In His Footsteps

Short Visit

Lantern Corps. Academy…

Zelma and Starphia are walking down the hallway,

“Did you sort out the records like I asked?” Zelma asked,

“Yes, from the A-Level to G-Based Section,” Starphia answered,

“Have you informed the other trainees for the upcoming exams?” Zelma asked,

“Yes I have, and their fully prepared for it,” Starphia answered,

“And you have the files of the updated reports to deliver at the North Sector?” Zelma asked,

“All here,” Starphia holding the papers,

“I can’t thank you enough for your help Starphia, and I wished to accompany you but I must attended to a council meeting and inspect the crystals afterwards,” Zelma said,

“Not to worry Aunt Zelma, I’ll take it from here,” Starphia assured her,

“I know you would, I’ll see you back in the sector,” Zelma said to her before they part ways.

Starphia walked around the corner, and spotted Harold sitting by himself, she smiled as she approached until she noticed the look on the side of his face,

“Harold,” she said,

“Starphia!” Harold looked surprised to see her,

“I didn’t see you there,” he said, trying to look calm,

“I just got here, why are you by yourself?” Starphia asked,

“I needed a break after meeting some of the parents who are visiting today,” he said.

Starphia placed her hand on his hand, and felt his energy,

“I sense sadness in your heart, surely something is the matter,” she clarified. Harold gazed at her as she speaks the truth,

“Yes, there is… I’m just homesick is all,” Harold said,

“An illness that signify you missing your home planet,” Starphia clarified,

“You could say that,” Harold said.

“You do not wish to be here?” she asked,

“Ye-No, I mean, don’t get me wrong or anything, it’s not that I… well…” Harold sighed,

“I missed my family, I’m so far away from them, and I don’t have the slightest idea how to contact them. I still have my cell phone if it didn’t fell out of my pocket,” he looked away, feeling sad again,

“I just… I wanted to at least let them know that I’m okay,” he said. Starphia slowly look sad herself seeing him sad, then she thought for a moment, and then…

“There is a way,” she said, Harold turned to her,

“You know where my sector is right?” she asked him,

“I did passed there a few times,” he replied,

“Will you meet me there within an hour?” she asked,

“… Sure, I guess,” he answered,

“Great, see you there,” she said before she left to take care of some things.

Red Sector Virtual Chamber…

Where Atrocitus is placed in a virtual form, in order to visit his only son Antroy,

“I’ve been told certain things you’ve been doing,” Atrocitus said,

“Those weaklings should know better than to mess you me, I’m the best there is here,” Antroy said with pride,

“Hate to burst your confident, but I’ve also heard Hal’s kid is there as well,” Atrocitus pointed out, which slightly annoyed Antroy but try not to show it,

“I can careless about Howard, no one can out best me,” he stated.

“I see your obsessive behavior is still intact, however it’s not so much your fault since you did inherited it from that female scientist who procreated you out of my DNA,” Atrocitus stated.

“That is before she realized it was your DNA and attempted to eliminate me, but I took the upper hand and killed her first the day I hatched,” Antroy clarified, recalling his past of his so-called ‘mother’,

“It’s all based on our natural instinct; I too killed my mother the same day I hatched,” Atrocitus said. Then a thought occurred to him,

“I am however curious, you’re still not fixated about that Volkregian girl you mentioned to me before, are you?” Atrocitus asked, mentioning about Razer’s daughter,

“She keeps resisting me, but I’m sure in time she’ll come around,” Antroy said, Atrocitus however show doubts,

“Just thought I should warn and advise you son, don’t get yourself distracted by her, if she’s anything like her father, there is no doubt she will eventually betray you, like how Razer betrayed me and the Red Corps.” Atrocitrus grunted thinking about Razer, but then he changed the subject,

“But let’s not talk about the past, we should discuss the matter of your future,” he said to his son, as Antroy stood, listening to him.

The Star Sapphire Sector…

After an hour, Harold arrived at the Star Sapphire sector, and spotted Starphia waiting for him,

“Come with me,” Starphia held his hand, and lead the way. Though, Harold does feel slightly better as he’s holding her hand, though that moment faded as they approached to a door, as it slid open and they entered,

Where are we?” Harold asked, while looking at all of the pink crystals,

“We’re in the chamber, where we not only withhold our energy, but to also maintain contact to our loved ones throughout the galaxies,” Starphia explains,

“W-wait a minute! I think my folks once told me this, about… the crystals help teleport each other from one planet to another, can these teleport me back home?” Harold asked, but Starphia shook her head in response,

“I’m sorry, that only works back in my home planet, these crystals only view your love ones and make mental contact in physical form,” Starphia explained.

“I’m gonna view contact from your planet… Earth,” she said as she uses her power ring to activate one of the crystals, as they light up and display his home planet, and then slowly display the Jordan resident. There was a light on coming from his bedroom, and then it display a scene of a little girl laying on his bed alone, with a sad look on her face,

“Callie,” Harold said, as he looked at his little sister, and then he spotted his mother as she appeared the scene,

(“Callie, what are you doing in your brother’s room?” Carol asked her,

“I’m waiting for him to come home,” Callie answered,

“And he will, but it doesn’t mean you have to stay in his room,” Carol said as she sat on the bed beside her,

“I know it’s just…” she slowly sat up on the bed,

“I missed being around him; like that time when he tried to make me take a bath, he chased me all over the house until he cornered me… then the time at breakfast when he was in a rush, he let me have his last pancakes… and the time when I was jumping on his bed, he yelled ‘Hey you little brat, get out of my room!’… it may sound odd, but I miss him, and I want him back home,” she said as she shed a tear,

“I miss him too,” Carol said as she comforts her with a hug.)

Harold watched and heard the whole thing as he felt the sadness again, he misses them both very much, Starphia noticed and asked,

“Would you like to reach them?” Harold turned to Starphia,

“I can help you perform a contact to your love ones by submerging your conscious with the energy of the crystals, that way you’ll make both mental and physical to your family. However, the crystals here have limited energy, so we can’t use much of it, otherwise, my aunt will know we were here,” she clarified, Harold didn’t say anything but turned back to the scene of his mother and sister,

“Are you ready to make contact?” Starphia said, there was silent for a moment, until Harold turned to her,

“Yes,” he answered, as he’s ready.

Earth, evening, Callie’s bedroom…

Callie is in her bed, holding her dolly, still awake as she’s thinking about her brother,

“Psst!... Callie,” she heard a voice, as she turned around and saw… Harold glowing, still wearing his green uniform and mask, and he’s very close to her with a small smile on his face.

“Hey Callie,” he said, as he knows she’s happy to him again, but instead...

“Ee! A Burglar!” Callie shrieked,

“Wha...?” Harold responded as Callie doesn’t recognize him and she started hitting him with the pillow,

“Get back! Stay away from me!” she said while continue hitting him with the pillow,

“No Callie stop, I’m not a burglar, and…” Harold said as he grabbed the pillow from her, then noticed something,

“Is this one of my good pillows? How many times have I been telling you to stay out of my room you little brat,” he yelled, Callie became shocked as she does recognized his voice, especially when he yells at her,

“Harold!” she cheered, Harold smiles as they embrace each other with a hug.

“You came home,” she said,

“Well, not entirely, you see…” Harold said, as they unlocked the hug,

“I’m not even on this planet, but rather in a space ship,” he said,

“Then where are you, and why you dress like the Green Lantern from dad’s story?” Callie asked,

“It’s kind of a long story and I wish I could explain all of it, but I don’t know if I have that much time…” Harold said.


Carol just left the kitchen after washing the dishes, until...

“Hm…” Carol noticed a strange light from upstairs…

Callie’s bedroom…

“So you’re in a school in outer space?” Callie asked,

“Sort of, but listen; I don’t know how long I’m gonna be here, with any hope not long, I wanted to let you know that I’m okay, so you don’t need to worry about me much,” Harold said as he placed his hand on her cheek,

“But when will you be home? I missed you,” Callie said,

“I missed you too sis, and I promised I’ll be home soon,” Harold said to her with a smile, before he embraced her with another hug.


Starphia watched the scene as she smile, witnessing such love between brother and sister, though that moment was interrupted as she hears footsteps coming this way, and she knows who…


Zelma is walking down the hallway, going through each chamber to inspect all the crystals, and she’s only about three chambers away from where Harold and Starphia are.


“Harold, my aunt is on her way, we have to leave quick,” Starphia informed him, Harold heard her,


“What’s wrong?” Callie noticed her brother’s reaction,


Carol came upstairs and discovered the light coming from Callie’s room, she walked towards it…


“I need to go now,” Harold said to Callie,

“Please don’t go,” Callie plead.

Star Sapphire Sector…

Zelma is about one chamber away…


“I won’t be gone long, tell mom and dad that I’m okay, and I’ll be home as soon as I can,” Harold said as he’s starting to fade from the connection.


Carol approach to Callie’s room and reached to the knob…

Star Sapphire Sector…

Zelma appeared to the chamber, and about to use her ring to unlock the door…


“But wait, Harold, there’s something I forgot to tell you about dad, he’s…” Callie tried to tell him, but…


Carol turned the knob and Zelma opened the door around the same time…

Back on Earth…

Carol found Callie standing in the middle of her room, alone…

“Harold...” Callie said as Harold vanished before she could even tell him about their father,

“Callie, why are you still up? It’s way past your bedtime,” Carol said to her daughter,

“Mom…” Callie approached her,

“I saw him, he contacted me from outer space, and told me that he’s in school where all the aliens, dressed like the story that dad told us, and…” Callie explained to her in fast pace,

“Whoa-whoa, slow down a bit, what are you talking about?” Carol asked,

“I got contact from Harold, and he told me he’s at an Academy where he became a Green Lantern,” Callie said, which made Carol both surprised and confused.


Zelma appeared to the chamber, discovering no beings in here as she continues inspecting the crystals, unaware of a hidden door between two crystals behind her, as it quietly closes.

Northwest Hallway…

Another hidden door was opened at a small spaced area of the hallway, as Starphia and Harold came out of it after escaping from the Star Sapphire Sector,

“I never knew there were hidden doors in a ship,” Harold said,

“I discovered it a few years back and learned my way through them all, especially to hide from my aunt. Another second longer and we would’ve been in bad troub- whooa!” Starphia was swept off her feet by Harold, as he twirled her around with joy,

“I can’t thank you enough for what you did for me,” he said, after he placed her down,

“You helped me contacted my family,” he smiles,

“So are no longer feeling homesick,” Starphia asked,

“Not anymore, and it’s all thanks to…” he said until… he felt his lips pressed against her’s for a brief moment, Starphia pulled away,

“Seeing you this happy makes me feel happy you’re better now,” she said with a loving smile,

Harold stood silent, spellbound after she kissed him,

“I gotta go, see you around Harold,” she said, before she left and out of his sight,

“... See you,” he finally said something right after she left.

Red Sector…

The Guardians are still waiting for Antroy to finishing his visit from his father,

“They should be done by now, many of the parents have left already,” the Third is impatient,

“We must not intervene, after all, we only agreed for this short visit because of what happened to his mother… she was one of our best scientists,” the Second recalled,

“And we most certainly can’t risk other’s knowing about Antroy’s history and his relations to his father, the last thing we needed is more chaos than we’re already dealing with,” the First added.

The doors slid opened, as they turned to Antroy coming out,

“How was the visit?” the Second asked,

“Short, but no big deal,” Antroy answered,

“You didn’t discuss any sinister plan, were you?” the Third scorned at him,

“Of course not, otherwise, I would’ve still have my ring, and speaking of it… ” Antroy have his hand out, wanting the return of his Power Ring, but before the First could return the ring,

“Just a reminder Mr. Antroy, despite the agreement we made with your father of having you in this Academy, don’t think you’re in control in everything,” he said.

“That’s true… ” Antroy said as he got his ring back,

“Though I should remind you three, that if you weren’t so careless about what happened years ago with mixed up samples, my mother never would’ve taken my father’s DNA by mistake, and I wouldn’t even be here right now,” he continues before he put his ring back on, and returned back to his Red uniform,

“So rather ′my birth′ and ′her death′ are both your faults,” he stated.

“You may leave now,” the First said to him,

“Whatever,” Antroy said as he finally left, leaving the Guardians alone and silently guilt-ridden after recalling their mistake.

East Sector, Quarter…

Kihwog is eating the last bits of his mother’s homemade bug buns, and Walter is on his bed tuning his lute, then they heard Harold came in,

“Hey Jordan, where you been at?” Kihwog asked,

“You wandered off after our family’s visit,” Walter said,

“Some place amazing,” Harold answered, still spellbound by Starphia, as he walked up and lay on his bed,

“You know… I mentioned earlier that I said I hate this place,” he said,

“In the past several days as I recall,” Walter clarified,

“Yea, but… I’m starting to think I hate this place a whole lot less,” Harold said with a smile on his face. Kihwog and Walter looked at him for a moment based on his sudden behavior, until they realized…

“It’s a girl,” Kihwog said,

“Most definitely,” Walter agreed.

To be continued…

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