In His Footsteps

Red Sector

Through the galaxy, in the unknown ship…

The Captain entered the main quarter as his two crew members followed him while keeping Razer in black energy chain on his wrists,

"Set him down," the Captain ordered his crew members, as they set Razer down on a chair,

"You probably wonder why I brought you here, Razer," the Captain said with his hands behind his back and gazing at the stars in front of him,

"If it's another one of your stories of you planning to conquer the universe, I prefer to stay in my cell than listen to you, Black Head," Razer said, knowing that pissed the captain off when he called him that. The Black Lantern captain turned to him as his body glowing black, along with his eyes, he glare at him with his deathly black eyes,

"That's Black Hand to you worthless excuse for a scum…" Black Hand yelled at him, as he hates it when someone mispronounces his name, mostly on purpose. His body stopped glowing as he calmed himself down,

"I brought you here because I have an installment set and ready to run, and you're the perfect test subject for it," Black Hand said, Razer became silent,

"But before we get you ready, I thought I first introduced you to my beloved wife… since she highly recommended you from the very start," he said, then turned to the door as it slid opened, Razer is a little surprise someone like him actually have a companion. They both heard a someone coming at door,

"I believe you two have met," Black Head said, before Razer turned to the Captain's wife, and made his eyes grew wide,

"Long time no see, Razer," said the one and only angel… of the Red Lanterns with one hand on her hip,

"Bleez," Razer is shocked to see her after all those years.

Meanwhile, in the Lantern Corps Academy, quarter…

Both Walter and Kihwog are deeply asleep, though Harold is wide awake, finishing painting red color over his Green ring, after that, he quietly hid the small jar of paint in a small cabinet under his bed. Then is about to leave the quarter,

"Sorry guys, but something like this makes me want to check it out," Harold whispered while looking at his sleeping roommate. By then he snuck quietly through the door, and left the quarter, on his way to… the Red Sector.

Few minutes later…

Harold made it to the other side and stood in front of the hallway that lead straight to the Red Sector, he looked around to make sure no counselors, or even that lizard-worm, are around. The coast is clear and he quickly and quietly walked through hallway, entering the Red Sector. He walks while looking around him, noticing how everything is all red; the walls, ceilings, floors, doors, lockers, even the lights,

"These people sure are committed," he said. Then he stopped when he spotted three shadows coming his way, he looked around for a place to avoid being seen, then he saw an opened door on his right and quickly ran in to it.

Now Harold found himself inside the male's locker room, which is also all red, but with a tad of black around the lockers,

"Kinda reminds me of summer camp back in Lake Forest," he said to himself, and then he heard some footsteps coming, he quickly looked around again for a place to hide before…

Three alien Red Lanterns appeared, one bulky with a spiky tail, one disfigured wearing a red trenched cloak, and one average size but has four legs all wearing red boots, all came back from training and about to hit the showers,

"You both heard about that new Green Lantern took down the Zox twins?" the four legged one said, before he started taking off her boots,

"I bet he learned it from his old man," the disfigured one said as he took off his cloak, revealing many of his scars, burns, and rash skin,

"That Hal Jordan guy…? I doubt," the bulky one said with disbelief while placing some of his armor in his locker.

As the three Lanterns put up their gears and uniforms in their lockers, they're unaware of Harold… hiding inside a locker behind them, he stood still and quiet while watching and listening to their conversation through the small holes,

"Hey, do you guys know where the party is at again?" the four-legged one said after he got his towel,

"You always forget things," the bulky one said after he closed his locker,

"You know it's down in quarter 3 where all the Reds go," the disfigured one said while holding his cream for his damaged skin,

"I only asked because I don't want a repeat about what happen last time when this one Orange Lantern crashed in, and we have to be somewhere else when we…" the four legged one continues talking as he and the other two are leaving their lockers and own their way to the showers.

After they left, Harold, quietly opened the locker, and made sure the coast is clear again,

"A party," he raised an eye-brow, showing interest, then he turned to the lockers as he has an idea.

Quarter 3…

The textures of the surround are covered in red stones and minerals, some area have spikes on the floor but many of them on the ceiling, and there are some have rubbles and cracks on the walls. This place can be mistaken for a torture room or an interior prison, but instead it's a huge room filled with Red Lanterns, some flying, some arguing, even some fighting, it's considered a party with loud music but mostly rough housing and some riot.

Rayza leaned against a wall near the edge of the corner, as she's by herself as usual, until two female lanterns appeared,

"Hey Rayza, aren't you gonna join in, you're missing all the fun," the first female said,

"And there are lots of strong guys asking about you," the second said, Rayza turned away from them and folded her arms,

"And I told you both, I have no interest in any of this foolishness," she said to them.

"Suits yourself, all the hot guys for us," the first said,

"She's so weird," the second whispered as they both left her alone. Rayza didn't care about what people say behind her back, and is not interested in having a relationship; some Lanterns, Red and other colored, tried to ask her out and many tried to win her heart, but she 'rejected' every last one of them, especially Antroy. It didn't took her long to discover his obsessive crush on her ever since she got here, no matter how much she kept rejecting him, he keeps coming back. Her mind is more focus on important things, continue working undercover for her mentor, Bleez, in order to search and rescue her father. She'll never forget that faithful day…

(5 years ago, Forgotten Zone…

Rayza, 10 years old, staring at her father as he's about to be taken by 'them', the Black Lanterns, under the order of their Leader/Captain, Black Hand, who is about to take Razer as his prisoner, but allowed him to say good-bye to his family first.

"Father please, don't leave me all alone," Rayza is in tears, not wanting to lose her father,

"You won't be alone, you'll be with your mother and brother, they need you here," Razer said to her, Rayza wrapped her arms around his neck, embracing him,

"But I need you here," she shed in tears, Razer hugged her, comforting her, as he too is sadden of leaving his family,

"I won't be gone forever, just know that I love you all very much, and I'll miss you every day," he said, while looking at her face once more, and wiping away her tears,

"You're strong Rayza, don't ever forget that," Razer said to her while staring at her eyes. Through that moment was over when two Black Energy Cuffs appeared and cuffed Razer's wrist, and got pulled him away from Razer, and now held hostage by two lanterns, Black Hand approached him,

"You said your good-byes, now it's time for us to leave," he said to him, now taking Razer as his prisoner. He turned to his crew,

"Get that brat out of my sight," he ordered one of the members, as one approached Rayza, making her walk towards her mother and her 5 year old brother, as they are guarded by the other two lanterns with their black energy spears, Rayza kept her eyes on Black Hand and her captive father, along with the Black Ship appeared as they're about to board the ship.

Rayza breathe heavily as her faced turned from sadness to anger, she clenched both her hands, as the full of hatred and rage took over her body. By then, she slipped passed the lantern, as she ran after Black Hand and yelled,

"NO! I WON'T LET YOU TAKE HIM!" Rayza charged at Black Hand, she pulled out her knife from her pocket and about to strike him from behind, but with no success, Black Hand slapped the weapon off her hand, grabbed Rayza by the neck with one hand, and held her up off her feet from the ground,

"Rayza!" Aya cried when she saw the Black Lantern have Rayza in his grasp, her mother wanted to save her but the two Black Lanterns blocked her way with their energy spears, and Blayd cling behind Aya, frighten.

"Didn't your parents tell you, you shouldn't play with knives… you could hurt someone," Black Hand said while squeezing Rayza's throat, choking her,

"Let her go!" Razer yelled, Black Hand turned to him, which led Rayza to think fast and quickly pull out another knife from her pocket and…


"AH!" Black Hand responded to the pain of a knife stabbed on his arm, causing him to release Rayza from his grasped, Rayza was about to stab him again, but wasn't quick enough when…


Black Hand slapped her to the face with his back hand, that lead Rayza drop her second knife as she fell and slid to the ground, just when she's about to get back up, Black Hand came and stomp his foot on her torso, keeping her back flat on the ground,

"Since you like playing with sharp objects, let me show you mine," he said aiming his activated ring towards her, forming a construct of a black energy blade, Rayza stare at it as near her face,

"I've seen sharper blades than that, Black Head," she glare at him. He is now pissed, as his eyes and body glow flaming black,

"That's Black Hand to you, you little-" he yells while he's about to lunge his blade at her, threaten to go for the kill…

"Stop! Don't do it…" Black Hand stopped his blade near her throat, when he heard Razer' plead,

"She's just a child, leave her be," Black Hand's glow disappeared, then turned to him once again as he plead to him,

"It's me you want, she has nothing to do with this… please, don't kill her," Razer begged him, in hope to save his daughter from his attack. There was a brief moment between the two, as Black Hand slowly looked back down to Rayza, by then… his black blade disappeared, away from Rayza,

"Consider yourself lucky I'm in a good mood," he said before he lift his foot off her, and just when Rayza is about to get back up again,

"But before I go-" Black Hand smirked when…


"AAH!" Rayza cried after he kicked her to the stomach, he kicked her so hard, she flew and roughly rolled to the dirt, she coughed and clenched body in absolute pain,

"Be a good little farm girl, and stay in the dirt like a weakling you are," he said to her right before he walked away from her, he turned to Razer as he's giving him a glare,

"What…? You said 'don't kill her'," he kept the smirk, before he ordered all his crew members to depart. As they all left to broad the ship, Aya and Blayd immediately rushed over to Rayza, as she struggles to get back up as she's still in pain.

All the Lanterns abroad and about to take off, Rayza, along with her mother and brother turned to Razer with distress, as he looked back at them one last time before the door close. The ship finally took off ground and started to fly away, leaving Rayza to watch her father taken away from her, away from their home planet and off into the far galaxy in space.)

"I'll make them all pay," she whispered with anger, her eyes glow red and black, along with her body glowing Flaming Red, full of rage and hate, not only she harvest with anger, but mostly… revenge. Until that moment is interrupted when something caught her attention, her eyes and body stopped glowing.

She spotted a male, wearing a red cloak, a black helmet covering top face, black pants, and red boots as he appeared through the entrance; she examine him and clarified he's not from around this sector. She memorized all the Red Lanterns in this sector, and there's rarely any new recruits serving under Red for years. So she examined the ring he's wearing from the far distant, a simple technique she learned from her mother, analyzing it and confirmed the texture is similar but the structure of it is incorrect, as it's been painted over. And soon identified the species of the male is human, she got off the wall and unfolded her arms after what she discovered,

"You've got to be kidding me," she said, knowing exactly who that is.

"Whoa!" Harold is amazed how big this place is, it reminds him at the time he snuck into a senior party at the abandon warehouse next to the truck rally, he had a good time there before the police came and wrecked the party. Considering he's now in a room full of Red Lantern aliens, he was able to gather some clothes from the locker room and disguised himself so nobody would recognize him. He was having a good moment, until…

"Hey you!" he heard a voice, as it came from a Red Lantern from his group,

"Oh boy," Harold whispered as he was hoping nobody would notice him, so he tried to walk away,

"I'm talking to you…" Harold stopped and then turned around, and being approached by a group of alien Red Lanterns. Three males, one short and rather chubby, one about Harold's size but his skin is both rough and scaly, and one very tall but has a tongue of a reptile. And two females, one with a strong buff body, and one with a slender figure but with four arms.

"He doesn't look all that dangerous," said the four-armed female with a small voice,

"How is it we never seen you before?" the scaly male asked him,

"I…" Harold said, but then he cleared his throat and toned down his voice,

"I've been in hiding… in certain places nobody even bothered to look," he said. Then noticed the tall male looking down at him, getting a closer look at him,

"You seem rather small and less pasty to be one of us," he said as he slid his tongue out,

"Identify yourself, where you from?" the scaly male said,

"I'm…" Harold looked around while thinking of a name, he spotted two aliens in hand-to-hand combat, and saw both their fist clashed at each other with full strength; thus gave him an idea for a name. He looked back at the group, waiting for his answer,

"Beat Knuckles, from…" he said then took a quick glance over to one of the tables, and spotted a glass filled with green goo-like substance and a very huge beetle; it's still alive in there,

"Beetlgoob," he said to them.

"Beetlgoob… what kind of messed up planet is that?" said the buff female with her arms folded on her chest,

"Your kind of planet according to that ugly face of yours," the chubby male teased her, which cause her to power up full red,

"THAT'S IT!" she yelled before attacking him, beating him to the pulp; she's easily short-tempered. The group turned back to 'Beat Knuckles',

"… So what are you in for?" the scaly male asked, which made 'Beat Knuckles' look confused,

"Being a Red Lantern, did you steal something?" he explained,

"Destroyed something?" the tall one said,

"Burned something to the ground?" the four-armed female said,

"Oh… well, I…. did once steal a disk from the store…" Beat Knuckles said, though he noticed they are nowhere near impressed. Then Harold recalled that Red Lanterns are people with hate and rage, and they show no mercy and like to cause trouble and destruction, which led him to expand his story more but with a little 'spice' to it; considering he's an expert of both acting and lying back at home.

"And I gave it to my girlfriend, who I stole from my best friend…" he said, brought the attention from the buff female, while locking her arm around the chubby male's neck, as he continues,

"Then she and I went to the central park, and burned everything down to ashes so we can dance over it… and right before I dumped her and left her in pain," he added the finishing touch, now waiting for the response from the group and hope they bought his story. The scaly male approach, getting close to face, Harold hold his breath and feel his heart racing, fearing he's seeing right through his lies and his disguise,

"Conniving, unmerciful, and sinister…" the scaly said, while glaring at him straight to the eyes. Harold's head is sweating as they stare at each other for a brief moment… until, he gave him a smirk,

"I like that," he said and backed away from him. Harold quietly sighed in relieve, thinking he almost blew his cover, then he noticed the female wrapped her four arms around his left arm,

"Why don't you hang with us Knuckles?" the four-armed female asked while looking arouse,

"I-I shouldn't, I'm-" he said until he felt a hand on his right shoulder, as he turned and looked up to the tall one,

"We're not taking 'no' for an answer, in fact… we're about to settle some rounds with that group over there," he said with his tongue slid out again, and looked over to the other group of Red Lantern at the court area,

"We could have you playing in our team," the scaly male said to 'Beat Knuckles'. Since Harold can't seem to think of a way to get away from them, he had no choice but to play along as 'Beat Knuckles' in order to avoid any suspicion. So...

"… I suppose one round won't hurt," he said,

"Good answer," said the buff female smirked, while still holding the chubby male in her strong locked arm,

"Hey Krog, we got ourselves a new player," the scaly male yelled over to the other group, as he, his group, and now a tag along 'Beat Knuckles' are heading to where they are. As they left, Rayza watched them from behind, who saw and heard the whole thing,

"What are you doing Jordan?" Rayza grid her teeth, glaring at the disguised Green Lantern who is now hanging with a group of Red Lanterns.

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