In His Footsteps

Red Girl

Lantern Corps. Academy, Hallway…

Harold sat at a small table, writing a letter for a certain alien girl, and got her a red rose he was able to get, thanks to his Techno friends,

Hello Beautiful,

With any hope you're reading this and not shred to pieces, I wanted to apologize for how I behave. I couldn't help it because of how amazing you are, and I may say or did something that seems rather wrong. Which is why I brought you this rose, in hope that you would forgive me and… if you're not busy later own, I would love to take you out for dinner.


Harold Jordan (or just Harold)

"Done," he said, then folds the letter, took the rose, and left the table to go to the sector where she should be right now.

Few minutes later…

Harold made it to the sector, and saw many of the other Lanterns heading to that course, he follows them until…


He felt a Force Field blocking his way,

"What the..!" he said, he touched the field, and tries to push through it, but it won't allow him,

"Only the Lanterns who signed up for this course shall enter, there will be no outsiders allowed to enter," Harold turned to the screen on his left,

"Yea, well, I have a message to deliver which only takes a secon-" he said, but,

"Only the Lanterns who signed up for this course shall enter, there will be no outsiders allowed to enter," it repeated,

"Geez, you don't need to tell me twice, but could I at least-" he said, but once again,

"Only the Lanterns who signed up for this course shall enter, there will be no outsiders allowed to enter,"

"You know what, forget it!" he is now pissed, and began to walk away,

"Why bother talking to a machine anyway," he said. Then by his surprise,

"What I fine more bothersome is listening to a troubled Lantern with poor potential," it said, which made Harold stopped and turned to it, not only it talked back but also insulted him,

"What was that?!" he approached the screen,

"I'm well aware of your status upon you're arrival here, though many might expect great hope in you, but according to my database, I expect nothing," it stated,

"Like I haven't heard enough about my status already," he said, recalling Lareef reprimanded him from earlier.

"I won't be surprise if your status doesn't change at all, nor you'll be in this Academy that long," it said,

"How about you shut-up and mind your own business," Harold glare at the screen,

"My business is based on my function, being connected to the ship, evaluating every Lantern who comes and goes, and separating the best from the worst; and you, however, are nowhere near the best," it explained,

Harold is beyond pissed off, and got his ring out,

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," it said, trying to warn him,

"Well I wouldn't be you right now!" Harold said before…


He blast his Laser Canon at it, but… forgetting there is a force field, reflecting his attack and…


"Agh!" he got hit by his own attack, he slid through the floor

"Told you so," it replied.

It didn't hurt Harold much and is about to get back up,

"Harold, are you okay?" he looked up and saw Khalia appeared, as she approached him,

"Khalia," he said as she helped him up on his feet,

"What happened? Did someone hurt you? Was it those Red Lanterns?" she asked him,

"No, I just got hit by my own blast, I meant to hit it to that machine over there but forgot it placed some force field around it," Harold explained to her.

"Oh, you mean LANOS 3.0, he sometimes act that way around certain Lanterns, even my brother," Khalia said as she recalled the same event happened to Kihwog,

"LANOS, more like LAMEO," Harold said after hearing the name,

"That's what Kihwog said when he first met him," she said,

"Did he get hit by his own blast too?" he asked her,

"Yeah, he did. Would like to stay and chat, but I need to head to my course now, see ya!" Khalia said as she begin to head to her course, which so happens to be the place where Harold isn't allowed to enter. When Harold discovered it, he quickly ran up to Khalia,

"Hey wait, you're going to this course?" he asked,

"Yes," she answered,

"That's good," he said and got another idea,

"I wanted to give you this," he said as he handed her the rose and letter, Khalia looked surprised for a moment, then became concerned,

"Oh no, not again," she said, before she look at Harold,

"Listen Harold, you seem like a very sweet guy and I like you and all, but I prefer someone much taller and stronger, I just don't find you that attractive and I think it would be better that we remain friends," she said to him which took him by surprise but mostly confused.

"What are you talking about?" he asked,

"Are you giving me these, expressing your deep feelings for me?" she asked about the rose and letter,

"No… I wanted to ask if you could give those to a certain 'Red' girl, who is in the same course with you," he explained to her,

"Oh… my bad," Khalia laughed a bit from the misunderstanding,

"So, will you do it for me, please?" he asked,

"Oh course I will, that's what are friends for," Khalia answered with a smile,

"Thank you so much… and by the way, ouch!" he said referring to what she said earlier, which hurt his feelings a little by her 'rejection'. Khalia laughed a bit by that, before she head straight to her course, leaving Harold alone, as he has to wait for that course to end.

Meanwhile, at the Black Lantern Ship…

Black Hand awaits at the main quarter for the results from his 'test subject', while staring through space, one of his Black Lanterns appeared,

"My Lord, we have received status from the project," he said to his captain,

"And…" Black Hand responded,

"… it's was a success, the subject managed to survive, as the energy is fused in his physical form, as his mental form is based under your orders," he explained, which made Black Hand made an evil smirk on his face.

"Excellent, all we need is a simple test run for the subject, and… while you're at it, place him in a body armor, in case of certain events," he ordered him,

"Yes my Lord," the Black Lantern said before he left his captain to fulfill his order,

"Each piece of the plan will soon come together, and with this project, I'll wipe out every Lantern who dares challenge me, leaving no one to stop my reign of power," he said to himself, believing his plan will in fact succeed, and no one, not even the previous Lanterns, will ever defeat him.

Back at the Lantern Corps. Academy, an hour later…

Harold sat in a small lobby, waiting for the course to be over, and in any hope, Khalia was able to give the rose and letter to the 'Red' girl he can't stop thinking about. Several minutes later, many other young Lanterns came out of the course, he was able to spot Khalia after she was talking to her friends, he approached her,

"Khalia," Harold called out to her,

"Hey Harold," Khalia said,

"Hey, did you give it to her?" he asked,

"Sure did, and I have to say, I never thought you be interested in someone like her," she said.

"As if I cannot be interested to someone who saved my life," he stated with a smile, which actually made Khalia a little confused after what he said,

"Saved your li—I thought she almost tried to chop you in half from combat practice, at least that's what Kihwog told me," she said, which now made Harold a little confused and let go of his smile,

"Combat prac…" he asked until a thought occurred to him after what she said,

"Oh no!" he whispered in fear, as he knows who she's talking about,

"Khalia, please tell me you didn't give those to…" he was about to ask her until he felt someone tapping his shoulder, which made him turn around and saw…

"Hey Harold," Soranik said looking aroused, upon seeing her…

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!" he screamed after seeing the crazy Yellow Lantern girl who almost tried to kill him the other day; which brought many attentions to the other youngLanterns after he screamed, Soranik just stood with a smile on her face,

"I got your letter and your rose, it was the sweetest thing anyone ever said to me and I accept your apology after what happened," she said while smelling the rose, while Harold stood speechless by her present, she continues, "I was suppose to train with my father, but I can cancel it for our dinner date," she said to him,

"… would you excuse us for a moment," he finally said something to her, before he had to take Khalia a few steps away from her to talk in private.

"Why you give those to her?" he asked her as he's a little upset,

"Because you asked me to, she is the only 'Red' girl in the course," Khalia said,

"I meant the Red Lantern girl, Rayza, those were suppose to be for her," Harold stated,

"Rayza… Ooh… the only Red Lantern in the course… whoopsie," Khalia realized her mistake, Harold calmed himself down first before he said,

"Look, listen, I'm not mad at you, it's my fault for not being more specific, and now I have to-"

"Harold…" Harold heard Soranik called him as he turned to her,

"I was thinking of a great place where we can dine, it's also close to where the stars shines brighter" she said while waiting for him. Harold slowly looked away from her and back to Khalia, he sighed,

"And now I have to do what I hoped I wouldn't have to do," he said,

"Try to let her down easy, she's hardly violent when you let her down gently," Khalia advised,

"That's what I'm afraid of," Harold said before he turned and walked back towards Soranik, as he took a deep breath, and looked directly to her yellow eyes,

"Hey Soranik, there's something I should tell you, you see…" Harold started to tell her.

Kihwog and Walter walk together after they left their course,

"How are we suppose to understand him if he keeps talking like that," Kihwog said, complaining about his last course about their instructor,

"In retrospect, he did mentioned about that accident he had, back when he was supervising Sector 3," Walter reminded him,

"Yea-yea, about when he nearly choked to death by a piece of meteor, and now it's stuck in his vocal nasal, but still…" Kihwog said, and then he spotted Harold at an open area, talking to Yellow Lantern Soranik,

"Oh look, Mr. Jordan is here," Walter said,

"I see him, but… why is he talking to Soranik?" Kihwog wondered.

"It was rather a misidentification and those were meant for someone else. I'm really… really sorry for the misunderstanding, and hope you find it in your heart to forgive me… and also not chop me into pieces," he apologized and prayed she doesn't go all crazy on him like before. After hearing what he told her, Soranik didn't say anything but simply broke the rose in her hand and she dropped it on the floor, which made Harold believe she's going to brutally hurt him now; however, in an unexpected surprise…

She pulled him into a kiss, which surprises both Khalia, Kihwog, and Walter, which only lasted a few seconds until she let go of him and the kiss,

"That's for being honest to me," she said to him with a small smile, Harold stood shocked, yet flattered after she just kissed him,

"Wow… I mean… I might expect a slap on a face or something but… you seem to take it perfectly well, which is probably something many girls like you would act whenever they get-" he said as he's actually relieved about it… when suddenly…


"AAAahhhh!" he screamed in pain, when she kicked him with her knee to his lower (cough) 'area' (cough), he fell on his knees covering his part, in pain; which definitely surprises Khalia, Kihwog and Walter, as they quickly ran up to him,

"And that's for breaking my heart," Soranik yelled at him with anger, before she finally walked away from him, and his friends came to his aid.

"I… probably deserved that," Harold whispered while he is in constant pain,

"Oh my grotz, Harold, are you okay?" Khalia worries,

"Oh yeah, I'm fine, just… needed to walk it off," he said trying to stand up, but failed,

"You can barely stand up Jordan," Kihwog stated as he helped him up,

"It's probably best you be taken to the infirmary to get yourself treated," Walter said while also assisting Harold up,

"Thanks, I'll take it from here," Harold said trying to walk on his own, but with no success as he was about to fall back down… but, luckily, Walter caught him with the use of his construct Blue ring.

"I believe it's best that I'll accompany you there," he said as he contrasted a float blue chair for Harold to sit up, as he start to take him to the infirmary,

"We'll see you both back in main sector," Walter said to Kihwog and Khalia,

"Okay, hope you feel better Harold, and… sorry," Khalia said and felt a little bad about what happened,

"Thanks, and it's okay... really," Harold said to her with a small smile, before he and Walter finally left the area.

"So what exactly happened here?" Kihwog asked Khalia wondering what he missed,

"What happened was, Harold asked me to give a letter and a rose to a Red girl in my course, I did, but it turns out he meant the Red Lantern girl, and I gave it to Soranik instead because she's…"

"Whoa-whoa-whoa! Hold on, he wanted you to give those to Rayza?" Kihwog asked,

"Yea, but…for some reason, Rayza never showed up, the professor received a message stating she was called in sick," Khalia clarified.

"How can she possibly called in sick, there's no bug going around," Kihwog said with disbelief, knowing Rayza would never skip class, let alone call in sick,

"Excuse me?!" they turned to the Green Lantern bug who over heard them,

"Oh no, I meant there's no illness roaming around," Kihwog stated,

"Oh," the bug replied before he left them,

"It's not because of some illness, but rather something about a… major migraine she's having," Khalia stated.

Red Sector, Rayza's Quarter…

Rayza lies in her bed, out of uniform, groaning and clenching on her head, it pounds in pain due to connecting herself to the computer system that nearly override her system,

"Didn't think I overdone it to myself," she mumbles to herself, it is not at all easy being part machine, of course, that moment didn't last as her Red ring is activated, receiving incoming transmission, from her mentor.

"Lady Bleez," she quickly sat up, and set her ring to activate transmission, the screen displayed her mentor, and she looks really upset and glares at her,

"What have you been doing?" Bleez stern at her,

"Continuing my work as you ordered," Rayza answered,

"Really… cause I just viewed your status of your energy source, indicating you used nearly half of it by connecting yourself to the ship's system. We had a serious talk about you hijacking to the ship's mainframe," Bleez stated, as she is really frustrated,

"I apologize," Rayza said,

"Your apology won't make up for disobeying my orders, if anything, you're rather lucky it wasn't enough to blow your own cover, otherwise, you would've ruin the plan by your action," Bleez nearly raised her voice at her in anger.

"It won't happen again," she bowed to her,

"It better not, you make another act like this, or anything that will jeopardize the plan, you will have to answer to me, do you understand?" she demand,

"I understand," Rayza answered, while Bleez continue to glare at her for a brief moment,

"End of Transmission," Bleez said before she disconnects her, and the screen disappeared. Rayza just sat there for a moment, taking a breather after talking to her mentor, not wanting to tell her about her helping Harold Jordan escape from the Red Sector last night. Until, a thought occurred to her,

"Now why would she be upset about what I did last night? She was rarely upset after I nearly demolished the machines back in Oa last year," she said, questioning her mentor's behavior. Until she groans again, as her migraine stirred back up, making her clench her head again, she sighed,

"Too much to even think about it right now," she mumbles, and lay back down on her bed, trying to relax and ease off the pain, also forgetting everything that happen, especially helping Harold last night.

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