In His Footsteps

Stupid Flower

Yellow Sector, Course...

"AAAHHHH!" Harold screaming on the top of his lungs,


"…don't think about falling, think of yourself running but without using your feet, and try not to lose focus while you're up in the air…" Khalia said.

Flashback over…)

After remembering what Khalia told him, as he quickly use the power of his ring, and before he know it…

His body stopped in mid-air and very close to touching the spikes,

"Woah!" Harold responded, trying to adjust his flying and getting himself further up in the air,

"Okay-okay, I got this," he said, it was a little struggle, but managed to reach up to his friends,

"Yea… Khalia was right," he said,

"Come on Jordan, we're falling behind," Kihwog said as he and Walter started flying away,

"Wait up!" Harold catching up to them.


Many of the other Lanterns, include Khalia, are watching from above, behind the glass, the Star Sapphires are watching as well,

"It would've appears Jordan was struggling from the start," the first Sapphire said,

"He'll make it through," Starphia stated,

"You think he can?" the second Sapphire asked,

"I know he can," Starphia said wit confident.

Higher Above…

Rayza is also watching from higher up, though the scene is too far from the distance, but luckily, her lens around her pupil zoomed in a few percentages in clear view, enough to see Harold and his friends catching up with the others.


The young Lanterns made it to the cave, as they entered, everything is pitched black, but the young Lanterns activated their energy glowing from their rings, enough to light their way through the darkness.

"Actually, this doesn't seem all that bad," Harold said,

"I wouldn't say that if I were you," Kihwog clarified.

Center Control Room…

Kilowog, along with the other counselors, are watching the young Lanterns through camera screens hidden from plain sight. Then he turned to Sinestro, talking to the other Yellow lantern who is handles the control of the course,

"Is everything set?" Sinestro asked,

"As you ordered," the Yellow Lantern said, which brought Kilowog's attention, and approached him,

"What are you up to poozer?" he asked,

"Surely you're aware that in this sector, it is confined with many traps for our students when facing unexpected events," Sinestro explained,

"And you're aware you can't harm any of these kids, you gave your word to the Guardians," Kilowog reminded him.

"Fear not Green Lantern, I would never think of harming any of our young Lanterns," Sinestro assured him before turning to the screens, and took a quick glance of Harold with his two friends,

"Most of them at least," he whispered, still holding a grudge against him,

"Well don't get any ideas, we're only here to teach these kids, not hurt 'em," Kilowog stated,

"And I couldn't agree more," Sinestro replied, before Kilowog return back to his post watching to the cameras, but unaware of Sinestro, who turned back to the Yellow Lantern with the controls in front of him,

"Activate them," Sinestro ordered him with his lower voice, so Kilowog won't hear him,

"Yes sir," the Yellow Lantern replied as he pressed two buttons, turned the switches and pulled the small lever…


As the young Lanterns are halfway out of the cave,


"What's happening?" Harold stated as he discovered the walls are shaking and boulders suddenly falling above them,

"We need to get out of here," Kihwog stated as he, Walter, and Harold hurried themselves towards the way out, and dodging some boulders falling right at them. The other Lanterns are doing the same, though some used their laser canon on bigger boulders. However, some of the lanterns got hit by them, and one of them nearly got crushed by them,

"Woah!" Harold almost got crushed by a boulder,

"Hurry Jordan!" Kihwog called him, as they see the exit up ahead,

Harold flew to them and avoid being crush by falling boulders,

"Almost there," Harold is reaching towards the exit, but unaware of the biggest boulder falling right at him!

Center Control Room…

"He's not gonna make it!" Kilowog said with concern, as well as the other counselors, almost all of them except Sinestro, who only stood quietly with an evil smirked on his face; delighted to see his former student's offspring about to be crush.


"Oh my gosh, Harold look out!" Khalia panicked, seeing Harold about to be crush by that boulder.


"Get down!" Kihwog yelled, as he and Walter quickly used their ring and fired their laser canon at the same time…


They blasted off the boulder, thus saving Harold's life from being crushed.

Center Control Room…

Kilowog sighed in relieve, "Thank goodness," he whispered, and the other counselors are relieved of Harold no longer in danger, though once again, everyone except Sinestro, who frowns to his disappointment of not seeing him crushed as he hoped.


"Yay! They saved him!" Khalia cheered with joy and relieve.


"Thanks for the save guys," Harold thanked them as they managed to finally escape out of the cave,

"Don't mention it, but you need to watch your back for anything that comes at you," Kihwog said,

"Noted," Harold replied before he discovers they just made it to the holes where the wild vines are.

"I recalled my studies of these rare vines, for they lingered into tranquility without any intimidation, nor anyone infiltrating their fertilizations," Walter explained, which once again leave Harold look confused,

"He means the vines won't bother us as long as we don't bother them nor mess with their holes," Kihwog clarified,

"Oh… okay then, that should be simple," Harold about to take a forward until Kihwog stopped him,

"Not so fast Jordan, I've done some studies myself, and you should know that these fumes coming of those holes are exhaled from these vines, all filled with nitrous oxide and other substantial compounds we should not mess with. If you inhale any of them-" he explains to him, until…

"WAAAAHOOO!" they all turned to one of the young lanterns,

"I DON'T KNOW HOW I GOT HERE! BUT AIN'T NEVER GETTING OUT! WAAHOOO!" he talking crazy, like a sugar rushed child.

"You end up like that," Kihwog pointed out,

"I see," Harold replied,

"Activate your shields, and we'll be ok," Walter said as, along with Kihwog and Harold, activated their shields, thus made their body glow but mostly protected themselves from the gas, they proceed by floating forward and not interacting to the vines.

Harold follows them, though his eyes wandered up to where the audience are, looking down from above, watching and so far enjoying it. But brought his attention to Starphia, looking down at him with her sweet smile on her face, which encouraged him, then he looked higher up to see Rayza looking down at him with her stern unimpressed look on her face, which discouraged him.

Center Control Room…

Sinestro watches the young Lanterns going through the wild vines, he turn to the Yellow Lantern,

"Let make this task alittle more challenging for these young Lanterns… activate the traps," he ordered him,

"Yes sir," the Yellow Lantern replied as he turned the three scales, switched the small lever, and pressed two buttons at the same time…


He turned back to the others to continue through the vines, until something caught his eye, a very colorful, very beautiful flower he has ever seen. The petals mixed in bright pink and sparkled white, and the stamens are like pearls, which made Harold thought of an idea,

(First thought…

"I got this for you," Harold handed her the flower,

"Oh Harold that's so sweet of you, I love it," Starphia smiled with delight and happiness.

Second thought…

"I got this for you," Harold handed her the flower,

"Get away from me Jordan," Rayza rejected him before she turned her back and walked away.)

"Starphia it is," he said before he approached it.

"We're almost there, and no sign of trouble amiss," Walter said before he turned to his comrades, but then discovered one is missing,

"Mr. Jordan?" Walter said,

"Are you kidding me," Kihwog grunted, as they just lost him,

"He couldn't be far, he might-" Walter said until,

"Look out!" Kihwog shouted as one of the vines nearly grabbed him, until he use his ring to blast it with his laser canon.

"They're attacking us," Kihwog stated as more vines are coming at them,

"But how can it be?" Walter said as he started defending himself and dodging the wild vines,

"Harold… Harold!" Kihwog calling out to Harold, finding him while fighting off the vines.

"Come on you stupid flower," Harold is busy trying to pull out the flower but couldn't budge, and is unaware of the vines attacking the young Lanterns behind him, including a huge plant merging out of a hole, it resembled the same flower Harold try to take, only it bloom out sharp teeth, and it's prepare to eat Harold!


Harold heard Kihwog's voice and discovers a huge shadow casted in front of him, coming from behind him, he turned around and saw a gigantic flower about to swallow him whole. Harold think fast, and quickly used his ring and blast it with his Laser Canon to it's mouth.


The monstrous flower roared, not only it got blasted to the mouth, but cause a major reaction to the vines and calling out the other flowers. And not long as the other monstrous flowers merged out to the holes, and many of the Lanterns having a hard time getting out of this tight situation. "This is not good," Harold stated, before he suddenly felt a vine that grabbed his right arm, only to discover it was that small flower he tried to pull out earlier and it got a hold of him,

"Let go of me you stupid flower," he yelled before he blasted it with his Laser Canon, which once again cause a reaction to the vines, and they're coming right at them. Harold quickly constructed a green shield and blocked them, then left the area to find his friends, which he was able to find them defending themselves from the wild vines attacking them.

"Hang on guys," Harold came and blasted many of the vines, saving his friends,

"Mr. Jordan, you can't keep attacking them, they get very aggressive if you keep attacking them," Walter explained to them,

"Then we need to get the heck out of here!" Kihwog stated,

"There is a pathway over there, but we need to get there before the vines block it," Walter said to them. They see the pathway, and saw some of the other young Lanterns flew to their escape, the three flew over to make their escape, though many of the vines keep coming at them, Walter keeps dodging them, Kihwog blasts them with Laser Canon, and Harold uses his shield to block them and Laser Canon to attack them. They're almost home free until a vine grabbed Harold's ankle and pulled him to the ground, Harold turned and saw the monstrous flower, as it's dragging him towards it, about to eat him.

Center Control Room…

"Harold," Kilowog said, seeing him in danger through the camera screen, Sinestro stood silent again, watching the camera of Harold about to be eaten alive.


Khalia gasped in distress to see Harold in trouble again.


Harold looked at the flower about to be eaten, but… with the use of his power ring, he constructed a Green Missile Launcher, aiming at it's mouth,

"Stupid Flower!" Harold said as he shot his Green Missile and…


It blasted off the monstrous flower to bits, thus out of it's grasped and Harold quickly flew off and caught up with his friends through the pathway and finally out of the field.


"Phew! Thank goodness," Khalia is once again relieved to see Harold is safe.

Center Control Room…

"Well how about that, he just saved his own tail," Kilowog is impressed, though Sinestro is once again disappointed seeing Harold saved himself this time.


After escaping the wild vines, Harold and his friends made it to the mountains, where they should collect the three orbs and then head towards the starting point,

"Nicely done back there Mr. Jordan, we're more than half way done completing the course," Walter said and compliment him,

"I had to say, you had me worried there, but you seem to pull through on your own," Kihwog said,

"It was a sudden impulse, and I don't want to be eaten by some dumb plant anyway," Harold stated,

"Well after we finish this course, I wouldn't mind eating some grub they're serving for lunch," Kihwog said before the three flew up the mountain to get the orbs.

Center Control Room…

"We witnessed some excellent progress from these young Lanterns," the Blue Lantern said,

"Though some alittle sturdy than others," the Green Lantern said,

"By the time they finish the course, we'll collaborate all their scores and estimate them through their records," Kilowog clarified. While they're discussing about the young Lanterns,

"Not if I have anything to say about it," Sinestro whispered before he turned he back to the Yellow Lantern,

"Release the creatures," he ordered him,

"But sir, one of them is completely unstable, and some of the young Lanterns haven't even…" the Yellow Lantern protested until Sinestro cut him off,

"I said… Release the creatures," Sinestro ordered him with a stern look on his face,

"…Yes sir," the Yellow Lantern said, as he turned three switches and pressed the yellow button…

Beneath the Chamber…

Three dangerous growls are made through the darkness, as they're cages are unlocked, huge beings merging out of their places, about to head towards the exit, and commence they're hunt for their prey.

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