In His Footsteps


The Main Quarter…

Harold stood at the front center, between Walter and Kihwog from behind, as they both stood in front of the Three guardians, looking down on them. It looks as if they're in a court room, except with no juries, witnesses, or lawyers, but the guardians are like the three judges, deciding on whether Harold is guilty or not guilty.

"Upon staying in this Academy, we show no boundaries from planets to galaxy, though there are some cultural traditions we expect to maintain, thus prevent any circumstances," the Second said, sitting on the left,

"The reason you're all here is to explain the rules we made here, which is strictly prohibited for young Lanterns like yourselves to break, to those who breaks them will receive punishment for their actions," the First said, sitting in the middle,

"As you should know, there are three types of punishments; the first being sent to the chamber supervised by three counselors, the second being sent to the primary sector working hard labor without using your Power rings, and the last is an immediate removal in this Academy and never return here again," the Third said, sitting in the right.

"So… which punishment do I get?" Harold dared to asked,

"Surely you're aware of the consequence from the seminar, do you not?" the Second asked,

"In truth... I don't fully pay attention to the entire seminar… I get lost to my thoughts when things get a little boring with all the talking and the presentatio-" Harold answered while rubbing the back of his head, until the third cut him off,

"Well you should've paid more attention to the rules we explained yesterday, otherwise you wouldn't even be here, but instead you decided to sneak out of your quarter last night when you're suppose to remain there like the other young Lanterns," the third scowled at him, making Harold slightly uncomfortable.

"All because I snuck out of my quarter last night, I don't really find it a big deal or anything, I'm pretty sure everybody does it all the time," Harold said, folding his arms,

"Then I suppose you don't find it a big deal of injuring the two Lanterns with your energy blast from combat practice?" the First stated, Harold became surprised a bit and slowly unfolded his arms,

"…Okay, what I did to them was an absolute accident, that energy blast just… unexpectedly happened," he explained about what happened,

"Just like you unexpectedly caused part of the damage in the Experimental course?" the First point out,

"Wait, what?! Why you blaming me for the damage? It was all that Red Lantern guy's fault!" Harold protested,

"According to the witnesses, you used your construct to not only deflect the particle but have it struck back at Mr. Zilox creating more damage to the course, did you not?" the Second asked,

"Well… yeah I did, but only on self-defense, he keeps trying to attack me with those… unstable particles," Harold stated,

"He speaks the truth," Walter supported,

"That poozer purposely mixed the particles with two serums after the professor warned us not to," Kihwog explained,

"Even so, that action you made is rather unnecessary, especially last night when every Lantern must remain in their quarters on curfew. You disobeyed by breaking curfew, and for that will cause serious consequences," the First clarified.

The Third turned to Walter and Kihwog,

"And as for you two, for partaking Mr. Jordan's action, you both will also face the punishment such as-" he said until Harold cut him off,

"Woah-woah, now hold it right there, Walter and Kihwog have nothing to do with this… I snuck out on my own, they had no idea that I left," Harold stated.

"Since you all share the same quarter, they are much responsible for what you did, and therefore share the same punishment," the First explained, Harold took a deep breath and calmed himself down, before he said to the guardians,

"Look… since the whole thing involves my action anyway, they shouldn't be involved in it at all, I'm responsible for my own actions so I'll be the one facing the consequences... I'll accept whatever punishment you'll give me, just not to my friends."

After that, Kihwog and Walter turned to him after hearing his speech, not saying a word before they then turned back to the guardians waiting for their answers,

"As we mentioned earlier, those who disobey the rules will be sent to the chamber," the Third said,

"Or perhaps…" the First and Third turned to the Second,

"We could let him off with a warning," the Second stated,

"Now what makes you think we let this little punk off the hook?" the Third protested, not liking the idea,

"If you don't mind explaining," the First said, as the second proceed,

"As we're all aware, Mr. Jordan is still new to all of this; the courses, the training fields, and from what the other counselors informed us, he rarely full knowledge of how to use the power of his ring. Instead of punishing this young man, I recommend him taking one of the minor courses from the prior sectors, where he'll learn and develop the concepts of the other Corps, and be checked in from the counselors for his progress," the Second suggested.

"You're so lenient when it comes to new recruits, it's annoying," the Third is annoyed,

"And you're so aggressive of punishing them easily, which is unnecessary," the Second said, which made the Third glare at him.

"Nevertheless…" the Second and Third turned back to the First as he continues,

"The rules we made for young Lanterns is highly stricted, and we're responsible to make sure those who break them will receive extreme punishment…" he gazed down at Harold, who stood waiting for the punishment he's about to receive. There was a brief moment of silent, and was rather impress with Harold's speech earlier, so instead…

"However… you are considered a new recruit and still in the process of adapting yourself in this Academy, so instead… you won't be receiving punishment this one time," the First stated, the Second is satisfied, though the Third is displeased, Harold sighed of relieve,

"Thank goodness," he whispered, he was lucky enough to not get into major trouble. The First continued,

"Though, you will be taking one of the minor courses to practice your skills and enhance your training, with Green Lantern Kilowog checking in on you, do you understand?" he said to Harold,

"Yes sirs," Harold answered. As the Three guardians levitated off their seats,

"We're done here," the First said, as he and the other two floated down to the floor,

"As for you two, Mr. Walter and Mr. Kihwog, you'll both shall head back to your courses," the Second said to them,

"Yes sir," Kihwog said,

"We will," Walter said,

"And you Mr. Jordan, shall come with me," the Third said as he and Harold begin to leave the quarter. While walking, Harold turned to his friends,

"I'll catch up with you guys later," he said to them with a small smile, before he turned away following the Third, both leaving the quarter. By then, Kihwog and Walter began leaving, they spoke to each other,

"Well I'll be... could you believe that?" Kihwog said as he's a little dumbstruck,

"He called us his friends," Walter said as he's a little shocked but mostly calm, and by then... they both finally left the quarter, heading to their courses.

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