Mega Man Star Force Zero

Final Battle: Aries

"Wide Sword!" Aries shouted activating two Battle Cards.

"Long Sword!" Zero shouted also activating two Battle Cards.

The two of them immediately began slashing at each other ferociously with their swords, both giving it their all. Aries slashed at Zero hard forcing her to jump away. Before she landed he pulled out another Battle Card.

"Mega Cannon!" he said as his arm turned into a Mega Cannon. Zero unfortunately took the blast full, and was knocked to the ground. She flipped to her feet however, and pulled out another Battle Card herself.

"Gatling Gun!" she said turning her arm into a Gatling Gun. She then began firing at Aries, who was forced to block. As she fired she ran up to him pulling out another Battle Card, "Heavy Ax!" she said immediately after her Gatling Gun ran out of ammo. She then proceeded to slash at Aries with the Heavy Ax, who was still defending, but was clearly getting slightly overwhelmed.

"Harpuia!" he said catching Zero by surprise.

"What?!" at that moment Aries disappeared and Harpuia of the Storm was standing in front of Zero. He pointed his sword at Zero and she was engulfed in a green tornado made of electricity. She fell down from the attack, and Harpuia disappeared replaced by Aries, who was laughing at Zero's shock.

"Xerox, what was that about..." Zero asked.

"That wasn't really Harpuia! Aries just used Harpuia's Mega Card!" Xerox explained.

"Damn it! I forgot about those!" Zero said struggling to get up. Sometimes in Wave Battles, after defeating your opponent, you got a Mega Class Battle Card that could summon a replica of your opponent to aid you in battle. Aries probably had Mega Cards for all of the Four Guardians, and Harpuia's didn't have to be the strongest one.

"Fenrir!" Aries shouted activating another Battle Card. This time he was replaced with Fenrir of the Flame. Fenrir then began firing at Zero with his cannons rapidly, Zero just running out of the way as best as she could. She felt like she was fighting them all over again, and it was getting annoying.

"At this rate, I'm not going to get any good hits in on him!" Zero said, getting really worried.

"We need a miracle to beat this guy!" Xerox stated, also getting scared.

Aries reappeared, and then pulled out another Mega Card, "Leviathan!" he said as he disappeared, replaced with Leviathan of the Lake, who fired a tidal wave at Zero knocking her to the ground. Before she could even get up though, "Phantom!" she heard right before Phantom of the Shadows threw an explosive tag on her. He then set it off by throwing shuriken at Zero, causing her to take damage from the explosion and the shuriken.

Xerox was just the armor, and even he was getting tired. Zero was slowly getting up looking at Aries walk over to her smiling.

"Bud... Zack... Pat... Rey... Sonia... Solo... Geo... please help me...!" she said praying that her friends could hear her cries for help.

Back on Earth, Sonia looked up suddenly in shock.

"What's wrong?" Lyra asked.

"It's Luna. I think she and Xerox are in trouble!" Sonia said catching everyone's attention.

"How could you possibly-" Acid started, but was interrupted by Pat.

"Wait, I can feel it too," he said pulling out his Hunter VG, "Luna is in trouble!"

"I think we can all feel it, 'cause I sure can," Bud said also looking at his Hunter.

"What does this mean?" Zack asked as he and Solo also looked at their Hunters.

"You all have some sort of bond with Luna," Dr. Goodall explained, "No matter how small that bond is you can feel her pain through that bond."

"I bet that same bond can be used to help her!" Ace added, but Acid shook his head.

"Such a thought is absolutely illogical and too abstract," he stated.

"Well, I'm going to try!" Pat said running outside.

"Pat!" Ace called out, but Pat wasn't listening.

When Pat got outside, he looked up at the moon, thinking about Luna.

"Come on Luna!" he said holding his Hunter VG to the sky, "You and Xerox can do it! I know you guys... that Zero can make it! Transcode 011! Gemini Spark!" suddenly a white light shot out from his Hunter to the sky. Bud, Sonia, and Solo all ran out and saw what Pat was doing.

"Guys, let's give Luna our power too, just like him!" Bud said, getting nods from Sonia and Solo. They all stood next to Pat and held up their Hunter VGs as well.

"Transcode 004! Harp Note!" Sonia shouted as a pink light came out of her Hunter VG.

"Transcode 002! Rogue!" Solo shouted as a purple light came out of his Hunter VG.

"Transcode 005! Taurus Fire!" Bud shouted as a red light came out of his Hunter VG.

At the FM King's fortress, Zero and Aries could hear Zero's friends on Earth as well.

"What the?" Zero said looking around.

"This power?!" Aries shouted in horror.

"Kid! This power is coming from everyone back on Earth?!" Xerox stated, catching Zero's attention.

"Everyone...?" that was when she heard them announce their Transcodes.

"Transcode 011! Gemini Spark!"

"Transcode 004! Harp Note!

"Transcode 002! Rogue!

"Transcode 005! Taurus Fire!"

She was surprised enough at hearing them, but was even more surprised by the fifth one she heard...

"Transcode 003! Mega Man!"

"G-Geo?!" Zero shouted. At that instant, five new Battle Cards appeared in front of Zero, and they weren't Mega Cards, they were Giga Cards. Cards for Gemini Spark, Harp Note, Rogue, Taurus Fire, and even Mega Man.

"Those Cards!" Aries said stepping back, even he knew that he was in trouble.

Zero smiled as the cards floated into her hands. She held them close and closed her eyes. She could feel their friendship, their belief, their love.

"Everyone, thank you..." she said right before she looked at Aries with a look that made him cringe. She then activated the first one, "Gemini Spark!" she said activating the card. Instead of being replaced by them though, Gemini White and Gemini Black appeared next to Zero. She looked at them and nodded, and they both nodded in response. Zero then activated her Z-Saber and charged at Aries, slashing with even more ferocity then before.

"Where did this power come from?!" Aries shouted. Zero then jumped away revealing Gemini Spark in position and mid charge for their strongest move, "What?!"

"Gemini Thunder!" they shouted firing at Aries full blast, who defended the attack, but not easily. Gemini Spark then faded away nodding.

While he was still recovering from that, Zero pulled out the second card, "Harp Note!" she shouted as Harp Note appeared next to Zero. Zero then activated her Z-Saber, and Harp Note held up her Guitar. They then both rushed up to Aries and slashed him, Zero with her sword, Harp Note with her Guitar. Both Zero and Harp Note kicked Aries back into a wall.

"Thanks Sonia!" Zero said as Harp Note faded away. She then pulled out two cards and activated them at the same time, "Rogue! Taurus Fire!" she said as both Rogue and Taurus Fire appeared next to her. Taurus Fire ran up to Aries with his horns. Aries caught him, but was having trouble holding him at bay.

"Laplace, come forth!" Rogue commanded as his Wizard appeared next to him. He then turned into Rogue's sword. Taurus Fire threw Aries over to Rogue, who wasted no time slashing Aries, doing massive damage. Both Taurus Fire and Rogue disappeared. Aries was struggling to get up while Zero was walking over to him.

"I don't understand! You're alone! Where are these other...!" Aries asked.

"I'm never alone Aries," Zero said pulling out the last card, "My shooting star is always watching over me! Mega Man!" she shouted activating the last card, Mega Man appearing next to her, his armor a more vibrant shade of blue than Aries' armor. Zero and Mega Man looked at each other, nodded, and then activated their weapons. Zero ran up to Aries and began slashing at him again, this time hitting him directly. She then jumped away letting Mega Man get in a few shots, shots that were massive and powerful. Zero and Mega Man stood next to each other and began charging their weapons.

"No!" Aries shouted. Mega Man fired a charged shot out of his Mega Buster, and Zero slashed creating a blast just as massive. Their blasts then took on the shape of Omega-Xis and Xerox, who slashed right through Aries, who fell to his knees. Mega Man took Zero's hand and smiled.

"Thank you Geo..." Zero said with a smile. Mega Man nodded, and faded away.

"This isn't over Zero, not by a long shot..." Aries said. It was then that Harpuia, Fenrir, and Leviathan appeared helping their master up, "You won the battle, but not the war! We will return, and we will be victorious!" all four of them teleported away, leaving Zero and Xerox alone. Zero fell to her knees in exhaustion.

"We did it Xerox," she said.

"Good job, never doubted you for a second," Xerox replied. At that moment the entire fortress started collapsing, "This place is coming down! Let's get moving!"

"Right!" Zero said getting up and running to the exit.

The place blew up right when they jumped out of the fortress...

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