Mega Man Star Force Zero

Wave Battle: Leviathan V2

As Zero walked through what she figured was Leviathan's tower she was amazed. The inside of the tower looked like a crystal cave filled with water. She was surprised that someone so evil and twisted had such a beautiful domain.

Mid way she was startled out of her daze by three Shark viruses. She immediately pulled out a Battle Card, but was stopped before she could put it in.

"Wait!" Xerox said on Zero's wrist, "We used a lot of Battle Cards in the fight against Fenrir, and we haven't been able to Trans Out and replenish them. We really need to save these Battle Cards for Leviathan, Harpuia, and the FM King."

"Damn it, you're right," Zero said putting the Battle Card back. In the last fight she used way more Battle Cards than usual. Normally when she got this low she would Trans Out since the data on the cards would recharge in the Real World. That wasn't an option here.

Zero then activated her Z-Saber and decided to handle this fight the old fashioned way. Thankfully the Sharks only had one kind of attack, a charge. One charged up to Zero, but she flipped over the virus and slashed it from above doing damage. Unfortunately since it wasn't a Battle Card it didn't delete the virus, but it did do a good deal of damage.

The other two charged at her continually, back and forth, Zero jumping and dodging out of the way of the assaults trying to think of a way out of this. She then jumped away from the Sharks over to the door she came in from so she could think. Zero had become so accustomed to using Battle Cards that she was sort of crippled without them. That meant that she had to use a lot more strategy.

Strategy... Zero smirked once she had an idea.

The three Sharks were lined up right now looking at Zero. The one in the center charged at her, but she jumped in the air to dodge. She she landed she ran past one virus and slapped it to agitate it. It worked, because it charged after her. She went up to the wall and jumped up over the virus landing in the center. She was now surrounded by all three Sharks.

"I really hope you know what you're doing," Xerox said obviously getting nervous. Zero ignored her partner and just kept her eyes on the viruses now surrounding her. The viruses all charged at her at the same time. Zero waited till the last minute, and then she jumped over the viruses letting them collide with each other. The viruses were instantly deleted.

"Nice job kid," Xerox said proudly. Zero smiled slightly, but kept her cool. She then began walking to the last room in the tower.

The last room was a large dome like room with fancy blue and gold walls. The center of the room was just a large flat platform surrounded with water, in the center was Leviathan in her Wave Form, and she didn't look happy.

"So, the great and all powerful Zero has finally returned," Leviathan said raising an eyebrow, she then threw her arms down angrily, "You stupid bitch! Why didn't you just stay a helpless human?!"

"Aw, you aren't happy to see me? Everyone else was," Zero taunted. She didn't know why, but she enjoyed getting under Leviathan's skin.

"I'm not like Phantom and Fenrir. Those boneheads, all they ever talked about was wanting to fight you again. Personally, I just enjoyed seeing you helpless," Leviathan then held her hand up to her forehead pretending to be helpless, "Help me, oh help me! Somebody please save me!" she mimiced, "I so enjoyed capturing you earlier, right in your weakest state."

Zero growled at that. She knew that Phantom didn't have any honor, but Leviathan was horrible.

"Don't let it get to you kid," Xerox said to Luna, "Levaithan's known for getting people when they're down, it isn't personal."

"Oh, so she's a bitch to everyone," Zero asked Xerox, who just nodded on the screen.

"Bitch?! You should talk. Once you got that devil back you had the audacity to actually get a backbone. Absolutely pathetic. It doesn't matter to me though," as she said that, towers of water were coming out of the water around her. She then shouted, "Leviathan, On Air!" right after she said that water came down on Leviathan and engulfed her. The water froze around her in a giant shard and the silhouette of her Battle Form could be seen inside. The eyes started glowing red, and the ice shattered revealing her Battle Form. She then pointed her staff at Zero smiling evilly, "I'll separate you from that devil first, then I'll chain you back to that wall myself.

"Just try it!" Zero said strongly. She then got in a fighting stance and said...

"Wave Battle! Action!"

Zero and Leviathan ran up to each other and began fighting close quater, Zero with her sword, Leviathan with her staff. Zero did a spin slash to Leviathan's feet, but Leviathan did a back flip away. Zero ran up to Leviathan and continued her attack. After a little while Zero pulled out a Battle Card.

"Heavy Ax!" she shouted inserting the Battle Card into her wrist. When the heavy Ax appeared she wasted no time slashing at Leviathan with it, who was sort of having a hard time dodging.

"Tidal Wave!" Leviathan shouted slashing at the air causing a tidal wave to rush at Zero, who just got in a defensive stance taking the attack. When the wave passed, Zero immediately had to jump away as Leviathan ran up to her and began to stab with her staff continually. Zero pulled out another Battle Card and activated it.

"Pulse Gun!" she said as her left arm turned into a Pulse Gun, shocking Leviathan a bit. She then jumped away as Zero tried to fire at her, to no avail. When the Pulse Gun ran out of ammo Leviathan took that as her chance to attack. She held out her hands shooting shards of ice at Zero, who rolled out of the way of the attack. She then quickly pulled out another Pulse Gun Battle Card and quickly shot at Leviathan, who was unable to dodge this time.

Zero then created two clones of herself who ran over to Leviathan while she was paralyzed and grabbed her arms. Zero then pulled out another Heavy Ax Battle Card and slashed at Leviathan and her clones, knocking Leviathan onto the ground and deactivating her Battle Form. Above the tower, the blue crystal lost it's glow, showing that Leviathan was defeated.

Leviathan looked absolutely helpless in her Wave Form. She slowly looked up and saw Zero standing over her with her Z-Saber activated. Leviathan then closed her eyes tightly anticipating her end, but was shocked when she heard Zero's Z-Saber deactivate. She looked up and saw Zero walking away.

"Why aren't you going to kill me?!" Leviathan asked in shock. Zero just stopped and turned slightly to Leviathan.

"There's no honor in taking out an opponent who can't defend themselves," and with that Zero walked away, leaving Leviathan to her thoughts.

"You'll regret doing that Zero," she growled, "Count on that."

Zero had just walked out of the tower when Xerox caught her attention.

"You sure that was wise Luna?" he asked, "We could have finished her off."

"If I did that, then I would be just as bad as her. I'm trying to save earth here, not kill anyone. Not even someone like Leviathan," and with that she walked up to the last of the four towers, this one with a green gemstone on top.

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