In His Footsteps

Joey Gardner

Earth, Antarctica…

The staffs continues looking for the box, and Hal, who has his energy back, thanks to his friend, is also looking,

“It has to be here,” Hal said, as he still has no luck of finding it,

“I know it has been a week since we started the search, but I’m sure we’ll find it. We just need to be-” he friend said to him, until…

“We found something!” they turned to one of the men, as they quickly ran through the aisle, and met up with the man, opening a crate, and a green glow shines inside it. Hal looked inside, pulled the box and opened it, it sure has been years since he last saw it…

(15 years ago at the Ferris Air Base…

Hal gazed inside the box, where placed the Green Lantern Power Battery, his Power ring and Carol’s Power ring, while Carol is holding their sleeping infant son, Harold, all waiting for his friend to come. Hal sealed the box as his friend arrived, he approached Hal.

“You do know it will be placed far from the continent right?” the man asked,

“I know, but we won’t be needing it for a good while,” Hal said before he turned Carol and their sleeping son in her arms,

“I understand,” the man stated before Hal handed him the box,

“Thank you,” Hal said to him, as he watched head towards an old plane, preparing to take off. And not before long, Hal and Carol watched as the plane flew off base, taking the box with far from them and their son.)

Hal gaze inside the box like before, as it has the Green Lantern Power Battery, his Power ring, and Carol’s Power ring,

“This is it,” Hal said as he finally found what he’s been looking for, so he can now finally go up in space to search for Harold.

Meanwhile, Lantern Corps. Academy…

Harold is on his way to the Infirmary, carrying a small bouquet of pink roses to give to a certain Zamaronian princess.

"Hey Starphia, I thought I stop by for a quick check-up on you… nah to much. Hello beautiful, I brought these flowers in thought of you… no too formal. Hello Starphia, I thought I stop by and bring these beautiful flowers to a very beautiful nurse… that’ll do,” Harold preparing himself before he arrived. He fixed his hair a bit and check his breathe, he’s good to go, he walked right in…

“Hello Starphia, I thought I stop by and bring these beautiful flowers to a very beautiful nur-” Harold looked and discovered Zelma as she turned to him,

“Nurse Zelma!” Harold reacted, as he did not expect to ran into Starphia’s aunt so soon,

“Hello young Jordan,” Zelma greeted him while giving him a stern look, Harold quickly calmed down after the shock,

“Hi… is Starphia here?” he asked,

“I sent her to accompany the other nurses for the upcoming preparation,” Zelma answered,

“Oh… well then, I’ll come back lat-” Harold tried to leave, until Zelma used her ring to grab the small bouquet from him,

“Were you here to give her these flowers?” she asked,

“Yes,” he answered,

“How sweet of you to display such affection towards my niece. On the other hand, you’re no different than the rest,” she said as she disintegrated the bouquet with her Power Ring. Harold was shocked that she destroy the flowers that were meant for Starphia, then he glare at her,

“Look, I get it, you don’t like me, I don’t expect you to like me, but evidently you don’t know anything about me,” he stated, Zelma crossed her arms,

“On a contrary young Jordan, I know certain things even you don’t know about yourself; for example, have you ever figure out the source of your inner power?” she asked, Harold didn’t answer but stood silent,

“Or how about the secret of your power ring only you should know already?” she asked, Harold is still silent,

“Or better yet, from what I can see right through your heart…” Zelma’s removed her glasses, as her eyes glow pink, she looks directly at Harold’s inner energy, but mostly focus on his heart,

“You’re not only infatuated with my niece, for there is also another girl in this Academy. Have you even decided which you liked most?” he asked him, and Harold is now beyond shocked as he quickly and quietly left the room, Zelma just stood there as she put her glasses back on.

Khalia just got out of the course, but noticed many of the young Lanterns are gather towards the near the perimeter, she approached her one of the Lantern girls,

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” she asked,

“Something amazing,” the first girl said,

“We’re about to be visited by one of the most famous team Lanterns,” the other answered, as they’re both excited,

“We are, who’s visiting?” Khalia asked.

Harold walked through the halls, feeling upset after encountering Zelma, how she belittled and criticized him. And to top it all that, she saw right through his heart and learned he likes another girl than just Starphia. He stopped for a moment, as he did thought of what she said, she is wicked but unfortunately she isn’t wrong, he hasn’t decided who he likes most; Rayza, who saved his life twice so far, or Starphia, who helped him make contact to his family.

Speaking of her…

Harold spotted Starphia, who is talking to the nurses,

“Starphia,” he began to approach her, until he stopped when something caught his eye, which is Rayza as she just got out of a course,

“Rayza,” he said, as he had been meaning to talk to her, but then he turned back to Starphia, as she now started right towards him, while looking through some papers. Then Harold turned to Rayza, as she is also approaching his way, while making some adjustment to her small device.

Harold stood frozen as he is caught in a tight spot, being approached by the two alien girls he likes, and he doesn’t know who to speak to first. Will it be the sweet-loving Star Sapphire or should it be the short-tempered Red Lantern? Zamaronian or Volkregian? Starphia or Rayza? Star or Ray? Starza or Rayphia? It’s so hard to choose! He’s freaking out inside as his heart starting racing, his sweats falling down his forehead, and is breathing heavy trying to calm down but is feeling the urge to panic as they’re closing in on him, in Five… Four… Three… Tw-

“Harold!” Harold was startled before turned around to Khalia who appeared behind him,

“K-Khalia,” he said,

“Thank goodness I found you, we must hurry,” Khalia is in a hurry,

“Huh, wha?” Harold replied, before Khalia grabbed his wrist,

“They’re almost here, we have to hurry before it gets crowded,” she said as she pulled Harold out of the area and ran towards the hall.

Starphia and Rayza nearly bumped into each other, as they both exchange unpleasant glances,

“Ms. Rayza,” Starphia said,

“Princess,” Rayza said, before they walked passed each other, going about their business.

Perimeter Section…

Many young Lanterns are gathered near the glass window, Khalia and Harold arrived,

“I can’t believe they’re here,” a female Green Lantern said,

“I heard they’re amazing team,” a female Blue Lantern states,

“Of course they are, why else are they one of the top-ranked Lanterns at Oa,” a male Green Lantern said.

“What are they talking about?” Harold asked Khalia,

“The former young Lanterns who use to attend to this Academy, and then been chosen by the Guardians to transferred to Oa where other advanced Lanterns go on missions through other galaxies,” Khalia explained.

“And get this, one of the Lanterns is the son of one of the legendary heroes, in fact, he came from the same planet as you,” she added,

“Are you serious, there’s another human?!” Harold is stunned,

“Here they come,” of the young Lanterns yelled.

Many young Lanterns cheered, as they welcome the Top-ranked young Lanterns, as they walked out of the ship and through the hall, Harold looked over and saw four Lanterns, three males and one female. He saw the first two, twin Betrassusian males, both have slender yet muscular body build, slightly pale purple skin with long magenta hair and black eyes, purple markings around their cheeks and eyebrows. Though one is a Green Lantern and the other is a Red Lantern. Then sees a female Betrassusian, who share a similar features as the twins, but has a slender figure, short purple hair, dark purple lips, wears a tiara similar to her aunt, and she is an Indigo Lantern. Then finally, he spotted a human Green Lantern, he has reddish brunette hair and bright green eyes, and looks very much like his dad except the shape of his nose and the style of his short hair.

“Who are they?” Harold asked,

“The Class-Ranked Lanterns from Oa, one of Lantern Academy’s greatest fighters from one sector to the next. Such as the royal twin sons of Queen Iolande from Betrassus, Prince Iloyde and Prince Roan; Iloyde is the firstborn and next in line as future king, he serves under the Green Lantern Corps, Roan, however, serves under the Red Lantern Corps and he is rather close to his uncle Ragnar. Unlike his only daughter, Princess Betyra, she serves under Indigo Lantern Corps and is very close to her aunt,” Khalia said.

“What about that Green Lantern human?” Harold asked,

“That’s Joey Swelter Gardner, son of former Green Lantern Guy Gardner from Earth, and is known to be very skillful in fighting and mission,” Khalia answered,

“Is there a chance I get to talk to them, or one of them at least?” Harold asked,

“After they have a brief meeting with the Guardians and counselors, we could speak to them, that is if there won’t be too much of a crowd,” Khalia said. Harold is astonished, although it’s only been a week, but it’s been so long since he’s been around another human-being,

“Maybe he’ll help me get back home,” he said to himself.

Meanwhile, at the Black Lantern Ship…

Black Hand arrived at the chamber, where his Black Armored Warrior is placed, being recharged by the Black Battery source,

“Report,” he asked the scientist,

“The subject does show excellent progress to the energy, though shows some vital rejection to the exterior which could cause a possible chance of rejecting the energy-” the scientist explains, before…


Black Hand punched the scientist,

“Then do something about it you imbeciles! I will not accept any mistakes that will interfere with the plan.” he ordered him,

“Yes my Lord,” the scientist said, as he quickly get to work. Black Hand turned to the Black Armored Warrior with a glare,

“I’m not through with you just yet,” he said to it before he walked out of the chamber.

To be continued…

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