In His Footsteps

The Real You

Black Lantern Ship…

In the chamber, the two Black Lanterns strapped Razer on the platform, from his ankles to his head to prevent him from struggling, but mostly escaping.

Razer stared at the machine before him, positioned directly in front of him. A large orb attached to a ray, which is connected to the Black Lantern Battery source, attached to the machine, and can only be activated by the Black Lantern's Power ring.

"Remarkable, isn't it," Razer led his eyes towards Black Hand,

"If only you can imagine the years it took me to finally find the parts to complete this magnificent machine. Some things were cost and lives were taken away, but to what you're about to experience, it would make all of it worth while," Black Hand said, gloating at one of his greatest creation yet. He turned to Razer,

"But before we start, I thought you should know that in case you don't make it in the process, my wife volunteered on looking after your daughter," he sighed, "I still remembered the time she said she always wanted a daughter of her own, but then she finds it better to take one instead, like Rayza instant," Black Hand smirked.

"… It won't work," Razer said, which made Black Hand to turned to him,

"That's because it hasn't even started yet, you fool," Black Hand said, assuming he's referring to the machine, but isn't,

"The only fool here is you…" he stood silent while Razer continues,

"You believing your plans will succeed on taking over the galaxy. Beings like you end up in ultimate defeat along with your plans. I should know, I've been with other Lanterns who are much more powerful than you, and will stop at nothing to overcome you…" Black Hand glare down at him as he keeps talking,

"If anything, I won't be surprise you'll end up in prison with the other scums, and rot there for the rest of your life," Razer stated. He looked at Black Hand, he sees he is definitely pissed off,

"You know… the one thing I also hate other than people mispronouncing my name…" he activated his ring,

"Is prisoners who won't learn to shut-up!" he yelled before he used his ring to finally activate the machine, it started up, the battery source circulated to the ray, transferring it to the orb, and directing it to… Razer!



The sound of Razer's scream and the bright-dark light can be heard and seen from outside the ship.

The Lanterns Corps Academy, Red Sector…

After escaping quarter 3, Harold walks beside Rayza, leading him through the hallways, he slowly led his eyes towards her, checking out her body figure, top to bottom, then bottom to top. Enchanted by how strong, and incredibly beautiful she is, plus checking out how nice her legs are. Rayza noticed,

"Eyes off me, or I'll take them off you," she threatened him with her death glare, which cause him to immediately look away, then there was a moment of silence between them… until,

"So... how is it you-" he asked her,

"No," she said, cutting him off,

"Then why did yo-" he asked again,

"No," she said it again,

"I di-" he said,

"No," she cut him off once again.

"You don't know what I'm about to say," he stated,

"'How is it I know it's you?' because there was never a new recruit serving for Reds in years, let alone a human. 'Why did I saved you?' because even you are not ready to meet 'Hexor'. 'You didn't think I be there' because there's hardly anything to do in this sector, considering both Lanterns, counselors, and the Three guardians are too concern to place their trust in Reds to be around other Lanterns yet," she answered all of his unfinished questions. Harold looked surprised,

"You a mind reader?" he asked, until they appeared in front of a door,

"We're here," she said as the door slid opened, they entered a chamber full of large tubes that can transport anyone to any sector of the ship.

"Where are we?" he asked while looking around the tubes,

"The Transporter Chamber, where I'm about to activate one of the tubes and coordinate them to take you back to your sector," she said and walked over to the control panels, then started typing the settings,

"So unless you want to lose parts of your body, you never return to this sector ever again," she stated and trying to activate one of the tubes for Harold to take. There was another moment of silence between them while Harold looked at the tube, then turned to Rayza,

"Listen, Rayza…" he said while looking at her, though she's not looking back,

"Before I leave here, I just wanted to say… I'm sorry," he said it, which somehow slowly caused Rayza to turned her head aside, with her eye looking at him as he continues,

"About what I said to you earlier back in the mess hall, I didn't know about your father and I never meant to upset you in anyway, so… I'm sorry," he apologized. After that, Rayza looked away from him, still setting up the one of the tube, then a short moment, she made a silent breathe,

"…It's Razer," she said,

"Hm…?" Harold respond,

"You pronounced his name wrong, it's actually Razer, not Razor," she clarified to him.

"Sorry, I thought they sound the same when they… uh…" he said then cleared his throat, quickly changed the subject, to something like…

"I've been meaning to ask, are you and Antroy, by any chance-?" Harold asked out of curiosity,

"No," Rayza answered while still typing,

"Okay then… that's good to know," Harold said, relieved when he almost believed an ultra pretty girl like her have a relationship with a gruesome Lantern like Antroy. That thought has been interrupted when he heard one of the tubes finally activated and it ready to be used for transportation,

"As soon as you reached your sector, I'll reset the software so that no one will know you were here," Rayza said while typing the systems, Harold glanced over her once again, seeing how attractive she is in full view. The hormones circulated back up as he smiled at her,

"You know… even if you're not a Red Lantern, I think you're pretty awesome," he walked over to her,

"Perhaps if you're not busy, I was thinking of taking you out to dinner, my way of saying 'thank you for saving my life… again', is tomorrow night okay?" he asked as he stood in front of her. Rayza just rolled her eyes, another Lantern trying to ask her out on a date, she turned to him,

"Look, Jordan, you're… new here, so it's more than best you don't be around someone like me… trust me," she assuring him,

"Is it because of what people say about you, because I've done some bad things myself back in my home planet… plus, I don't even care what they say, since you saved my life twice, and well…" he took and held her hand,

"There is something special about you, I don't know what it is but… I like to get to know you... the real you," he said, which made Rayza's eyes to grew alittle after what he just said to her. She encountered many male Lanterns trying to ask her out, but neither one of them have ever said anything like that to her, not even Antroy,

"Jordan…" she's a little hesitant,

"There's no need for that, call me Harold," he said as they both glanced at each others eyes for a brief moment… until…

"And between you and me, I think you would look better as a Blue Lantern," he said, which completely killed the moment,

"What's that?!" she suddenly felt offended,

"I mean, don't get me wrong or anything, Red looks… really hot on you, though a Blue uniform would look perfect on you, and it would match lovely with those beautiful eyes of yours…" he stared at her eyes, as it illuminates like the evening sky,

"Which I can't... seem to take my eyes off it," he said, leaning forward, wanting to get close to her. Rayza notices he's getting close to her face, and attempting to kiss her, so instead… her eyes turned to flaming red and black, and at the same time activated her ring, positioned it in front of Harold's torso, and then…


She blasted Harold with her Laser Canon, no only to push him away from her but right into the tube, causing the transportation system to close the door with trap Harold inside, and then dropped through the tube downward…

"AAAAaaaaahhhhh!" Harold screamed while being transported away from chamber, finally leaving the Red Sector. Rayza looked down at the tube where Harold went through, he should've just went to the transporter instead of flirting with her so she has to blast him to it; but in a certain way, that's how she rejected other Lanterns. (Just like her mother)

She stood alone, thinking over Harold's words to her moments ago…

("There is something special about you, I don't know what it is but… I like to get to know you... the real you," he said…)

Despite how touching he said to her, she decided to brush it off, believing he should never know the 'real' her. Nobody, not even the Three guardians themselves, will know the 'real' her, nor her true purpose of being a spy here, and she tends to keep it at that. Afterwards, she clenched her hands,

"Believe me… you don't," she said, tilted her head up and her eyes glow bright white once again, causing the computer system on the control panel behind her to create a static, enough to make small smokes coming out of it, and system is now fried.

Less than an hour later at the East Segment, Hallway…

After a very long night he had back in the Red Sector, his roommates should be wide awake by now, wondering where he is. Harold is walking through the hallway, returning to his quarter, he murmured to himself on the way. Thinking about his last few moments he spent with Rayza back in the Transporter Chamber before she blasted him with her Power ring,

"How can I be so stupid! 'I think you would look better as a Blue Lantern,' what was I thinking," he said, blaming himself for what he said to her. He once felt bad about bringing up her father, but now he felt worst than ever. It didn't took him long for him to appear in front of his quarter, he sighed, "Guess I owe her another apology," he said before the door slid opened and he walked right in. But little did he expect, he saw both Kihwog and Walter awake, but they're not alone as he also saw… the Third guardian here, with his arms crossed and looks very displeased,

"Mr. Guardian sir, hi… so nice of you to drop by-" Harold said to him, until…

"Save your speech for the other two Guardians Mr. Jordan… we like to have a word with you and your quarter mates due to what you did last night," the Third Guardian cut him off,

"Ah man," Harold said to himself as he was hoping to rest after being in Red Sector all night, but now he has to go meet with the other two guardians about what he did last night.

Kihwog and Walter maybe involved, though Harold, on the other hand, is once again busted!

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