In His Footsteps

Yellow Sector

In the Yellow Sector…

The young Lanterns are gathered in the course, with Green Lantern Kilowog, along with the other Green Lantern counselors and Yellow Lantern Sinestro. They're all in a course that seems like a rocky, deserted environment, have some canyons from below, and a huge mountain in a far distant.

"In today's training, you shall go through an obstacle course to test basic survival skills when stranded on a planet with only you and your team-members. This is a teamwork exercise, and this course must be completed within one hour, you and your team meet with our volunteer interns for guidance and instructions for thirty-minutes. Then meet up with the informal instructors, Green Lantern Salaak and Yellow Lantern Sinestro, explaining the rules of this course and giving you each a tracker by your given number for another thirty-minutes. After that, you and your teammates must be ready and set when I give out the starting signal," Kilowog explained to the young Lanterns, before many have already formed their own teams; some in twos and some in threes, which includes Harold, Kihwog and Walter as a team.

"This doesn't look all that bad, we can finish this course in no time," Kihwog said before he turned to Harold with his arms fold, looking upset at the moment,

"I believe he is still displeased about his encounter with LANOS 3.0 from earlier," Walter point out,

"Forget about it Jordan, I don't like that dumb machine myself, but that doesn't stop me when I need to focus on my courses," Kihwog said to him, which did remind Harold that Khalia mentioned Kihwog encountered with LANOS, but either way, they're both right and got over his anger. By then, they went to see one of the volunteered interns, and to their surprise,

"Hey guys," Khalia waved to them,

"Hey sis," Kihwog said,

"A good day to you Ms. Khalia," Walter greeted her,

"Hey Khalia, I didn't know you be here," Harold said,

"Father asked me to substitute one of the interns who couldn't make it, and I like to see some good action in this course," Khalia explained,

"Yeah… about this course, exactly what are we supposed to do? Is this some sort of race?" Harold asked.

"Oh no-no, this isn't a competition, but it is an exercise for under any worst case scenario if you and your comrades ever get stranded on a planet you never been before, you must find a way to survive. In the beginning of the test…" Khalia display a virtual image from her ring, of what they will encounter,

"You and your team will fly through the tunneled cave below the canyons…" she displayed some canyons towards a cave,

"Across several fumes filled with deadly, yet slightly harmful, wild vines," she then display a hole, with green fumes coming out of it, and has a dark-red vine merging out of.

"Reach over the top of the mountain and through the cave to collect each of these orbs," displaying a three multi-colorful orbs,

"Though the most difficult part is by the time you return to where you started, you will come across some of these creatures who will stop at nothing to capture you," she displayed an image of three dragon-like, one-eyed creatures.

"Thus leaving you and your team two options on strategy; you can outwit them or fight them. After that, you complete the course," Khalia confirmed.

"If you have any questions or need help with anything, I'll be more than happy to assist," Khalia smiled,

"Yeah, about what you said earlier, we have to fly through the course?" Harold asked,

"That's right, which I'm sure that won't be a problem since you flown before," Khalia said, Harold however…

(10 years ago, at the playground…

"Daddy, I wanna get back down!" the 5-year old Harold, wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt and dark-blue shorts, cried, while clinging onto the bar from the monkey-bars,

"You only took a step," Hal stated, wearing light-blue buttoned long-sleeve shirt and blue jean, while looking at his son in front of him.

3 years after, at a carnival…

"Mom, I wanna get off this ride, it's scary!" the 8-year old Harold cried, wearing his light-green sweater and blue shorts, while clinging onto his mother, wearing her pink blouse and white pants, as they're both seated on the Ferris Wheel,

"The ride hasn't even started," Carol said while comforting her son.

5 years after, at the Ferris Airline…

"I'm not going in there!" the 13-year old Harold, wearing his dark-brown jacket with short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans, folded his arms, refusing to set foot inside the jet plane his mother had upgraded for her company.

"It's okay sweety it's perfectly safe," said Carol, wearing her old outfit,

"That's what you said about the Ferris Wheel, I refuse to go up in the air," Harold looked away,

"Come on Harold, your sister done it, and she's not afraid at all," said Hal, wearing his work uniform, while 5-year-old Callie, wearing her light-pink summer dress and white shoes, is pretending to be an airplane, running around with her arms spread apart.

"Trust me sport, you'll love it," Hal said to him,

"No I won't, I hate flying!" he said to him angrily.)

Harold recalled his memories of his feelings against heights and being up in the air. Khalia noticed the look on his face and the fact he isn't responding,

"Judging by the look on your face, I take it you haven't exactly mastered the skills of flying have you?" Khalia looking worried,

"That's not… entirely true, I had some… flying skills back in my home planet, my mom owns of the Ferris Airlines with all the planes, jets, even helicopters. So, I had plenty of experience in flying," Harold acting all cool, though Kihwog can see right through his lies, as he thought a little trick on him, as he activated his ring, and constructed at Green Bubble trapping Harold, and lift him up in the mid-air,

"HEY! PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME BACK ON THE GROUND!" Harold screams and shout, while being trapped in a bubble, but mostly being high up,

"Kihwog!" Khalia glared at her brother.

"Sorry sis, but pops taught us that being a Lantern, we bring out the weak point in others, and Jordan has a lot to learn if he thinks he knows what he's doing but really he doesn't," Kihwog stated, and not long he pulled him back down and out of the bubble,

"Not cool man," Harold said angrily,

"Sorry about that Jordan, it's something my pops did to me years ago, and I can tell you need some quick flying lesson before we start," Kihwog stated.

"It is not at all difficult, it involves a simple technique of…" Walter tried to explain, until,

"W-wait, let me guess… it involves thinking happy thoughts, right?" Harold guessed,

"What was that?" Kihwog is confused,

"Pardon?" Walter asked.

"Happy thoughts, like… from Peter Pan, that when children think happy thoughts, they can fly," Harold explained, leaving his friends puzzled,

"…That's just dumb," Kihwog stated,

"I thought it sounded nice," Khalia commented,

"I don't recall any knowledge with that category," Walter clarified,

"Five minute warning! I repeat, five minute warning before heading to the informal instructors," they heard Kilowog calling out to them.

"Okay Harold, here is all you need to know when flying, don't think about falling, think of yourself running but without using your feet, and try not to lose focus while you're up in the air; and also…" she took his hand where he's wearing his power ring,

"You should know that your ring will protect you while helping you control your flying, you think you could remember that?" Khalia asked,

"I should, yea… though I do have another question, about the creatures, are they actual creatures by any chance?" he asked,

"You know… I asked them that same question, and I was once told that one of them is a high-tech machinery, and the last two are actual creatures; though one of them is highly dangerous, so you need to watch out for the one with the blue-green streak on it's left tail… or was it the one with the red-blue streak, I sometimes get them mixed up," Khalia answered,

Harold is not completely sure about her answer, before long…

"Times up!" they all turned to Kilowog,

"Now head to the counselors and they will explain the basic locations, and be sure to have your trackers on you before meeting me at the starting point," he said to the young lanterns as they now heading to the counselors to learn the map of this place.

"Good luck guys, I'll be rooting for you," Khali waved to them,

"Thanks sis… and don't," Kihwog replied as he, along with Walter and Harold head to the counselors before they need to be ready to start the course.

Meanwhile, in the Black Lantern Ship…

Four armed machines surrounded a Black Armored Warrior, as not long after a brief moment…

Blast! Blast! Blast! Blast!

The Armored Warrior deflected all the attacks with his Black Energy Shield, then the two machines jumped to attack him with sharp blades, while the last two machines jumped to attack him with electric energy canon. The Armored Warrior quickly grabbed one of the machines, and threw it to the other before it blasted it's canon, then dodged the other machine's blades, and quickly used his Black energy to levitate it and threw it to the last machine, thus destroying all of the machine. Of course, that was just a warm up, as several more machines merged out and about to attack him, the Armored Warrior's energy surrounded his body as he's about to destroy more machines.

Black Hand stood and watch from the monitor, observing the test subject in combat mode, destroying and dismantling everything that attacks,

"He demonstrated rapid improvement in your experiment, it could be enough for him to carry out as you planned my Lord," the Black lantern said,

"He does show improvement… but still needs more test run before I consider it," Black Hand said to his servants,

"Would you want us to continue his strength?" the lantern asked,

"You could, or better yet…" Black Hand looked through his monitor, as it indicates an upcoming sector in their direction,

"Let's try sending him to the nearest planet," he smirked evilly.

Back in Lantern Academy, Yellow Sector…

After all of the Lanterns are given their trackers from their counselors, they're now at the starting point, getting themselves ready before Kilowog give out their signal,

"Hey guys!" Khalia yelled out to them, while holding a sign saying, 'Go Team!'

Kihwog grunted from his sister's cheer, Walter just waved to her, and Harold was just looking around, noticing many other young Lanterns are watching over him, though some are behind glass windows above them. Though, in his joy, he spotted his favorite Star Sapphire nurse, Starphia, along with her two friends, watching him from above, she waved to him with her sweet smile. Harold about to reply, but somehow, spotted Rayza, who stood above from where Starphia is, just looking down at him with her arms folded, which made him wave at her, but… she show no reply and just looked away, much to his dismay. Walter and Kihwog noticed,

"Were you waving at Ms. Rayza?" Walter asked,

"No... I was… waving back at Starphia," Harold lied, Kihwog looked at both Starphia and Rayza, though separate, they stood in the same spot,

"Sure you did, especially when it involves being watched by two girls you like, or at least, one likes you but you seem to like the other more, but the question is which?" Kihwog being sarcastic,

"Shut-up!" Harold said through his teeth.

"Young Lanterns, be ready…" Kilowog said as the timer is set from behind him,

"On your mark…" he yelled, as the young Lanterns all at the starting line, include Harold, Kihwog and Walter,

"Get set…" Kilowog posited his power ring at the timer,

"GO!" he yelled, before


He blasted his Energy Canon as it hit and started the timer, after his signaled was made and the young lanterns all ran towards the cliff, jumping and flying below the canyons,

"On second thought, I don't think I want to run right towards the cli-" Harold tried to leave, until,

"Too late!" Kihwog grabbed hold of him once again, as he, along with Walter, all ran towards the cliff, and they jumped down,

"It's now or never Jordan," Kihwog said before he let go of Harold,

"Kiihwooog!" Harold yelled while falling,

"You must fly Mr. Jordan," Walter yelled to him,

"Otherwise, you'll plummet into those!" Kihwog pointed at the sharp rocks at the very bottom,

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" he screamed in terror, thinking this might be the end for him… or is it?

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