In His Footsteps

Life Flashing

In the Hallway…

Harold walking through the halls, after talking with the Three guardians back in the infirmary, he mumbled to himself,

"Of all the stunts he pulled, this just hit the top three, the nerve of him," then he slowly stopped walking as he looked around him,

"Okay… where is the exit?" he said, realizing he has no idea where he is going. When being transported in a big place, let alone a ship, there are no sign of directions inside; which will get someone lost easily. Harold found himself in a hallway full of doors, not sure which is what, so…

He turned to the first door on his left, he opened it and found himself in a laboratory, where some scientists examine some kind of glob alien, half of them are writing, and the other half are near the glob. Harold noticed one of the scientists took a small sample from it, stirred it in a bowl and then… drank it, causing Harold to immediately leave the room.

"That's all kinds of sick, it's no wonder they called it 'first is the worst'," he said after being disgusted from what he saw in there, then goes to the next door from across, he opened it and discovered a room full of pink, with pink crystals on the ceiling, and numbers of Zamaranian Star Sapphires focusing on their energy.

"Though second is the best," he said glancing all the pretty girls in the room, many of them noticed him, and starting, whispering, and giggling,

"And just what do you think you're doing here?" he heard a voice and turned to a woman, who is also a Zamaranian, wearing a pink suit and glasses.

"This is a Star Sapphire section only, what business have brought you here?" the Zamaranian asked while sternly look at him,

"Okay lady, no need to get your skirt all in a rag, I just got myself lost in the hallways and couldn't find the exit," he answered, and can already tell she doesn't want him here.

"The only exit you'll be taking is through that door," she said and pointed at the door behind him,

"Okay then, I can take a hint…" he said, and then he turned his attention back to the young Zamaranians,

"Though I wouldn't mind having one of you gorgeous ladies as my escort," he said to them with a smile, causing many of the girls giggling and laughing by his charm,

"How about I escort you to the door," the Zamaranian said to him, demanding him to leave,

"Fine, whatever," he rolled his eyes and beginning heading to the door. Until he stopped for a moment, when he spotted the same nurse he flattered with from earlier, Starphia, who is with her friends, as they glanced at each other for a moment then she smiled and waved to him, he did the same…

Flick! Hit!

He felt a pebble hit on the back of his head, as he turned to the Zamaranian woman holding another pebble, glaring at him,

"Geez, I'm going," he said to her while rubbing his head, then finally left the room.

He walk through the hallway and turned to the corner, then he spotted a door, "Third times the charm," he said, assuming is the exit, he stepped in front of it, it slid open, then he stepped in, he discovered he walked inside some tube-transporter. Just when he was about to get out, the door closed on him, and he immediately was lifted off the ground again, being pulled through the tube. He traveled through the tube, across the outside of the ship, he saw some small ships departing and arriving, many stars in space, and he is being led to the disposal area. By then, Harold fell out of the tube and landed on a pile of rusty old metals and parts.

"Not much as an exit, but I suppose it should do," he said before he tried to give off the pile, until everything around him begin to quake, and heard some engine clashing, and the next thing he knew…

The pile were immediately dropped and drifted into space, Harold is now floating, starting to drift away from the ship, it didn't took him long to realize he's glowing in green, courtesy of the ring he's wearing, protecting him from suffocating in space.

"Okay Harold… just remain calm and think of a way to-" he suddenly felt some kind of gravity pulling him down, following the used parts and metals as they're also going down. Harold looked to see what's pulled him, as he saw… an amount full of flame right under the ship, as when they dispose waste, they get pulled and burned to the flame; and he's about to be cooked. Harold looked around to find something to grab on, he spot a bar attached to the ship and quickly grabbed hold of it,

"Hang on Harold, don't let go," he said to himself, trying to hold the bar as tight as he can. Until… four magnetic bars appeared, it activated the magnetic forces, attracting the metals to the flames. Even as Harold held on to his grip, a metal net appeared and got caught in it, causing him to slip away from the bar.

Harold quickly managed to get the net off him, but then realized he's about to get killed in the flames; his eyes were widen, as his memory struck at this moment…

("Don't you get it mom, I'm tired of you smothering me all the time," he yelled at his mother)

("Callie, I keep telling you stay out of my room…" he yelled at his little sister who was jumping on his bed)

("…how about you do me a favor and STAY OUT OF MY LIFE," he yelled at his father)

After a glimpse of his memory, he shut his eyes is about to engulf himself into flames. But instead, at that moment…

He opened one eye, and then the other to find himself inside a red bubble, a few inches away from the flames, and being pulled away from the flames, from under the ship, and back to the top. When he is at the edge, the red bubble disappeared, and Harold fell on the metal ground on his front, it didn't hurt him much, as he slowly got back up,

"I'm alive," he whispered to himself. He looked around to find who, or what, saved him from his death,

"Hello… is someone there…?" he said, hoping to find the being who saved him. As he looked around him, something caught his eye, he spotted a Red being in a far distance to space, he couldn't get a good view of who it is. Harold stared at the Red being, wondering if he or she saved him from the flames, until that thought faded when, in a blink of an eye…


He startled when a Red Spear appeared on the metal ground right in front of him, which is close enough to harm him.

"What the…!" he said before he looked back up to the Red being, then noticed a Red Axe coming right at him, Harold quickly moved out of the way to dodged it,

"Hey! What are you doing?" he yelled at the Red being, but instead saw more Red Weapons coming right at him. Not able to dodge all of them, the one thing he could think of is running, as he ran, some objects; swords, daggers, even shurikens, missed him,

The Red being saw Harold dodged all of them, and prepared to shoot the Laser Canon from the ring; locking in on Harold. Harold stopped running after he managed to dodge all the weapons before they all disappeared, he looked to the being and discovered a huge light beam coming right at him, too fast for him to dodge it or outrun. Instead, he shielded himself, about to embrace an excruciating pain of his life, until, his ring activated and quickly constructed a Green Defense Shield, before…


An explosion been made, as Harold flew backwards and hit the wall behind him; not crashing through the wall this time, as he landed on his front again. There was smoke made from that explosion, as Harold begin to get up,

"Not bad for a newbie," he looked over to the smoke when he heard a female voice, then saw a figure floating through the smoke,

"Though your sudden action is rather…unimpressive," she said, by the time the smoke cleared up and she appeared before him in full view. Harold didn't speak but stared at the beautiful Red Lantern, and discovers she is the same Volkregian girl he saw earlier before he blacked out after he received a punch from the Bolovaxion guy.

"I take it nobody informed you it is dangerous to be near this area, you are trespassing at the district area in the property of the Red Corps. You should know better than to fool around in a place like this," she activated her ring, "Someone will come at you before you have the chance to think fast, and by someone…" she used her ring to form a large Red Demonic Hand and have it pinned Harold against the wall, she approached in front of his face with her glowing red and black flaming eyes,

"I mean, me," she scowled at him. Harold couldn't escape her ring's grasped, and he is frozen by her deadly glare.

"I wouldn't be surprise if you couldn't last a day in here, so unless you wish to survive, you could either train hard to become strong like true lanterns…" she formed and created a Red Dagger similar to her father's, and held it at his throat, "Or, be a coward and stay out of the way like worthless weaklings," she growled. Harold is completely tongue tied, enchanted by her beautiful face up close, and terrified by the looks of her deadly eyes and her dagger near his throat. Her eyes stopped glowing red and black , reverted back to original blue, she analyzes him in full view,

"You may have the uniform, the ring and it's power, but I don't see that you have what it takes to be a true Lantern. So keep this in mind if I ever see your face around here again…" she led her dagger away from his throat, in front of his face, "The next time you hurled yourself into space or get yourself involve that would surely get you killed, don't think I'll be coming to your rescue, because in a place like this, it's every Lantern for themselves. The only reason I saved you is because I sense a source in you I wish to examine," she said. Then she led her dagger on his side face, Harold felt the dagger touching his right cheek, "And lucky for you…" she made a small cut on his cheek, causing him to flinch and blood started coming out, "I like a challenge," she said with a smirk. Harold felt his heart racing while glancing at her, and not long as she begin to float away from him, she made the Demonic Hand disappear, freeing Harold from it's grasp, he looked up to her as she's leaving,

"Until next time, see you around… Green Lantern," she winked at him before she flew away leaving Harold stunned and dumbfounded, he felt his heart skipped a beat when she winked at him, he touched his cheek where the cut it, which is still bleeding, and made a small smirk on his face,

"… Hi," he finally said something right after she left. He never seen anyone like her before, he couldn't decide whether to be afraid of her, attracted to her, or both at the same time.

But that moment slowly fades, as he turned to the large symbol on the ship, then thought back earlier when he almost got killed from the flames. His life flashes before his eyes, and come to realize this place, the aliens, and the other Lanterns are not fake, everything is real, all of it just like in the stories his father told him when he was a kid.

"Mom… Dad… Callie," he whispered, also realizing now that he is stuck in this place, he might never see his family again.

"Young man," he heard a voice, and turned around, there comes an alien counselor, only it's worm-like lizard, with no legs but slither like a snake, he approached him while holding a clipboard,

"And just what do you think you're doing here? No new recruits are permitted in this sector," the lizard-worm said,

"I… uh…" Harold stuttered,

"Identify yourself, what's your name?" the lizard-worm said while looking at his clipboard, Harold cleared his throat,

"…Jordan, Harold Martin Jordan," he answered,

"Are you the one summoned from planet Soranga, Zuph'ja, or Earth?" he asked, Harold became hesitant, coping for the fact he might never return to his home planet,

"Mr. Jordan," the lizard-worm waiting for his answer,

"…Earth, I'm from Earth," Harold answered,

"… There seems to be a place for you at the east segment," the lizard-worm started to slither away,

"Come with me," he said, and Harold started following him back inside the ship.

The Red Sector…

The Volkregian girl stood in the hallway, using her device to scan and analyze the blood sample from her Red Dagger she used when she cut Harold's cheek. After scanning is complete, the screen appeared in a hologram form from her device, she reads it,

"Harold Jordan from Earth—son of previous Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris and previous Green Lantern, Hal Jordan… the same man mom told me," she said before she turned off her device.

"Hello my sweet Ray-ray…" she grunted by that familiar voice as she turned to another Red Lantern, a muscular alien with dark red skin, has big-blockish teeth, three small horns on both side of his face, a small round nose and yellow eyes, and wearing the same Red Lantern uniform which strongly resemble to a certain previous Red Lantern.

"I couldn't help but hear you were talking to that new recruiter who was here earlier," he said with his arms crossed over on his chest and leaning against the wall,

"It's Rayza, and it's none of your concern Antroy," she glared at him, and about to walk away, until his two sphere aliens of his stood in her way. Those two have greyish-brown skin colors, heads shape as spheres, large big teeth, big white sclera pupilles eyes and large noses; along with small arms with four fingers and small legs with two toes attached to the side of their heads instead of their bodies. Both twin brothers and wearing the same Red Lantern uniform as their father's, only different so people can tear them apart from each other.

"Oh but it is, you know how much I hate when you hang around with those Green Losers," Antroy said as he stood up, the brother chuckled,

"Green Losers, or maybe the Green Lameos," the first twin said, he such a kiss-up,

"Or better yet, the Green Limbos," the second twin said, they all just looked at him with blank expression, he makes bad jokes.

"You have no control over me, I'm free to be around whoever I want, and you're the last being I want to be around with right now," Rayza said and tries to leave, until, Antroy stopped her by grabbing her wrist,

"Now-now, don't be like that, I maybe the best Lantern serving under the Red Corps, but it doesn't mean I don't have time for you," she snatched hand away from his grasped,

"Keep your hands off me, or I'll take them off you!" she glared him, Antroy chuckled evilly while looking down at her with his creepy smile,

"Feisty as always, that's why you're my special girl," he said. After hearing that, her anger begins to flow, her eyes turned red and black, and her body glows in red flames, filled with hate and rage,

"Of all the times I kept repeating…I'm Not Your Girl!" she growled at him as she ring glows red,

"I love it when you shoot those bloody daggers in your eyes, it suits you perfectly," he complimented her, not at all frightened by her power, which pisses her off,

"WHY DON'T YOU JUMP IN A BLACK-HOLE, AND TAKE YOUR MUTTS WITH YOU!" Rayza yelled out with anger, and used her ring to blast the brothers out of her way, and finally flew off away from them.

"I hated when she does that," the second said, while rubbing his head,

"I sometimes don't get why you're so interested in that chick," the first said while getting back up, Antroy folded his arms again,

"What can I say… I like a girl with a bad temper, and she's full of it," he answered with his still creepy smile.

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