In His Footsteps


Back on Earth…

Hal returned to the Ferris's Station, after he filed a vacation from work for a while, in order to go to a certain place in order to search for Harold. By the time he is at his locker to get some things, he heard two cadets came in, both unaware that he's there as they started talking,

"I heard Hal's going out of town for awhile," the first cadet said after he set his bag down,

"Finally taking a break?" the second cadet said while opening his locker,

"Nah, it involves his son," the first said, the second turned to him and asked.

"Did he ran away again?" Hal overheard them, as they're talking about him and Harold about what happened today

"Maybe, all I heard they had an argument this morning and his son walked out on him, then after that, he just disappeared,"

"Man, I can get teenagers being all rebellious, but this one takes the cakes,"


Both cadets heard a slam and looked over to the door, as they noticed someone just left the room,

"Was that… Hal?" the second said,

"If it is, I think he heard us," the first clarified.

Hal walked through the hallway, and appeared to door that led him outside, where he stood in front of a jet plane. Even though it has been years since he last flew a plane, he couldn't waste anymore time as he must go to the place in order to go find Harold,

"I'm coming for you sport," he said, preparing himself to set his destination.

Back in the Ship…

While Harold follows the lizard-worm, his mind is rambled with the thought of what happened to him these past few hours. When he first found the pod that has the ring back from Earth, then said the oath that unexpectedly summoned him to this ship filled with not only aliens, but Lanterns his father told him about back in his days. He didn't believed it was all real at first, until he was hurled into space and almost got killed in the burning flames, until that Red Lantern girl saved him at the last second, right before she attacked him with deadly weapons. And yet, he couldn't help but think about her even after she threatened him, and gave him cut on his cheek, which stopped bleeding.

"You will be sharing a quarter with two members upon your stay," the counselor guided Harold to a quarter room. As the door slid open, Harold meets his roommates, the Bolovaxian guy sitting on his bed, and a young Blue Lantern sitting on the floor, playing music with his lute. The Bolovaxion spots Harold as he got up from his bed,

"Well-well-well, if it isn't the poozer who made my sister cry, here for another punch to the face," he said as walked up to him, still mad about what he said to his sister,

"Woah there big guy, I don't wanna start no trouble," Harold trying to not cause any more trouble after what happened.

"If you're referring about earlier, it's already late for that you little punk," the Bolovaxion said, about to hurt him again, until the lizard-worm came between them,

"Now settle down, you know the rules, there will be no fighting or rough housing on each quarter, or you'll both be sent to the chamber," he turned to the Bolovaxion,

"Do I made myself clear, Mr. Kihwog?" he said,

"Whatever," Kihwog rolled his eyes, before he left the quarter, mumbling. Harold turned to the counselor,

"I'll leave you here to settle down, and if you have any questions, feel free to come to the office at the Sub Unit facility, so in a meantime, enjoy you stay at the Lantern Corps. Academy," the lizard-worm said before he bowed to him, and then left the quarter.

"So much for going to Summer school," Harold said to himself,

"Fear not my friend…" he turned to the Blue Lantern, still playing his lute, "There is hope for peace and friendship in all this," he said,

"Aren't we the wise one," Harold said, the Blue Lantern stopped playing and looked up to him,

"In a way, yes," he said, before he place his instrument down and stood up. Harold can tell for the fact he is an extraterrestrial, due to the shape of his head with some lines on which leads down to his front and back, those large black eye, he is much taller than him and is roughly skinny, but has slender built body; and wearing the same uniform as his father's. He stuck his hand out,

"My name is Saint Walter, from Odym, serving under the Blue Lantern Corps. And you are?" he asked, Harold shook his hand and introduced himself,

"I'm Harold Jordan, from Earth," he looked down at the logo on his chest, "Apparently, serving under the Green Lantern Corps." he said.

"I don't suppose you so happened to be related to former Green Lantern Hal Jordan from Earth?" Walter asked,

"Well… yeah, he's my dad," Harold answered, Walter eye's became widen, then he bowed to him,

"It is such an honor of sharing the same quarters with the son of the great lantern of all times. My father told me stories about your father, of how he and his allies saved the galaxy from the Manhunters. I… probably sound like a geek for a moment, but is there a chance I get to meet your father, in person?" he asked.

"I would if I could, but… I'm still dealing with the fact I'm now stuck here, far away from home, and I have no idea where to go around here," Harold said as walked up and stood in front of the window, looking at the stars,

"I could be of assistant," Walter said, Harold turned to him with his eyebrows crooked,

"I know all there is about this place, and know certain people from each group," Walter said, as he pulled out and activated his device, in shape of a handheld, as it display a small hologram screen for him and Harold to see.

"For example, our roommate who just left, his name is Kihwog, he is also serving under Green Lantern Corps, along with his sister, Khalia, both half-Bolovaxian, and children of the current Green Lantern Kilowog," he said,

"My old man sort of mentioned him to me a long time ago," Harold said, Walter continued,

"Then there is the schedule for this upcoming seminar tomorrow, which will take place at the Unit Hall at 0600 hours," Harold chuckled,

"Sure man, as if I get up that early," he said.

"Right after the seminar, the counselors will allow the recruits to sign up for any activities base on their skills; if you like, I could pick some for you so we can be in the same group," Walter said,

"As long as it doesn't involve anything I don't like, I'll keep that in mind," he said, then felt his stomach growling,

"Man, after everything happened, I haven't eaten anything for hours," he said,

"Then may I accompany you to the mess hall?" Walter asked,

"If that's your way of saying 'you'll take me there,' then yeah sure," Harold said,

"Right this way," Walter said as he and Harold left the quarter.

Mess hall…

Walter led Harold to the mess hall, as they see many lanterns, some are aliens, some are animals, and some other species, many sitting at their tables, some standing and talking, even some floating in the air relaxing.

"I can tell you the specialties of their menus, or if you like, pick something from the buffet table over there," Walter direct him to the buffet table,

Harold walked over to the table and looked at some of the food, not at all satisfied from his point-of-view; tentacles mixed with eyes, raw steak covered in green glob, and some kind of tongue pinned with spikes.

"And I thought the food back in school looked awful," he said with disgust, then he heard,

"Mr. Jordan," Harold turned and saw the sweet Star Sapphire nurse as she walked up to him,

"Hi… uh, Starphia, is it," he said,

"I see you healed well," she said,

"Yea, it takes more than a hard punch to break me," he said acting cool, then Starphia saw the cut on his right cheek,

"Where did you get that cut?" she asked, Harold noticed she's asking about that cut on his cheek,

"Oh this, it's just a small cut, no big deal," he said, not wanting to tell her about his encountered with the Red Lantern girl.

"It looks as if you got cut by a dangerous weapon, some kind of dagger maybe?" Starphia is good at identifying weapons from a certain wound,

"It's nothing serious, I had certain cuts like this back at home, give it a few weeks and it'll heal on it's own," he said,

Starphia pulled out a small container out of her small pocket kit, opened it and whip a small amount of cream substance,

"May I?" she asked, Harold doesn't know what she's doing but allowed her to put the cream on his cut, and within a few second, she saw the wound immediately healed. Then she pulled out a small mirror and show it to Harold to look at his face, seeing that the cut is no longer there, he touched his cheek and felt as if the cut was never there,

"What I just gave you is a special ingredient I made to heal minor wounds and injuries, so whenever you have a cut, sore, and a certain body ache, this cream will heal it instantly" she explained. He looked at Starphia,

"After what you just did, I officially making you my favorite nurse," he said, she smiled,

"Perhaps if you're not busy, we could hang out, maybe, have lunch together," he said, asking her out,

"I would…" she almost answered until,

"Not," they both turned, and saw the Zamaranian woman appeared, as she walked up to them with dissatisfaction,

"She shouldn't be around with someone of your kind," she said while glaring at Harold,

"It's nice to see you too," Harold said ironically, The Zamaranian turned to Starphia,

"Starphia, you're supposed to be studying your healing technique, not spending time with him," she said,

"But Auntie, I-" Starphia said, until her aunt cut her off,

"Nah-ah, no excuses, we are leaving," she said, and began to walk away, before she follows her aunt, she turned to Harold,

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jordan, maybe some other time," she said,

"It's cool, and by the way… call me Harold," he winked at her, she giggled and smiled,

"Okay… Harold," she said while glancing at him,

"Starphia," her aunt called for her,

"I'll see you later," she said and begins to follow her aunt,

"Later," he said as she left with her aunt.

By the time they left, Walter walked up to Harold, "I see you've been socializing with a Star Sapphire, very nice creatures as they are lovely," he said,

"The niece, yes, though her aunt, not so much," Harold point out. Then Walter spot Kihwog as he sat on the table with his bowl of slimy worms,

"If you don't mind me asking, is there some kind of problem you made with Kihwog?" he asked Harold, which led Harold to turn his attention to Kihwog, who is now eating his grub, (like his father)

"I… well, not to him, but I kinda said something to his sister by the time I got here," Harold said.

"Evidently, it is always like that with Kihwog, he loves his sister so much he'll do anything to protect her, even beat down anyone who harm her in a physical or mental way," Walter explained, Harold turned to him,

"Look, about few hours ago, I didn't think all of this was real, I thought this was all an act and she was wearing an alien costume, but I was…" Harold trying to explain what happened until he noticed the confused look on Walter's face. He sighed,

"You wouldn't understand what I mean, you weren't there," he said,

"Perhaps... but I do understand the situation you had is led to a misunderstanding, and the best way to overcome the cause is by simply act contrite in order to bring peace through indifference's," Walter explained, and now Harold look confused,

"Apology," Walter pointed out,

"Yeah right, as if I apologize to that guy who nearly put me in a coma," Harold protested.

"It is not the matter of who will make the first penitent, though, I thought you should know, considering how long I've known Kihwog, he can hold a grudge. Plus, we are sharing in the same quarters for the time being, so if I were in your situation, I would make amends with him, otherwise we'll end up sleeping in the same room as enemies, which I'm sure that is not at all what you wanted, while you're here," Walter evaluated. Harold stood silent after listening to him,

"If you require any of my assistance, I'll be back in our quarters meditating… I do wish you the best of luck my friend," Walter said as he left Harold and the mess hall.

Harold stood alone, then he turned to Kihwog, now accompanied by his sister with her grub, he thought to himself for what Walter said to him, he made another sighed. Then at that moment, he begins to walk over to the table, and said,

"Hey there, Kihwog," Kihwog stopped eating, and looked at Harold,

"How's it goin' roomie, I see you're having yourself some…" he looked at his bowl of worms covered in green slim, and noticed some of them are still moving, "Food to eat, which is good for the body. Strengthen the muscles, making you strong, and from what I'm seeing, you look strong enough to take out a meteor with one punch, you know what I'm sayin'?" Harold said, considering how awkward he's feeling talking to him, Kihwog on the other hand isn't at all impress, as he picked up a live slimy worm and…

Flick! Splat!

He flicked the worm right at the middle of Harold's face, above the nose and between his eyes, he slowly removed the worm off his face, and looked back at Kihwog,

"Okay, that's just gross," he said as dropped the worm and wiped the slim off his face,

"How about you quit with the act and tell me what you want poozer?" Kihwog glaring at him, leading Harold to just cut to the chase,

"Okay, about what happened earlier, we seem to got off on the wrong foot, and I thought we could forget about what happened and start over; considering we're now roommates and all. So… what do you say? Friends?" Harold stuck his hand out; in hope Kihwog will do the same. Apparently not, Kihwog raised an eyebrow as he looked at Harold's hand then back to Harold,

"It depends… how about you start by apologizing to my sister first," he said, and led his attention to Khalia eating her grub (like her father).

"Right-right," he turned to Khalia after she just ate her bowl of slimy worms, she looked at him,

"Khalia, I believe, I just wanted to say I'm sorry about what I said to you earlier, and… now that I look at it, your chin is not at all chubby," he said, Khalia smiled,

"Aaw! That's so sweet of you to say," she said as she grabbed him and gave him a hug; though due to her strength, Harold is feeling bones crushing, along with his lungs, having hard time breathing,

"I accept your apology," she said,

"Glad… to hear…" Harold managed to say still feeling crushed by her hug.

"Ah, Sis… you're doing it again," Kihwog said, which made Khalia realize she's accidently crushing him, she stopped hugging him and set him on the chair, Harold gasped for air,

"Oh, I'm sorry, I sometimes forget my own strength when I hug people; you look pale, are you thirsty, hungry? How about I get you some soup, do like yours with slime?" she's offering,

"No slime is fine," Harold managed to say while recovering and adjust his back,

"Okay, I'll be right back," she said and left. Kihwog folded his arms,

"Seeing that she forgave you, I suppose I'll give you a chance. I'm sorry I punched you in the face," he said and apologized,

"It's cool, " Harold said as he sat on the chair,

"Since you know my name and my sis's, what's yours?" he asked,

"It's… Jordan, Harold Jordan, from Earth," he answered.

"Earth you say? That sounds like the place where this one Lantern my pop told me about lives," Kihwog said,

"That Lantern would be my old man, the previous Green Lantern, Hal Jordan," Harold said,

"Hal Jordan," they both turned to Khalia, as she returned with the soup,

"Our father told us so much about him, of how he and our father fought against the Red Lanterns, encountered many adventures, and defeat those Manhunters," she said after she gave Harold the soup.

"My brother and I hoped to experience that type of adventure, and become heroes just like the other previous Green Lanterns," Khalia said, she can be a dreamer of exciting adventures and travel around the galaxy.

"Chill sis, just because his old man, Hal Jordan, is one of the previous heroes, doesn't mean you have to be a major fan about it," Kihwog to her, which made her gasped, then turned to Harold,

"Your father is Hal Jordan," she said, though due to her high voice, it captured many of the other Lanterns attention,

"Hal Jordan?!" a female said,

"The Hal Jordan?!" another female said,

"He knows Hal Jordan?" a male said,

"He's his son!" the third female said,

"I didn't know he had a kid!" another male said.

Within moments later, Harold is now surrounded by many aliens, and other lanterns; almost all the lanterns except the Reds, where Antroy and his several of his group are at, they all looked over at the crowd where Harold is, being the center of attention.

"Somebody's popular," the second twin said, then the first twin slapped him behind the head,

"Shut-up! Don't say that around Antroy, you know he hates hearing about someone being more popular than him," he said to his brother.

Antroy sitting on his chair, growling while glaring at Harold having all the attention,

"I'm way better than that Green Loser," he said.

Harold is crowded by many colored lanterns, as some started asking questions about his father, such as,

"Is it true he survived the Forgotten Zone?" the Yellow Lantern asked,

"I heard he encounter the Orange Lantern Larfleeze," the Blue Lantern stated,

"What was he like as human?" a Star Sapphire asked,

"Had he beaten numbers of Manhunters by himself?" a Green Lantern asked,

"Is there a way to meet him, I'm his biggest fan," an Orange Lantern asked.

Harold wasn't able to answer many of their questions when he heard,

"Okay, what's all this?" they all turned to former Green Lantern, as he's breaking up the crowd, "Everybody go back what you were doing, there is nothing to see here," it was none of then the big Bolovaxion himself, Kilowog, he ordered all the young lanterns to leave the area where Harold and his two kids are. Right after they're gone, he turned to them,

"Hey pops," Kihwog said,

"Hello father," Khalia said with a smile,

"Woah…" Harold said as he noticed how big he is, and compared to his two children, he never felt so small,

"Kids, what did I tell you about having another eating contest, I still have to deal with the mess you two left from last time," he said to his son and daughter.

"No worries pops, we weren't doing that," Kihwog said,

"Hn… who's the spurt?" Kilowog turned his attention to Harold,

"Father, this is Harold Jordan, he's from Earth, the same planet where Hal Jordan lives, which so happens to be his father, isn't that amazing," Khalia enthusiastic,

"You're Hal's kid?" Kilowog asked, as he crooked his eyebrows,

"Yes… and you must be my dad's friend… uh…" trying to remember the name, "Kilowag," he said,

"It's Kilowog, and you don't look much like Hal," he said as he examine him.

"Yeah, some say I look a little more like my mom, but in a few years, give or take…" he said, then he noticed he is under Kilowog's shadow, looking down at him, giving him that dictator look,

"Listen kid, I'm only going to tell you this once… I'm going to treat you like I treated other new recruits, so don't think you'll be getting any special treatment cause I know your pops from way back. So the next time I see you, I'll make sure you go through every drill, complete every simulation, and practice every field until you rise up to the challenge, so don't even think about slacking off," he said.

"Yeah, sure," Harold said, the Kilowog glare at him with his red eyes,

"I don't like that attitude of yours, you will show me respect and address me as your mentor, so if you ever make a mess out of the system, I'll make a mess out of you, so keep this in mind… I got my eye on you," he said and growled at him. Harold couldn't move a muscle, seeing how scary he is up close. Kilowog moved away from him and turned to his kids,

"You kids have fun now," he said and started leaving,

"Okay," Khalia waved to him,

"See ya pops," Kihwog said as their father left. They both turned to Harold, as he sat there, silent and frozen,

"I think he likes you," Khalia said with a smile,

"You okay there, Harold?" Kihwog said as he noticed Harold isn't moving,

"…I'm fine, just… thinking that a Summer school won't be so bad after all," he got up, "Would you excuse me, I needed a moment alone," he said as he left the table to calm his nerves. The siblings looked confused and turned to each other,

"Do you know what he means by that?" Khalia asked her brother,

"Not a clue," Kihwog said.

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