In His Footsteps


Earth, Jordan Resident, evening…

Callie is in her pajamas as she came down the stairs to find her mother in the living room, sitting on the couch, wearing her bed robe, watching an old family video from the television.

“Mom, what are you watching,” she asked,

“An old video from when your brother was about your age, he was with your grandparents at the time before you were born,” Carol answers, as she watches the video of her young son when he was sleeping in the sofa,

“Whenever Harold feels homesick, he’ll chant in his sleep wanting to come back home,” she said, as she wipe away her tears,

“It’s okay, mom,” Callie comfort her with a hug, while the video still plays of young Harold chanting in his sleep,

“I wanna go home… I wanna go home… I wanna go home…”

Lantern Corps. Academy, East Sector…

“I wanna go home… I wanna go home… I wanna go home…” Harold chanting in his sleep, which made Walter and Kihwog looked at him after listening to his chant,

“He’s been chanting in his sleep these past few nights,” Kihwog whispered,

“A behavior such as this is a sign of dwelling in despair,” Walter clarified,

“Well he needs to keep it down a noche, I can’t sleep with him chanting all night,” Kihwog whispered before he went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, at the Forgotten Zone, Primary Prison…

A place where many fugitive, out-laws, criminals, and murderers are placed behind locked chambers and bars, guarded by wardens,

The three wardens appeared from the transporter, and arrived at the main top chamber where the most gruesome prisoner known from the whole sector,

“It’s that time of the year,” the second warden said,

“One of the least thing I’m obligated to do,” the third warden stated,

“We’re all obligated to do this, it is part of the agreement from those three Guardians,” the first warden clarified as they finally appeared front of the chamber, where he is held prisoner and chained.

“Now why are you all making this sound like a bad thing…?” he said, as he rose up but chained up,

“After all, a father has every right to see his only fresh and blood,” he smirked evilly at them.

Back at Lantern Corps. Academy…

After Harold and his friends finished their course, they came to the free zone,

“So what you think Harold?” Kihwog asked,

“Hm?” Harold looked confused,

“Your first week here, there were some who couldn’t handle their first few days, but you managed to pull through,” Kihwog clarified,

“Well, I can’t say I managed it all on my own, but I didn’t think I be here this long,” Harold said,

“I take it you missed being back in your home world?” Walter asked, Harold looked sad at the moment,

“Yea,” he answered

“I know how you feel Mr. Jordan, I too missed being back in Oa where my sister is,” Walter said,

“I never knew you have a sister,” Harold looked a little surprised, until…

“Green Lantern Kihwog, Blue Lantern Saint Walter,” they heard, and turned to the Orange Lantern Larreef, who appeared with a clipboard with him,

“I’ve been sent to inform both of you that you’re needed at the Central Hall for the Annual Visitation today, you have visitors coming from your home planets to you,” Larreef said.

“Oh that’s right, today’s the Annual Visitation, I almost forgot about it,” Kihwog said,

“What’s that?” Harold asked,

“Within every few months, family members from many crossed galaxies come to our Academy for a one-day visit. There are some who would come in physical presence, and there are some who would come in virtual presence,” Walter explained. Then Harold turned back to Larreef,

“Is there any message from Earth by any chance?” he asked, Larreef scowled at him as he adjusted his glasses,

“Hmph…unlikely, only the members who been here yearly receives messages from their home planet, not those who were summoned here within a week. I be surprised if your family are even aware of your present here at all,” Larreef point out before he left, Harold is a little appalled and disappointed to learn that he was right, his family had no idea he was summoned to this Academy galaxies away from them.

“Hey, don’t let that poozer get to you, in fact, why don’t you come with me and Walter, you can meet our families,” Kihwog suggest,

“…I don’t know, I don’t want to intrude neither of your family’s visit,” Harold is reluctant,

“There is no dilemma Mr. Jordan, I find it an opportunity of introducing you to my family,” Walter said,

“Same here, my mom would love to meet you,” Kihwog said, Harold thought for a moment, then decided,

“Ok then, I supposed I could meet them,” Harold accepted they offered, and followed them to the Central Hall.

Central Hall…

Not long, Harold followed Walter and Kihwog arrived, as he noticed many young Lanterns are presents while greeting their families on their visits, most of them came physically and there are few of them in virtual form.

“Hey guys,” they a familiar voice, as they turned and saw Khalia sitting at a table talking to her and Kihwog’s mother, Galia, in her native outfit but a little different than her original,

“Mom,” Kihwog approached her,

“Kihwog,” Galia got up,

“It’s so good to see you, I missed you so much,” she said as she hugs her son,

“I missed you too mom,” Kihwog hugged her back,

“Your father told me how well you and your sister been doing, and you made a new friend, Howard was it?” she said as she saw Harold approached them,

“It’s Harold actually, and it’s nice to meet you,” he said as he stuck out his hand, but instead of a handshake, Galia picked him up and hugged him, similar to how Khalia hugs him,

“It’s so nice to meet you, I’ve been told you’re the son of my husband’s old friend, Hal Jordan,” she said before she put him back down.

“Yes… am I,” Harold said as he adjust himself after that hug, then felt her hands cupped his head, looking at his face closely,

“You look so much like him, so young and good-looking, strong no doubt… though a little bit scrawny on the side, have the people here been feeding you well?” she asked before she released his head,

“Mom, don’t embarrass him,” Khalia said,

“It’s okay, the food here isn’t all that bad but not that very great either,” Harold said,

“I can tell you missed your mother’s homemade cooking no doubt, all children do,” she said.

Harold nearly hesitated when she mentioned his mom, and the fact he does missed how she cooks his favorite meals back home, but mostly he misses her.

“And speaking of homemade…” Gaila pull out her bag, and brought out what is seems to be a large pot, she opened it, revealing some steamed fresh buns, with bugs crawling around them,

“Freshly-baked seasoned bug buns!” Kihwog and Khalia said at the same time with excitement,

“With a hint of slim, just the way you both like them,” Galia added,

“You’re the best mom,” Kihwog said,

“One of the reasons why we love you,” Khalia said, as she and Kihwog hugged her,

“And I love you both so much,” Galia said to with a loving smile.

Harold witnessed them hugging their mother, showing how much they love and missed her… he can hardly remembered the last time he hugged his mother that way. Harold quickly looked around to find Walter before he gets little emotional, until he found him stand near the open scene,

“I’m… gonna go over where Walter is, it’s very nice meeting you Ms. Gaila, ma’am,” Harold said to her,

“It’s nice meeting you too,” Gaila said while her children are eating the buns out of the pot.

Harold sighed after he got away from there, he calmed himself before he approached Walter,

“Hey Walter, where’s your family?” he asked,

“They were delayed back in Oa, but they should be here by-” Walter said until he spotted his family as they just arrived,

“Oh, there they are,” Walter said, before Harold turned and saw a female alien, similar to Walter’s species but her skin is more lighter, a slender figure, her eyes and lips are bright blue, has white long silk hair, and wearing a nice white gown.

“Whoa Walter, your older sister is gorgeous,” Harold commented,

“That’s awfully kind of you to say Mr. Jordan, though the woman you mistaken with is actually my mother, the little one with her is my sister,” Walter said, before Harold looked and saw a little alien girl, who was hiding behind her mother, clinging on her dress, she looks very much like her, except her eyes are black and her white hair is short.

“Oh…Well either way, they’re both gorgeous,” Harold stated, as he followed Walter to approach them,

“Hello mother,” Walter greeted,

“Salutation, I’m overflowed with such delight to see you my son,” his mother said, as she hugs her son,

“Brother Walter,” his sister hugs him,

“And hello to you too, little one,” Walter hugged her back,

“Allow me to introduce a new friend of mine, Mr. Harold Jordan,” he introduced them to him,

“Mr. Jordan, my mother, Venya, and my little sister, Willow,” he introduced him to them.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you both, and may I say how you and your daughter look very lovely today,” Harold said to them, Venya smiled,

“I’m cajoled by your words young Jordan, and I’ve been conversant about your deficient of your dexterity. Nevertheless, with my son assisting you, there is no qualm you’ll strive through them all and advance yourself comprehensively with your feat,” Venya said to him, which left Harold stood confused by her words; now he knows where Walter get his personality from. Then he looked down at Willow,

“Hey there,” he said to her with a friendly smile, though Willow didn’t reply instead she hid herself behind her mother,

“She’s rather shy around strangers,” Venya said,

“Well, I wouldn’t consider myself a stranger, but rather a friend of your brother,” he said, then noticed a little smile from her,

“How old is she?” he asked,

“She’s 7, but will be turning 8 very soon,” Venya answered. Harold slowly dropped his smile,

“8… that’s the same age as…” he said, as he thought of his family, Walter and Venya noticed,

“Are your family present here but any chance?” Venya asked, Harold calmed himself,

“…No, it’s just me, but if they were here, they would love to meet you all,” he said to her before he looked down at Willow again, with a smile,

“Especially my little sister, her name is Callie... she’s around your age, she’s real friendly and you would’ve liked her,” he said, feeling a little emotional like before,

“Excuse me, I need to be somewhere, it is very nice meeting you both,” Harold said before he walked away, leaving the area,

“Mother, I felt his sadness,” Willow said,

“We all did,” Venya said, as she and Walter looked a little concerned.

Red Sector, Virtual Chamber…

Two Green Lanterns stand guard as they see Three Guardians arriving while escorting Antroy to the chamber for his one-day family visit,

“As we agreed, you only get one visit from your father once a year,” the First said,

“Although, it won’t be in physical present, he will be in virtual form which is close enough,” the Second stated,

“But don’t even think about discussing any sinister plot, we have guards, wardens, and surveillance to keep a close eye on both of you, so no funny business young man,” the Third glared at him,

“Whatever,” Antroy rolled his eyes, before he head towards the chamber. Until…

“Before you go in there…” the First used his telekinesis powers to swiftly remove Antroy’s Power ring from his finger, which made his uniform reverted to his native clothes,

“We find it more cautious to keep hold of your ring once your visit is over,” the First said while the Red ring levitates on his hand,

“Tsk,” Antroy replied with anger,

“Let him in,” the First ordered the two Lanterns, as they stepped aside and the door slide opened for him.

Antroy enters the chamber, as the door slide closed behind him, he stood in front of a virtual form of his father, the former Red Lantern from the Forgotten Zone, and the enemy of Green Lantern Hal himself, the most hateful, the evil, the gruesome, the one and only… Atrocitus,

“Hello father,” Antroy greeted,

“Hello my son, it’s so good to see you again,” Atrocitus said, despite being all chained up on both arms and legs, he glances at his son with his sinister evil smile on his face.

To be continued…

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