In His Footsteps


Lantern Corps. Academy, Target Chamber…

Due to a technical malfunction, Harold and Rayza are trapped inside the chamber and now must go up against a Mecha-droid that is set to terminate all living targets. It made it’s first initiative by throwing a hammer fist at them, they saw it coming as they quickly split apart at it smashed to the ground. Rayza jumped and charged above…

Slash! Slash! Slash!

She slashed it’s head with her Red Spear, but only made a scratches on it,

Harold charge below…

Bash! Bash! Bash!

He hit it’s leg with his Green Spiked Bat, but hardly even made a dent, then they noticed the Mecha-droid try to grab both of them, but they quickly jumped away from it, then Rayza detected an energy coming from it’s eyes, as it’s are glowing red and is locking-in on them…

“Shield!” Rayza said,

“Wha-?” Harold asked,

“Shield now!” she yelled as she quickly constructed a Red Shield, Harold constructed his Green Shield before….


The Mecha-droid shooting out lasers at them, which made them to defend themselves having their shields up.


The Lanterns are working their way to get the doors, as some try to operate the controls while others, including Kilowog, try to force it open.

“We have to hurry! They’re in danger!” Kilowog said, as he and the others are using their strength to try to get it open.


The Mecha-droid continues blasting, though Harold and Rayza shield themselves, they’re starting to crack,

“We can’t keep this up, isn’t there another way?” Harold said to Rayza,

“The only way of taking it down is it’s weak point. All machines have a vital weak point which usual locates at the upper interior from behind,” Rayza stated, before she quickly analyzed the Mecha-droid, as she was able to detect a weak point located within it’s back.

“I’m going to attack it from behind, can you keep it distracted?” she asked,

“I’ll try,” Harold said, before they saw the Mech-droid try to stump on them with it’s foot. They quickly split apart…


It stumps on the ground, leaving some cracks around it, then Harold started blasting his Energy Canon at it, just so it can focus on him while Rayza flew up to get behind it, until she noticed three small energy guns drawn out on it’s back, and pointed at her,

Blast! Blast Blast!

They started shooting at her but Rayza quickly dodge them, and pulled away from the Mecha-droid,

“This one is much more advanced than I thought,” she thought, as she started to calculate it’s attacks in order to form a tactic, while Harold continued blasting and dodging it’s attack, as it tried to grabbed him, but constructed some Green weapons to deflect it.

“Got it,” Rayza said as she was able to form a tactic before she charge at it once more…

Blast! Blast! Blast!

The energy guns blasted her once more, Rayza dodges them as she’s getting close to the Mecha-droid and quickly used her ring to construct a huge Red Scythe, she swung…


And cut off all three of them, then she stabbed on the back in order to cut it open, the Mecha-droid noticed and tried to reach her off it’s back, but then Harold stopped it with his Green Rope tied around it’s arm to pull it away from her. By then, Rayza pulled, splitting open the layer and spotted it’s weak point, an operated energy orb that operated the Mecha-droid, just as she’s about to use her Power ring to blast it, a small sparking gun appeared in front of her, which caught her off guard when…


"AAAHHH!" Rayza cried in pain as the gun blasted and electrocuted her, making her fall of the Mecha-droid and hit the ground.

“Rayza!” Harold cried, as she was down for the count, then the Mecha-droid used it’s hand to pull the Green Rope, thus pulled Harold towards it, and caught him in it’s grasped. Harold tried to break free but is unable to, then the Mecha-droid turned to Rayza as she lay unconscious, scanning and locking-in,

‘Target Locked! Commencing Elimination!’

The Mecha-droid stated as it initiated it’s left arm to turn into a huge Canon gun, pointing right at Rayza. Harold witnessed it,

“It’s gonna kill her,” he thought out of fear, he turned to Rayza, not moving and is completely defenseless,

“She can’t defend herself,” he felt his heart racing, throughout the time she saved him, he can hardly even save himself. Then he heard the Canon gun getting ready to fire,

“No… I have to…” his fear was then taken over by anger, as his Power ring begins to glow,

“I Must Save Her…” then his whole-body glows into Flaming Green energy,

“I HAVE TO PROTECT HER!” and for that, he felt the power within him rose as the Flaming Green energy enlarged, breaking free from the Mecha-droid’s grasped,

“DON’T YOU TOUCH HER!” he yelled at it before…


Harold punched the Mecha-droid’s face with a Giant Fist, and within that moment... the energy enlarged some more, becoming bigger and formed into a Green Mecha-droid facing the Mecha-droid. The Mecha-droid struck first as it threw a punched but the Green Mecha-droid stopped it with one hand and


He crashed it into parts and pieces, then went and grabbed the Mecha-droid’s Cannon gun and…


He ripped it off, leaving out wires and sparks hanging. The Mecha-droid was about to blast him with it’s laser from it’s eyes again but then…

Punch! Punch! Punch!

The Green Mecha-droid punching it’s face, leaving a dents around it, then grabbed it’s arm and…


He flipped it to the ground, making large cracks around it. The Mecha-droid tried to get back up until…


The Green Mecha-droid punched a hole on it’s chest throughout it’s back, crashing the energy orb; thus, finally defeated the Mecha-droid as it finally shutdown.

The Green Mecha-droid form, along with the Flaming Green energy fades away as Harold hovered safely back to the ground, he pants as the energy he used to take down the Mecha-droid made him very exhausted, then he looked at his Power ring as he still feels the energy, no longer feeling the struggle as he finally has full control of it. Then his thoughts turned to Rayza, as he immediately went to her aid,

“Rayza,” he said as he approached her body,

“Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay…” he thought deeply as he gently turned her body towards him, and noticed her still breathing, he sighed with relief,

“Speak to me…are you okay?” he asked her, and then Rayza’s eyes opened wide with a blank look on her face,

"St-st-st-st-status inconclusive, re-re-re-reboot required,” she responded, which surprised and confused Harold after what he heard,

“What’s that?” Harold asked, then Rayza blinked a few times, getting back to her senses,

“I’m fine,” she said to him as she slight pushed him away and getting back up, but then felt her left-hand shaking, which caused her to grab hold of it, realizing that after being electrocuted by that Mecha-droid’s spark gun, it short circuit her circuitry and now she’s glitching out.

“I don’t know, you don’t sound all that f—” Harold said until he noticed her left-hand shaking, making him concern, “Are you having a seizure? You should be taken to the Infirmary to have them look at y-” he said as he reached out for her until Rayza slapped his hand away,

“NO! I said I’m fine, fi-fi-fine, fi-i-i-i, fine,” Rayza glitched as her left eye twitches, Harold’s eyes grew wide as he is definitely shocked and confused.


They turned to the sound of the door operating again, finally unlocking the door,

“They got it open,” Harold said as he about to head over there,

“They must’ve brought some help on the w-” he said until…


He felt the back of his neck struck, causing him to fell down unconscious, Rayza stood by him after she hit his pressure point to knock him out cold,

“Sorry Jordan, but I can’t risk you blowing my cover,” Rayza thought, right before the door slid opened, the counselors and Kilowog rushed right in, preparing to fight.

“Hang on kids, we’re coming to save… you,” Kilowog and the other counselor stood shocked when the see the Mecha-droid already defeated and dismembered on the ground, then Kilowog turned to the young Lanterns, and saw Harold on the ground and Rayza standing by him,

“He needs help,” Rayza said, as the counselors approached and focus their attention on Harold, Kilowog noticed Rayza holding her left-hand rather tightly,

“What about you? Are you hurt?” he asked,

“No, I-I’m fine,” she said, as she tries to keep her glitch under control, she started to leave until Kilowog stopped her for a moment,

“Did you took down that Mecha-droid on your own?” he asked her,

“I didn’t…” she turned to the unconscious Harold, as the counselor are taking him to the Infirmary,

“He did,” she stated, before she finally leaves the chamber. One of the counselors constructed a flat-bed to carry the unconscious Harold to the Infirmary, then the other counselor approached to Kilowog,

“This is the fourth technical malfunction we had this past week, we need to find the problem of all this before it could cause any further damage,” he said to him,

“I agree, and we can’t risk the safety of all the young Lanterns if this keeps up, file the incident and report this to the Guardians at once,” Kilowog ordered him,

“Yes sir,” the counselor said before he left. Kilowog turned back to the Mecha-droid as he approached it up close, observing the damage of it, wondering how could a young Lantern, who doesn’t have that much experience, take down a dangerous machine that usually takes more than three Lanterns to defeat it?

“How strong is this kid of yours Hal?” Kilowog thought.

Earth, Antarctica….

After finally retrieving his Power ring and Battery, Hal was able to restore his strength again and is now preparing to leave this planet to finally go up in space. Hal and his friend walked together out of the storage to bid their farewells,

“I can’t thank you enough for all your help,” Hal said to him,

“Anything to help a father looking for his child, you be careful out there my friend,” his friend said before he stepped back,

Hal put on his ring, and brought it towards the battery, he said the oath aloud, and within that moment, he regained his old power and uniform just as he remembered.

“Hang on Harold, I’m coming,” Hal thought to himself, as he flew up to the sky, passed the atmosphere and up into space, the friend stood as he watched his old friend flew away, then his adult son appeared beside him,

“It was noble you to help him retrieve something he need to go look for his son,” his adult son said,

“But of course, he nearly went through the same thing I went through when I was looking out for you,” his father said, his son turned to him,

“How could I forget, you were almost a skeleton,” his son stated.

Back in Lantern Corps Academy, Red Sector…

After finally leaving the chamber, Rayza quickly returned to her quarters as she pulled out her personal re-generator box, in case of an emergency whenever her circuit goes a fritz (like today), she inserted three wires to her inner circuitry, located on her left forearm, preparing to reboot her system.

"C-c-commencing emergency-y-y reboot!” Rayza said as she lay down on her bed, the re-generator operates which does cause Rayza to shut-down (or rather unconscious) while it commences. While her reboot is in progress, her mind adrift to a memory data she tried her best to sustain, especially…


Rayza is in the middle of training as she is fighting against a wild brutal beast (somewhat warthog-like creature) in a pit, Rayza panted as she’s been fight with the creature for hours without even taking a break, and it wasn’t long when it charged and tackled her to the wall, Rayza pushed that beast away, but it got cocky and pushed her hard to the ground. She looked up to her mentor Bleez, as she has been watching her from above the whole time,

“Lady Bleez… I need your help!” Rayza called out to her, Bleez just stood and glare down at her,

“Help? You’re in a middle of training, preparing for a mission I especially have planned for you and you expect my help?” she said with such disappointment. The beast quickly pulled back and smacked her on her side with it’s horn, and made her hit the ground, Bleez began to lecture her,

“Let me remind you the purpose when it comes to fighting, you will be facing enemies who will best you at every possible way, you have to outsmart them, show them all how strong and powerful you really are,” Rayza saw the beast about to stomp it’s hooves on her, but quickly rolled out of the way dodging it’s attack.

“And yet, here you are looking like a weak pathetic child, couldn’t even defend yourself in battle and expect somebody to come rescue you when things get difficult. Everything you’re going through is difficult, and it will get more difficult if you continue being weak and pathetic,” Bleez continued her lecture, as Rayza slowly got back on her feet, though still tired and hardly have enough energy to continue, she looked up at her mentor, still glaring down at her,

“Are you that weak and pathetic? Well, are you?” Bleez yelled down at her, Rayza made an angry look on her face,

“No… I’m not,” Rayza yelled back, Bleez smirked,

“Then show me you’re not. In fact, I will help you with this,” she said as she pressed something from the control panels on her right, and before long, a large cage formed above the pit, trapping both Rayza and the beast,

“Prove to me how strong you really are, and if you even asked for ‘help’ again, I will make this much more difficult as it already is,” Bleez assured her. Then Rayza turned her attention back to the beast as it charges at her again, she quickly has her arms out to block the attack, then they clashed and everything went in a flash of white…


Rayza awoken after recalling that unpleasant memory of her mentor’s training, then she checked her status as her reboot is complete and her circuitry is fully functional again. She slowly removed the wires out of her forearm and sat up, pondering her thoughts about her brutal training, how much physical pain she went through, and having to tend her own wounds and bruises around her upper back to her lower abdominal. Though mostly is how she was taught to always fight her own battles and never expect any help from anyone... then she begins to evaluate what had happened, she was unable to defeat a dangerous machinery and somehow Harold was able to defeat it thus saving her life. She nearly froze for a moment when she thought of that last part,

“He risked his life to save mine,” she said as nobody, not even her mentor, has ever done that for her at all, such as today was the first time she fought along with someone who trusted her for once, and then she thought of what he said to her, about wanting to get to know her… the real her, she clenched her sheet when he mentioned about the ′real′ her. An organic-artificial hybrid who appears as a carbon-based life form with feelings and emotions, but possessed internal machinery and circuitry making her no different than that Mecha-droid they fought against.

“Even if he kn-” she said until she stopped for a moment as thought occurred to her… recalling Harold’s expression when he witnessed her glitching out, making him shocked and confused, which does worry her most; that he may possibly figure out she’s not fully what she appears to be, that could jeopardize everything. She shook her head and sighed,

“No… he’ll shut me away just like everyone else,” she doubted,

“He can never find out the real me,” she said, as she once again, continue focusing on her mission in order to search for her father.

At the Infirmary…

Harold awoken as he found himself laying on bed in the Infirmary, where Kihwog and Walter are present,

“Harold,” Kihwog responded,

“Mr. Jordan,” Walter said, both relieved that their friend is okay.

“How did I got here? Why are you guys here?” Harold asked them,

“We heard what happened to you and what you did, that was insanely incredible of you taking down that Mecha-droid,” Kihwog said as he was impressed,

“I concur, having to face such machinery requires advance tactics and standard methods, but you were able to achieve and overcome it my friend,” Walter stated, though Harold hardly pay that much attention to their praises as he looked around the room, but doesn’t see the Volkregian girl here at all,

“Say, have either of you seen-?” Harold is about to asked them until Nurse Zelma intervened,

“My apologies for the interruption, but Green Lantern Kilowog wish to speak with Mr. Jordan,” she said as Kilowog appeared in the room,

“Pops,” Kihwog said,

“Green Lantern Kilowog,” Walter said,

“Son, Walter, I need to have a word with young Jordan in private, you both should head to your next course,” Kilowog told them, they do as he asked as they begin to leave,

“We’ll talk more about it later Harold,” Kihwog said to Harold,

“You continue with your recovery Mr. Jordan,” Walter did the same, before they left him alone with Kilowog. Kilowog appeared concerned yet calm towards him,

“I wanted to ask you in regards of you facing that Mecha-droid, how is it that you were able to take it down?” he asked him,

“Well, it wasn’t really easy, and I didn’t face it alone either, I had some help with Rayza when we fought it together,” Harold said,

“Yes, though that machine you both faced was supposed to be for highly advanced Lanterns which was program to engage and eliminate it’s target, thus stimulate a highly dangerous mission involving risking not just one life but many. To be honest, I didn’t believed neither you nor Ms. Rayza… well, you mostly, could ever go up against something that dangerous, you both could’ve been killed,” Kilowog clarified.

“Yea, but we don’t have no other choice but to fight it, nor let it destroy us either,” Harold protested,

“I’m not saying what you both did was wrong… but it is by far the most dangerous risk neither of you weren’t prepared for. Especially the struggle you’ve been dealing with involving control of your Power ring,” Kilowog stated,

“Actually, now that you mentioned it…” Harold looked at his Power ring,

“By the time I fought against that machine, I felt the power of ring, as I was able to unlock it’s energy and have full control it now,” he said, as he demonstrated by created a small Flaming Green energy forming around his fist, Kilowog glanced at it as he was amazed to see how Harold manage to control such power; and at a young age nevertheless.

“And what may I ask motivated you to unlock full control of your energy?” he asked, Harold thought for moment as the Flaming Green energy disappeared again,

“When I saw that machine about to harm Rayza, I couldn’t let it happen, so I was able to form that energy within me to take it head on,” he answered, then soon remember what Nurse Zelma said to him just last week…

(“…have you ever figured out the source of your inner powerOr how about the secret of your power ring only you should know already?”)

“I unlocked in order to protect someone,” he answers, finally realizing what he should’ve known all along,

“Now you’re getting it,” Kilowog smiled as he finally understands, and is now starting to remind him of Hal back in the old days, then he cleared his throat a bit before he said,

“Listen, after what happened today, why don’t you take a break from the other courses until tomorrow, I will inform the counselors and the Guardians in regards of this incident,” Kilowog recommend, and is about to leave, until...

“But wait…” Kilowog stopped and turned back to Harold after he spoke out,

“What about Rayza? Is she okay?” he asked,

“I already asked her, and she told me she’s fine,” Kilowog answered, though Harold is a little skeptical after what he saw, he had seen people who twitched a lot and seizures, like he accidentally did to his 3rd grade substitute teacher after he let the school snake out just to play with it. Though Rayza’s condition is rather different than any regular conditions, and the way she talked to him seems kinda robotic, like… an android.

“Is there something wrong with Ms. Rayza I should know about?” Kilowog asked out curiosity, though Harold seems hesitant to tell him, nor anyone, what he saw, as he is not entirely sure about Rayza just yet, so instead…

“No, I was… just wanna make sure she’s okay is all,” he answered, keeping it a secret to himself, for now,

“Well she is… thanks to you,” Kilowog said with a smile before he finally left the Infirmary.

After he left, Harold pondered his thoughts about Rayza, as far as he already knows about her; she’s very secretive about her background information, she displays no interest to socialize with others, she is excellent in technology according to his Tech-friends, and, just today, she refuses to even go to the Infirmary after she was severely electrocuted. Could it be possible that his crush is…

“Is Rayza… a machine?” he whispered to himself.

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