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A Love to a nerd


Rohit is a boy who like shourya, a boy who is gifted in studies and is like a nerd but he's looks are like handsome hunk. Rohit like him since high school, but there's a person who secretly like rohit!?..guess who will find his love first.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter - 1

"Rohit, what are you seeing now" richa said.

"Guess, who can be it" i said with impressive smile.

"Ofcourse, he's seeing shourya again" kabir said by rolling his eyes.

Oops! I forgot to introduce myself.

So im Rohit im in 12th class and i have a huge huge crush on shourya, he's like a dream boy of every girl. Yes it sucks because in our country there's no yes for boy liking boy and people like myself have to hide ourselves but im lucky because my friends are great to understand me.

"Dont you want to go to in your class" richa said.

"Oh! No, i do have class but its okk we have physics in common" i smiled brightly at this thought.

"Now, lets go"kabir said hurriedly.

Classes are like always boring, not a new thing for me because i dont have interest in those subjects. I only choose those subjects because of shourya but he take math and i biology and yes, im quite good in bio but my physics is like trash. But for next class im quite excited because it is physics and i gotta see my crush.


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