Mega Man Star Force Zero

The Truth

Zero stopped in front of the door leading to the FM King. It was large, and had four circles on the front, each one with a symbol in the center, one a wolf, one a lion, one a trident, and one an eagle. Zero figured each one corresponded with one of the Four Guardians.

They all began glowing their respective colors: purple, orange, blue, and green, and after a few seconds the door opened. Zero wasted no time running in, she wanted answers, and couldn't wait to get them.

Inside was just a large spiral staircase going straight up. As Zero ran up the staircase Mettaur, Zappers, Sharks, every kind of virus you could think of tried to get in Zero's way, but she was so determined she didn't even seem to take too much notice. She slashed at each virus deleting them in one slash each, and kept on running.

At the top she saw another door, this one was golden however. Before she could open it though Xerox got her attention.

"This is it," he said, "Are you sure you're ready?"

"I'm... sure..." she said slowly, realizing that she wasn't so sure.

"You might not like the answers you get. Hell, I might not like the answers we get," he said.

"I know... I'm ready Xerox, really. Let's go!" Zero said pushing the door open and going inside.

Inside was a dark room, with torches everywhere. At the end was a large throne. Sitting in it was none other than the FM King himself, looking at Zero with a smile.

"I've been waiting for you, Zero," he said calmly. Zero slowly walked up to him, her heart racing

"Who are you, really?" Zero asked calmly.

"Who am I? I suppose I have no reason to hide my identity. Your right, I'm not Mega Man. My name is Aries, heir to the FM Throne," he explained, surprising both Zero and Xerox.

"Heir?" Xerox asked, not knowing much about the planet or it's people.

"My father was Cepheus, the former FM King, but he was weak. He tried to form a Brother Band with Planet Earth, hoping to unite our two worlds. He saw how strong FMians were when fused with humans, so he figured that the two planets could benefit from a similar fusion. But he didn't realize what he had done. Humans became dependent on EM Waves, and used them for trivial things. Those EM Waves are our very being! You have no right to use us that way!"

"Funny." Xerox said, "You're so bent out of shape about it, but I had a chance to talk with some of the EM Waves on Earth, and they don't seem to have a problem with the way things are done there. In fact, they seem HAPPY with the way things are."

"They are," Zero added, "Being able to help and serve one another, that's what Cepheus wanted!"

"Then tell me, why don't they pay any attention to the EM Waves helping them survive? They can't see us, so how can we call it 'coexisting' when one existance is invisible to the other?" Zero couldn't say anything to that one. She didn't even know what a Mr. Hertz was until Geo showed her one before he left, so she was guilty of what Aries was accusing as well.

"Exactly," Aries continued, "Even you know what I'm talking about. What you didn't know was as Planet Earth began to flourish, Planet FM began to decline!" that statement shocked Zero, "I had to save our planet, so when my father died and I claimed the throne, I created the ultimate virus, Xerox," Xerox winced at the sound of his name, "and sent him to Earth to begin to take back the EM technology you humans became so dependent on."

"Only Mega Man came to stop you!" Zero stated.

"Yes, Mega Man did come, and he fought Xerox, only not even he was mighty enough to delete him. So instead, he and his partner, Omega-Xis, used all of their power, and Omega-Xis' DNA, to purify Xerox. Such an action costed Mega Man his life however, as his body didn't have enough human DNA to hold his consciousness anymore, so he was expelled from his own body, and turned into an EM Wave himself."

That explained so much. The reason Xerox looked so much like Mega, why their fusion looked so similar to Mega Man, where Geo was. Xerox had Mega's DNA fused into him, which had basically turned him into an AMian like himself. Geo was an EM Wave now, which was of course like a spirit. He wasn't dead since he still existed, but he wasn't alive since he wasn't in his body. But that didn't answer one thing...

"So if Mega Man is gone," Xerox asked, "why are you walking around using his face?"

"Oh, it had nothing to do with the body itself. It was all about his power!" Aries stated, making Zero look up in shock.

"His... power...?" She asked.

"After he was lost, and Xerox put beyond my control, I pieced together his data, and recreated his form. I then entered it, to use as the ultimate battle body. From there I proceeded to reclaim my weapon, and prepare Earth for my arrival. Only I didn't count on Xerox being able to Wave Change with a human. And you of all people," he stated, confusing Zero. Did he know her? But how was that possible?

"How do you know me? We've never met?" Zero asked.

"You don't remember? Such a pity, you suffer amnesia, and don't remember your former life," Zero was getting more and more confused. She was Luna, Luna Platz. Fourteen years old, female, HUMAN, right...? "It doesn't matter though," Aries continued, "Since you killed one of my guardians, I can offer you a place in my army. You alone will be spared when I enslave all the humans. What do you say?"

Zero looked down, shaking. She was so scared right now, and now she was confused as what she even was. She wished all of this was a dream, but sadly it wasn't. She wanted things to go back to the way they were before. She now understood the burden Geo had to carry for so long, and she actually was beginning to wonder if she could go one.

Then she remembered Geo, who was counting on her to keep going. He really did bring her and Xerox together, and he believed in her power, so she said the one thing no one was ready for...


"What?" Aries asked.

"You've got some nerve Aries!" she proclaimed, "You first decide the fate of our planet, then you use your super virus against Mega Man, you take his body, try to recapture Xerox, come to my planet, and expect me to join you?!" she looked up at Aries, who was really taken aback by Zero's words, "You can forget it Aries! Geo trusted me with this power, and I know exactly what this power is meant for! Xerox and I are going to take you down!"

"Luna..." Xerox said, touched by Zero's words. She sounded so strong, so determined. She wasn't just a girl venting her frustrations anymore, of someone trying to find a reason to go one...

She was a hero...

Just then, all of her Battle Cards replenished somehow, as if her determination brought them back.

"So, you've decided to side with the humans after all..." Aries said stepping off of his throne and walking up to Zero, who was in a fighting stance bracing herself for anything, "Well then, I have no more use for you," he snapped his fingers and the torches got brighter lighting up the room. Aries then got in a fighting stance, so similar to Mega Man's it made Zero sick, "Die, Zero!" he shouted.

"Are you watching me Geo?" Zero asked, "This one's for you, my shooting star..." she shed one tear thinking about Geo, then shouted...

"Wave Battle! Action!"

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