Mega Man Star Force Zero

Wave Battle: Harpuia V2

Zero had been standing outside of the fourth tower for a while, she just looked up at it, knowing full well who was inside.

"Hey kid," Xerox said catching Zero's attention, "You know who's inside here, right?"

"Yeah Xerox, I know..." she said thinking to back on earth. Harpuia was the only one of the Four Guardians that she hadn't defeated before this. She didn't even get in a good hit on Harpuia. That fight was horribly one sided, and Zero wasn't too confident in her power against him.

"You ready for this?" Xerox asked, knowing that she was really scared.

Zero took a deep breath, and cleared her mind, "Yeah Xerox, I'm ready. Let's go," she said walking into the tower. This time though there was a white flash when Zero opened the door, and Zero was in disbelief on what was on the other side.

It actually looked like she was outside back on earth. She was in an open field with colorful flowers everywhere. The sky was deep blue like it was noon. Zero even felt a warm comforting breeze go by, and for some reason, she felt absolutely safe here.

"Xerox... we're in Harpuia's area, right?" she asked, almost thinking it was a mistake.

"I think so, but I'm as shocked as you are," Xerox replied also amazed. Why would the leader of the Four Guardians have such a peaceful domain? They didn't even see any viruses, which was weird.

Zero just walked forward, knowing that if this was Harpuia's area, she would run into him sooner or later. As she walked she was more and more shocked by what she was seeing. It was all based off of nature. Midway she found her way into a forest. She walked through and saw a stream in the center of the forest. She had been walking for a few minutes and she still hadn't run into any viruses. Was this place divoid of viruses?

On the other side of the forest, she came out to a cliff that looked out at the ocean. At the edge of the cliff was none other than Harpuia, actually in his Battle Form, looking at the sunset, the sky a melencoly red. Zero walked over to where he was and sat on a stone next to Harpuia and looked at the sunset too.

"It's beautiful here..." Zero said wistfully, "Nothing like the other three..."

"You're name is Luna, right?" Harpuia asked calmly, catching Zero's attention.

"Um, yeah, that's my human name," Zero said sort of stunned. He was the first one to actually use her real name.

"It's a nice name," Harpuia said in the same calm tone, "It's a shame that such a pretty girl has to get caught up in all of this," he continued, making Zero's heart skip a beat. She looked down as her face turned red at the double compliment.

"Thank you... Harpuia..." she said awkwardly, "But it was my choice to join Xerox. He's my friend, one of my closest now."

"I see, interesting..." he said to himself. He then looked up at the sky again, "Do you know how these inner worlds are made?" he asked surprising Zero, who shook her head, "These rooms are designed to take form based off of our hearts. They are who we really are, given form."

"Amazing... So this peaceful area, it's what your heart looks like?" she asked.

"That's funny way of wording it, but essentially yes, this is my heart," Harpuia stated looking down and smiling.

It was then that Zero realized how different he was from the other Guardians. He was the only one who didn't put any humans in danger in his attack. He always gave his opponent a chance to surrender or leave without fighting. And in their first Wave Battle, he only attacked her to knock her down, and then didn't even kill her. He was probably the most honorable of all of the Four Guardians.

"You aren't evil, are you?" Zero asked, making Harpuia chuckle slightly.

"Tell me Luna, what are good and evil, but two opposing views. I may seem evil to you, but I don't see myself as evil. Planet FM actually considers your planet evil for how it uses EM Waves. There is no good or evil, just people fighting for what they believe in, and how hard they fight."

"Why are you fighting Harpuia?" Zero asked.

"For my planet, and my king. I was a warrior without meaning before Aries came to me. He gave me purpose, a reason to live. I am indebted to him, and I'll fight to protect him till the end. What about you Luna? Why are you fighting?"

"I'm fighting for Geo. I don't know why, but I feel like he's the one who gave me this power, like he has something to do with Xerox coming to me. I can't let my shooting star down, so I'm going to fight at my hardest," Zero replied, making Harpuia nod.

"Good, you've found it. The source of your passion," he said turning around and walking back away from the edge.

"So, there's no way around this?" Zero asked also getting up and turning to Harpuia.

"I'm afraid not. You want my king, and the only way to get to him is to defeat me in a Wave Battle," he then turned around and pointed one of his laser swords at Zero, "I expect a better fight from you this time Zero. Even though you are a human, I will not hold back."

"Luna..." Xerox said getting her attention a bit.

"I know Xerox, I'm okay this time. I won't hold back either, and I won't loose!" she said as she activated her Z-Saber, "I hope you're ready Harpuia of the Storm! This time the fight's going to end differently!" she and Harpuia both got in fighting stances, the setting sun behind them, "Wave Battle!" Zero started, but this time she waited, as did Harpuia. Waited for the sun to fully set behind the ocean. Once it fully set, both Harpuia and Zero charged at each other as Zero finished...


Their swords clashed immediately when she finished. They jumped away from each other, and then rushed up to each other clashing swords at high speed. This went on for a few minutes, neither one ready to back down. Zero jumped away from Harpuia and pulled out two Battle Cards.

"Long Sword!" she said activating them, both her arms turning into Long Swords. No up to par with Harpuia, she continued to slash at Harpuia with her swords. Harpuia flipped over Zero and slashed at her from the air knocking her back a bit. Her Long Swords disappeared at the same time. Right before she could react though, Harpuia ran up to her and continued to attack her. The fight was getting intense, and it showed no signs of ending anytime soon.

Zero activated her Z-Mirage creating two clones of herself, and all three Zeros attacked Harpuia, who was actually fighting all three of them at once. He spun like a tornado knocking all three of them away, the clones all disappeared, but Zero got up and ran up to Harpuia continuing her attack. At this point she was out of Battle Cards, so she could only use her natural skill.

Zero and Harpuia met in a weapon clash and were pushing at each other's swords. They jumped away from each other, and for a few seconds just stood there trying to catch their second wind. They then ran up to each other and slashed past each other. They stood their for a second, and then the unthinkable happened...

Harpuia fell to his knees. At the same time, the green gemstone on the top lost it's glow.

"Looks like you got me," Harpuia said looking down smiling. Zero turned around and looked at Harpuia seriously.

"Harpuia..." Zero said softly.

"To lose to someone like you is an honor," he said shocking Zero, "Go to the FM King, and learn the truth behind what happened to Mega Man."

Zero nodded and ran out to her final challenge. Harpuia just stayed where he was looking down.

"Luna... you've truly become a warrior. Maybe you can face the FM King..."

When Zero got outside, she looked over to the larger tower with the big door on the front, and the golden gemstone on top.

"Get ready FM King, I'm coming for you!" Zero said running up to the tower to face her final challenge...

The FM King...

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