In His Footsteps


Yellow Sector, Cave…



“Harold,” Kihwog heard Harold’s scream, and then…


He turned around and spotted a creature charging at him,

“Grotz!” he replied as he quickly used offensive…


“My friends,” Walter recognized Kihwog’s blasts, before,


He looked down and saw the creature coming at him,


Khalia stood and watch many of the young Lanterns coming out of the cave, but no sign of neither her brother, Walter, nor Harold, she began to worry,

“What is going on? They should be out alread-”


She gasped after witnessing three of the creatures escaped out the cave, one chasing after Walter, the other fighting against Kihwog, and the last one… captured Harold!


Walter flies while being chased by first of the creatures, Kihwog fights the second creature blasting it with his Laser cannon, and Harold…

“Let me go!” he struggles, while being held in the third creatures grasped. Walter saw Harold in trouble, and quickly thought of a planned, he flew towards the third creature, and at the right moment, when the first creature is closing in on him, Walter blasted his Blue Plasma at it’s eyes, blinding it, and quickly moved out the way as it crashed into the third creature; thus, releasing Harold.

Although, Harold maybe free of the third creature, but then landed on the head of the blinded creature, as it continues flying around and Harold held on tight.

“Woah!” he held tight, as the first creature keeps flying very fast, and noticed how high they are,

“Too high!” he panics, and shut his eyes, not wanting to look down.

Kihwog kept fight against the second creature, as it keeps trying to bite him, so he decided to bring out the hammer, which I mean, constructed his Green Hammer, swung it and…


He bashed it with his hammer, and noticed some sparks on it’s head, revealing to be the machine his sister warned him about. He noticed it twitching and sparking, due to malfunction, it flew right at the third creature, just when it’s about to attack Walter, they collided and both fell to the ground. Then Kihwog and Walter discovered the Harold still holding onto the first creature, as it flew towards the direction where the starting point is,

“Harold,” Kihwog yelled as he and Walter flew after them.

By then, Kilowog and the two counselors came, at the starting point, and witness the creature flying their way, and Harold is on top of it.

“Walter, try to slow it down, I’ll get it from above,”

“Alright, but try not to hurt Mr. Jordan,” Walter replied, before he constructed a huge Blue Rope, and lassoed it at the creature, slowing it down, while Kiwhog appeared from above his Green Hammer again, gathered all his strength…


He bashed hard to the back, enough make it fell right to the starting point,


It landed hard on the platform, not dead but unconscious, Kihwog and Walter flew over at Harold, who has still holding on tight with his eyes closed,

“I wanna get down! I hate being so high,” he whispers in fear,

“Harold,” Kihwog spoke to him,

“Please get be back on the ground, I belong down there,” Harold continues whispering,

“Mr. Jordan,” Walter said to him,

“I never wanted to be up, I want to be back on the ground,” Harold kept whispering, until…

“Harold! You’re back on the ground,” Kihwog raised his voice, which made Harold finally opened his eyes, and discovered being back on the ground, the creature is unconscious by Kihwog’s attack.

“And, I regret to inform you that everyone is inquisitively looking at you,” Walter whispered to Harold, which made Harold looked around, and see many young Lanterns, the counselors, and Kilowog are all looking at him. Harold slowly closed his eyes again and tilts his head down; of all the humiliation he made in his time, this one hits the top seven.

Few minutes later, Evaluation…

As before, Kilowog and the other counselors are giving out their evaluation the young Lanterns, while the Yellow Lantern counselors gather back the escaped creatures and returning them back to their cage. By then, Kilowog approached to Kihwog, Walter, and Harold, after they handed over their collected orbs,

“Son, your reflexes and quick thinking is cunning and well thought out… great job,” he said,

“Thanks pops,” Kihwog replied, then Kilowog turned to Walter,

“Saint Walter, your intellects guided you, and your comrades, throughout the course… you did excellent,” he said,

“Thank you sir,” Walter said. Then Kilowog finally turned to Harold, there was a brief silence between them, he crossed his arms while looking down at him as he stood,

“Mr. Jordan… your reaction to the start was raggedy, you stumbled upon unexpected settings that did cause the safety of others, including your comrades, and your encountered with the creatures is not only unexpected but it does bring out certain weaknesses that needs absolute improvement…” he explains, Harold looked down, knowing what he’s talking about and still feel embarrassed about it.

“However… you and your comrades managed to finish this course on time as instructed…well done,” he said. Harold eyes grew wide, as Kilowog walked away to continue evaluation to the other young lanterns, he actually gave him a good review.

“You hear that Jordan, we passed!” Kihwog smiled,

“I never lost hope in all of us,” Walter is satisfied,

“Wow, I can’t believe it,” Harold is stunned, despite his major embarrassment, he was about to pass this course and get his first good review. By then, he looked above to see Starphia, still with her friends, giving him a warm smile, which does warm his heart a bit. Then he looked higher up to discover… Rayza no longer there, much to his surprise,

“Where she go?” he wondered.

North Sector, hallway…

Rayza walking towards the hallway, heading to the chamber for her routine practice until…


A fist punched on a wall, and blocking her path, it was none other than Antroy, looking down at her with his usual gruesome self, Rayza stood, glaring at him,

“What do you want Antroy?” she asked, Antroy confronted her,

“I think you know what I want, what I want is answers about last night, that night after that lock down in quarter 3, and how that Green Loser was able to escape. There is no way Jordan would made it out alive if it wasn’t for your help,” he explained,

“I don’t know what you mean? I can careless about what happened to Jordan and everyone else in this pathetic Academy. So stay out of my way unless you wish for me to mess up that face of yours,” she threatened him, and walked around him, though Antroy grabbed her wrist, and chuckled,

“My sweet Ray-ray, seeing you this way is one of the reason why I’m so drawn to you,” Antroy tries to flirt, but… Rayza pulled her hand away, clenched her other hand and…


She punched him heard on the face, which then hit the wall,

“Touch me again and I’ll go for the teeth next!” she angrily yelled at him before she quickly left. Antroy was against the wall, placed his hand on his face where she punched him, and tasted a little blood in his mouth, he chuckled once more,

“She’s definitely full of it,” he said with pleasure.

It wasn’t long when Rayza finally made it to the chamber, the door was closed and locked, so she pressed the screen next to it, and then appears LANOS 3.0,

“Hello Ms. Rayza, here for your daily exercise?” LANOS 3.0 said,

“What else?” Rayza replied with a tone, still mad about her encountered with Antroy earlier,

“Very well then… would you like me to set up your usual?” LANOS 3.0 asked,

“No, I prefer to practice to the next level, with more of the encounter and less of the weapons,” Rayza explained,

“Consider it done,” LANOS 3.0 said, before the door slid opened for her,

“Thanks,” Rayza said before she enters the chamber,

“Anything for you Ms. Rayza,” LANOS 3.0 said.

Few hours later, at the East Sector, Quarter…

After another long day today, all the young Lanterns are in their quarters, out of uniform, resting for tomorrow. Harold, Kihwog, and Walter are still awake, when Harold told them about the prank he encountered by the Yellow Lantern thugs earlier before he encountered the creature itself,

“What they did is dishonorable; surely you should’ve reported them to Green Lantern Kilowog,” Walter said,

“Heck no, if some Lantern encounter me, I take care of them myself,” Kihwog protest,

“Well at least you can take ’em, I was outnumbered,” Harold said,

“Numbers are trivial when facing combat,” Walter stated.

“What you need is more muscles, you may be lucky this time, but who knows what you might encounter next,” Kihwog said,

“That’s what I’m worried about,” Harold said as lay down on his bed.

“Hey… don’t worry too much, we manage to pass that obstacle course together, sure it was a little difficult than either of us expected, you still need to work on some of your skills, including your phobia in heights, especially that big and utter humiliation in front of everyon-” Kihwog explained, even though it is not at all comforting. Walter intervene,

“I believe what Mr. Kihwog tried to say is that we’re here to help you at any way Mr. Jordan,”

“Thanks guys,” Harold said, before he turned to the window, to look at the stars passing by, still missing his home planet, and his family.

Earth, Antarctica…

The man walked down the aisle to check with his men, who are search while his friend Hal is resting,

“Has anyone found it yet,” he asked them, they all replied ‘no’, he sighed,

“Stop what you’re doing, we need to rest up for tomorrow, we’ll search for it again in the morning,” he ordered his men. They all stopped looking through boxes and crates, and left the area, although with so many boxes and crates they have, that certain box they’re looking for is glowing Green, it’s nowhere near close, but it’s not at all far either.

To be continued…

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