Mega Man Star Force Zero

Wave Battle: Fenrir V2

Zero was running through Fenrir's tower slowly making her way to the top. It actually looked like the inside of a volcano, and of course it was over run by fire type viruses.

This time around Zero tried to pace herself a little more while going up. She remembered how Fenrir fought before and realized that she was going to need all of her strength to win this fight. All the while though she was thinking about the one issue she had last time with fighting Fenrir...

His stamina...

She stopped in a clearing mid way to think about it, "You okay?" Xerox asked realizing that she stopped.

"Well, I was thinking about the fight coming up. The last time we fought Fenrir he almost won because he had more energy than us. How are we going to beat Fenrir if we're just going to run out of steam before he does?"

Xerox had to think on that one. He thought about when he fought Fenrir before back on Planet FM; then he had just used Fenrir's wild way of fighting against him, and in the end he just knocked him down to give himself enough time to escape. Zero actually had to beat Fenrir in a Wave Battle if she was going to get to the FM King.

"To be honest, I don't know what to tell you kid," he said making Zero slightly nervous, "All I can say is go with what you did last time, just stay calm and keep looking for openings."

"Right, but this time I'm going to look extra hard, and I'm also not going to use so much energy. I have to win this time," she said to herself running ahead.

The final room was large and open, and surrounded by tall mountainous walls. In the center was Fenrir in his EM form, floating there staring at Zero with a large toothy grin. Since the first time Zero saw Fenrir was in his other form she almost didn't recognize him.

"It's about time you got here!" he said in his usually loud and booming voice, "I got the battle field all ready!"

"Then that means you know why I'm here!" Zero said bracing herself for the unexpected. Fenrir just chuckled to himself.

"Yeah, I know. You're hear to get to the leader, and in order to do that then you've got to beat me in a Wave Battle," he looked down and closed his eyes smirking, "You know, you had me worried for a second kid, I thought I wasn't going to be able to get my second round."

"Is that all you care about? You're fight with me?" Zero asked getting confused, it sounded like he cared about the fight more than his mission.

"Don't get me wrong kid, the mission is important," he then looked up at Zero with a toothy grin, "But right now I'm so happy I don't care," Zero had to step back a bit when she heard that.

"Wait! You're happy?" Zero asked looking at Fenrir in shock.

"You have no idea! I've waited a long time for this fight! I'm so excited right now I can't take it!"

"Kid, be careful!" Xerox said catching Zero's attention, "He's going through one of his frenzies at the moment! That just makes him all the more dangerous!"

"Great... my chances looked so good too..." Zero groaned

"Alright! Let's do this!" he shouted as pillars of lava shot out of the ground all around him scaring Zero even more until she realized what he was doing, "Fenrir! ON AIR!" he then punched the ground causing a large pillar of lava to rise up around him engulfing him. When it came down he was in his Battle Form, and for a few seconds his armor was glowing like it had just been forged around him. He got up and looked at Zero getting in a fighting stance, "Give me a good fight! Just like last time!"

Zero took in a deep breath and got in a fighting stance herself. She then shouted...

"Wave Battle! Action!"

Fenrir charged at Zero at that instant and tried to punch her, but she jumped to the side dodging the attack. Fenrir then followed up by firing at Zero with his cannons, an attack that she took dead center. While she was still flying back from Fenrir's blast, he charged after her and punched her into the ground causing her to bounce up a bit where he punched her. He then punched her into the wall and fired at her for a good few seconds while she was still on the wall. All of that caused a lot of damage,and Zero fell to the ground struggling to get up.

"Come on kid! You can't be done yet!" he said with a sort of insane grin.

Zero slowly pulled out a Battle Card and activated it, "Recovery..." she said as she began glowing. She wasn't fully healed, but she was healed enough to stand up. She then pulled out another Battle Card, "Wide Wave!" she shouted as her left arm changed into the Wide Wave Shooter. She shot the Wide Wave at Fenrir who moved out of the way and began firing at Zero again, but this time she was ready for his assault. She ran to the side and activated a Gatling Gun Battle Card and began firing at Fenrir. For a while all they did was run around each other firing with everything they had; every time Zero's Battle Card ran out of ammunition she replaced it with another Battle Card.

They then charged at each other, Zero activating a Heavy Ax Battle Card. They then began fighting close quarter, constantly punching and slashing at each other. Zero then ran back from Fenrir once her Battle Card ran out. Fenrir chased Zero as she ran toward one of the side walls. Zero ran up the wall and flipped over Fenrir as he punched the wall, but he noticed something unexpected...

He couldn't get his fist out.

Zero took that as her opening. She pulled out two Battle Cards, "Mega Cannon!" she said activating her last two projectile Battle Cards. She then fired at the wall above Fenrir causing it to fall on top of Fenrir.

"Aw crap!" he shouted as the rocks fell on top of him, covering him in rubble. On top of the tower, the orange crystal lost it's glow. For a few seconds all Zero did was stare at the rubble.

"I don't think he's getting up," Zero said looking at where Fenrir was buried.

"Nope, me neither..." Xerox said in sheer shock, "Looks like you won."

"That's great an all, but I didn't think I would win like that."

"Hey, a win's a win, right?" Xerox said.

"I guess you're right," Zero shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the tower on her way to the next tower.

This one with a blue gemstone...

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