In His Footsteps


Earth, Antarctica…

(Hal found himself back at his job, in the Control room, where he and son argued, and Harold…

“Stay out of my life!” Harold yelled at him before he walked and slammed the door behind him.

Hal quickly opened the door, and discovered already outside of the perimeter, saw the crater where that small ship crashed in, and Harold already climbed over,

“Harold!” he cried out to him, running up to the crater, but…


The bright light appeared, and witnessed his son being taken away,

“Dad!” Harold cried out while being pulled up to the bright green light…)

“Harold!” Hal gasped and opened his eyes, sweating and panting, after waking up from that dream, although, the dream is rather a memory of when he lost his son.

“Finally awake,” the man said, the moment he brought in a breakfast tray,

“How long was I out?” Hal sat up,

“Only a day, you needed some rest to restore some energy, plus I brought you some food to gain back your nutrient,” the man said before he set the tray on the small table in front of Hal, but Hal shown no interest in it,

“I need to go back searching,” Hal said, and was about to get off the couch,

“And you will, after you eat,” the man stopping him,

“You don’t understand, I can’t waste anymore time, when I should be looking for my son,” Hal nearly lashed at him, but doesn’t have that much energy in him. The man sat silently for a moment, before he spoke,

“I understand perfectly… I understand you want to find your son, many fathers will do anything to bring back their kids. I too went through a similar situation when I lost my son through the glacier, with nothing to eat or sleep, I nearly almost died while searching for him day and night, but my men were able to help me throughout my despair. Over a month later of finally locating my son, alive and well, he noticed how weak I was, and told me himself how much he hated seeing me like this, and that I should know better that searching for him is not worth hurting myself. And he was right, and for your sake, I advised you to take care of yourself before continuing your search, so that your son won’t see you all skin and bone like I almost was.” Hal sat silently after listening to his story, and understand that he can’t waste too much of his energy here, he needs to save as much as he can by the time he needs to go up in space,

“My men and I will help find what you’re looking for, and you will find your son before you know it,” he said to him before he patted his shoulder, even Hal knows for sure that he is starving,

“Thank you,” Hal said to his friend, the man nodded before he left the office to help his men,

“Please be okay Harold,” Hal whispered, praying for his son, wherever he is up there.

Lantern Corps. Academy, Training Chamber…

The start of training with the help of Kihwog and Walter, Harold is about begin his first lesson,

“Alright Mr. Jordan, the first lesson today is to test you skills in aiming your targets with the use of your Power ring,” Walter said,

“That doesn’t sound bad,” Harold said,

“You wished,” Kihwog said,

They heard some engine running, and notice a bullseyed target displayed,

Harold positioned his ring, locked on it and…


“Easy,” Harold said,

“Wait for it,” Kihwog said, before Harold heard the engine again, and saw the bullseye target quickly transformed into a huge laser gun, charged up and locking in on Harold,

“What the-” Harold respond,

Blast! Blast! Blast!

Harold managed to dodged the first two, but got hit on the shoulder by the third shot,

“You must aim at the target,” Walter instructed him, though Harold is having a hard time finding a clear shot as it keeps blasting him, and then…


He got hit in the front and fell to the ground hurt, and the laser gun reverted back to a bullseye target,

“I hate this place,” Harold said, while lying on the ground.

“In this lesson, we test your agility and reflexes on incoming attacks,” Walter explained, before Kihwog turned on a machine that releases harmless, but very hard air bubbles, they floated for a moment before some started to charge at Harold,

Harold manage to dodge and punch some of it,

“Very good Mr. Jordan,” Walter said, but that moment didn’t last when more bubbles keep on coming at Harold much faster and harder for Harold to punch and dodge them, as more on coming in, and Harold being hit by some, and then…


A huge bubble pushed Harold hard enough until he hit a wall behind him,

“I don’t think this was the best option,” Kihwog said,

“I hate this place,” Harold is displeased.

“The lesson in combat is always best start from the basic level before you work your way up to the top,” Walter explained,

“So I have to spare against one of you guys?” Harold asked,

“Oh no, our skills is much too advance for you to overcome,” Walter answered,

“So I asked my old buddy Ch’J to spare with you,” Kihwog said,

They all turned to the door that slid open, revealing…

Harold raised an eyebrow, after looking down at a Green Lantern, who turns out to be… a light brown furred, green-eyed, black-nosed squirrel, wearing a green mask and uniform,

“Harold Jordan, meet Green Lantern Ch’J… Ch’J, meet Green Lantern Harold Jordan,” Kihwog introduced them.

Ch’J only speaks squirrel, but is greeting Harold, Harold however, stood silent and staring down at Ch’J for a moment, before he turned to Kihwog and Walter,

“I’m sparing against a squirrel… seriously?” Harold is displeased,

“What’s wrong?” Walter asked,

“I mean, I get I need to start at the basics, but I don’t see how me sparing against some rodent could help me better myself in-” Harold complained, until suddenly…


Ch’J punched Harold’s gut, then attacked him with punches, kicks, even scratches, before lifting him up from below…

Bam! Bam!

Ch’j slammed Harold against the wall, and flipped him over, and he land on the ground on his back…

“What… just… happened?” Harold is stunned, while feeling the pain in his body after everything just happen in the blink of an eye, Walter and Kihwog crouched down at him,

“Mr. Jordan, when meeting new people, I highly advised you be more discreet upon your words,” Walter said,

“And I forgot to mention that Ch’J hates when others called her ′rodent’, she’s a little sensitive but mostly short-tempered about it,” Kihwog explained,

“… She’s a girl?” he replied, before he felt Ch’J appeared on Kihwog’s shoulder, still talking squirrel, but display how upset she is,

“I hate this place,” Harold frowned.

“I have to what?!” Harold shocked,

“Not to worry, it is completely harmless, and it’s a simple task in case of encountering other creatures,” Kihwog assured him about the blue-oozed creature in front of them,

“You sure it’s safe?” Harold asked,

“Don’t worry, in case something goes wrong, I’ll help you,” Kihwog said, before Harold walked to the blue-oozed creature.

“Mr. Kihwog,” Kihwog turned to Walter, who just arrived,

“Hey Walter, you’re a little late,” Kihwog said,

“Apologies, I was spoken by a counselor who warned me about one of the creatures, that we must to take precautions and never approach it,” Walter explained

“W-wait, what creature?” Kihwog asked,

“The blue-oozed creature,” Walter answered,

“Blue-Oozed!” Kihwog stated both they turned to Harold, and became shocked,

“Get me out of here! Get me out of here!” Harold yelling while inside the blue-oozed creature,

“Harold!” Kihwog yelled,

“Hold on, we’re coming!” Walter said before he and Kihwog used their Power rings to charge at the blue-oozed creature…

2 hours later, at the Infirmary

Harold is lying on the flat bed, almost all covered in blue-ooze, and looks very, very upset, Kihwog and Walter stood by him,

“I’m real sorry about the Harold, I thought that creature would be easy for you but I was wrong,” Kihwog apologized, feeling bad about what he did.

“Nevertheless, we will not do something like that ever again, but instead we’ll continue trying other exercises to enhance your skills. But nothing too advanced,” Walter assured, though Harold still lays there with a very unpleasant look on his face,

“I hate this place,” Harold stated.

Group Section Chamber…

“I hate this place,” Rayza stated with her arms folded, while sitting at a chair, along Khalia and three female Green Lanterns, in a group study room,

“I get as a Red Lantern, you hate practically everything, but this is an exercise for everyone to socialize by getting to know each other. A better communication is one of greatest success in life,” Khalia explained. As she is leading a small group as one of her community service and activity, help young Lanterns on certain problems and working together,

“Now that everyone is here, we can start off by talking positive things through each discussion. We can start by exchanging comments with positive attitude, then pass it on to the other and so on, I’ll go first…” Khalia turned t o the first female Lantern,

“Yhava, I like how you were able to master that complex equation from Ms J’lanka’s section,” she comment her,

“It was all in the letters…” Yhava said before she turned to the second female,

“Obwhon, that stunt you pull through the course was flawless,” she stated,

“Years of practice…” Obwhon said, before she turned to the third female,

“Toji, I love how that outfit you had compliments your hair,” she complimented her,

“Oh, it was something I thrown on at the last minute…” Toji said, before she turned to Rayza, but there was silence between them, as they exchange unpleasant glances.

“Toji, don’t you have any comments for Rayza?” Khalia asked,

“Oh, I have comments, but none of them are positive,” Toji folded her arms and looked away from Rayza,

“Like I cared,” Rayza rolled her eyes,

“Looks like what you two need is help exchanging, using positivity balls,” Khalia pulled out two soft red balls

“Aren’t they supposed to be blue?” Yhava pointed it out, Khalia gasped,

“You’re right, I should get them from the storage room,” she quickly got up, and started headed to the door,

“I’ll return within 2 minutes, so please wait here,” she said to them before she left the chamber.

By the time Khalia left, all the four girls sat silently for a moment, until,

“I don’t get why she’s even here? It’s bad enough having Red Lanterns in this Academy, but she has to be in this section,” Toji said to Obwhon and Yhava,

“I heard she single handling destroy parts of Oa a while back,” Yhava said,

“What I still don’t get is why so many guys are attracted to her, I mean, she doesn’t even wear make-up,” Obwhon is annoyed,

“I know right, and she is not fooling anyone using that much eyeliner to make those lines over her face; talk about tacky,” Toji stated.

“Other than the fact I can hear everything you’re saying, I have you all know that these lines are traditional markings from my home planet, something you imbeciles won’t understand,” Rayza clarified to them,

“Ooh, somebody’s a little sensitive,” Obwhon teased,

“Why shouldn’t she be, it’s no surprise of her being ‘daddy’s little Red girl’,” Toji stated, which did made her and the other two laugh. (Bad move.)

As little did they realized, Rayza’s eyes changed from blue to black and red, her Power ring is activated, and the red energy flowing with rage and hate arosed…

2 minutes later…

Khalia returned with the two soft blue balls,

“Ok girls, I got the blue balls, now we can…” Khalia said, until she discovered all of the girls, except Rayza, are gone,

“Where are the girls?” Khalia is shocked to see her group gone,

“They all decided to leave and not be stuck in this place, as am I,” Rayza said before she got up the chair,

“Come on Rayza, this is like the ninety-eighth time of trying to socialize with others, don’t you even want to make friends?” Khalia asked, trying to convince her,

“I have no interest in making friends,” Rayza clarified,

“Our fathers became friends then, and I thought, maybe we could be friends too,” Khalia said as she placed her hand on Rayza’s shoulder, until Rayza brushed it off,

“You thought wrong,” Rayza said, before she walks away from her, heading towards the door,

“Have you ever had at least one friend, maybe not here but perhaps back home?” Khalia asked her, which actually did made Rayza hesitant for a brief moment, but not long enough to stop her from finally leaving the chamber. Khalia was left distraught after Rayza left, then looked at the empty chairs where the three Green Lantern girls were sitting,

“Now I wondered what happened to the girls? It’s not like them to just leave without telling me,” Khalia wondered, before she left the chamber herself, but… completely unaware that way above the ceiling, the three Green Lantern girls are trapped frozen inside a Red crystal; though alive and unharmed but couldn’t move a muscle, except their eyes.


Rayza walking to down the hall, ignoring the surrounding of young Lanterns accompanied by their friends, close friends, best friends, pals, buddies. She sighed, when she recalled Khalia’s question earlier,

(“Have you ever had at least one friend, maybe not here but perhaps back home?“)

She stopped walking and stood silent, recalling the time of her childhood…

(7 Years ago, Volkreg, Field mid-afternon…

Little 8-year-old Rayza is at an open field, where many little children play and have a time of their young lives; some running around, others tossing and catching a ball, and some girls picking flowers. Rayza looked over to the kids playing with a ball, until one of them tossed it too high as it landed and rolled over towards her. She picked it up and approached the kids,

“Could I play?” she asked,

The kids stared at her and slowly backs away from her, so Rayza turned to the kids that were running,

“Could I play?” she asked them, but they did the same as the others, Rayza dropped the ball, feeling sad and was about to leave,

“Hi!” Rayza turned to the two girls picking flowers,

“Wanna play?” one of them asked her to joined them, Rayza nodded with smile and is about to approached them, until the girl’s mother appeared and took both their hands,

“Girls, stay away from that girl, you know how your father and I don’t want you anywhere near that abomination,” the mother said to them, before she scowled at Rayza, who stood shocked and hurt. And with the girls taken by their mother, Rayza was left all alone in the field.)

She clenched her hand when she remembered those times, although her parents accepts her, other’s rejects her, because it is impossible for a being to be born both organic and artificial, and it goes against both nature and science. Many people from her planet couldn’t accept it, thus referred to her and her little brother abominations, and kept distant from her and her family, never wanted to socialize with them; let alone be friends with them.

“…Whatever,” she whispered,


She heard and looked at her ring, she just received a task sent by her mentor, reminding her to continue her job as a spy, so she immediately left the area to resume her focus going undercover.

To be continued…

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