In His Footsteps

Weight-Lifting Brawl

Lantern Corps. Academy, Northwest Sector…

Kilowog just got out of a council meeting, before he spotted his children standing nearby waiting for him, he approached them,

“I got both messages, is something wrong?” he asked them, Kihwog went first,

“Me and Walter were helping out Harold with training, but… it didn’t turn out all that great as we thought it would,” he said,

“I tried to help Rayza socializing with other Lanterns, but she keeps rebuffing them claiming ‘no interest in friendship’ whatsoever,” Khalia said, before she crossed her arms with disappointment.

“I did wondered why Jordan was covered in ooze earlier, but it’s never wrong of you and Walter helping him out. Though, may I recommend taking him to a simple training chamber, like weight-lifting for instant,” Kilowog suggested,

“Hm… that’s not a bad idea,” Kihwog replied, then Kilowog turned to Khaila,

“Sweetheart, I know you’re doing your best of helping Rayza and wanna be her friend, but you know you can’t make her socialize with others, not with her behavior at least. Besides, her old man and I weren’t friends from the start when we first met, so who knows, if you try to be her friend, she might come around, if not, it’s best not to push her, okay,” he said. Khalia sighed,

“Yea, I suppose I can’t, but I’m giving up just yet, thanks for listening though,” Khalia said, before she hugged her father and left to attend her courses. Kihwog was about to do the same, until his father stopped him,

“Kihwog, a word,” Kilowog said,

“Sure pops,” Kihwog tured to him,

“Do you still have the key card?” Kilowog asked,

“Yea, you need it?” Kihwog pulled out the card, about to hand it over but his father stopped him,

“No, not yet… but there will be an upcoming drill soon, so be sure to keep the key card with you in case I need it,” Kilowog said,

“I won’t let you down pops,” Kihwog assured him, Kilowog placed his hand on Kihwog’s shoulder,

“I know you won’t,” he said with a smile.

But little did they know, they were being watched by a certain spy, hidden within the shadows above them, as she heard everything they’re saying, she observed and made confirmation of the key card in Kihwog’s possession, now she has to figure out how to get, in order to complete her task her mentor just gave her...


“I need you to steal the key card that controls the Interior section at the north side of the ship,” Bleez explained to Rayze, speaking to her through her ring,

“How can I? I can’t risk breaking into every Faculty chambers locating it,” Rayza said,

“You won’t need to. I looked through the sources you sent me previously, and made possible conclusions that Green Lantern Kilowog is in charge of the key card, but entrusted it to one of his children to keep it safe,” Bleez stated,

“I was with his daughter, but she doesn’t seemed to have it, so it’s possible his son must have it,” Rayza clarified,

“Then get the key card from him, and don’t draw any suspicion once you do,” Bleez ordered her,

“Yes my lady,” Rayza replied.)

Rayza watched Kilowog and Kihwog finished talking, they even laughed for a moment, sharing a nice father and son moment. She couldn’t help but glare at them, feeling the envy of how lucky Kihwog and Khaila are having their father here with them, while her father was taken from her years ago. But that moment is over as she saw Kihwog left his father to meet up with Walter and Harold, she quickly and quietly disappeared in the darkness.

Meanwhile, at another distant planet…

Citizens screaming and running, as many of their buildings are blasted and demolished, all caused by the Black Armored Warrior. Wrecking havoc at another planet ordered by Black Hands himself. Some of the soldiers tried to fight back, blasting him with their weapons, but made no effect to the Black Armored Warrior, as he points his ring at them, letting out another Black Energy Canon…


Back in Lantern Corps. Academy, Gravitational Weight-Lifting Chamber…

After Harold is recovered from the ooze incident, Kihwog and Walter brought him to the weight-lifting chamber, where instead, all the young Lanterns are not in uniform, but in their work-out clothes. Some are training and exercising, while many are just lifting weights,

“Where are we?” Harold asked, while look at a huge gym he never been,

“I thought you needed to boost up your strength, and what better way than in lifting some weights,” Kihwog said, while their passing other Lanterns,

“This type of training I can get use to,” Harold said, as it is similar to his P.E. back at his old school, where he use to lift some weights, this place is particularly the same. Well, except when he noticed the light rings that is on each and every weights; large, medium, small, even the dumbbells.

“What’s with the rings glowing on the weights?” Harold asked,

“Those rings are the reason why this place is referred to as ‘Gravitational’, all these weights were belong to a distinct planet where they were so heavy, it only takes over 10 Lanterns to carry just one single small weight. So the team of technicians built and installed gravitation rings so they can control all weights through gravitation,” Walter explained, before they made it to one of the stations. Walter took out one of the small dumbbells,

“So as you can see, every last weight, even the smallest dumbbells, are much heavier than what they appeared to be,” Walter gave the dumbbell to Harold, Harold gazed at it for a moment and felt the weight not very light but not at all heavy either, very much like the ones back on Earth,

“I wonder how much they really weigh…? And why is it so hot in here?” Harold said, as he started to feel sweaty, and he hasn’t even started lifting any weights,

“The temperature here is rather high, one of the reason I rarely come here,” Walter said,

“You rarely come at all, it’s not so bad once you get the hang of it,” Kihwog said before sat on a bench to start working on his biceps.

Over the past two hours…

Harold and his roommates been lifting weights, and helping each other out of some stations and exercise. Despite the training they did earlier, Harold seem to enjoy it and being here with his friends. Just as they’re all sitting down, taking a break, two buff guys approached them,

“Hey Kihwog, we need your help on the bench,” the first guy said,

“Is it stuck again, or did Grit’ko try to show off again?” Kihwog asked them,

“Show off,” the second guy answered, Kihwog grunted then turned to Walter and Harold,

“I gotta take care of this real quick,” he said to them before he left with the two buff guys. They were left alone, though Harold wondered as he turned to Walter,

“Say Walter, I’m a little curious, is being here is all you always wanted?” he asked him,

“Pardon?” Walter replied,

“I mean, you being a Lantern, following your dad’s footsteps, not that I find it wrong at all or anything, it’s just, I’m still rather… not sure if me being here as a new Lantern is what I wanted,” Harold said, still unsure about this whole Green Lantern thing. Walter was silent for a moment, before he speak,

“I’ll be accurate with you Mr. Jordan, whether it is your life, my life, or many lives around us, trying to control your own future is never easy, especially when encountering unexpected events. There are some that were planned from the very start, and there are many… well, not planned at all, but it is rarely the matter of whether some who wished to carry on their parent’s legacy or to make their own life much different than their’s. I came here voluntarily in hope to achieve absolute greatness for not just myself nor my father’s, but to everyone from all over the galaxy,” he clarified, Harold sat silently after listening to him, but shown to understand what he’s telling him.

“I am however a little curious about your future Mr. Jordan, what was your plan instead of carry on your father’s legacy as the new Green Lantern?” Walter asked, Harold was hesitant when he asked him that, there was silence as Harold took a moment to think about it. But before he could even answer…

“You have some nerve coming here,” they heard Kihwog’s voice coming where he is, and quickly went over there. When they got there, they found Kihwog and two of the other guys confront the Volkregian girl, who is standing with her arms crossed,

“Rayza,” Harold said, surprised to see her here and seeing without her uniform for the first time; she looks a lot hotter in her work-out clothes.

“Reds aren’t ever allowed to be here,” the first guy said,

“Like I cared about your rules here, I’m only here for a quick warm-up,” Rayza said,

“Well you’re not doing it here, this is our turf, so you better stay out if you know what hit you,” the second guy glared,

“I can hit more targets than the rest of you without the use of my ring,” Rayza stated,

“Like I believe some Red out beat me,” Kihwog said,

“What’s there to beat, you hardly worth the time while being in the place like this, I can think of over thirty Lanterns who have better things to focus than some ridiculous heartbreak,” Rayza stated. Many of them gasped, and turned to Kihwog, who stood stunned yet insulted,

“Don’t tell me you’re still thinking about her again, are you...? The one that got away,” she said, as she knows she’s making him angry.

“Clear… The… FLOOR!” Kihwog yelled, as many young Lanterns quickly moved the weights and stations out the way, leaving the center clear enough for Kihwog and Rayza to have a showdown.

And not long, Harold noticed most of the other young Lanterns came together, cheering all around, like a huge crowd watching two people about brawl.

“Oh dear,” Walter worries,

“He can’t seriously fight a girl, can he?” Harold asked,

“Normally he wouldn’t, however, he considered Ms. Rayza an exception through their past encounters,” Walter answered

“You mean he defeated her before?” Harold asked,

“Well…” Walter didn’t answer in time when…

“Take her down Kihwog!” one of the young Lanterns cheered,

“Make that Red wished she never came!” the other young Lantern cheered, as many of them are rooting for Kihwog to defeat Rayza.

“I’m gonna make you pay for bringing her up,” Kihwog said with anger,

“About to be lashed out by heartbreak raging pig, how delightful,” Rayza said sarcastically. After that, the fight of ′Kihwog vs. Rayza′ has began, as Kihwog charged at her, throwing a punch, Rayze detected and dodged it, then detected Kihwogs kick and quickly blocked it, Kihwogs kept throwing attacks but Rayza kept blocking and dodging them. The young Lanterns cheer from around, as there is nothing more entertaining but a good fight against a Red.

Rayza, having been analyzing Kihwogs movement and counter-attacks through previous times, shown unfazed from him and ignoring the negative comments from the crowd, Harold and Walter watches as Kihwog keeps attacking her, and noticed Rayza been mostly blocking and dodging his attacks,

“She’s hardly fighting back,” Harold said,

“I’m afraid that is one of Ms. Rayza’s tactics, manipulating her opponent in order to wear out their strength and energy. And once, she see them tired out, that is when she change from defense to offense,” Walter explained,

“You’ve seen this happen before have you?” Harold asked,

“Unfortunately,” Walter replies yes.

The fight continues of Kihwog keeps attacking Rayza, then by the moment she dodged Kihwog’s punch…


She tripped him by his blind spot and made him fell to the ground,

“Boo!” the young Lanterns booed,

“That was a dirty trick,” one of them said,

“What do you expect, these Reds never fight fair,” the other said, Harold overheard them, which he rather disagreed with them, and he doesn’t like the way they scorned at Rayza just because she’s a Red. Kihwog quickly got back up,

“Yo Kihwog!” Kihwog turned to one of the buff guys as he tossed him one of the barbells, Kihwog caught it and now has a weapon to fight with,

“Whoa! That seems a little far,” Harold protest,

“If you witnessed one of their encounters, you wouldn’t think how far they’ve gone,” Walter said,

Kihwog once again attacked Rayza, as he swung the barbell from above, Rayza quickly moved out the way, and the Kihwog swung from the side but Rayza leaned backwards to dodge it. She flipped backwards after that, though the moment she landed…


Kihwog punched her in the front, as she flew and landed on the ground, the crowd cheered for Kihwog, except Harold and Walter, as Harold looked over at Rayza, worried Kihwog didn’t hurt her too badly.

“He got her!” the young Lantern stated,

“You go Kihwog!” the other cheered,

“Is that enough warm-up for you Red,” Kihwog said to her, feeling victorious,

“Not even the slightest,” Rayza answers, as she gets back up, but appeared to be unharmed,

“And by the by, your punches has became dull, I didn’t even feel a thing,” she said to him, making him angry once again.

“Then feel this,” Kihwog yelled as he jumped in the air, and about the smash her with the barbell, but this time Rayza is not moving this time…

“Analyzing interaction, analyzing…” she thought as she is switching from defense to offense!


The young Lanterns, Kihwog, Walter, and Harold became stunned as they witnessed Rayza stopped Kihwog’s attack with just her right hand hold the barbell weight, and that’s not all… as she jumped and…


She kicked Kihwog to the face with both her heel, hard enough to make him let go of the barbells, he flew and fell to the ground. Rayza tossed the barbell aside, and this time she charge at him as Kihwog got back up. Kihwog wasn’t able to throw another attack when…

Punch! Punch! Punch! KICK!

Rayza triple punched in of the front, kicked him hard under his chin, enough to fly up in mid-air, she jumped to grab his ankle and threw him down to the ground, and then finally…


She punched him in the gut, and made the whole floor crumbled by the impact, thus ending the fight. She stood as she looked down at him,

“Not so much of a warm-up, but it would do for now,” she said to Kihwog as he lies there in pain. There was dead silence from the young Lanterns, as the fight has ended, and the floor is a complete wreck. Walter sighed, “Just like before,” he said as he pulled out his small book, where he records the scores of many things, such as…

“Ms. Rayza, 57… Mr. Kihwog, 0… How I wished things started out different between them, don’t you agree Mr. Jordan?” Walter turned to Harold, who didn’t reply,

“Mr. Jordan?” Walter called him, but still no reply as Harold kept his eyes on Rayza, after watching her in action, how she show no fear in fighting, the strength she possess to take down Kihwog…

“That.. Was… TOTALLY EPIC!” Harold cheered, many young Lantern turned to him,

“I always thought you were strong before but wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before. That was absolutely amazing,” Harold said as he approached Rayza,

“You’re amazing,” he to her with a smile, Rayza stood silent and confused while looking at Harold, Kihwog grunted and Walter quickly came to his aid,

“I appreciate the compliment Jordan, I just wished things ended differently,” he said while slowly sitting up, Harold turned to him,

“Hm… oh, you were great too Kihwog,” Harold said to him, much to Kihwog and Walter’s surprise.

“What is he doing?” the young Lantern said,

“He’s complimenting that Red girl,” the other young Lantern stated,

“Is he out of his mind,” another Lantern protested, as many continues to murmur about this. Rayza decided it’s time for her to leave, Harold saw her,

“Rayza…” Harold called out to her,

“Leave her be Mr. Jordan,” Walter stopped him,

“Yea, not many Lanterns like being around a Red,” Kihwog said, trying to keep his balance,

“Well I don’t like the way they talk to her just because she’s a Red,” Harold protested, before he could turned to see Rayza but she had already left, much to his dismay.

Meanwhile, at the Black Lantern Ship…

Black Hands sitting at his chamber, gazing at the stars passing by, then he heard one of the Black Lanterns came,

“Report,” he said,

“The test subject has completed all task, and awaits for your orders,” the Lantern said, Black Hands turned to him,

“Excellent, have him to return to the ship for further research, and in case something doesn’t seem right, ‘Recharge’ him,” he ordered him,

“Yes my lord,” the Lantern said before he left, and Black Hands gazed back at the stars once more.

Back in Lantern Corps. Academy…

Rayza stood alone at the hallway, holding the key card she was able to take from Kihwog during their fight without him knowing, she contacts her mentor through her ring, she answers,

“Do you have the key card?” Bleez asked,

“I was able to take it from his son without him knowing,” Rayza answered,

“Excellent work, now I want you to keep hold of it until further notice, and nothing else, do you understand,” Bleez ordered her,

“Yes my lady,” Rayza replied,

“End transmission,” Bleez disconnects.

As Rayza put away the key card, a thought occurred to her…

(“I always thought you were strong before but wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before. That was absolutely amazing… You’re amazing,“…)

She stood silently after she thought back about Harold complimenting her while the other young Lanterns just scorn her with negative comments. She got use to people hating her because she’s a Red, and yet, not so much use to Harold showing no hatred towards her whatsoever.

“…He is by far the strangest alien I have ever met,” Rayza stated before she left the area.

To be continued…

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