In His Footsteps


Back on Earth, Jordan Resident…

Hal told Carol what happened to Harold, as she too is distress of their son's sudden abduction. Carol's hair grew long, as she's wearing her light blue blouse, khaki pants, and flat-foot brown shoes.

"I never should've left him alone," he said while sitting on his chair with his head down in shame, Carol is beside him trying to comfort him,

"Don't blame yourself for what happen, it's not your fault," Carol said as she's aware of Harold's behavior these past few years. Hal looked at her,

"But it is my fault, if I haven't been so persistent, he would've never been taken, I'm such a terrible father," Hal said, blaming himself for what happen to Harold.

"Don't ever think that, knowing Harold, he wouldn't get involved in something… something…" Carol couldn't think of any, considering their son always gets into trouble. Around that moment, Hal got off his chair, and starting walking out of the living room to the front door, Carol followed him,

"Where are you going?" she asked, Hal stopped in front of the door,

"I'm going to get him," he answered.

"But how could you get him if he is…" she said, until a thought occurred to her, as she knows what he is going to do,

"Hal, we both agreed years ago, that w…" she protested, until Hal turned to her,

"We never go back to 'that life' ever again, I remember, but Harold is out there doing who knows what, he could be trap in some vortex, or being forced on a dangerous mission, or if some alien trying to…" he stopped himself from finishing that sentence. Not wanting to think of something terrible is happening to Harold as they speak.

"Where is he?" they heard a voice, and turned to their 8-year old daughter, Callie, standing on the stairs, she has her father's brunette long hair and brown eyes, but look like her mother, wearing her baby blue outfit with yellow flowers in it, and white sandals. Looking distress after overhearing about something happening to her big brother,

"Callie," Hal said,

"Did he ran away again?" she asked, they all recalled that time Harold ran away from home, until the police found him 2 weeks later. Hal walked over to her, placed his hands on her shoulders, and said,

"No-no, sweety, your brother didn't ran away, he just… he got himself involved in something he's not supposed to be,"

"Is he in trouble?" she asked,

"Well… uh…" Hal not sure how to answer that, Carol just stood there watching them,

"It's nothing for you to worry about sweetheart, because I'm going to find him," he said,

"And bring him home?" she asked,

"And bring him home," he said with a smile.

"When will you be back?" she asked,

"Soon, I'll be back soon… in the meantime, I want you stay with your mother in case he comes back. Will you be a good girl while I'm gone?" he asked, she nodded,

"Alright now, so why don't you head upstairs, your mother will be with you shortly," he said, before she did, she gave her father a hug, Hal returned the hug before he watched Callie ran back up the stairs. He turned to Carol, as she can tell she's about to cry,

"I'm still not sure about this," she said as a tear ran down her cheek; the thought of not wanting to lose her son and her husband, Hal walked up to her and comfort her,

"There's no other choice Carol, I have to find our son," he said before he plant a kiss on her forehead, then hugged her,

"Bring him home safe," she said, he looked at her,

"I promise you, I won't come back until I find him," he said, then head towards the door, as he opened it,

"Be careful out there… I love you," Carol said, he turned to her,

"I love you too," he said and then he shut the door behind him.

Hal drove away from home, heading towards the place he never thought of going back, until now.

"You better be okay up there sport," he whispered, having his mind in thought of what's happening to Harold now.

In the ship, few hours later…

Harold regained consciousness again, and now found himself in the infirmary, laying on a flat bed being treated by a nurse, who is also a Star Sapphire, and she just removed an ice rag on his forehead.

"You're awake," she said,

"Auh… yea, sure got hit hard," he said, then started to lift up his body, the nurse placed her hands in his shoulders, preventing him from getting off the bed,

"You shouldn't move much, after that impact, you're body is not fully healed," she said,

"From where I'm from, I've been through worse, trust me," he said before he looked at her, noticing how attractive she is, with her pale blue skin, light blue eyes, violet short hair, a slender-curved body, wearing a pink tank top and short skirt. Harold sat up instead, and said,

"Though I... do feel a whole lot better now that I see an angel before me," he smiled at her, as the hormones are kicking in,

"Actually, I'm a Zamaranian," she said with a smile,

"Right-right… uh…are you a… nurse?" he asked while checking her out,

"Well… yes and no, I'm more of a trainee actually," she said, beginning to feel a little shy.

"Well that's too bad, because I wouldn't mind having someone lovely as you being my personal nurse," he said as he took her hand, she blushed and giggled while he's flirting with her. That moment didn't last when they heard,

"Eh-hm…" they both turned, and saw the Three guardians appeared,

"Oh, it's you guys again," Harold said, not happy to see them again. The First guardian turned to the young nurse,

"You may excuse us, Ms. Starphia, we like to have a word with Mr. Jordan, in private," he said, Starphia bowed to them and left them alone with Harold, they all turned to Harold,

"Well then, Mr. Jordan, I hope that display of yours earlier doesn't cause that much damage in you," the First said,

"More like the damage he caused," the Third frowned.

"You see, the reason for your trouble is we require new lanterns to partake on this classified mission in a few months, so we decided to recruit and train new arrivals, such as yourself, all over the galaxy to see what you're capable of and will be judge if you are worthy enough to be true lanterns," the First explained the situation to him.

"I hope you don't find this all too unexpected at this time, but rather you should feel welcome and think of this place as your new home for the time being," the Second said with a smile. Though, Harold only crooked his eye-brows looking skeptical after listening to all of them,

"Yea... could all stop this silly charade joke, and one of you call my old man so he'll come pick me up," he said with disbelief, still thinks everything is still fake. The Third glared at him,

"I have you know young man, this is not, as you may call, a joke, we are in the matter of recruiting new members for the Green Lantern Corps. So that we ca-" he said, until Harold cut him off,

"Woah-woah, back up, is all of this involving this Green Lantern junk…? I should've known," he gets off the bed and started walking away.

"Mr. Jordan, there is a matter of responsibility of being a Lantern, and somethings you must attend to-" the First tried to explain more to him, but Harold turned to him and the others,

"Oh no, I don't wanna hear anymore of this, because I told my dad very clearly... I'm not into this Green Lantern crap!" he yelled back and turned his back on them,

"I'm so out of here," he said as he stormed out of the infirmary. By the time he left, the Three guardians turned to each other,

"He sure doesn't seem leader material," the First stated,

"Let a alone a fighter," the Third frowns as he folded his arms,

"Maybe not at this moment, but what we're up against, he has no choice but to participate, as it is sake of the universe as we speak," the Second said,

"If we can't get through to him, I'm sure something or someone can," the First stated.

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