the master's most loyal soldier, and being a ninja I'll do whatever it takes to keep you away from him," he then put is hands in front of him in the form of a hand sign, "Phantom! On Air!" he was engulfed in a black flame that took on a more humanoid shape. The shape turned pitch black like a shadow, but then got color revealing his Battle Form, "Get ready to fight Zero!"

"Luna, be careful! This guy has no honor! He'll do whatever it takes to win!"

"Trust me, I know..." she said remembering when she first became Zero and Phantom held an innocent girl hostage. She looked up at Phantom and got in a fighting stance shouting...

"Wave Battle! Action!"

Phantom charged at Zero at high speed. She tried to slash at him but he faked her out by replacing himself with a Mattaur letting it get deleted instead.

"What the?!" Zero said in surprise.

"Luna! Above you!" Xerox said making Zero look up. She then moved out of the way just in time as Phantom charged down from the ceiling in a kick. He then threw his large shuriken at Zero, who ducked and ran out of the way of the attack. She then pulled out a Battle Card, "Gatling Gun!" she then fired at Phantom rapidly who ran out of the way of the shots. It was clear that this time Phantom was going all out.

He then created four clones of himself that ran up to Zero. Zero created two clones of herself which she used to fight the clones, one Zero clone fighting two Phantom clones, and the real Zero and Phantom fighting each other. Phantom kicked Zero away, and secretly created a clone of himself that slashed at her from behind with a kunai. The real Phantom kneed Zero up in the air a bit and then did a back flip kick to Zero kicking her even higher. He jumped after her and did a series of rapid punches and kicks to her, which he finished by kicking her to the ground. Once on the ground she did something unexpected, she faded away...

He did all of that to a mirage...

As he landed on the ground he was unaware that Zero was behind him with a Heavy Ax. She attacked him with it instantly doing heavy damage. She then slashed at Phantom a few more times with her Z-Saber and then kicked him forward knocking him to the ground. She then activated two Mega Cannons and fired at Phantom while he was on the ground. That attack was enough to deactivate his Battle Form, the gemstone on top losing it's glow.

For a second Phantom just floated there not doing anything. Zero slowly walked over to him, but stopped when she heard him, "No..." he said slowly to himself.

"Huh?" Zero stepped back.

"I can't let you get to the master...! If I must die then I'll simply take you down with me!" he said suddenly making Zero jump.

"What?! What is he talking about?!" she got her answer when he began charging up energy inside of himself and began sparking as if he was being overloaded, "Xerox, is he?!"

"Let's get out of here kid!" Xerox shouted. Zero immediately ran to the window and jumped out as Phantom exploded destroying the tower along with himself. Zero looked up at the tower in sadness.

"Xerox... he just killed himself..." Zero said in sadness.

"Yep, sure did..." Xerox sighed, even he was a little shocked by that.

"Why did he do that?" Zero asked, not understanding his motives.

"I guess he was just that determined to stop us. He was willing to do anything to kill us, even if he had to die himself."

Zero looked down, "I almost feel bad for him... He hurt a lot of people, but he was so loyal..."

"That's all of the Four Guardians in a nut shell. They might not all commit suicide, but they're all just that loyal in one way or another."

That whole thing left a bad taste in Zero's mouth, but she knew that she was on a mission, "Xerox, let's get going. We're still on a mission and we have three more Guardians to defeat," she then walked off to the next tower, this one with an orange gemstone.

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