Mega Man Star Force Zero

Rise of Zero

Acid Ace ran behind a wall to take cover, "What is going on here?!" he asked looking out.

"These viruses don't have a particular agenda. It seems their main goal is just to cause a commotion," Acid said in Acid Ace's ear.

"Well, that's helpful!" Acid Ace said sarcastically. Just then Acid detected something.

"What's this?" Acid asked himself.

"What? What did you find?"

"I detected two unauthorized EM Wave Changes in this building. One was Transcode 011, Gemini Spark."

"Him I'm not too worried about, but what about the other one?"

"It's new. Transcode...666, Zero...?" Acid was clearly shocked to see the new Transcode.

"Sounds strong, I gotta meet this Zero!" as Acid Ace said that he was spotted by viruses, "Acid, could you materialize and get something from my desk over here?" he asked calmly referring to the desk next to him.

"Understood Ace," Acid materialized and flew over to Ace's desk and pulled out a small blaster, "This?"

"Nope," he said firing at the viruses with his laser. Acid began digging in Ace's desk and pulled out a small grenade.

"This?" he asked showing Acid Ace the grenade.

"Nope," Acid Ace said continuing to fire.

Acid just shook his head and continued to dig in Ace's desk. He eventually saw something that made him stop, "I know you can't mean this..." he groaned slowly pulling out an unopened Mega Snack.

"Perfect!" Acid Ace said snatching the Mega Snack. He opened it, took out a large bite, and continued to fire, "That's just what I needed! Thanks Acid!"

"Why me..." Acid said holding his head in frustration.

Zero was just standing there in the center of a large circle of viruses, it seemed like the viruses were afraid to move. One Zapper ran up to her and tried to attack her, but was sent flying by Zero's slash and was instantly deleted. When Zero saw that she was really shocked at first, but she then smiled confidently and got ready as all of the viruses charged at her at once.

Even though it was her first time fighting, she was really holding her own. Each virus that came close to her was instantly deleted by her sword. One brave Mattaur jumped up from behind her and tried to come down on her with its pickax, but Zero spun around and spin kicked it into a long line of viruses deleting all of them. Before she knew it they were all gone.

"So much power..." she said to herself. Was this how Geo felt the first time he became Mega Man?

"That was pretty good kid," Xerox said on the screen, he was smiling proudly, "Looks like I picked a good partner."

"Well thanks," Zero said with a smile, she then got serious, "But we still have a mission."

"The missing students, right? I think I saw one in the next room."

"Then let's go!" Zero then ran off to find the student.

In the main computer room, Gemini Spark warped in and walked over to the main computer, "You think it's here?" Gemini White asked his other half.

"Definitely, right inside this thing's Cyber Core," Gemini Black said with a confident smirk, "I can't wait!"

"First we have to get inside it," Gemini White stated referring to the computer.

"That's easy. Two codes, two of us. We just hack our way inside," when Gemini Black said that, Gemini White nodded. The two of them walked over to the computer and put their larger, golden hands on the computer. They closed their eyes and began scanning for the codes.

Gemini White looked up suddenly, "Got it!" he said.

"Me too!" Gemini Black said after Gemini White. He then began to laugh a bit, "Hey Pat, guess what?"


"He lied, the password was Mortimer," he said playfully.

"Yeah well, Arron's wasn't much better either. Guess what his password was."


"Snyder." they both broke out laughing at that.

"What kind of dork names their pet Snyder?!" Gemini Black asked Gemini White, who just shrugged his shoulders, "But let's focus here, can we get inside now?"

"After you," Gemini White said leading his partner inside. Both of them turned into bolts of lightning, and flew into the computer's Cyber Core.

Zero was running through the halls, and then noticed a strange wave engulf the building, "What's that?!" she asked.

"This place was just pulled into the Wave World!" Xerox said, shocking Zero.

"Viruses can do that?!"

"No, but the Four Guardians can! Kid, get a move on! Those viruses can really cause damage now!" Zero nodded and ran into the next room. There she saw a little girl surrounded by two large viruses shaped like golems with hammers for arms.

"Hey!" Zero called out, getting the viruses' attention, "I'm your opponent!" she then ran up to then with her beam saber, jumped over them and landed in front of the girl, "Hey, are you okay?" the little girl nodded, "Don't worry, I'll protect you!" she then ran up to the golems and jumped on top of one, making the other one hit it's partner with it's hammer once Zero jumped off.

Zero then jumped away from them and materialized a Battle Card, "Long Sword!" she said as she slammed it into her left arm, which turned into a Long Sword like the Battle Card's picture. With that she actually cut one of the golems in half, deleting it. The other one slammed it's hammer on the ground creating a shock wave that flew over to Zero, who flipped out of the way and pulled out another Battle Card, "Mega Cannon!" this time her arm turned into a Mega Cannon which she fired at the other golem deleting it. Zero ran over to the little girl, who was really scared, "It's okay now, the viruses are gone," Zero said in a comforting voice.

The little girl looked up to Zero, "Are you a super hero like Mega Man?" she asked, making Zero look down a little before before giving the girl a smile.

"Yep, just like Mega Man," she then turned around and hunched over a bit so the little girl could climb on her back, "Come on, let's get you back outside where it's safe," the kid got on Zero's back, and she ran of back to the exit. She still wondered where Pat was, but right now her main concern was the little girl on her back.

Inside of the main computer's Cyber Core, Gemini Spark was walking up to the center control panel. One of the Mr. Hertz's was pacing back and forth frantically.

"What's wrong with you?" Gemini Black asked harshly, catching the Mr. Hertz's attention.

"This strange EM wave just forced his way in here and infected this computer with a virus!" the Mr. Hertz said.

"Strange EM wave?" Gemini Black asked looking at his partner.

"Virus?" Gemini White asked looking back at Gemini Black. They both turned back to the Mr. Hertz, "Where's the virus now?" Gemini White asked, unaware of the big black shadow with red eyes behind him and Gemini Black.

The Mr. Hertz suddenly got really scared and was trembling, which was annoying Gemini Black, "What's your problem?! He asked you a...question..." his voice trailed off when he noticed the shadow covering them. Both he and Gemini White slowly turned around and were shocked when they saw the beast behind them, "Um... Pat?"

"Yeah Rey?"

"I'm just gonna throw this out there and say that this isn't a normal virus!" Gemini Black said stepping back a little.

"This doesn't happen often, but I'd agree with you on that!" Gemini White said also backing away. Away from the giant, spiky black wolf with red eyes and ferocious teeth.

At the entrance of the AMAKEN building, Phantom was waiting for Zero to arrive. She stopped when she saw him. "Well Xerox, you found yourself a human partner. I'm impressed, but amazed that you're partner is such a pretty young woman," Phantom said.

Zero put the child down and got in a fighting stance as the kid ran for cover, "Who are you?" she asked.

"That, kid, is Phantom. Second in command of the Four Guardians, and probably the brains behind this attack!" Xerox said.

"Guilty as charged," Phantom said holding his hands up in the air as if he was surrendering.

Zero pointed her sword at Phantom, "Why are you doing this?!" she demanded.

"It was all to draw that devil out," Phantom said pointing at Zero, but obviously referring to Xerox.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that?!" Xerox asked obviously getting fired up. Zero was confused by that, why did Phantom call Xerox a "devil"?

"I didn't expect you to get a human partner so soon. I will admit that complicates matters a bit. Now I actually have to try a little," Phantom stated.

"Ha! You think you can take us on?! In case you haven't noticed, you don't have a human partner!" Xerox taunted.

"Who says I need one," Phantom said standing up straight. He then said something that shocked both Xerox and Zero, "EM Wave Change!"

"EM what?!" Zero asked in shock and looked on her wrist at Xerox, who just shook his head just as confused.

Phantom was engulfed in a black flame. The flame got smaller and took on a humanoid form with red eyes. The humanoid form turned into a black shadow and then took complete form. Phantom now looked like a male human with long black hair in a braid, dark purple body armor like a ninja, a purple helmet with a white pointed face mask, and a large gray shuriken on his back.

"We of the Four Guardians don't require human partners. We can alter our waves to match the waves of an AMian or FMian with a human partner. This means like you Xerox, I'm just as strong now as I would be on Planet FM, only I don't need some weak organic to team up with," he said then getting in a ninja's fighting stance, "Now, prepare yourself devil!"

Zero pointed her sword at Phantom, "I won't let you stand in our way Phantom!" she said strongly. She didn't understand why, but right now she felt stronger despite how scared she was. She then took a deep breath and said...

"Wave Battle! Action!"

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