In His Footsteps


Earth, Antarctica…

It's been over two days, yet Hal is still looking for that box that was hidden it in the storage, some of his friend's co-workers volunteered to help out,

"Any luck?" Hal asked one of the co-workers,

"No sir, we checked the upper storage, the east and west side section, but found nothing yet, we'll keep searching though," he said, continuing searching. So far, nobody has found it yet. Hal's mind is still circulating with the thought of his son in space, fearing he might be in danger, fighting against a gruesome alien, or something much worse!

The Lantern Corps Academy, Technician Laboratory Course…

Harold is just sitting at the same table with Noles and Voxlar, looking uninterested while the two Lanterns display their prototypes to him, though there are much too excited to notice he doesn't want to be here at all, especially being surrounded by advance technology.

"In this project, it can accelerate numbers of atoms, creating any solid form you can think of," Noles said while demonstrating a device and form a round protective shield,

"How fascinating," Harold said ironically, bored out of his mind,

"Not as fascinating as this prototype, it can formulate static electricity that can be used for offense and defense," Voxlar said, demonstrating a device to form an electric field around him, Noles, and Harold, "But mostly defense," he said before he deactivated it,

"That's real somethin'," he said sarcastically, really don't want be here, but was informed by the counselor, that once he sign up to a minor, he remains there until he completes it.

"You are going to like this one…" Noles presented him a small black cubed device,

"…A cube?" Harold said while looking at it,

"This cube can be use to any choose based by features and sizes; for storaging items, sending and recieving messages, translation to communicate to foreign aliens, a brief history of certain types of planets, and other types to carry with you in case of a huge emergency," he explains before he gave it to Harold.

"You don't say," Harold was actually fascinated, "Could I borrow this?" he asked him,

"Consider it as a welcome gift, now that you joined our course, we're buddies now," Noles said,

"We can build many technologies together, talk about brief history of Oa, and hangout here," Voxlar said,

"Yeah… sure," Harold lied, then slowly turned his attention the leader of the course, who pays no attention of their conversion whatsoever. He is mostly more focus on his own project, and prefer to work solo.

"Say, if you guys don't mind me asking… what's with him?" Harold asked them,

"Oh… you have to excuse Larreef's behavior, it's just his way of showing that he is more into science and technology than every Lantern here," Noles explained,

"Even us," Voxlar added,

"Hn… well he sure has an odd way of showing it, judging me even though he doesn't even know me," Harold still bit offended from earlier when Larreef criticized him by his status.

"He wasn't always like that to everyone," Noles said

"At least not after what happened last year when Rayza caused much vandalism in Oa-" Voxlar said until Noles stopped him before continues,

"Hush-up! We agreed to never speak of her," he said,

"What was that about Rayza?" Harold said which definitely got his attention.

"Oh no-no-no-no, we rather not talk about Ms. Rayza, or that 'incident' she caused in Oa," Noles said,

"Well, I like to know about Rayza, and what do you mean 'incident' she caused in Oa?" Harold asked before…


The three got startled by Larreef when he slammed his book on the table,

"The better term of it is 'destruction' she caused in Oa, that affect numbers of rare technology to collide," Larreef said with anger,

"Whoa, take it easy there, I'm just asking about Rayza," Harold said trying to calm him down.

"What you should know that she display no respect of technology, and end up taking advantage to it like it's nothing to her. And yet, she was chosen to be taken to Oa, where she took the upper hand of dismantling every last machinery so no other Lanterns will study their values. That girl is nothing more than a hazard in science," Larreef stated before he stormed off angry.

"Wow… sensitive much," Harold said before he turned to Noles and Voxlar,

"Like I mentioned before, he's more into science and technology than everyone else here," Noles said,

"Besides him and his love of technology, let's get back to Rayza, was she a member here?" Harold asked.

"She was a member here for a short period of time," Noles answered,

"We tried to welcome her with open arms and everything but… she threatened us and gets all red with anger, which made us afraid to be near her," Voxlar said as he trembles a bit thinking about their first encounter with her,

(2 years ago…

Noles and Voxlar arrived and spotted Red Lantern Rayza, sitting alone on a table building her own device, they approached her,

"Salutation newest member, and welcome to the course," Noles said, though it didn't get her attention, so Voxlar stepped in,

"I'm Voxlar and this is Noles, we're both serving under the Green Lantern Corps, and you are?" he asked. Until, she finally turned to them, but holding an electric device, operated and ready to fire with high voltage set to extreme,

"About to test my device on you two if you don't keep your distance away from me," Rayza threatened them, and they became frighten by her.

"We're sorry… we were just…" Noles stuttered while Voxlar hid behind him, then Rayza's body turned to Flaming Red with fury and piercing them with her death red and black eyes, enough to finally scared them away.)

Noles and Voxlar trembles thinking about her,

"Whoa… so she's into all this techno stuff like you guys?" Harold is a little surprise to learn Rayza is into science and technology,

"Despite her rage and behavior towards us, she does demonstrate well-made prototypes similar to ours," Noles answered,

"Though she does study the knowledge of certain types of software and is capable of calibrating ultra advance machines more than any of us," Voxlar explain,

"Even Larreef," he whispered.

"So you guys seem to know Rayza," Harold said,

"Not entirely, she was a member here for less than a year," Noles said,

"Though we do keep tabs on certain courses she's in… we're still afraid to be near her," Voxlar said,

"Tabs…" Harold said, and then thought of an idea,

"Do you guys know what course she's going at, and a nearby flower place by any chance?" he asked with a smirk on his face.

Red Lantern Ship…

Bleez at the scanning chamber, reviewing status of Rayza, she noticed some of her energy is used, and it involves connecting herself to the ship's system, if she keeps doing that, not only it would weaken her, but could be close to her 'inner energy'. Something Bleez must prevent,

"No, I will not allow this," she said with much fury in her.

The Lantern Corps Academy, Free Zone…

At the free zone area, where young Lanterns mingle and hang out after their course, Harold arrived after long hours at the minor course, he was able to find his roommates near the huge windows, talking, he approached them,

"Hey guys," they turned to Harold,

"Good to see Mr. Jordan, how goes it with with your first minor course?" Walter asked,

"It was not at all what I would expected, but it has some perks," Harold answered, before he turned to Kihwog with his arms folded, not saying anything,

"Ah, come on Kihwog, you're not still mad at me about almost getting you and Walter in trouble, are you?" Harold wondered,

"I'm more into wondering about what you told the Guardians, about us being your friends, is true or not," Kihwog said,

"Well yeah, it's true, I don't know that many aliens nor any of my species here, and I thought of you guys my closest friends here," Harold said.

"Then what about your friends back home, you missed them?" Kihwog asked, which made Harold sighed from that question,

"What friends," he said, as he went closer to the window to look at the stars their passing by. Walter sensed some sadness in him, and wondered himself,

"Mr. Jordan… if you don't find it too personal… did you have friends back from Earth?" he asked, Harold stood silent for a moment, before he answered,

"… I had three friends… a best friend and two close friends, my best friend, Hector and I knew each other since kindergarten, and then we befriended Lola and Ricky a year after, the four of us stuck together for years from preschool to around middle school, until one summer… Hector moved away and I never saw him again, and then around the time in high school, my two close friends utterly betrayed me, and left me behind. So the answer to your question is rather, I had friends… but not anymore," Harold said, that made Kihwog and Walter feel a little sorry for him,

"Sorry to hear," Kihwog said regretting asking him that,

"There's nothing to be sorry about, it's something I had to deal with growing up, it wasn't easy… but learn to get use to it," Harold said.

"From what my father told me, to those losing a friendship, they have given up hope along with themselves; but to those who still believe in hope, their friendship will restore anew, and last a lifetime," Walter enlightened him, as Harold turned to him as he continues,

"I've never given up hope, and I made old and new friends wherever I go, and I sense much similar hope in you the moment we crossed path. As long as their hope in all of us, our friendship will last," he said to him, which actually made Harold smiled a bit from his words, feeling a bit better,

"Yeah," he said. There a brief moment of silent, until,

"I do however owe you and Kihwog an apology for almost getting you in trouble for my action," Harold apologized to them,

"Apology accepted my friend," Walter said with a smile,

"… Yeah, me too," Kihwog said with a smirk, that made Harold feel relieved. Then Kihwog said to him,

"Especially since… you've been in the Red Sector," which made Harold hesitated from what he said that,

"W-what?! What gives you that idea? You and Walter warned me not to go over there, so I didn't," Harold lied,

"… Uh-huh, and I suppose we didn't find this under your bed," Kihwog said as Walter held out the red paint.

"I…uh…" Harold stuttered, unable to think of an excuse,

"Save your breath Jordan, we both knew you snuck out to go over there, though you should consider yourself lucky the Guardians never knew where you went last night... and after what you did for us, you're secret is save with us," Kihwog said, giving him a fist bump,

"…Thanks," Harold said, as he respond to the fist bump,

"I just hope you learned from your action and never make the same repeat next time," Walter said,

"No need to tell me twice," Harold said, which made them all laugh a bit.

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