In His Footsteps


Back on Earth…

At the Ferris Aircraft quarters, Hal is working in his post in the Control room, monitoring each field and directing each pilot to their place, "Sectors A-3 you're clear to take off… Aircraft 12 take it slow and steady… Pilot Air 36 you have permission to land…" Hal said to the microphone while wearing the headphones to hear from the other pilots, then noticed Harold twisting and twirling around the rolling chair, bored.

"Hey sport, would you do me a favor and monitor the perimeters from the area coast?" Hal asked before he went back to his post, Harold rolled his eyes,

"Whatever," he said as he rolled himself to the monitors, he looked at the buttons, switches, and screens in front of him; not very good at many high tech hard wires like his father,

"I still prefer the monitors the Guardians made back in Oa," Hal said humoring himself, when Harold heard it he became annoyed, as he placed his arm on the panel, didn't really pay attention to the control setting as his elbow accidentally pressed some random buttons, which suddenly…

Hal started hearing some statics through his headphones, unable to communicate with the other pilots,

"Aircraft 2, can you hear me?" he said, as he noticed the jet is moving to the wrong lane,

"Aircraft 2, you're going the wrong way… can you hear me?" Hal said, but kept hearing statics through the line.

"How did…?" Hal looked around him, then he turned to Harold and his arm is on the control panels,

"Harold, you're on the control panels!" he said, which made Harold quickly moved his arm away as his father got up, and fixed the control panels that causes the static between the communicators, then went back to his post.

"Can you hear me Aircraft 2… okay then, just turn around and return to base… copy that," Hal said as he got everything set before anything goes wrong, otherwise, his wife will come after him if he ever cause any damage to the planes. He took off the headphones and turned to Harold,

"Sports, you got to be more careful with the panels, they can get easily messed with if you pressed a single button or two, and could easily be tampered with it which will cause a big disaster. If it's anything like that space ship back in Oa, who knows what would happen if you-" Hal explaining to him, which was cut short when Harold interrupted him,

"Would you quit that already!" he said to him with an anger tone, Hal looked at him as he continues,

"I'm not into this type of stuff, and you need to stop treating me like a kid,"

"Well frankly, you're still a young child, even by the time your birthday comes after your mother's, but you're old enough..." Hal said, until Harold interrupts him again.

"Old enough to what dad? Keep listening to you, and that stupid 'phony boloney Green Lantern' story you never shut up about," Harold lashed out him,

"Now wait just a minute, none of my stories are phony and you can't keep talking to me like that, I'm your father," Hal became offended, Harold got off the chair,

"Well father, why don't you get it through your thick head for once in your life, and know that I'm not like you and I never will be," he raised his voice, and begin walking away from him

"Harold, come back, we need to talk about this," Hal said with deep concern, Harold stopped and turned to him,

"There is nothing to talk about, I just wish I was old enough to get as far away from you as soon possible," Harold said,

"...I know you don't mean that, I just don't understand why you're acting like this, to me," Hal said,

"Then let me enlighten you, how about you do me a favor and STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!" he said and yelled with anger before he stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind him, leaving his father shocked and hurt.

In Space...

A small unidentified flying object is flying through space as it headed towards Earth, and slowly breaking through the atmosphere...

Back on Earth, Ferris Aircraft outer field...

Meanwhile, Harold was walking through the outer field of the perimeter, away from the station, still mad and fed up about his dad and his Green Lantern stories. He stopped as he started mumbling to himself, kicking some rocks and dirt, and pacing from left to right, steaming out of his anger.

"He so doesn't get me, I'm almost 16 and he keeps treating me like a kid," he said after he picked up and threw a rock from a distant,

"He makes me so mad, and criticizes me. It's always, 'Harold, stop picking fights after school,' 'Harold, stop being mean to your sister,' 'Harold, why can't you be more like your cousin from Philadelphia'..." while impersonating his father, the object from space appeared through the cloud, and falling right towards the spot behind Harold. Unaware of it coming right towards him, when...

"Oh, and let's not forget, 'Harold, you can't expect everything to come to you, because certain opportunities won't come crashing through the sky'," he said and then...


"AAHHH!" he screamed as the impact blew him away, but not far enough for him to be away from it.

Back in the Station, Control Room...

Hal continues his work, but mostly stares at an old photo of himself and Harold when he was five years old, back when they were the best of friends and love to spend time with each other, as father and son,

("I'm not like you and I never will be,")

He'll never forget those heartbreaking words,

"Where did I go wrong?" he murmured to himself, as those words he heard from his son hurts him deeply; he missed the good time he spent with Harold, long before he reached puberty. By then, that moment was put on hold as something caught his eye, he turned his attention to the monitor as it detected a strange object at the outer field near the perimeter.

"What the…?" Hal said while looking at the monitor, it is not a plane or jet, but something else.

Outer Field...

Harold slowly got up after being blown away, his clothes got all dirty but he's completely unharmed, he turned to the smoke from that impact that took place. He began to walk towards it as the smoke cleared up, he spotted a crater from that impact,

"What the…?" he said, before he slowly walked and carefully climbed over the crater, he looked down and spotted a strange looking pod, damaged but still in one piece. From that moment, he slid down the crater to get closer look at the pod, then looked through the window to see if there is anyone, or anything, inside. But instead, all he could see is a bright green light, which he can't seemed to get a clear view inside, so he decided to look around the pod to find something to open it.


Hal is on his phone trying to call his son while he gets in the shuttle, but couldn't get a hold of him,

"Come on sport, pick up," he said as he started the shuttle and began to head towards the location where the object is to check it out.

Outer field...

Harold's cell phone is vibrating on the ground, it fell off of Harold's pocket when that impact came, Harold on the other hand is busy trying to open the pod, which took him a short while, until…

"Yes…" he said, as find and pressed a button that opened the pod, he quickly moved back as the green light became brighter.


Still trying to contact Harold, Hal drove the shuttle to the spot, until he hit the brakes, when he spotted that bright green light appeared from a far distance. He recognized that light from years ago, back when he became…. then a thought occured to him…

"No…" he said, before he immediately stepped on the pedal and drove to the light as fast as he can.


The light was too bright for him to see, but it didn't stop him to get closeer look at it again,

"Hello… is someone or something in there…?" he asked, then the light slowly dimmed down, enough for him to see what or who is in there. Then suddenly discovers... no one, not a single being inside the pod, nothing except… a small green ring floating in mid air,

"A ring…?!" he said, looking unsatisfied.


Hal drove the shuttle with full speed heading toward the light, discovered it gone down,

"You better not be there sport," he said, in hoped Harold is not there, fearing he might actually become a...


Harold looked at the floating ring,

"I might of expect an extraterrestrial with one eye and maybe three tentacles, but instead I discovered an accessory from outer space," Harold is not at all pleased, then he noticed the ring floating towards and stopped right in front of him,

He examined the ring, as it strongly resembles the ring his father told him from his stories of the Green Lantern,

"I'm not really a fan of jewelry, but I could give this to mom as an early birthday gift," he said as he try grab the ring, but instead, the ring swiftly slipped right on his middle finger.

"Hey!" Harold said, he didn't wanna wear it, so he try to take it off, but for some reason, it's stuck on him,

"What gives!" he said, then he looked at the ring, examining the lantern symbol, then suddenly… it glows, and a hologram appeared in front of him, show an inscription in his language.

"Huh…" he said, while looked at the words, then started reading it aloud,

"In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight…"

Hal made it to the crater, and quickly got off the shuttle, then he spotted and picked up Harold's cell phone.

"Oh no," he said before he quickly ran and started climbing up the crater,

"Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power…"

Harold continues reading as Hal reached over the crater and spotted Harold near the opened pod, but...

"Green Lantern's light!" Harold said the oath. And then…

A bright light from the sky appeared, beaming where Harold is standing, and it blew Hal away from the crater and on the ground. The beam lifted Harold off the ground and up to the air,

"Harold!" Hal yelled as he saw his son being taken away,

"Dad!" Harold cried, as it was the last moment he saw his father from above, and being taken further and further away from the ground, through the sky, through the atmosphere into outer space.

Harold hurled through a portal, being transported away from his planet into a ship in a far distants throughout the galaxy.

Hal got back up after the beam disappeared, he stare at the sky where his son was taken from him, from Earth. His fear may have come true of his son actually may follow in his footsteps by becoming the new Green Lantern.

"Harold," he said with distress, as he may never see his son again.

A few light years away…

Harold mumbled regaining consciousness from that beam, he found himself lying on a floor in some kind of chamber, all by himself. As he got up, he discovered himself not wearing his own clothes, but a uniform; a green/black long-sleeve shirt with the lantern symbol in the center, white long gloves and green boots, black pants, and a mask similar to his father's.

"Where am I?" he said while looking around, then got startled when a door behind him slid opened before him, a bright light shined. Without a second thought, Harold walked towards the light, and it later cleared out…

His eyes grew wide and became stunned, as he find himself surrounded by numbers of aliens and lanterns, above and below. Some walking, some flying, and some glowing, Harold couldn't believe his eyes, as he tries his best not to freak out and slowly back away from all of this, until…


He bumped into someone, and quickly turned to apologize but discovered he bumped into a big, tall, buff, young Bolovaxion, who looks exactly like his father with his pink skin, big chin, two small ears and two gnaw-like teeth, and wearing a Green Lantern uniform similar to his father's but in his own style. He looked down at Harold with his red eyes, "Hey! Watch it, poozer!" he yelled at him,

"AAHHH!" Harold screamed while immediately back away from him, but failed to watch his steps, he slipped and fell over the edge.

Harold falls, which is a few floors down, and then…


He fell into a water container, filled with fishes, who are also aliens, he almost screamed but kept holding his breath, until he felt something wrapped around his ankle and got pulled out of the water by a large alien squid, with 12 tentacles and 4 eyes,

"Young man, there will be no swimming in the aquarium," he said to him through his tentacle mustache,

"ALIEN!" he screamed at the alien, while he's upside down.

"That is Mr. Alie'on, and I will not tolerate that type of behavior, thank you very much," he said, before he dropped him to the floor and left. Harold brought some attention around, being surrounded by a crowd of lanterns, more aliens and other creatures before him, he was on the ground, drenched,

"WHAT IS ALL THIS? WHY AM I HERE? WHERE THE HECK AM I?" he panicks, thinking they might either experiment him, torture him, or eat his brain and internal organs just like in the movies.

"I believe we have the answer to your questions, young man," he heard a voice, and he turned to see the Three guardians who are in charge of the ship,they appeared throughout the crowd,

"You can understand me?" Harold asked, being surprised to talk to an alien speaking his language,

"We all can," the First answered,

"And judging by you inaccurate performance, you were summoned from Earth," the Second said, Harold got back on his feet,

"How do you know where I'm fr-?" Harold asked then stopped himself when a thought occurred to him. Then at a moment of silent...

"Oooh, I get it… this is all a set up! Courtesy of my old man just to teach me a lesson," he said, leaving the guardians and aliens confused.

"Okay dad, the jig is up, jokes over, you can come out now," he yelled all around, calling out his dad, thinking he's hiding somewhere,

"What is he talking about?" the Third asked the First and Second, but neither of them knew of Harold's action. He continues yelling,

"I have to say, you really have me going there, with all this technology, the geddup uniform, especially the actors in alien costumes," he said still trying to call his father out, many of the lantern just looked at him all puzzled by his words,

"Geddup?" the First said looking offended,

"Actors?" the Second said looking confuse,

"Costumes?" the Third said looking confounds.

"I mean, they all look great and all, but they're obviously fake," Harold said, before he turned to another young Bolovaxion, only she's a young female, who looks very much like her mother, with her short red hair, pink-grayish skin, large teeth stinking out of her mouth, red eyes, black lips, and also wearing a Green Lantern uniform with her own style. Harold observed her, believing it's a costume,

"Like this one, only more chubby and triple chin down under," he said. She gasped and covered her chin, she turned to her brother with tears, "You told me nobody would notice," she said, before she ran off crying. Her brother however turned and glared at Harold again,

"You making fun of my sister, poozer," the brother said,

"Don't flatter yourself big guy, she's not even type, let alone 'my species', you feel me?" he joked, making it worse for the brother as he balled up his fist and gathered his strength,

"Feel this!" he yelled and...


He punched him to the face as he flew backwards and…


He crashed through the wall, where he lays on the ground, severely hurt from that punch, his vision became blurry and is being surrounded by female aliens this time. Apparently, he crashed through the female's locker room, filled with startled female lanterns; Green, Blue, Yellow, Star Sapphires, even Red. He slowly direct his attention to the Red Lanterns, and his eyes were set to a young female Volkregian, who looks like her mother but resembled more like her father. Her skin is pale toned, has black markings around her eyes, matching her black eyeliner and her short hair, lavender lips, blue eyes, and a slender-curved figure, wearing a Red Lantern uniform similar to her father's, but in her own style. She looked down at him with her eyebrows crooked, and can tell he is losing conscious,

He looked up to her in clear vision, and gave her a warm smiled, "Hey cutie… you have such pretty eyes," he complimented her right before he blacked out. She examined him, and noticed the symbol on his chest,

"A Green Lantern," she said, glancing at the unconscious human, wondering if he is similar to what... her mother told her a long time ago.

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