In His Footsteps


The Lanterns Corps Academy, Red Sector, Quarter 3…

After a few hours have passed, Harold slowly regained consciousness after he got knocked out by Antroy's blast,

"What the…" he whispered, he discovers himself pinned against a red mineral-metal wall, chained up with Red Energy Cuffs, hand and feet.

"Oh good, you're awake," he turned to Antroy, who stood in front of him with an evil grin on his face,

"Now we can start the fun," he said, before he turned to his fellow Red Lanterns, all looking at him waiting for his speech,

"As many of you know, no other Lanterns are to trespass in our territory, which the counselors agreed no other Lanterns are allowed to cross this sector, otherwise, they will face extreme punishment. But this Green Loser, right here…" they all turned to Harold, "He didn't get the memo… so I think we give him the ultimate punishment before we report him to the counselors," he said, which made the Reds cheer for him, all of them except Rayza, who stood above the ledge, away from the crowd, looking down at them, but mostly at the hostaged Harold.

"So let's hear it… what would be the best punishment for him?" Antroy said while glaring at Harold, the Lanterns began to shout out their ideas,

"Break both his legs," the male Lantern yelled,

"Claw out his eyes," a female Lantern screeched,

"Rip out his tongue," another male Lantern shouted,

"Split him into two," a tall female Lantern screamed,

"Cook him up and serve him for dinner," the short male Lantern yelled, which made everyone silent and turned to him for a moment displeased. Another short Lantern punched him to the shoulders,

"We're supposed to beat him, not eat him, did we not talked about this," he yelled at his roommate, until…

"Hold on just a moment…" everyone turned back to Antroy,

"He might be onto something..." he said, then smiled evilly,

"And I have a better idea," he turned back to Harold,

"We cook him up and serve him… to Hexor," he said. That made the Reds to cheer louder than before, still all except Rayza, who is in the middle of debating on whether to save Harold once again, or let him be tortured by brutal Red Lanterns. She looked away to think through her thoughts, part of her wants him to receive the ultimate punishment for coming to this sector in the first place, even after she kept telling him to leave. However, part of her wants to save him because he is the son of the previous Green Lantern Hal Jordan her mother told her about and recalled the strong power he performed within him she wished to examine more. She turned to Harold again, who is completely defenseless, and without the power of his ring, he'll probably be half-dead by the time the Reds, mostly Antroy, finish him. She let out a sigh, before she quickly snuck away with nobody looking, and went through the door, leaving the sector.

She walked across the hallway, to an Unauthorized chamber filled with power energy machines, control panels, and levers/switches that operates and function in this sector. She approached to the control panels, that connects to the system to the machine, that is connected to all quarters, including quarter 3. Due to her skills in technology, courtesy of her mother, she has no problem of accessing and hacking through the mainframe. However, she doesn't have much time to wait for the machine itself to process, Harold is about to be tormented, so she took apart the panel, displaying all the wires and devices to the system,

"I'm so gonna hate myself for this," she said to herself, before she placed her hands inside the machine… now focus on connecting herself in to the system…

"I'm sure Hexor will love to take a bite out of you," Antroy said to Harold, before he activated his ring to construct a Red Energy Blade,

"But before you meet him, I'll start by cutting off both you're arms and legs, he always eats the main course before the appetizer," he said and pointed his blade near Harold's face.

"Hey-hey-hey! Don't I at least have a say in this? I mean, surely I have the rights to have the 'last words' before all of this," Harold protested, and Antroy chuckled evilly,

"In case you've forgotten, you're in the Red Sector, and in here, we Reds show no mercy to our enemy, especially to a Green Loser like you," Antroy threaten him with the blade close to his face.

"Come on… I know you're in there," Rayza mumbled with her eyes closed, still focusing on the machine to find the main source, until finally… her eyes suddenly opened as it glows bright white…

"You know what, I'll just cut off your tongue so no one will hear you scream," Antroy said to him,

"Yeah… if you gotta do that, why not cut off my eyes first so I won't have to look at that grotesque you called face," Harold said to him, which definitely struck a nerve to the top Red Lantern as Antroy growled in anger and his eyes glows flaming red, and finally about to go for the kill…

"Initiate Lights-Out!" Rayza said while she's connected to the system…

All the lights from each quarter went off, and at a short moment, the red emergency lights turned on, but not bright enough to light up the quarter. Which interrupted Antroy from cutting Harold to pieces,

"What the…?!" Antroy responded, he and the other Red Lanterns discovers all the lights have been cut off.

"Initiate Lock-Down on Sector 1 dash 3, Quarter 3," she said controlling it…

All the doors in Quarter 3 were shut and locked down, preventing the Reds from ever getting out,

"Hey!" a male Lantern said,

"What gives?!" a female Lantern said,

"The doors are locked," another male Lantern said as many try to opened the doors, and some try to blast it opened with their laser canon; but neither of them succeed as the doors are built to prevail energy canons,

"Something's not right," Antroy grew suspicious, something like this only happens when there is a major riot emergency.

"Processing… Processing…" she said activating the last part to finish the job…

The vents led opened, and smoke swiftly came out of it, the smoke is more of a tranquilize gas, with the mixed of amnesia serum that will make them all forget the event by the time they regain consciousness, the Reds were too concerned of the doors being locked, they're completely unaware of the smoke they're inhaling. Almost all of them except Antroy, who already discovered smoke coming out of the vents and quickly shielded himself, and Harold, with his Red Energy Bubble, to prevent from inhaling the smoke.

Around each moment, many of them Lanterns slowly lost consciousness and many are knocked out, each and every one of them fell to the ground, almost all over the quarter as the gas completely knock them all out. Almost all of them except Antroy and Harold still shield inside the Red Bubble. By the time the smoke cleared up, the door are unlocked and slid opened, and the lights switched back on. Antroy deactivates his Red Bubble Shield, and saw all his fellow Red Lanterns on the floor unconscious.

"Huh… if I would've known this party would end like this, I probably shouldn't have come here," Harold said after looking at all the Red Lanterns on the floor,

"You're right… you shouldn't have come here…" Antroy said, before he turned to him with an angry yet evil smirk on his face,

"But since it's now the two of us…" he reactivates his ring to construct his Energy Blade again,

"I'll start by ending you!" Antroy yelled as he's about to charge at him with his blade, and Harold is about to be killed. When suddenly…


"AAAHHHH!" Antroy screamed in pain from the surprised attack, Harold watched the electricity of his armor circulates and electrocuting his entire body. It didn't last long as it stopped and caused Antroy to fall to the ground unconscious, like the other Reds,

Harold looked down at him, before he looked up and discovered…

"Rayza," he said as Rayza appeared, after she saved him from Antroy with use of her small device that shoots Electric Blast, then she put it away to activate her Power ring…


She blasted all the Red Energy, setting Harold free from the wall, he lands his feet to the ground, he looked at Rayza again,

"Unless you're waiting for them to wake up, follow me," she said before she started walking away,

Harold was hesitant for a moment after what just happened, but immediately left the area to follow her, finally leaving the quarter.

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