In His Footsteps


Lantern Corp. Academy, the infirmary…

Harold lay on the flat bed with a cold pad placed on his 'area', while being accompanied by his favorite nurse,

"I never witness the action in such pain from your kind," Starphia while looking at the clipboard,

"It's nothing to worry about, I mean, it does hurt, but a good few hours rest will tone it down easy," Harold said,

"It doesn't have to be," he turned to Starphia as she continues,

"You'll be treated by Nurse To'loan, she is one of most, best healers here, and is a very close friend of my aunt," she explained.

"And probably like your beautiful kind?" he asked with a smile, which made Starphia giggled a bit,

"No… she is not from Zamaron, but she is rather nice," she answered. Then they both heard the door as they turned,

"Hello, Nurse To'loan," Starphia greeted her, Harold however dropped his smile, as he took a good look at her. A bright-yellowed, glob-like, chubby alien slug, with 3-eyes, 6-tentacles, orange draped hair in a ponytail, covered in light-green slime, has no mouth nor nose, but can breathe and speak, and her insides is nearly visible, which both grossed and freaked Harold out.

"Hello to you to Ms. Starphia," Nurse To'loan greeted back before she took the clipboard from her,

"So what do we have here, another parasite in the rib cage I assume?" she asked before looking at the information,

"No, he appears to have a minor, though major, soreness that is insubstantial," Starphia explained,

"I see… a simple 'gr'pougs' treatment will just be what he need. Also, your aunt requires your assistant at your sector for that upcoming training for the new recruits," Nurse To'loan said,

"Yes ma'am," Starphia said before she begin to leave her with Harold, Harold quickly sat up,

"Whoa wait! You're not gonna leave me with her, are you?" he said, not wanting to leave her alone with Nurse To'loan,

"Don't worry Harold, she treat others like this all the time, you'll be fine before you know it, I'll see you later," Starphia said before she left the room. Harold, on the other hand, is not at all comfortable being left alone with a huge glob-like alien,

"Alright then, Mr. Jordan, I'll just give you a simple gr'pougs, and you'll be up on your feet in time for your course. Now would you be so kind of removing the pad?" Nurse To'loan said while moving one of her slimy tentacles towards him, made him more grossed and freaked out.

"Uh… yeah, I prefer not to get that 'whatever' treatment you're gonna give me, and I'll handle this situation myself, so…" he begin to get up,

"I'll just be own my-"

He got pinned back down, with both arms and legs spread out by her other tentacles; as if about to be dissected,

"Nice try Mr. Jordan, but I dealt with other patients like you before, always having an excuse to avoid treatment," Nurse To'loan said,

"Now just relax, and the treatment will now commence," she said and about to give him the gr'pougs treatment; much to Harold's absolute dismay, as his eyes grew so wide, as if he's about to be…

Technician Laboratory…

Noles and Voxlar are testing one of their experiments, by trying to slowly submerge a small radioactive pebble with toxic chemical fluid inside a beaker; though , it must be done in a very delicate procedure, if the pebble ever gets drop on anything solid, will cause a horrific detonation.

"You have to be careful, any slight of indelicate matter could cause a massive, yet minor, explosion," Noles said while he and Voxlar are wearing their safety goggles,

"I know that, I just needed absolute silent, and no interruption whatsoever," Voxlar said while holding the pebble with the tongs. Slowly and steady the pebble to the fluid,


They both heard a terrifying scream from over three sectors, which startled them, but made Voxlar lost control of the tongs, thus made the pebble slipped out,

"Was that-" Noles said, but when the pebble was dropped and landed on the tip of the beaker, the radiation immediate activate, and about to…


"AAAHHH!" Noles and Voxlar screaming in fear while holding each other, only to discovered… they're still alive, the lab is untouched, and their experiment has been concealed by a small, but strong, Orange Dome, courtesy of Larreef, thus prevented the massive outburst. They turned to their leader,

"Thanks for saving us Larreef," Noles said after he and Voxlar stopped holding each other,

"That was a real close one," Voxlar is relieved, Larreef is rather impassive, as he unsealed his dome,

"Amateurs," he said before he walked away from them. Noles and Voxlar turned to each other,

"Do you think that scream we heard came from Harold?" Noles asked,

"That does sound like him, but I never heard a scream that peculiar," Voxlar stated.

An hour later, in east quarter…

Harold is all balled up, with his legs closed and held against his front, on his bed, while Walter and Kihwog are with him,

"I never have full knowledge of your species with such delicate process," Walter said, a little worried about Harold,

"I hardly understand any of this at all, when I got a major injury on one of my muscles, that treatment she gave you never bothered me," Kihwog stated,

"It made me feel violated," Harold said as he's a bit traumatized from that treatment that nurse gave him.

"Don't get all worried about all of that, if anything, you need to pull yourself together, because we have to be ready for the our next training course with my pops in less than an hour," Kihwog said, Harold slowly raised up, but sat up,

"I'm not sure if I'm up for another combat practice," Harold said,

"On a contrary, we'll be going through an obstacle at the Mid-East sector, down in quarter 9," Walter clarified,

"Mid-East, you mean where the Yellow sector is? I thought they dismissed that option due to that incident last year," Kihwog said,

"Unfortunately, there was a mishap from the previous course, caused by some technical difficulties, which made some obligation of relocating the course," Walter explained. Harold sighed,

"That's just great, the combat is one thing but doing a whole obstacle, I'll mess that up for sure. And in case you may not noticed, I don't have the training or much experience like you guys," Harold is discouraged,

"Don't say that Mr. Jordan, I met those who also don't have much training nor experience like you, and they took the time to learn through by helping each other. Both our parents felt that way when they became Lanterns, now it's our turn to do the same," Walter encouraging him,

"And also, the obstacle won't be that big or dangerous, so I'm sure you'll do just fine," Kihwog added,

"Mr. Kihwog, may I have a word with you outside?" Walter asked,

"Okay, sure," Kihwog said as he got up,

"After this, we'll started heading to the course," Walter said and then turned to Harold,

"We won't be long," he said,

"Yea, sure," Harold said before Walter and Kihwog stepped out of the quarter to talk. Harold is left alone, as he turned around to the window, staring through space, although his friends are trying to encourage him for the course they're going together, though he still feels he doesn't belong here,

"… How will I ever get out of here?" he whispered to himself while continue staring into space.

East Sector…

Coincidentally, Rayza is in front of the view window, staring through space, finally recovered herself from her migraines, and left her sector and came here, so she won't miss another one of her course. Kilowog just finished talking to the one of the Indigo's, and was about to head towards his course, until he spotted the daughter of his old, yet currently lost, Volkregian friend, as she's standing at the view window, looking through space. He heard about she called in sick from one of her courses, so he decided to approach her,

"Hello Ms. Rayza," he greeted her as she turned to him,

"Green Lantern Kilowog," Rayza replied,

"I heard you were sick earlier and missed your course down in mid-west," Kilowog said,

"As you may see, I am fully recovered and will continue with my other courses," Rayza stated,

"That's good to know, I just wanted to check on you is all," Kilowog said,

"…I need to head to my course," Rayza said as she turned her back on him and about to leave. Kilowog may not know much about her history, but he is aware of her not having one single friend here; in fact, no young Lanterns wants be her friend, and more than half of them are afraid to be near her. Why you think she has her own quarter?

"Listen kid, we hardly see each other or talk much, but I do care about your well-being and if you ever needed someone to talk to, I'm always around," he said to her, which did made Rayza stopped after what he said to her, which made a touching moment…

"And if you like, I'll be more than happy to tell you the adventures I had with your old-man back in the days," Kilowog smiled,

Rayza grunted from that, which utterly killed the moment, and made her walk away from him immediately,

"… Every time," Kilowog frowned when he saw her walked away from him after he mentioned her father again.

Through the tunneled hallway…

Harold, Walter, and Kihwog are walking together, heading to their course,

"May I ask you a personal question Mr. Jordan?" Walter asked,

"Sure," Harold answered,

"You mentioned you and your father have never done some training from your home planet?" Walter asked,

"… Yea…why you asked?" Harold asked,

"Kihwog and I discussed about it, and decided we would like to offer our teachings to you, demonstrating some techniques our fathers had taught us," Walter explained,

"I can show this one signature move my pop showed me and my sis," Kihwog said,

"And if you ever need help that involves mental abilities, I'll be more than happy to assist you on that," Walter smiled,

"I… guess that would be helpful, since I never done this type of obstacle you guys been, which probably out-beats my gym class," Harold said and whispered.

"Oh-no!" they heard a female lantern cried, as they turned around and saw one of Indigo-1's assistant counselor gathering some of papers that fell off the hover cart. She is older than them but younger than the other counselors, her skin is dark purple, has long lavender hair twisted down behind her back, black lips, and light emerald eyes while wearing glasses.

"I'm gonna go help her, you guys go own ahead," Harold said before he went over there,

"Sure thing," Kihwog said as he and Walter continue their way. Harold started helping the Indigo counselor gather up all the papers and put them all back in the cart,

"Thank you so much for helping me, Mr…. Harold Jordan is it?" she said,

"Yes, and you're welcome Ms…" Harold said,

"Indigo Lantern Ni'moca Xenz, I heard much about your father, Hal Jordan, he is one of my greatest hero's in the galaxy," she smiles,

"Yeah… he's… one of the greatest," Harold said with a fake smile,

"I'm sorry, I get a little caught up of meeting the son of my greatest hero… he must have taught everything he knows about being a Green Lantern," Ni'moca said, which actually made Harold feel rather awkward about that,

"Well… um… you see, about that… I've never actual-" Harold tried to explain to her until,

"There you are Ms. Ni'moca," they both turned to the lizard-worm counselor, who interrupted them and approached from the opposite side,

"You must deliver these files to the Record Chamber, we can't risk being behind schedule than we are already," he said to her,

"Yes sir, Mr. Worzard," Ni'moca said as she begin to head her way following Worzard,

"Thanks again," she thanked Harold as she and Worzard left him,

"You're welcome," he said though he feels disoriented by Ni'moca's comment about his father and everything.

By that moment, he started walking on his own to meet up his roommates, he sighed,

"Who am I kidding, I know nothing about all this, I never had any of those training with my dad, we never done anything of that since he never stops bragging about being a Green Lantern," Harold started to talking about his past relationship about his father.

Meanwhile, through another tunneled hallway…

Rayza is walking towards her course, she murmured to herself after her talk with Green Lantern Kilowog after he once again brought up her father,

"Who does that Bolovaxion think he is, seeing me as some helpless child in need of attention? He knows nothing about me. It's beings like him makes my hatred of this place more and more infuriating," she said as her eyes flared up black and red.

"I use to like listening to his story as a little kid, but then I find them very annoying," Harold stated,

"I cannot blow my cover, and I cannot risk anyone discover my mission, especially Green Lantern Kilowog," Rayza clarified,

"Although, I may do some bad things in the past, but I done them because…" Harold said,

"I dealt with living my years apart from my father, so he doesn't need to see me like…" Rayza angers,

"I'm not old enough to be on my own, but around the time…" Harold angered,

"I can take care of myself. What sickens me the most is him…" Rayza clarified as she folded her arms,

"Treating me like a kid," Harold placed his tighten knuckles on his waist,

Together, out of the tunnel…

"He so doesn't get me!" they both said it at the same time, as they stopped after they heard each other. They turned to their side and gazed at each other, there was a brief moment between the two.

"Rayza," Harold said, immediately walked up to her, until…

Bump! Zap!

"Aah!" Harold got shocked by another forced field, blocking between him and Rayza,

"All Lanterns must remain separate and shall not cross-path from their courses," said LANOS 3.0,

"You again!" Harold turned to the screen, although he got shocked, he's mostly pissed by that machine from earlier.

"Oh, it's you again, good thing I added electricity to the field, so that beings like you won't even think about crossing over," Lanos clarified, before he redirected his mainframe over to Rayza,

"A good day to you Ms. Rayza, my status shows you missed your course earlier due to a health issue," it stated,

"I'm fine now," she said,

"Glad to hear, and hope you remain well for the rest of the day," it said,

"Whatever," Rayza rolled her eyes and walked away from Lanos, and Harold, very much to his dismay,

"Rayza, wait!" Harold tried to get her attention,

Bump! Zap!

"Aahh!" Harold got shocked again by the field again,

"Don't even bother Jordan, like other beings, you don't have a chance for someone of her kind," Lanos clarified,

"How about you shut your face!" Harold yelled at it,

"Speaking of face, have you looked in a mirror lately, it's no wonder she left after seeing you," it said, which definitely stroke a nerve, as Harold activated his ring and constructed a Green Sledgehammer,

"THAT'S IT!" Harold yelled with anger and about to bash it with the hammer, until…

"No Mr. Jordan," Walter stopped Harold's Hammer with his Blue Energy Whip and broke it apart, as Kihwog grabbed Harold from behind, and put him in an arm lock,

"Take it easy Harold," Kihwog trying to calm him down as Harold struggles in his arms,

"Let me at 'em! Let Me At 'Em!" Harold yelled with anger, still wanting to damage that machine,

"Our course is about start, we must go inside," Walter said to them, as he and Kihwog, while carrying the struggling Harold, quickly left the area to follow the other Lanterns. Harold looked over to the screen,

"THIS ISN'T OVER!" he yelled to it before he's completely out of sight,

"Imbecile," Lanos said after he finally left.

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