In His Footsteps

Minor Course

Main Center…

Harold followed the Third guardian as they made it to the main center where the selected courses and counselors take place,

"So… all I need to do is choose a minor course, based on my skills of intelligent, strength, or energy?" Harold asked,

"That is correct, though it will be on the selected category from one of the three prior sectors, you will ask one of the counselors for any openings of your choosing," the Third explained to him.

By the time Harold turned to the counselors, he only spotted two of them, both awaited for him; in his surprise is Red Lantern Zillius, and in his discomfort, seeing his father's old mentor, Yellow Lantern Sinestro. They approached them,

"Red Lantern Zillius and Yellow Lantern Sinestro," the Third said to them before he continues,

"A good day to see you both, where is Orange Lantern Larfleeze?" he asked, noticing the third counselor is not present,

"He's late again," Sinestro answered,

"He's having one of his 'appointments' with the Indigo's," Zillius explained,

"Ah, that's right," the Third recalled. Then he started,

"Well as you may know, Mr. Jordan is here to select a minor course in one of your sectors, I'm sure you have an opening for him to partake," he said, introducing Harold to them,

"I should have some courses available," Zillius stated,

"As do I," Sinestro said,

"The two guardians and I will receive a report from Green Lantern Kilowog on his progress, with hope that he'll succeed and fully understand the concept of our corporation," the third explained, the two nodded for agreement. Right before he leaves, the Third turned to Harold with a stern look on his face,

"Now you listen here Mr. Jordan, you may not receive punishment this one time, but don't think you'll receive another 'slap on the wrist' the next time you break one of the rules. Because I assure you, you will receive an absolute punishment for it, and I don't mean being sent to the chamber, do you understand?" he said to him,

"Yes sir," Harold replied, then the Third turned to the two counselors,

"I'll leave him to your capable hands," he said to them and finally left them alone. Harold turned to the counselors,

"So… what kind of courses do you have…?" Harold asked, as both Zillius and Sinestro, who only watched the Third leaving until he is completely out of sight,

"Anything that involves being in a group, or some sort of sport program, because I was hoping there some kind of field around here with not must dangerous places but rather more-" Harold continues, and the couselors turned to him.

"Hold your tongue boy," Sinestro said which made Harold stop talking,

"Just because those Three guardians are letting you off the hook, doesn't mean you're expecting any special treatment from us," Zillius said and floats right in front of him. Harold looked at both of them while feeling an uncomfortable tension between them,

"I'm sensing a problem from the two of you, surely whatever it is, it could resolved," he said, which made Zilius chuckled,

"That's cute… Hal Jr. can sense a problem between us," he said to Sinestro,

"Hmph…" Sinestro respond looking unimpressed,

"I wouldn't prefer it as a problem, considering you're the same Lantern who injured both my boys," Zillius glared at him,

"And my beloved daughter," Sinestro did the same,

Harold became stunned after learning these two are actually 'out to get him' after what he did to their kids yesterday.

"And since you need to take a minor, I do have an opening where you can either test the explosive field or gather up the toxic clumps from the vents at the north sector," Zillius said after he looked at his clipboard,

"Or you should take the Cavern course that is confined with screeches and screams, along with bone-eating worms," Sinestro did the same, before they both glare back at him,

"Those doesn't sound like courses at all," Harold stated as he took a step back,

"Like it matters in your case," Sinestro said as his eyes lid bright yellow,

"And I guaranteed the other Lanterns will enjoy tearing you apart," Zillius stated as his eyes lid bright red, both bringing a deadly tension in the atmosphere for a brief moment. Until…

"I'm here…" they all turned and saw Larfleeze arrived, with his clipboard, he approached them and the tension went back to normal,

"Sorry I'm late, my appointment took longer than I expected," he said to Zillius and Sinestro before he turned his attention to Harold,

"Oh, hello there… Harold Jordan I believe?" he said, Harold quickly walked up to him and away from the Red and Yellow Lanterns,

"Yes, and you're one of the counselors hosting the opening courses?" he asked him,

"That's right, though, there is not much courses, since I only have just one opening in this one sector…" as Larfleeze continues, Harold turned back to Zillius and Sinestro, both glaring at him, as if they want to tear him apart themselves,

"Though I thought you should know, not many Lanterns wanted to join this course because it's rather more of a-" Larfleeze continues to explain, but Harold didn't fully paid attention to what he's saying, as he turned back to him,

"I'll take it," he stated cutting him off, which caught him by surprise,

"Wha-? Really?! You sure? Because it's not really much of a field or section though it's actually a-" Larfleeze tried to tell him from something, until Harold cut him off again,

"I'm sure-I'm sure, I really-really like to take that course," he stated, acting a little optimistic,

"Oh… alright, come with me," Larfleeze said and began to leave,

"Thank you," he said, immediately follows him to his minor, but mostly to get away from the vengeful fathers, who they kept glaring at him as he leaves.

"So… where are we going?" Harold asked while following Larfleeze…

The Minor Course at the West Sector…

They appeared to the course, as Larfleeze opened the door,

"Welcome… to the Technician Laboratory Course," Larfleeze pronounced as he introduced Harold the course, which cause Harold's eyes grew wide and mouth dropped opened… discovering a lab filled with computers and technology devices, along with small prototypes and inventions everywhere. Not what he would hoped nor expected since he's not really into technologies and gadgets at all. And there are only two alien Lanterns here, both Green Lanterns, and both working on their small project together.

"I wished to stay to introduce you to the members but I must returned to my post, so you can make yourself welcome upon your time," Larfleeze as he prepares to leave, until Harold stopped him,

"W-wait, don't you have other courses opened, something, I don't know, less technology?" he asked,

"As I already mentioned this to you before, this is the only opening we have, and you chose this course. And the rules clarified that once you choose your course, you stick to it and complete it," Larfleeze explained.

"You sure? Are there any transfer courses at least?" Harold asked, not wanting to be here,

"We used to, but the Guardians decided to dismiss that option, due to certain Lanterns showing lack of respect in any of the courses, so they recommend they stick to their first choice until they successfully complete it. But I'm sure you'll succeed in this course Mr. Jordan," Larfleeze clarified,

"Yeah, you don't understand? I'm not really into… all this… techno stuff… I don't know the first thing about high-tech gadgets or machinery, I failed three of my Science classes," Harold explained to him.

"Which is why I'm leaving you in the capable hands of the members who will guide you through the course, they will help you at anyway. Especially my son, who is the team leader of this course, I believe you two have already met?" Larfleeze asked him,

"We haven't properly introduced, but I think I know who you're talking about. He's an Orange Lantern, we went to that same Experimental course, and I think he goes by the name… Larry," Harold said.

"It is pronounced Larreef," they both turned and saw Larreef appeared through door, with his textbook and wearing his goggle glasses,

"Ah son, I'm glad you're here, I'm dropping off Mr. Jordan who signed up for this course, so whatever questions he may have trouble understanding, you and the other members will help him and answer his problem," he said to his son,

"… Whatever you say father," Larreef said and walked passed him to sit at the table, reading his textbook,

"I must be going now, I'm not much allowed to be around this sector this long…" Larfleeze said, until his eyes got caught on a crystallized object, that is levitating, gravitate by three machines on a desk, behind Harold.

"Not just because my 'shiny' post is in the East sector, but rather 'shiny'…" Larfleeze continues which made Harold noticed his behavior, he looked behind him and discovered what he's looking at,

"I was told by the Indigos not 'shiny'…" Larfleeze kept his eyes on the crystal, Harold took a step back as he can see the greediness his dad once told him about,

"To remain 'shiny'… 'So very shiny'," Larfleeze said as even though he's been getting his 'treatment', there is still bit of greedy hidden within him, nearly his old greedy self again.

"Father," Larreef called out to him, which snapped him out of it, he was lost in thought, "What was I about to do?" Larfleeze asked, after he was a bit out of focus,

"You were returning to your post," Larreef reminded him,

"Oh yes, thank you son," Larfleeze recalled, and is about to leave again, until Harold quickly stopped him again,

"But wait? Could I at least pick a different minor?" he asked, really doesn't want to be here,

"I'm sorry Mr. Jordan, it doesn't work that way. But the members here will help you through your problems, including Larreef, which I'm sure you two will become great friends," Larfleeze said with a smile, before Harold turned to Larreef, still reading his textbook, paying him no attention whatsoever,

"You boys have fun now," Larfleeze said and finally left the course,

"No wait! Sir, don't leave!" Harold called out to him, but was too little too late as he already left,

"Darn it!" he mumbled, now he's stuck in this course for thre hours with techno geeks. So at a brief moment, he had but no choice but to at least befriend them for the time being, so he turned back to Larreef, who is still reading his book. Harold walked up to him after he took a calm breath,

"So… Larreef, you're the the leader of this course, that must be real somethin', right," he said to him, though noticed Larreef kept his eyes on his book, still not paying attention to Harold at all, but he decided to continue,

"I don't want to interrupt your reading time, though I do have some questions about this course, I mean, I'm aware of the all the these gadget and high-tech devices with controls and buttons. Perhaps you might give me the details of this course, so that way I won't have to be here that long…" he said until,

"Don't bother," Larreef spoke,

"Par… wait, what?!" Harold was taken by surprise by what he heard. Larreef closed his book, and finally turned his attention to Harold,

"Although it is rather surprising to see you joining this course, its obvious to everyone you don't belong here, nor this Academy," he stated,

"Well… yeah, I don't know much about this place or any aliens here, and I've been told to at least try to get myself use to this plac…" Harold said until Larreef interrupted him,

"You're action is rather rigid, and you rarely have knowledge of your own ring," he clarified.

"That is not 100% true, I just happen to get the hang of it as I go, though mostly when I'm in really deep trouble or up against really tough aliens-" Harold point out, until Larreef once again interrupted him,

"Thus leads to certain destruction and damaging properties by your deficient strategy and diminutive skills. Such as your partake of damaging the Experimental Course for example," he said,

"Hey, like I told those Guardian people, it was that Red Lantern guy's fault," Harold protested,

"As true as it appears, my calculation contrasted a conclusion, that 'you' were the cause of Zilox's sudden action to disobey the professor's warning and use it to target you but instead demolish the course, harmed Mr. Alie'on, and nearly harmed the other Lanterns in it, including that Zamaranian he is currently infatuated with," Larreef explained, which made Harold a little surprised to learn Zilox likes Starphia, just like he learned Antroy likes Rayza.

"… I guess that might explained why he'd attack me, but he nearly harmed Starphia, you can't possibly blame me for that," Harold proclaimed,

"That is because I've been viewing your status…" Larreef used his ring to displayed a view chart of 'Harold' in a hologram,

"You only show more strength in the physical exercise, and less strength of mental and energetic exercise, which further evaluate your selfless actions, causing harm of other Lanterns by your deficient in control and rebuttal of your focus, along with damaging properties of structural facilities," Larreef explained to him, though Harold looked rather confused by his words,

"In other words, you'v shown no interest of the corporation you're serving under, you still have no knowledge of how to master your ring in combat, and judging by you being here, I have to assume you only signed up here to avoid certain counselors who held a grudge against you for known, yet personal, reason," Larreef stated right after he made the hologram chart disappeared, leaving Harold shocked after what he heard,

"Need I say more?" Larreef frowned at him, and Harold just stood speechless. The moment didn't last, as Larreef got off his chair,

"I would say that considering you are a new member here, the other two will help with your problem, however… you can save us all the trouble by not touching any of the prototypes, the last thing we need is more damage by your action. It's bad enough already that your present could break at least one equipment," Larreef stated and started to walked away from him, Harold on the other hand felt a bit insulted by Larreef's words,

"Okay, now who gave you the right to judge me like that," he approached him, "You don't even know me and here you are talking like you know what would happen if I-" he said until he felt his elbow accidentally bumped over the one of the beakers on the table, as it fell off and about to hit the floor until… it was caught by an Orange Bubble, by Larreef, using his ring to catch the beaker before it breaks and shatter all over the ground. He placed the beaker to the counter away from them, and turned to Harold with a frown on his face,

"I rest my case," Larreef said to him, proving his point, right before he walked away from him, Harold remain where he is,

"And here I thought Antroy hates me," Harold said after his conversation with the leader of the course. By the time he turned around, he startled a bit after… two Green Lanterns approached him to welcome him. One is the son of Chaselon, who looks very much like his father, but wears a green goggle-mask that match his green stripe on the middle part of his body with the Green Lantern symbol on it. And the other is the son of Larvox, who also looks like his father, but his eye is blue and his hair is bright-yellow.

"Salutation newest member and welcome to our group," the first Lantern say as he used his tentacle to shake Harold's hand, in an eagerly fast paced, much to Harold's discomfort, "Yeah, hi," he said,

"Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Green Lantern Noles from Oa…" he said and let go of his hand, he continues and introduced him to his lab partner and best friend,

"This is Green Lantern Voxlar from Sputa," Noles said,

"Welcome to our group fellow Green Lantern, it is very fantastic to have a new member in this course, since… we hardly have had any for years," Voxlar said, who is also shook Harold's hand in an eagerly fast paced, then let go.

"No kidding," Harold said while rubbing his hand after it was shook a bit too much,

"This is going to be awesome, we can show you some of our latest projects, and work on prototypes for the rest of the course," Noles said, as he and Voxlar decided to guide Harold to their table,

"We're going to spend so much time together," Voxlar said filled with joy,

"I know right," Noles said who is also filled wit joy, Harold on the other hand felt otherwise,

"All of a sudden, the toxic vents and the screeching cavern doesn't sound all that bad," he mumbles to himself, regretting his decision from the counselors who hates him.

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